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A collection of hypnosis related articles written by Jake Rhodes and Jon Rhodes DHyp of HypnoBusters. …

A collection of hypnosis related articles written by Jake Rhodes and Jon Rhodes DHyp of HypnoBusters.

These articles will help you to discover how and why hypnosis works, who can be hypnotized, how you can test your hypnotizability and how hypnosis can help you to improve your life

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  • 1. Hypnosis Articles Written by Jake Rhodes and Jon Rhodes DHyp. (Collected with permission from Ezine Articles) Will Hypnosis Work For Me?
  • 2. In recent years the popularity of hypnosis has boomed and there are a couple of different reasons for this. First of all the internet has made experiencing hypnosis much easier for everyone. Now you can do a simple search and within seconds be greeted by a multitude of articles, MP3s and videos. Secondly a number of celebrities have gone on record as saying they have used hypnosis to help them improve their lives. For example Matt Damon and Ellen DeGeneres have both used hypnosis to quit smoking while Lily Allen and Courtney Love have used hypnosis to lose weight. This has caused interest in hypnosis to peak to unprecedented levels. Now all around the world people are asking the question "will hypnosis work for me?" To answer this question we first have to look at how hypnosis works. When you enter a hypnotic trance the subconscious part of your mind becomes more receptive to suggestion. So once in a trance a hypnotherapist can make appropriate suggestions to help you achieve your goals. There are a few misconceptions about hypnosis that also need to be cleared up. Hypnosis is not a form of mind control as some people believe it to be. This is simply not possible as a person who has been hypnotized is not asleep or unconscious so they are perfectly aware of what is being said to them and what is happening. It is also impossible to be "stuck" in hypnosis. This may happen in the movie Office Space but it is not true to life. Hypnosis is primarily a complementary treatment and this means that it is often not a cure in the strictest sense of the word. What hypnosis does though is focus the mind on achieving a specific goal. There are many goals that hypnosis can help you achieve. Quitting smoking and weight loss are two of the best known and most common goals yet hypnosis can also help people to relax more, lessen anxiety, heighten their confidence, improve their sleep, beat bad habits and even increase the rate of healing. This isn't just hearsay either, scientific studies have fallen firmly on the side of hypnosis working and being highly effective. A recent study even showed that the brainwaves of someone under hypnosis show up differently on a brain scan than someone who isn't. This shows that hypnosis has a definite, measurable effect. Hypnosis has been used since the times of ancient Egypt, it continues to be used to this day and there is no doubt it will be used well into the future. The reason? Because hypnosis really works. The success rate may not be 100% but no treatment can honestly claim that sort of success rate. It is true that some people can be harder to hypnotize than others however experience has shown that the vast majority of people can use hypnosis extremely successfully. If you are still asking "will hypnosis work for me?" have no fear. All the evidence shows that hypnosis works, and it works well. It doesn't even have to be expensive now has you can buy a hypnosis session on MP3 for less than $10. A life changing experience for less than $10? Works for me. - Jake Rhodes works for HypnoBusters who provide a selection of hypnosis MP3s for under $10. Many people initially buy our relaxation hypnosis MP3 which makes for a
  • 3. great first hypnotic experience. My First Hypnotic Experience I remember quite clearly the first time I was a hypnosis subject. It was in 2002 on my
  • 4. first day as a student of the London College of Clinical Hypnotherapy. We did all the usual college stuff of signing forms, introducing ourselves etc. Once all this was out of the way our teacher, Maurice Sterndale, said that he would do a group demonstration of hypnosis. I got quite excited by this. I had wondered what it was like for many years, and had always been interested in hypnosis for as long as I can remember. I must admit, curiosity was one of my motivating factors in deciding to enroll. He asked the class to close our eyes. Inwardly I began feeling a bit worried. I was thinking "I don't really know him, or anyone here, and I am surrendering all my control in a place I have never been to before, filled with complete strangers" However I quickly got over this as I reasoned that this was one of the reasons that I was here - to experience a hypnotic trance. I closed my eyes, and could feel my heart beating quicker. Paranoid thoughts started to enter my mind. I had never seen a demonstration of clinical hypnotherapy before. The only hypnosis I had witnessed was stage hypnosis, and that was as an observer, not a subject. What if he was going to single me out and make me do something embarrassing in order to demonstrate the magical powers of hypnosis? What if he turns me into a chicken for everyone else's amusement? I opened my eyes slightly, and slyly peeped around. He was still stood at the front, phew! I allowed my eyes to close once more, and began listening to his words. He talked in a slow comforting voice, softly whispering at times. At first Maurice asked us to focus on our breathing, directing us to take slow deep breaths. This immediately began to calm me down. My heart began to slow, and I felt comfortably relaxed. He gave suggestions of walking down steps, feeling deeper and deeper relaxed with each step down. Every time he said the words 'deeper relax' I felt a wave of relaxation surge from my brain, and flow through my whole body. "This is alright" I thought. Soon I began thinking to myself "I can still hear him. I still know who I am, and where I am...Is this it?" I felt pleasantly comfortable and relaxed, but was a little disappointed that nothing 'magical' was happening. After taking stock of my thoughts for a few moments, I reasoned that actually I do not want anything 'magical' to happen to me. I didn't want to be changed into a singing and dancing Elvis for everyone else's amusement. I realised that I should be happy. However my mind quickly countered "Maybe something magical IS happening to me. How do I know that I can move my hand? How do I know if I do have control? What if this control is just an illusion?" I though to myself, "Shall I try and move my hand? Yes, let's see what happens". I delicately twitched the fingers in my left hand, just a little. They still work! I can still move! No one was 'in control' of me. This shattered my perception of hypnosis, but at the same time comforted me. "This feels like meditation" I concluded. "I could stand up and walk out of the room any time I choose". "All this hype about hypnosis is wrong". Then the strangest thing happened to me. I could hear Maurice counting "Eight, nine, ten, and fully wide awake, fully wide awake" as my mind seemed to be lifted back to reality. With my blinking eyes I
  • 5. scanned my hazy vision around the room at the other students, who were also looking around the room with their glazed expressions. I noticed my hands felt a little cold. After a few seconds I managed to re orientate myself back to reality, and I looked at the clock. 15 minutes had passed, but it only seemed like 5 - weird! I felt somehow calmer and more relaxed than I probably had ever felt in my whole life. Nothing weird or 'magical' had happened, but it worked, I felt calm and relaxed. I felt great! As I drove the 20 miles journey back home at the end of the session, I had plenty of time to recap on the days' events. I realised that I had walked into the college with a warped perception of hypnosis. A perception that was shaped and distorted by the stage shows that I had seen, the snippets of scare mongering that I had read in the press, and those old grainy black and white films that show a hypnotist taking control of people's minds with the 'mesmer stare'. I couldn't believe that I had fallen for it. I couldn't believe that I actually believed that you could control someone's mind with a few carefully chosen words. It doesn't make sense. Bank robbers would do it, advertisers would do it, and everyone would be doing it. What a fool I had been all these years! By the end of that day I realized that clinical hypnotherapy was not about power or control. It was about relaxing the mind and helping people make the changes that they wanted to make. Working WITH the subject, rather than against them. That is the real power, and that is the real magic of hypnosis. I also learnt that most people naturally go into hypnotic states several times per day. When you are deeply engrossed in a book or a film, you are experiencing a hypnotic trance. Many people slip into a hypnotic trance when driving. They can drive for many miles without consciously thinking, without even realizing that they are driving! You drivers out there will know what I am talking about. If any emergency occurs when driving in this state, you can immediately snap out of it and take the appropriate action. So you have all actually experienced a trance many times, and so you do have some idea already how it feels. It isn't all that strange, magical or mysterious; it is calming, relaxing and very pleasant. Although everyone's experience of hypnosis will be personal and slightly different, I hope I have managed to get across some of what hypnotherapy feels like. I hope I have put the minds at ease of those of you who are considering hypnosis as a therapeutic option. A hypnotic trance is simply a naturally relaxed state of mind, which almost everyone can achieve at some level. You are still you, and you are still fully in control, so enjoy! - Jon Rhodes is one of the most respected clinical hypnotherapists in the UK. Click here to visit his popular hypnosis site. Please click here for more hypnosis articles. Test Your Hypnotizability With the field of hypnosis becoming increasingly respected and accepted amongst the medical profession as well as the self improvement movement more and more people
  • 6. are happy to try hypnotherapy for themselves. One question often pops up in peoples' minds though before they are willing to put their time and effort into the practice, "am I hypnotizable?". It's an understandable worry as learning self hypnosis takes a lot of time and energy while paying for a hypnotherapist is a major expense. While it is a valid concern most people do not need to worry. There have been many scientific studies looking into the phenomenon of hypnosis and the rate of hypnotizability amongst various groups of people. In general 80% to 95% of all people are hypnotizable which really is a staggeringly high amount. Can you imagine if any other form of treatment had this level of success rate? Not only would the media focus a lot more attention on it but sessions would cost thousands rather than hundreds of dollars. Be that as it may though the point is that most people can be hypnotized. There are many external and internal forces which can lower or raise your ability to be hypnotized. You want to be in a relaxed environment that is comfortable for you and using a script or hypnotherapist that will work for your personality. Some people believe that only those with low intelligence and concentration can be hypnotized, but in actuality the opposite is true. Testing your hypnotizability has never been easier thanks to the wide range of resources on the internet. Some methods are quite obvious while others are known by only a select few, and I will let you in on a few of these ways to test your hypnotizability. YouTube has many hypnosis sessions recorded by professional hypnotherapists that are a great way to test out how well you react to the hypnotic process. Search for the likes of Jon Rhodes, Steve G. Jones or Roger Moore and you're guaranteed a high level of quality. You can sit at your computer and experience a hypnosis session for yourself, which is as good a way as any to see if you can be hypnotized. Similarly there are also a range of hypnosis websites that sell MP3s at very reasonable prices ($10 on up). These make for an affordable way to try hypnosis for yourself while working on a specific goal, whether you want to lose weight, improve your memory or get a better quality of sleep. Are you a daydreamer and/or have strong powers of concentration? These qualities lend themselves very well to being hypnotized and if you possess them then it's a virtual lock that you'll be able to be hypnotized. The same can also be said of those who are open minded or have a vivid imagination. Test your abilities in these areas and you're also testing your hypnotizability. The last method I will share with you is a little stranger. In the mid 1960's Dr. Herbert Spiegel conducted an experiment that concluded there was a direct correlation between hypnotizability and a person's ability to roll their eyes up - the more white of the eyes that was visible the more hypnotizable the subject was. No-one has yet been able to fathom the link between these two abilities. Still it is a test you can do yourself very easily, although you will need a second person to tell you how much white of the eye is visible. There you have it, everything you need to know to test your hypnotizability. Hypnosis is a wonderful tool for improvement and if these tests have proven you to be
  • 7. hypnotizable then I fully recommend you start adding hypnosis to your daily routine. - Jake Rhodes currently works at HypnoBusters - the leading online resource for hypnosis. You can find a wealth of information on hypnosis there as well as hypnosis mp3s and details on how to learn self hypnosis. How To Hypnotize Yourself To begin with, you will need to make sure that you will not be disturbed for at least half and hour, preferably an hour. Turn off phones, and tell family and friends not to bother you for a while. Find a comfortable place. Somewhere that is neat and tidy, and
  • 8. of a comfortable temperature. Subdue the lighting if this helps you. If you wish, you could light some candles and burn some incense. You can be seated, or lie down - whichever is most comfortable for you. Importantly make sure that your legs are not crossed, as you could end up going numb after half an hour! 1) Close your eyes and take 10 slow deep breaths - in through the nose, and out through the mouth. Say to yourself the word 'Relax' on each out breath. 2) Now imagine yourself at the top of 10 steps, with a door at the bottom. With every slow step you take down, feel yourself becoming deeper and deeper relaxed. 3) When you get to the bottom open the door to your ideal place of relaxation. It could be a beach, a garden, anywhere. It could be somewhere real, or imagined. 4) Try to use as many senses as you can. Take a good look around. Pause and listen to any sounds. Perhaps you can hear the call of a bird, or the breeze gently blowing. Perhaps you can smell the sweet scent of flowers, or the salt in the sea? Touch objects, and make it as real as you possibly can. 5) Explore your relaxing haven, and enjoy it for as long as you wish. This is a great technique to help relaxation, and your ability to relax will improve the more you do this. Most of us do not relax anywhere near enough, and it damages our health in many ways. Stress weakens our immune systems, causes irritability, anxiety, and unhappiness. Even if you just do relaxation work, you will massively improve your overall health in almost every area. If you are struggling with this technique, then persevere. Getting into a hypnotic state is a skill that will improve over time. Don't expect too much, you will probably still be aware of what is going on around you. It may be worthwhile visiting a clinical hypnotherapist, or buying a recording at least once, in order to experience the feeling of a trance. When you have experienced a trance a few times, you will be more informed as to what state of mind you are seeking. You can also take this self hypnosis a little further if you wish. You can learn to give yourself specific therapy the more you practice. Here are a few techniques you can use after you have reached number 5. What the mind imagines, it believes has really happened. If you imagine something bad happening to you, you will feel the emotions as if it is really happening. Success breeds success, so if you visualize yourself achieving something, then it will help you to do just that. You may wish to visualize yourself slimmer, healthier or wealthier for example. Or you may wish to visualize yourself having achieved something, such as a promotion or a new job. Make the image as real as you can, use all of your senses, and do this as often as you can. You are only limited by your imagination. In fact you should notice that your creative powers increase the more that you use self hypnosis, as your mind becomes more accustomed to utilizing its creative powers. Stick with it. What I sometimes find is that people will stop using hypnosis once they have made the necessary improvements that they wished to make. However this may eventually deny the overall benefits of the increased relaxation, as things may slowly slip back to where they started. Set a specific time to do it, even if it is only once a week. If you have specific issues that you wish to deal with, then increase this accordingly, perhaps every day for a few weeks.
  • 9. I hope me sharing this technique with you will help some of you to improve your mental and physical wellbeing, and realize what a useful tool for change hypnosis is. I genuinely want to help as many people as possible to live long, healthy and happy lives. I hope this contributes in some way. Please feel free to contact me to share your success stories, or for further advice. - Jon Rhodes is one of the UK's leading clinical hypnotherapists. Please click here for more information on his online hypnosis sessions, and here for a mega store of hypnosis downloads. Get Clear Skin With Hypnosis Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished your skin looked more clear and healthy? I'm sure at some time you have as it is perfectly natural to want to improve your physical appearance in any way possible. Of course when it comes to skin there are so many creams, oils and lotions available that you would think that everyone
  • 10. should have perfect skin, yet this is clearly not the case. The reason is that these products do not cure the real causes of poor skin, stress and lack of proper nutrition. The real answer for clear skin is actually hypnosis. When you think of hypnosis clear skin might not be the first thing you think of yet scientific studies such as the one performed by the Psoriasis Research Institute have shown that hypnosis is a highly effective method of achieving clear, healthy skin. It is amazing to think that hypnosis can have such a positive effect on the body as well as the mind. There are a number of reasons hypnosis helps improve skin quality. First of all hypnosis is well renown for its relaxation properties and its ability to reduce stress. Secondly, with the right hypnotic suggestions, a person will find their eating and drinking habits become a lot healthier. These two facts alone show just why hypnosis is so successful. Further still hypnosis has be shown to aid recovery and healing, whether it's broken bones or damaged skin. Skin hypnosis (aka hypnotherapy when used for therapeutic reasons) needn't be expensive either. You don't have to shell out hundreds to see a qualified hypnotherapist anymore. Many of the very best hypnotherapists sell MP3 versions of sessions such as skin hypnosis for a fraction of the price a person may spend on cosmetic creams or lotions. However hypnosis is no "magical cure". After you listen to a skin hypnosis audio session you won't rise out of the trance state with instantly perfect skin. It takes a little time, typically a week or so of using skin hypnosis once a day. But once you buy a skin hypnosis session you never have to pay another penny again, so not only is it effective it's also cost effective. There is no reason to suffer from unsightly skin conditions anymore. Having clear skin improves self-esteem and confidence. Plus it will also greatly enhance your appearance and make you more attractive to the opposite sex. Treat your skin with hypnosis and you will soon see visible improvements every time you look in the mirror. - If you want a high quality skin hypnosis MP3 then visit HypnoBusters, the leading hypnosis resource on the internet. Hypnotic Botox - The Latest Beauty Craze Hypnotherapy is well known to help with many issues such as weight loss, phobias, confidence issues, and addictions such as smoking. Creative and inventive hypnotherapists have massively expanded this traditional base of therapies, and now
  • 11. the latest trend seems to be hypnotic Botox sessions. An actual Botox procedure works by a series of small diluted Botulinum toxins' being injected into various muscles in the face. These injections have the effect of relaxing the facial muscles, causing wrinkles to relax and soften. The effects usually last between 4 and 6 months, when another injection may be required. However it is often the case that after each injection the wrinkles return as less severe, as the muscles are trained to relax, giving some permanent benefit. Botox blocks the transmission of acetylcholine from the nerves to the facial muscle. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter which sends a message to the muscle telling it to contract or tense up. When the flow of acetylcholine is reduced, the muscle can no longer retract and it relaxes. As a result, any wrinkled areas smooth out and soften. Hypnosis is very effective at replicating this effect, but without the need for an expensive procedure that caries a small, but albeit realistic risk. Hypnosis is very effective for relaxing both the mind and body. A good clinical hypnotherapist can direct a subjects' attention to relax specific muscles, anywhere in the body. The hypnotherapist only needs to direct a subject to relax the muscles in the face, and the results are very similar to a Botox operation - a relaxation of the facial muscles, which leads to a smoothing of the lines and wrinkles in the face. A hypnotherapist can teach a patient self hypnosis so that they can use it to top up the initial therapy. A patient can then hypnotize themselves every few weeks in order to maintain the muscle relaxing, facial smoothing effects. A person using audio sessions can simple re listen to them every now and then for no extra charge, helping to keep those facial muscles nicely relaxed. Often over time the same long term effects as a Botox procedure can be observed - the muscles in the face become more and more accustomed to relaxing, leading to a permanent smoothness of the face. A Botox procedure sometimes has the side effects of headache and nausea. Hypnotherapy does not. In fact hypnotherapy patients usually wake up feeling more relaxed and happier than usual, which can aid a natural healthy sparkle and glow. The hypnotic Botox treatment follows a recent trend of other hypnotically produced operations. A hypnotic gastric band procedure has proved very popular and effective for weight loss. Hypnotic Botox treatments look like they will prove to be equally as popular. This is not surprising as they are cheaper, have no side effects, and are as effective, sometimes more so, than the real procedure. - Jon Rhodes is a popular clinical hypnotherapist from the UK. He is co creator and owner of the HypnoBusters hypnosis MP3 website. Please click here for details of his massively popular botox hypnosis audio session.
  • 12. “Magic” With Hypnosis Hypnotic suggestions can be very effective in aiding magical illusions. Good magicians often tell stories and use other diversionary tactics in order to draw us in and alter our perceptions of what they are actually doing. They often use patter, taking our mind away from what they are doing, to create a mind blowing magical experience for us.
  • 13. Derren Brown uses hypnosis as a distraction of how he really performs his magical tricks. For example he used genuine hypnosis principals when he apparently sapped a boxer's strength through the use of suggestion so that he could no longer lift a girl. However this was not what achieved the effect. All he did was control the situation and the girl made it more difficult to be lifted by moving away and relaxing certain muscles. However he set the mood as a hypnotic experiment and people were distracted away from the fact that he was performing a very simple illusion. Within the disciplines of hypnosis and hypnotherapy there is an area called covert or conversational hypnosis. This is where suggestions are cleverly placed within apparently normal conversations without the knowledge of the recipient. For example a person utilizing covert hypnosis for selling their product may say something like " you will understand the power and usefulness of (their product) by now". Do you see what they are doing? They have emphasized the words "(their product) by now". This will be interpreted by the subconscious mind as "buy now". If they were selling self help CD's for example, the brain would receive the message "self help CD's buy now", without being consciously aware. This doesn't 'make' people buy the product, but it can increase the likelihood, as people may feel intuitively compelled to buy. Of course they may or may not follow this intuition, but it greatly enhances the chances of a sale. There are many other techniques to slip in suggestions within apparently normal conversation, but this is enough for the purposes of this trick. For this trick you need absolutely nothing except a volunteer. I personally love tricks that you can perform impromptu without the need for any preparation or props. Ask the volunteer if they have any dice on them. Unless they are very strange they are likely to say 'no'. "Well in that case we'll have to manage with an imaginary die for now". In this trick we are going to covertly suggest to them to pick a specific number on an imaginary die so that we can appear to read their mind. I find the easiest number to covertly suggest is the number 4, but you can experiment and use other numbers if you wish. At the beginning of the illusions I will say something like "I have a trick Four you", slightly emphasizing the word "four". I may also say "do you have a dice Four me to borrow?" When they say no I may reply "it's ok Fourget it". Again I slightly emphasize the use of "four" in each instance. Don't overdo it though, or else they may be on to you! I then give them instructions to vividly imagine a die being rolled in their minds. I may gesture a rolling motion with four fingers held up. I may also gesture counting four dots by pointing my finger four times. Now I ask them to close their eyes - the last things they saw was me gesturing four. I ask them to imagine a die rolling. Get them to see it really clearly in their minds. Really dramatize this part. Act like you are reading their mind, and you are concentrating. Perhaps some elaborate story about learning these powers from a gypsy
  • 14. mind reader or something will help build the interest. Now ask them to look really carefully at the number for(!) you when it lands. They will be amazed when you correctly 'read' their mind and tell them they are looking at a four. Of course friends and family will think you have got lucky and will demand you do it again. The choice is yours. This illusion doesn't work every time. You can gamble and repeat again, or probably safer to quit while your ahead! If you are tempted to repeat the trick you can tell them that you can only perform this trick Two times in a day because it saps all your psychic strength...any more is too much. You get the picture, yes? The thing with this trick is that it isn't guaranteed to work every time. However it does work often - far more statistically than a 1 in 6 roll of a die. I would estimate that it works 70 or 80 percent of the time for me. One secret that seems to help with this trick is by doing it with the utmost confidence. Believe that it will work and it is far more likely that it will. Be committed and lay yourself on the line a little. Don't worry if they pick another number. Laugh it off with the rest of them and then quickly change the subject. - Jon Rhodes is a professional clinical hypnotherapist from the UK. He has helped thousands around the world with his very popular online hypnosis sessions. Online Hypnosis and Its Advantages Hypnosis has received an increased amount of interest in recent years. This can be attributed to the sheer weight of scientific evidence that has promoted hypnosis as a therapy with a high rate of success, as well as the relatively new field of online hypnosis. Many of the best hypnotherapists have come to realise that the internet is a wide open medium with many consumers hungry for the convenience of online shopping.
  • 15. Instead of working with clients in their local area they can now record sessions as a CD or MP3 and offer them to millions of potential clients on the internet. Not only is this great for the profits of the hypnotherapist but now people who wish to try hypnosis to aid their life can be treated by some of the greatest in the field, even if they live thousands of miles away. That is the main advantage of online hypnosis. Anyone can find a hypnotherapist who will help to improve their lives without ever leaving the comfort of their own house. Not only that but a MP3 that you can purchase online will typically cost anywhere between $10 and $50 which is a small fraction of what a session in person would cost you. In just a few clicks you can find dozens of reputable sites that will help you to quit smoking, lose weight, cure your phobia or nearly anything else you can imagine. This is another big positive, you can find a session for just about anything hypnosis can be used to treat. Another big advantage of online hypnosis is the fact that once you've purchased a MP3 or CD you can listen to it at your leisure and as often as you want. You don't have to book an appointment to listen to your iPod! If you've given up smoking through hypnosis but then fall back into the habit years later, you can simply being listening to the session again and quit smoking again at no extra cost. Like anything else though there are some things to be careful about with online hypnosis. You need to make sure that the site is run by a reputable hypnotherapist with good customer services. This can easily be found out simply by looking for an "About Us/Me" type page where you will learn more about the hypnotherapist, their training and the philosophy behind their therapy. Before you buy a session it is also a good idea to exchange an email with the customer service department to make sure that they're helpful and will respond should anything go wrong with the checkout procedure. As long as you follow these tips you shouldn't come across any problems. If you've ever thought of using hypnotherapy to improve your life then there's really no time like the present. It has never been more accessible thanks to the new field of online hypnosis. - Jake currently works for HypnoBusters, an online hypnosis site that offers a wide variety of professionally recorded hypnosis sessions. Each audio is scripted and recorded by clinical hypnotherapist Jon Rhodes DHyp. You can also find out more about this topic all on one page at the online hypnosis Squidoo lens.
  • 16. Be A New Improved You With Hypnosis Hypnosis can be used to improve ALMOST EVERYTHING about yourself that you can think of. It can make you MORE SUCCESSFUL by improving your confidence, memory, mood, imagination. Hypnosis is often used to help people pass exams, present dynamic presentations, excel in job interviews, and stay focused on goals. It can help COMBAT MEDICAL PROBLEMS such as skin complaints, stress, insomnia, asthma, IBS.
  • 17. Hypnosis can also be used to CONTROL HABITS such as smoking, drinking, drugs, overeating, nail biting. Or it can be used as a general relaxation aid to help us in our stressful lives. The list goes on... WHY ISN'T EVERYONE USING IT? Probably for a variety of reasons. First of all many people are scared of using it. They hear stories of people thinking they are chickens, or just generally 'under' some kind of spell. Stage hypnotists have long since created the wrong impression of hypnosis. They simply pick volunteers who are extroverts and want an excuse to act daft. A person in a trance does not sing and dance like Elvis! Also a person is not actually 'under' a trance. A good hypnotist GUIDES someone into a trance. It is just as much the skill of the patient as it is the hypnotist. A trance is actually an everyday phenomena for most of us. It occurs when you are engrossed in a book or film, or during meditation. You must allow yourself to go into trance, no-one can make you. Also you can snap out of it any time you please. If you could control others against their will, there would probably be a lot of wealthy unscrupulous hypnotists who regularly visit their bank managers! Many people may not use hypnosis because of the cost and the difficulty finding good practitioners. A lot of people are put off paying high prices for a technique they are not sure will work. It seems folk would rather pay for a good than a service. People seem to feel less cheated if they pay for something like nicotine patches, rather than a hypnosis session for smoking for example. It's probably down to our materialistic notions that 'we have something to show for it'. However the end result is all that matters. Hypnosis is known to have a far greater success rate for smokers than nicotine patches. Some people may not trust enough to use the services of a hypnotist. They may not like talking to a relative stranger about their problems, or just might not like meeting new people. However there are now other ways of receiving hypnosis through recorded media, or even down the phone. Recorded sessions are cheaper, and can be used many times for greater effect. Most of us cannot afford the services of a good hypnotist several times per week. However there is a wide scope of self improvement with hypnosis that literally billions of people are missing out on. Don't be one of them! Still cynical? Then try my site It contains free online hypnosis sessions. You can then see for yourself if hypnosis is for you without parting with a penny.
  • 18. All I ask is that if you like the site, recommend it to friends and family. This will allow us to fund the expansion of our site through our sponsorship. We believe that everyone should be aware of the helpful power of hypnosis, and should have the opportunity to use it. Hope to see you soon. Jon Rhodes Jon Rhodes is a qualified clinical hypnotist, and owner of the free hypnosis site, and a top quality hypnosis download site. He strongly believes in the provision of therapies for all. Jon also works with people suffering mental health problems, and teaches life skills at colleges around the UK. Useful Resources Here are some great websites where you can learn more about hypnosis and also experience it for yourself! HypnoBusters The HypnoBusters Blog Free Hypnosis Treatment Hypnosis Articles Directory
  • 19. Full Hypnosis All Hypnosis Downloads The Guide To Hypnosis NLP Hypnosis Secrets Hypnosis Knowledge