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Journal2 Journal2 Document Transcript

  • Social psychology - Journal 4 Recently, we had a test for social psychology consisting of 50 objective questions. I think it wasn’t that hard and at the same time not very easy too. This is because the whole test is based on pretty much just reading and memorizing. However, the hard part was I didn’t really know what I was reading because I have never taken a subject like social psychology before and also remembering the various terms. I’ve read about independent and interdependent and also about self-serving bias and how it works. Other chapters include the topic on vision where it explains how the eyes work and how they perceive things. This topic didn’t need much reading as it was mainly picture. All I had to do was memorize the terms that labeled each illusion. I also read things on attitudes, operant conditioning and observational behavior. Overall, I tend to think of social psychology as a subject that is based on common sense because most of the things I’ve learned are what we humans would normally do in real life and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand these kind of things that would even make sense to children. Social psychology - Journal 5 In this topic, we were taught about group behavior and conformity which is basically about the behavior of the society in different situations. Conformity is a kind of social influence that is kind of like peer pressure where the individual does something just to fit into society. We had the privilege to watch videos again. These videos were about how people will react to certain situations, situations which were created by a group of people that wants to study how others think. There was one video about how many electric shocks can the participants give to the individual who was actually an actor. I’ve got to admit that video was hilarious. Another video was about the bystander effect whereby the situation created was a girl screaming while being kidnapped by a man to see how bystanders will react. Sure enough, the results were that the bystanders just watched the girl and walked on. Finally after many attempts there was only one case in which the bystanders actually attended to the situation. For these kinds of situation, I have to confess that I may also just walk by suspecting that the girl is just disobeying her father. After all we do live in a world where not everything maybe what they seem.