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Why adopt moodle development top key products for moodle
Why adopt moodle development top key products for moodle
Why adopt moodle development top key products for moodle
Why adopt moodle development top key products for moodle
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Why adopt moodle development top key products for moodle


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  • 1. W hy Adopt Moodle Development? Top KeyProducts for MoodleMoodle abbreviated for Modular Object-OrientedDynamic Learning Environment, which is wonderfulonline learning content management system, easilyavailable on the web with amazing features. Thispopular CMS, Moodle Development takes youreducation system to the next level. Below you will findsome of the best key products that help in assistingyour schooling.Course Format: Different format of courses like byweek, topic, discussion-focused social format, etc. arementioned in this Course format.Social constructionist pedagogy: With this product,one can easily focus on activities, collaboration andcritical reflection. Even, a strong "community oflearning" orientation is involved by this "socio-constructivist" approach instead of placing online
  • 2. exercising and courses.WYSIWYG HTML editor: Users can simply edit textentry areas like forum postings, resources, journalentries, etc. with this embedded tool, available inMoodle.Course Activity: Forums, Quizzes, Resources, Choices,Chats, Workshops, Journals, Assignments, Surveys,etc. are included in the Moodles course activity.Activity Report: Activity Report comprises of graphsand module details of students. Even, the details ofpostings and journal entries are also seen in activityreport.Moodle Module: Different features are better known asmodule. Various modules are designed throughMoodle Customization . There are numerousmodules such as Choice Module, Forum Module,Survey Module, Workshop Module, Chat Module, QuizModule, Journal Module, Assignment Module andResource Module.Custom Scales: In this product, scales of the teachersare defined, used for assignments, grading forums andjournals.Mail Integration: Mail Integration includes Copies offorum posts, teacher feedback, etc. in plain text orHTML.
  • 3. SCORM and AICC: SCORM abbreviated for SharableCourseware Object Reference Model, which is one ofthe essential set of specifications, used in producessmall, course content, reusable e-Learning objects,etc. In order to create a highly modular repository oftraining materials, the Department of DefensesAdvanced Distributed Learning (ADL) initiative andSCORM-compliant courseware elements are joinedwith other essential elements.Discussing about Aviation Industry CBT Committee(AICC), it is used for evaluating, delivering anddeveloping training courses that given through thelatest technology. AICC is an international associationof technology-based training experts, who developstraining guidelines for the aviation industry.With the growing popularity of online coursemanagement, Moodle becomes the mostly adoptedCMS among the educational organizations.Organizations are ready to Hir e Moodle Developer ,who can able to do Moodle Customization according totheir requirements. If you also have to wish to developwell-featured educational site, simple contact anexperienced company and get the best E-learningSolution.
  • 4. Contact Us:PERCEPTION SYSTEM PVT LTD2nd Floor, Samudra Annexe,Of f C .G.Road, Navrangpura,Ahmedabad-380009Gujarat, INDIATelephone:+91-79-26561837|+91-79-40074331Mail:info@perceptionsystem.comWebSite:http://www.per