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OccupyBoston Message Strategy
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OccupyBoston Message Strategy


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  • 1. Occupation Message Strategy
    Yes…this really is a protest PowerPoint presentation.
  • 2. Purpose of this presentation
    Elevate our language
    Pinpoint where we are in the process
    Establish a loose messaging framework
    Empower media team with tools to communicate for the GA without constantly requesting consensus
    Build moral
  • 3. Where are we at?
    We are here
  • 4. Initial phase tactics
  • 5. Message continuum
    Broad based support and specificity are at odds
  • 6. Message continuum
    Understandability and specificity are at odds
  • 7. Examples of ideas we can all agree on in the organizational phase…
    Join us
    We are the 99%
    We stand against economic tyranny
    We stand against social injustice
    We pledge solidarity with other occupation movements
    We believe we can do better
  • 8. Don’t try to boil the ocean
  • 9. Our actions speak more loudly than any words can…
    Let our words be soft
    Seek to communicate a message of service
    Seek to communicate a message of non-violence
  • 10. Core values
  • 11. Seek to identify…Not compare
    Staying generic allows the widest audience to identify
    Talk about how the situation in America makes us feel…people can identify with feelings
    Avoid identifying specific terms or demands
    Avoid declarative language
    Avoid indicating our way is the right way or the best way
    Stay humble…
  • 12. Know your audience…
  • 13. Message accordingly
    Press - highly sophisticated, does not require too much context
    Fellow protester - encourage, inspire, empower
    Potential protester - recruit, encourage, identification
    Critics – seek common ground
    Government - cooperative
  • 14. Jedi Mind Tricks
    These are not the droids you are looking for…
  • 15. Why are you here?
    “Have you or anyone you know been affected by the sub prime mortgage crisis? Share their story…”
    “That seems like a rhetorical question…Do you really not understand?”
  • 16. What do you hope to accomplish?
    “Right now we are focused on organization”
    “We’re focused on the hope part of that question right now”
    “We’re trying to build awareness”
    “Right now our main focus is to organize and build our ranks”
  • 17. What do you want America to know?
    “This is a non-violent, genuinely grassroots movement to rebuild America”
    “We are here to stay”
    “We are the 99%, we are just like you and we believe we can do better”
  • 18. A word on channels…