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Philippine  History Of The  Internet
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Philippine History Of The Internet


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    CATAJAY, Maria Carielle
    SUZON, Dianne
  • 2. CIRCA 1986 – EfrenTarciasand James Chua operated the first FidoNetBBS, "STAR BBS"
    AUGUST 1986 - The first public access Philippine BBS, First-Fil RBBS, goes on-line
    - Dan Angeles and Ted Castaneda
    CIRCA 1987 - The First Philippine BBS
    network was established
  • 3. 1989 - EMC becomes the Philippine's first Internet Service Provider via UUCP.
    JOEL DISINI- became the ccTLD Manager for the PH Domain by Jon Postel.
    JON POSTEL– generally regarded as the “father of the Internet".
    NETWAY – product of Mr. Disini
    DECEMBER 1990 -( –the first Philippine website and discussion group.
  • 4. CIRCA 1991 - Roberto Verzola'sE-Mail Center provided e-mail services to the Philippine NGO community
    JONATHAN MARSDEN’S FebNet opened up its private e-mail services to the general public
    1993 - Philnet Phase I was implemented
    June 1993 - The Department of Science and Technology convened a Technical Committee
  • 5. JULY 1993 - Phase I of the Philnet
    Project provided a limited electronic facility
    NOVEMBER 1993 - Phase II of the Philnet Project whereine a grant-in-aid of P12.5M was disposed
    MARCH 1994 - Internet via CISCO 7000 in Makati 
    - De La Salle University is the first school to be connected via leased line to the wide area network of PLDT
  • 6. MARCH 29, 1994 - Philippines was linked to the world via the Internet
    April 1994 - The Advance Science and Technology Institute (ASTI) under the DOST, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the University of Santo Tomas (UST) joined PHNet
    April 13, 1994 - The PHnet Basic Principles and the Internet Code of Conduct were established
    PORTALINCis the first commercial service provider launched in the summer of 1994.
  • 7. MAY 1994 - The University of the
    Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) and the DOST central office joined PHNet
    RON SAN JUAN’S Miss Saigon Page
    went online in 1994.
    AUGUST 1994 – MosCom became the first commercial ISP to provide true continuous TCP/IP-based connectivity
    SEPTEMBER 1994 – Akda, thefirst Philippine literary site went online
  • 8. DECEMBER 10, 1994 - The Network Assistance Group (NAG) was established
    MARCH 1995 - Republic Act 7925, known as the Public Telecommunications Act of the Philippines, was passed.
    JUNE 1995 - Mindanao State University (MSU), the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Asian Institute of Management (AIM), and PDX became connected to PHNet
  • 9. JUNE - AUGUST 1995 - Establishment of commercial ISP
    CIRCA 1996 - Entry of foreign ISPs in the Philippines
    **Bayantel and Sky Internet teamed up to provide the United Network Access (UNA)
    **The Philippine Internet Services Organization (PISO) was established
  • 10. JANUARY 1996- Epicnet, Mail and GSI went online
    JUNE 1996- Connected to Cisco 7000 in Makati: Cebu, Zamboanga, Sorsogon, Davao, Bacolod, Legaspi, Naga
    LATE 1996- Establishment of the Philippine Internet Exchange (PHIX)
    CIRCA 1997 -The International Data Corporation (IDC) estimated that there were approximately 85,000 Internet users in the Philippines in 1997
  • 11. 1997
    **T1 (1.5 mbps) and E1 (2.048 mbps) connections to US Net providers became more commonplace
    **Global roaming networks allowed subscribers of local ISPs to access Net services abroad and be billed locally
    **ABS-CBN went online through its ABS-CBN Interactive Web site, as well as GMA Network by tying up with Webquest and coming up with
  • 12. 1997
    **Major broadsheets went online
    **Philippine cybermags sprung up: 1969, Internet World Philippines, The Web Philippines and Link
    **Establishment of Philippine Network Information Center/Infrastructure Consortium (PHNIC)
    AUGUST 1997 - There were 1090 PH domains
  • 13. DECEMBER 1998 - The first Philippine Webby Awards was launched
    Philippine Internet Review: Ten Years of the Internet (1994-2004) – a special publication that chronicles and explains the development of the Internet in the Philippines
  • 14. I Love You Virus
    ONEL DE GUZMAN - student from AMA Computer College Makati accidentally spread the virus through e-mails in 1999
  • 15. CARLOS MIGUEL ALVAREZ PARAZ - has been involved in the technical directions of the local Internet
    DANIEL O. ESCASA - operating systems
    2009 – Philippines reach 6.3 Million Online Gamers.
  • 16. SOURCES