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This slide made for a workshop held on Southeast university.

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Linux ubuntu

  1. 1. Get Linux Feel Freedom…….. Linux on every desk!M LINUXY ……………………….........It’s Free & Open Source.
  2. 2. L INUS B ENEDICT TORVALDS F AT H E R O F L I N U X K E R N E L  A Great software engineer and hacker.  Who initiated the development of the Linux kernel.  Who dreamed for a universal software that could be used by all.
  3. 3. W HAT IS L INUX ? Linux is a kernel. It refers computer operating systems using the Linux kernel. kernel is the main component of most computer operating systems; it is a bridge between applications & hardware.
  4. 4. W HY L INUX ? For answer of this question look at motto(s) of Linux- The Linux Motto(s)  World Domination!  Linux on every desk!
  5. 5. W HY L INUX ? C ONTINUED… Now the answer:  It’s Free & Open Source.  User Friendly .  Ease, Reliability, Hardware, Security, Support & more…
  6. 6. L INUX DISTRIBUTION Linux distribution is an Operating System (OS) built using Linux kernel known a Linux OS. There are many Linux distribution for you, like:  Ubuntu  Red Hat  Debian  Linux Mint & thousand more
  7. 7. W HAT IS F OR M E ? As your wish…. Find your self, what is for you. I am going to introduce most popular Linux distribution. And that is Ubuntu.
  8. 8. U BUNTU ? Ubuntu is a fast, secure and easy-to-use operating system used by millions of people around the world. World most popular Linux distribution for desktop computers. Easy to use. Ubuntu is, and always will be, absolutely free. ...………so lets start wave your neurons with Ubuntu.
  9. 9. G ET U BUNTU ! You can download Ubuntu online, it’s completely free. It’s simple! Visit: Click Get Ubuntu & then Download.
  10. 10. WAYS TO R UN U BUNTU Download and install Try it from a CD or USB stick Run it with Windows
  11. 11. D OWNLOAD AND INSTALL Download iso image from Burn your CD or create a USB drive Once youve finished downloading your file, youll need to create a CD or USB drive. create a CD is so easy. After Download write the iso image in any Blank CD.
  12. 12. C REATE A USB DRIVE . Insert a USB stick with at least 2GB of free space Download the Universal USB Installer from Click Run when prompted and install it. After compleate, then open
  13. 13. C REATE A USB DRIVE C ONTINUED … Select Ubuntu Desktop Edition from the dropdown list Click Browse and open the downloaded ISO file
  14. 14. C REATE A USB DRIVE C ONTINUED … Choose the USB drive and click Create‘ Now you are ready to Try or Install Ubuntu on your Desktop, Laptop or Netbook.
  15. 15. T RY U BUNTU Put the Ubuntu CD or USB drive on your Computer. You will see a welcome screen prompting you to choose install Ubuntu or try it from the CD.
  16. 16. T RY U BUNTU C ONTINUED … Choose your preferred language and click on Try Ubuntu’ Your live CD desktop should appear. Now explore the Free World!!
  17. 17. I NSTALL IT ! Installing Ubuntu is not so complex. After puting the Ubuntu CD or USB drive on your Computer click Install Ubuntu. Then follow some easy step. You will get Installing manual from me both Bangle and English. So don’t worry. Fell comfortable!
  18. 18. S OMETHING IS W RONG  Without Internet Ubuntu is inanimate cause you need to download codec for your file. If you want to fell comfortable with Ubuntu you need internet connection. If you don’t have Internet connection, no problem. Linux Mint is here.
  19. 19. L INUX M INT Linux Mint is another Linux- based computer operating system Best known for its usability and ease of installation. You will get every codec for your multimedia and other essential formats. Download Linux Mint: Installation of Linux Mint is also easy. Please check the attachment.
  20. 20. P ROBLEMS AND T ROUBLESHOOTING If you have any problems with your Linux OS, Just knock to any forum. Many open minded peoples are ready to help you. Here given two, one is Bangle and one is English. You will many more on internernet.
  21. 21. R EFERENCE & many more.
  22. 22. W HO I AM ?Jakir Hossain. CSE-24th Batch. Southeast University. E-mail:
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