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Presentation on lay-offs for teachers

Presentation on lay-offs for teachers



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Uactrif Powerpoint Uactrif Powerpoint Presentation Transcript

  • Lay-Offs, RIFs, and Pink Slips Presented by: UACT Jake Anderson
  • Temporary vs. Probationary vs. Permanent
    • Temporary
      • Bakersfield Decision (2006)
        • Covering a person on leave
        • On a contract that has a specific end-date
        • Paid out of a categorical program
        • Emergency credential
    • Interns
      • Probation 0
    • Probationary
      • Hired by district, but are not listed above
    • Permanent
      • First day of work in third year (interns?)
  • Temporary vs. Probation
    • Temporary
      • At-will employee
      • Did not get pink slip
      • No re-employment rights
    • Probation and permanent
      • Rest of presentation is about you
  • What is a RIF?
    • Reduction in Force (RIF)
    • Education Code 44949, 44955, 87743
      • Declining enrollment
      • Budgetary Issues
      • Eliminating a particular kind of service (PKS)
    • Ed Code and Board Policy dictate what the rules are
    • Association's role is to ensure rules are followed
  • Seniority
    • Set on first date of paid probationary service
  • Who was given notice?
    • 65 Elementary School Teachers
    • 16 Middle School Teachers
    • 20 High School Teachers
    • 4 BTSA Teachers
    • 12 Counselors
    • 21 Administrators
  • What happens now?
    • You get your notice on or before March 15
    • You have 7 CALENDAR days to notify the district you want a hearing (#1)
    • Once the District has received your request they will give you Notice of Defense paperwork
    • Use the forms in the packet from CTA.
    • You must get notice of defense after receipt of letter of accusation back to the district in 5 CALENDAR DAYS (#2)
  • RIF Data Form
    • Fill in the RIF Data Form and get to UACT ASAP-
    • Fill out the info as thoroughly as possible- it will be used to determine the order of the lay-off.
  • RIF Data Form Continued
    • #5- Use personal- you may be having confidential conversations
    • #9- Prob or Perm?
    • #10- Seniority date
    • #11- Seniority list #
    • #14- All places worked
    • #19- Breaks in service
    • #20- Retirements/resignations
    • #22- Cannibalism?
    • This page is for your attorney to alert him if you know of something specific that the district missed or messed-up.
  • Tie-Breakers- Adopted by CVUSD Board on March 3rd
    • Primary criteria- these are how nearly all of the people will be ranked
      • By Seniority
      • By Credential
    • EL Authorization
      • BCLAD/BCC
      • Other EL Authorization
    • Additional degrees- MA, Dr, “additional units form an accredited college assignment-related subject area”
    • Teaching experience outside of CVUSD
    • Random Selection
  • What are your rights?
    • A right to a hearing to determine if your lay-off is appropriate
    • Subbing-
      • you get paid regular rate if you work more than 20 days in a 60-day period.
    • Permanent Employees
      • 39-month reemployment list
    • Probationary Employees
      • 24-month reemployment list
  • Benefits?
    • District-paid health benefits run until September 30, 2009.
    • COBRA benefits-
      • Obama’s Stimulus Package included a provision to pay for 65% of COBRA premium for 9 months.
    • Unemployment? Yes
  • What the #%$ is a reemployment list?
    • A list of employees showing their seniority and credential
    • Will be used to determine when/if you are called back to work in the district
    • You will be contacted if a position opens in the district that you are credentialed for. YOU WILL GET THAT JOB if you accept it.
    • You can decline the job offered to you with no repercussions for one year (EC 44956 (2))
  • Mock 39-month list
    • Chrissie Hynde- Mult Subject 8/29/04
    • Bob Marley- Single Subject math 8/29/04
    • Dave Matthews- Mult Sub; Eng Supp 8/29/04
    • Madeline Peyroux- Single Sub Eng 8/29/04
    • Dave King- Mult Subject 8/27/05
    • Janis Joplin- Mult Subject 8/26/06
    • Joey Ramone- Single Sub Science 8/28/07
    • Gordon Sumner- Single Sub Hist; SPED supp 8/30/08
  • Your Attorney
    • Will walk you through the process
    • Will argue your case in front of a judge
    • Will be paid for by CTA dues
    • If you are not a member, CTA will not represent you
    • May not get anything for you other than an assurance the process has been followed correctly
    • Mom and Dad?
  • Conflict of Interest
    • The attorney assigned to you will also represent the others being let go.
    • This is a potential conflict of interest and you must sign a waiver stating you understand the situation and waive your rights.
    • Attorney’s Firm is
      • Hathaway, Perrett, Webster, Powers, Chrisman, & Gutierrez
  • I’m last on the list- should I file for a hearing?
    • It is your call
    • The district could have made a mistake in identifying people for layoff.
    • It is your right to do it.
  • Questions?
    • Jake Anderson
    • CTA Staff
    • Unified Association of Conejo Teachers
    • O (805) 497-8220
    • F (805) 497-1458
    • [email_address]