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Andrew goodwin’s theory
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Andrew goodwin’s theory


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  • 1. LINK BETWEEN THE LYRICSAND THE VIDEOThis convention shows that there is a link betweenthe lyrics of the song and what you are beingshown in the video its self. For example inEminems song Stan you see Stan talking in a taperecorder what is being sung in the lyrics so the is alike between the two.
  • 2. THOUGHT BEATSThis is when thecamera and how themusic video isshown usually followthe beat of the songso the audience caneasily identify thestructure of theverse or chorus.
  • 3. GENRE-RELATED STYLEA lot of artists tend to repeat themselves doing certain action or involvecertain aspects (like a trademark) inthere video to make it recognisable tothere audience. For example Aphextwins face is like a trademark in hisvideo because it is used a lot in hisvideos.
  • 4. STAR IMAGE AND VOYEURISMMany music companysuse close up on thereartist to make a ‘starimage’ that promotesthe artist and the song.With female artist theyyou close up tovoyeuristically view thewomen bringing inMulveys male gazetheory.
  • 5. INTERTEXTUAL REFERENCESThis is when a video or the lyrics likeor refer to something in another partof the media like the news forexample. Aphex twin is also verygood at this because his video ‘cometo daddy’ relates to when the mediawas talking about the rise in chavs sohis video showed you that it wasstupid to be scared of something thatisnt dangerous.
  • 6. NARRATIVEThis is that the song its self should become astory that need to be told by the artist andavoid being common. This is so the artist willbecome a part in the story. Like Eminemssong ‘stan’ it is him singing a story.
  • 7. TECHNICAL ASPECTSCamera: This is camera angles, camera movementand camera composition, this makes it so you canadd a lot of depth in to a music video.Sound: This involves everything that you can hearlike the speed and pitch these can vary dependingon what genre you a listening to.Mise-en-scene: This is the costume of thecharacters the make-up and the location of thevideo to make the video look more believable.Editing: This is how the clips go with the music itcan completely change the feel of the song andthe pace, it is how you keep the audienceinterested in the song.