SEO Survival - Adapting to More Frequent Algorithm Updates by Jake Bohall of Virante, Inc.

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Presentation covering strategies necessary to succeed in SEO in 2013. Covers usage of LDA for Onsite SEO Content Improvements, Leveraging Broken Link Building, and identifying and removing bad …

Presentation covering strategies necessary to succeed in SEO in 2013. Covers usage of LDA for Onsite SEO Content Improvements, Leveraging Broken Link Building, and identifying and removing bad backlinks using

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  • 1. VIRANTE WEB MARKETING@JakeBohallSEO Survival:Adapting to more frequent algo changes
  • 2. About the PresenterJake Bohall is the VP of Marketing for Virante,where he has worked since 2008. He has co-founded several start-ups, sits on the board of aneducational non-profit, and assists entrepreneursin implementing their start-up ideas.Jakes expertise lies in identifying opportunities forbusiness growth and determining appropriatesearch engine marketing strategies to fit acompany’s
  • 3.… Algo UpdatesImage Credit:
  • 4. VIRANTE WEB MARKETING@JakeBohall051015202530351 0 17281 2 24819352Published Algorithm UpdatesData Source:
  • 5. VIRANTE WEB MARKETING@JakeBohallIn Sept. 2011, Google CEO Eric Schmidt toldCongress they had 516 updates in 2010, and hadtested over 13,000 updates.9 of the 2011 updates were Panda14 of the 2012 updates were Panda2012 had 1 less update than first 10 yearscombined
  • 7. Credit:
  • 8. VIRANTE WEB MARKETING@JakeBohallThe common principal:Better Content && Better LinksRelevance Authority
  • 9. Credit:
  • 10. Better Content…A few easy things (old news to remember):- Stop spam content- Stop duplicate content- Stop keyword stuffing- User generated content- Write unique & helpful titles- Write unique & helpful descriptions- Write unique & helpful
  • 11. Better Content…A few easy things: Stop making spam content@JakeBohallwww.Virante.orgImage Credit:
  • 12. Better Content…A few easy things: Stop creating duplicate contentImage Credit:
  • 13. Better Content…A few easy things: Stop keyword stuffing@JakeBohallwww.Virante.orgI really like stuffing keywords. The other day I waskeyword stuffing when I realized my keyword wasthe best keyword ever. I’m so happy I havekeyword, because I can’t imagine a life withoutkeyword. Thanks to keyword, I was paid $4 towrite this keyword article about a keyword I’venever even heard of. My keyword article is betterthan all the other keyword articles because mineactually has sentence structure and no misspellings.
  • 14. Better Content…A few easy things:- Write unique & helpful titles- Write unique & helpful descriptions- Write unique & helpful contentGoogle Query: “how to write meta descriptions”@JakeBohallwww.Virante.orgMeta Description Tag – SEO Best Practices | Compelling Ad Copy. The meta description tag serves the function ofadvertising copy, drawing readers to a website from the results and thus, is an…
  • 15. Better Content…A few easy things: User generated contentYour content should prove your users are engaged!Make your audience sneezers, marketing yourproduct/content for you….Hello social media!
  • 16. Better Content…New Trends:- Rich snippets- Topical relevancy- Google + is
  • 17. Better Content…New Trends: Rich snippets and microdataBetter user experience, increased click through rates@JakeBohallwww.Virante.orgImage Credit:
  • 18. Better Content…New Trends: Rich snippets and microdataTo Do:Make sure you leverage rich snippet opportunitiesStructured Data Testing tool:
  • 19. Better Content…New Trends: Topical RelevancyBen Hendrickson (seoMoz) told us about LDA…Were you listening?To Do:Use LDA Scoring and keyword concept themes tocreate content that is more semantically relevant to thekeywords you are trying to
  • 20. Better Content…
  • 21. Better Content…New Trends: Google + is real“It’s really the unification of all of Google’s services, with acommon social layer.”Head of Google+, Vic GundotraAuthor Rank and Brand Rank are Driven by Content!
  • 22. Better Content…New Trends: Google + is realTo Do:Create an account - rel=author and rel=publisher to attribute yourknowledge graph to your profile and brand pages.Do #RCS - “Real Company Shit” -- Wil
  • 23. Better Links…New Trends:- Broken link building- Digital Outreach and Social Media- Link cleanup
  • 24. Better Content && Better LinksNew Trends: Cheating at new content with BLBWant to become the authority… find out who is/was andhow they captured attention in the past!Broken Link Building is prospecting for content ideas…that already have links!Create awesome link bait content (don’t copy!!)
  • 25. Better Content && Better Links“The success of the campaign is directly proportional tohow much good you do for the web.You profit only if you create good content to replace lostor abandoned content that webmasters still want to linkto.”To Do:
  • 26. Better Links…
  • 27. Better Links…New Trends: Digital Outreach / PR / Social MediaThey all converge to PROMOTE YOUR BRAND!!!Let Google know you care more about your businessthan you do about Cheap Discount
  • 29. @JakeBohallwww.Virante.orgImage Credit:
  • 30. Better Links…New Trend: Link Cleanup EffortsAnchor Text DiversityPre-Penguin: 20%Post-Penguin: 10%Post-Next-Penguin: ??@JakeBohallwww.Virante.orgImage Credit:
  • 31. Better Links…Get ahead of the update!To Do:Remove bad links!Stop building crap links!Tools:- rmoov- Remove’em (Virante)- Link Detox@JakeBohallwww.Virante.orgImage Credit:
  • 32. Takeaways…Stop doing spammy stuff… Quality matters!Content- Implement rich snippets and UGC- Check out LDA tools, focus on topical relevancy- Authorship with Google +Links- Find new content opportunities based upon success- Remove bad backlinks and/or dilute with good ones- Watch your anchor text diversity- Focus on your brand
  • 33. Virante, Inc.http://www.virante.org1-800-650-0820@viranteJake Bohalljbohall@virante.com919-459-2834@jakebohall