Social Media & Sales Success (ASI Show)


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Mark Graham, Dana Zezzo, Kathleen Milbier, Charity Gibson and Nick Hagen discuss social media and sales success at the ASI Shows (Orlando, Dallas and San Diego) in 2012.

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  • Add recent trasa golf out pics!
  • Add recent trasa golf out pics!
  • Social Media & Sales Success (ASI Show)

    1. 1. Are you looking for this? REALLY?
    2. 2. My 3 Key Discussion points on Social Media• Accessibility – the ultimate Rolodex• Social Media tightens relationships – Not starts them! – You can not replace physical socializing• Tracking ROI or ROR
    3. 3. Accessibility!Be where your customers are! Remember the Cliché: Success comes from being in the right place at the right time.
    4. 4. Do you know where your customers are today?The Ultimate Rolodex?
    5. 5. SOURCE:
    6. 6. Physical Socializing can not be replaced! Social Media only brings the relationship to a DEEPER level. TIP – TAG!
    7. 7. Physical Socializing can not be replaced! Social Media only brings the relationship to a DEEPER level. TIP – TAG!
    8. 8. ExampleTRASA Golf Outing – people love pics!
    9. 9. TRACKING ROI ROI or ROR?
    10. 10. End Questions?
    11. 11. (< people even speakin fling)
    12. 12. End Questions?
    13. 13. What if your job was to roll a boulder up a hill?Only to watch it roll back down again & again & again…. Ask King Sisyphus, he was condemned to do this for eternity.
    14. 14. What would happen if you woke up one morning & decided not to push the rock?Would you lose your job? Perhaps, but… Maybe not….
    15. 15. 2010THE ROCK: Outsourcing & Price Shopping THE WAY I ROLLED: Created a Personal Brand in order to change the focus, increase customer loyalty & sales.
    16. 16. 2011THE ROCK: Budget & Travel Cuts THE WAY I ROLLED: Used LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter to leverage my Personal Brand & Network. 500+ Connections 350+ Friends 450+ Followers 10,000+ Visitors
    17. 17. 2012THE ROCK: New ways to diversify THE WAY I WILL ROLL: Launch Skinitbusiness models in order to stay relevant in the into the Advertising Specialty Industry.marketplace.
    18. 18. Kathleen Milbier_contact• Email:• LinkedIn:
    19. 19. End Questions?
    20. 20. Social Media Marketing The Ryonet Way
    21. 21. The Ryonet Approach• Why Social Media Marketing? – It’s where people are. – # 1 #2 #3•We’re not rock stars but we used to be.•How that has influenced our marketing? •Positive industry attention •Make connections and have fun doing it.
    22. 22. Making Connections• The Boring Stuff – Rules & Algorithms 1. It’s BORING and I don’t want to bore you. 2. Creativity and Innovation trump most rules. The Basic Rules of Facebook1. Interact! – Be social on the social network2. Don’t be annoying3. Post when people are on4. Video Post > Photo Post > Text Post
    23. 23. Example #2 – April Fools April Fools Press Release and YouTubeRyoVis Invisible Ink features•Easy to use•Fast Curing•Available in 16 colors•Revolutionize the industry•Super trendyThe Result? 1. People called in to order the ink. 2. People joined in on the joke and shared the video. 3. New record for views in one day.
    24. 24. Example #3 – Facebook Shares Promos to get people to share our Page The Result? Our most recent promo generated 329 likes in less than a week.
    25. 25. End Questions?
    26. 26. 5:30-7:30pm Tonight! Opa Taverna