Forgot about LDA by Jake Bohall of Virante, Inc. - A look at nTopic and content relevancy

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A Simple On-Site Method for Increasing Search Traffic using Latent Direchlet Allocation and nTopic content relevancy scoring.

A Simple On-Site Method for Increasing Search Traffic using Latent Direchlet Allocation and nTopic content relevancy scoring.

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  • 1. Did you forget LDA?A Simple On-Site Method forIncreasing Search Traffic! VIRANTE WEB MARKETING @JakeBohall
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  • 3. So.. What is it? IS: Topical relevance Topic Models are algorithms used to uncover hidden thematic structures in a collection of data … statistical model for abstract themes. Every document has a several topics, and when used together create a documents theme. IS Not: Keyword usage, TF*IDF or co-occurance @JakeBohall
  • 4. So….... What is it? PubCon Vegas Marketing Vegas SEO Drinking SEM Gambling Networking Convention Center Analytics Money Affiliates Late Nights @JakeBohall
  • 5. How it works… Create a topical model of the English language using a dictionary restricted sample of 1,000,000 random Wikipedia articles Accept a keyword and build an ideal document based on content that ranks for that term Accept content and compare to an ideal model Build confidence score that these your content is related to the keyword more than two randomly selected Wikipedia articles are related to one another. @JakeBohall
  • 6. seoMoz deserves a bunch of credit! Ben Hendrickson was … a Senior Scientist at seoMoz researched this and is now a Software Development Engineer at Google … just a coincidence? They built a model and gave us LDA scoring tool What they got right …High LDA scores do correlate to rankings @JakeBohall
  • 7. What happened? Data reported wrong. … reported .32 vs .17, suddenly the ‘buzz’ is about an error as opposed to this amazing discovery Experimental Validation. …Did not run experiments to determine the method through which this impacts rankings or traffic (keyword breadth / long tail being the primary vector) Did not refine the model based on experiments seoMoz had too many other awesome projects happening @JakeBohall
  • 8. What did we do about it? Built a tool using collocation to increase LDA scoring Spent 1.5 years in R&D fleshing out our own LDA model 4x Did an organic traffic study to try and find causation 1. nTopic modified content saw an organic traffic lift of 17.5%, random keyword modified content saw a 10% drop and unmodified content saw drop in traffic of 15% 2. We now know unequivocally that improving topical relevancy can increase organic traffic. @JakeBohall
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  • 10. What this doesn’t mean This does not prove that LDA or topic modeling is used in Google’s algorithm We cannot determine the exact mechanism by which inserting nTopic recommended terms increase Google trafficBUT … We can provide evidence that nTopic recommended terms do increase Google traffic. … @JakeBohall
  • 11. Virante, Inc. 1-800-650-0820 @virante Jake Bohall 919-459-2834 @jakebohall