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Txt Lingo

Txt Lingo






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    Txt Lingo Txt Lingo Document Transcript

    • Text Message & Chat Abbreviations "Numbers & Characters"? I have a question? I dont understand what you mean?4U I have a question for you;S Gentle warning, like "Hmm? What did you say?"^^ Meaning "read line" or "message above"<3 Meaning "sideways heart" (love, friendship)<3 Meaning "broken heart"<33 Meaning "heart or love" (more 3s is a bigger heart)@TEOTD At the end of the day.02 My (or your) two cents worth121 One-to-one (private chat initiation)1337 Leet, meaning elite143 I love you14AA41 One for all, and all for one19 Zero hand (online gaming)10X Thanks10Q Thank you1CE Once1DR I wonder1NAM One in a million2 Meaning "to" in SMS20 Meaning "location"2EZ Too easy2G2BT Too good to be true2M2H Too much too handle2MI Too much information2MOR Tomorrow2NTE Tonight4 Short for "for" in SMS411 Meaning "information"404 I dont know411 Meaning information420 Lets get high420 Meaning "Marijuana"459 Means I love you (ILY is 459 using keypad numbers)4COL For crying out loud4EAE Forever and ever4NR Foreigner^5 High-five511 Too much information (more than 411)555 Sobbing, crying. (Mandarin Chinese txt msgs)55555 Crying your eyes out (Mandarin Chinese txt msgs)55555 Meaning Laughing (In Thai language the number 5 is pronounced
    • ha.)6Y Sexy7K Sick831 I love you (8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning)86 Over88 Bye-bye (Mandarin Chinese txt msgs)88 Hugs and kisses9 Parent is watching*s* Meaning "smile"*w* Meaning "wink" "A" Text Message & Chat AbbreviationsA3 Anytime, anywhere, anyplaceAA Alcoholics AnnonymousAA As aboveAA Ask aboutAAF As a matter of factAAF As a friendAAK Asleep at keyboardAAK Alive and kickingAAMOF As a matter of factAAMOI As a matter of interestAAP Always a pleasureAAR At any rateAAS Alive and smilingAASHTA As always, Sheldon has the answer (Bike mechanic Sheldon Brown)AATK Always at the keyboardABC Already been chewedABT AboutABT2 Meaning About toABTA Meaning Good-bye (signoff)ABU All bugged upAC Acceptable contentACC Anyone can comeACD ALT / CONTROL / DELETEACDNT Accident (e-mail, Government)ACK AcknowledgeACPT Accept (e-mail, Government)ACQSTN Acquisition (e-mail, Government)ADAD Another day, another dollarADBB All done, bye-byeADD AddressADDY AddressADIH Another day in hellADIP Another day in paradiseADMIN Administrator
    • ADMINR Administrator (Government)ADN Any day nowADR AddressAE Area effect (online gaming)AEAP As early as possibleAF April FoolsAFC Away from computerAFAIAA As far as I am awareAFAIC As far as I am concernedAFAIK As far as I knowAFAIUI As far as I understand itAFAP As far as possibleAFJ April Fools jokeAFK Away from keyboardAFZ Acronym Free ZoneAFPOE A fresh pair of eyesAH At homeAIAMU And I am a moneys uncleAIGHT AlrightAIR As I rememberAISB As it should beAISB As I said beforeAISI As I see itAITR Adult in the roomAKA Also known asALCON All concernedALOL Actually laughing out loudAMAP As much as possibleAMBW All my best wishesAML All my loveAMOF As a matter of factAO Anarchy Online (online gaming)AOC Available on cellAOE Area of effect (online game)AOM Age of majorityAOM Age of Mythology (online gaming)AOTA All of the aboveAOYP Angel on your pillowAPAC All praise and creditAPP ApplicationAPP AppreciateAQAP As quick (or quiet) as possibleARE Acronym rich environmentASIG And so it goesASAP As soon as possibleA/S/L Age/sex/location
    • ASL Age/sex/locationASLA Age/sex/location/availabilityAT At your terminalATB All the bestATEOTD At the end of the dayATM At the momentATSITS All the stars in the skyATSL Along the same line (or lines)AWC After awhile crocodileAWESO AwesomeAWOL Away without leavingAWOL Absent without leaveAYDY Are you done yet?AYEC At your earliest convenienceAYOR At your own riskAYSOS Are you stupid or something?AYS Are you serious?AYT Are you there?AYTMTB And youre telling me this becauseAYV Are you vertical?AYW As you wereAYW As you want / As you wishAZN Asian"B" Text Message / Chat AbbreviationsB BackB& BannedB2W Back to workB8 Bait (person teased or joked with, or under-aged person/teen)B9 Boss is watchingB/F BoyfriendB/G Background (personal information request)B4 BeforeB4N Bye for nowBAG Busting a gutBA Bad *a*BAK Back at keyboardBAS Big butt smileBASOR Breathing a sigh of reliefBAU Business as usualBAY Back at yaBB Be backBB Bebi / Baby (Spanish SMS)BBC Big bad challengeBBIAB Be back in a bitBBIAF Be back in a fewBBIAM Be back in a minute
    • BBIAS Be back in a secBBL Be back laterBBN Bye, bye nowBBQ Barbeque, "Ownage", shooting score/frag (online gaming)BBS Be back soonBBT Be back tomorrowBC BecauseB/C BecauseBC Be coolBCNU Be seeing youBCOS BecauseBCO Big crush onBCOY Big crush on youBD Big dealBDAY BirthdayB-DAY BirthdayBDN Big darn numberBEG Big evil grinBF BoyfriendBF Brain fartBFAW Best friend at workBF2 Battlefield 2 (online gaming)BF Best friendBFF Best friends foreverBFFL Best friends for lifeBFFLNMW Best friends for life, no matter whatBFD Big freaking dealBFG Big freaking grinBFFN Best friend for nowBFN Bye for nowBG Big grinBGWM Be gentle with meBHL8 Be home lateBIB Boss is backBIBO Beer in, beer outBIC Butt in chairBIF Before I forgetBIH Burn in hellBIL Brother in lawBION Believe it or notBIOYA Blow it out your *a*BIOYN Blow it out your noseBISFLATM Boy, I sure feel like a turquoise monkey! (unverified)BITMT But in the meantimeBL Belly laughBLNT Better luck next time
    • BM Bite meBME Based on my experienceBM&Y Between me and youBOB Back off *buddy*BN Bad newsBOE Meaning "bind on equip" (online gaming)BOL Best of luckBOLO Be on the look outBOOMS Bored out of my skullBOP Meaning "bind on pickup" (online gaming)BOSMKL Bending over smacking my knee laughingBOT Back on topicBOT Be on thatBOYF BoyfriendBPLM Big person little mindBRB Be right backBR Best regardsBRBB Be right back *babe*BRNC Be right back, nature callsBRD BoredBRH Be right hereBRT Be right thereBSF But seriously folksBSOD Blue screen of deathBSTS Better safe than sorryBT Bite thisBT Between technologiesBTA But then againBTDT Been there, done thatBTW By the wayBTYCL Meaning BootycallBUBU Slang term for the most beautiful of womenBWL Bursting with laughterBYOB Bring your own beerBYOC Bring your own computerBYOP Bring your own paint (paintball)BYTM Better you than me"C" Text Message / Chat AbbreviationsC&G Chuckle & grinC4N Ciao for nowCAD Control + Alt + DeleteCAD Short for Canada/CanadianCAM Camera (SMS)CB Coffee breakCB Chat breakCB Crazy *b*
    • CD9 Code 9, Meaning "parents are around"CFS Care for secret?CFY Calling for youCIAO Good-bye (Italian word)CICO Coffee in, coffee outCID Crying in disgraceCID Consider it doneCLAB Crying like a babyCM Call meCMB Call me backCMAP Cover my *a* partner (online gaming)CMIIW Correct me if Im wrongCMON Come onCNP Continued (in) next postCOB Close of businessCOH City of Heroes (online gaming)COS BecauseC/P Cross postCP Chat post (or continue in IM)CR8 CreateCRAFT Cant remember a *freaking* thingCRB Come right backCRBT Crying really big tearsCRIT Meaning "critical hit" (online gaming)CRZ CrazyCRS Cant remember *stuff*CSG Chuckle, snicker, grinCSL Cant stop laughingCSS Counter-Strike Source (online gaming)CT Cant talkCTC Care to chat?CTHU Cracking the *heck* upCTN Cant talk nowCTO Check this outCU See you tooCU See youCU2 See youCUA See you aroundCUL See you laterCULA See you later alligatorCUL8R See you laterCUMID See you in my dreamsCURLO See you around like a donutCWOT Complete waste of timeCWYL Chat with you laterCYA See you
    • CYAL8R See you laterCYE Check your e-mailCYEP Close your eyes partner (online gaming)CYO See you online"D" Text Message / Chat AbbreviationsD2 Dedos / fingers (Spanish SMS)D46? Down for sex?DA Meaning "The"DAoC Dark Age of Camelot (online gaming)DBAU Doing business as usualDBEYR Dont believe everything you readDC DisconnectDD Dear (or Darling) daughterDD Due diligenceDEGT Dear (or Darling) daughterDF Dont even go thereDFL Dead *freaking* last (online gaming)DGA Don’t go anywhereDGAF Dont give a *freak*DGT Dont go thereDGTG Dont go there, girlfriendDH Dear (or Darling) husbandDHU Dinosaur hugs (used to show support)DIIK Darned if I knowDIKU Do I know you?DILLIGAF Do I look like I give a *freak*?DILLIGAS Do I look like I give a sugar?DIS Did I say?DITYID Did I tell you Im distressed?DIY Do it yourselfDKDC Dont know, dont careDKP Dragon kill points (online gaming)D/L DownloadDL DownloadDL Down lowDLBBB Dont let (the) bed bugs biteDLTBBB Dont let the bed bugs biteDM Doesnt matterDM Direct message (Twitter slang)DM Do meDM Dungeon Master (online gaming)DMNO Dude Man No OffenseDMY Dont mess yourselfDN DownDNC Do not compute (meaning I do not understand)DNR Dinner (SMS)
    • DNT Dontd00d DudeDOE Daughter of EveDP Display Picture (Yahoo Messenger Chat)DPS Damage per second (online gaming)DQMOT Dont quote me on thisDR Didnt readDS Dear (or Darling) sonDTR Define the relationshipDTRT Do the right thingDTS Dont think soDTTD Dont touch that dialDUPE DuplicateDUR Do you remember?DV8 DeviateDW Dear (or Darling) wifeDWF Divorced white femaleDWM Divorced white maleDXNRY DictionaryDYNWUTB Do you know what you are talking about?DYFI Did you find it?DYFM Dude, you fascinate meDYOR Do your own research (common stock market chat slang) "E" Text Message / Chat AbbreviationsE EcstasyE Enemy (online gaming)E1 EveryoneE123 Easy as one, two, threeE2EG Ear to ear grinEAK Eating at keyboardEBKAC Error between keyboard and chairED Erase displayEF4T EffortEG Evil grinEI Eat itEIP Editing in progressEM E-mail (Twitter slang)EMA E-mail addressEMFBI Excuse me for butting inEMFBI Excuse me for jumping inEMSG E-mail messageENUF EnoughEOD End of dayEOD End of discussionEOL End of lectureEOL End of life
    • EOM End of messageEOS End of showEOT End of transmissionEQ EverQuest (online gaming)ERS2 Eres tz / are you (Spanish SMS)ES Erase screenESAD Eat *S* and die!ETA Estimated time (of) arrivalETA Edited to addEVA EverEVO EvolutionEWG Evil wicked grin (in fun, teasing)EWI Emailing while intoxicatedEYC Excitable, yet calmEZ EasyEZY Easy"F" Text Message / Chat AbbreviationsF Meaning femaleF2F Face to faceF2P Free to play (online gaming)FAAK Falling asleep at keyboardFAF Funny as *freak*FAQ Frequently asked questionsFAY *Freak* all youFB FaceBookFBF Fat boy food (e.g. pizza, burgers, fries)FBFR FaceBook friendFBM Fine by meFBOW For better or worseFC Fingers crossedFC Full card (online gaming)FCINGO For crying out loudFEITCTAJ *Freak* em if they cant take a jokeFF Follow Friday (Twitter slang)FFA Free for all (online gaming)FFS For *freak*sakesFICCL Frankly I couldnt care a lessFIF *Freak* Im funnyFIIK *Freaked* if I knowFIIOOH Forget it, Im out of hereFIL Father in lawFIMH Forever in my heartFISH First in, still hereFITB Fill in the blankFML *Freak* My LifeFOMC Falling off my chair
    • FOAD *Freak* off and dieFOAF Friend of a friendFOMCL Falling off my chair laughingFRT For real thoughFTBOMH From the bottom of my heartFTL For the lossFTW For the winFU *Freak* youFUBAR Fouled up beyond all recognitionFUBB Fouled up beyond beliefFUD Face up deal (online gaming)FW ForwardFWB Friend with benefitsFWIW For what its worthFWM Fine with meFYEO For your eyes onlyFYA For your amusementFYI For your information"G" Text Message / Chat AbbreviationsG GrinG GiggleG/F GirlfriendG2CU Good to see youG2G Got to goG2GICYAL8ER Got to go Ill see you laterG2R Got to runG2TU Got to tell u (you)G4C Going for coffeeG9 GeniusGA Go aheadGAC Get a clueGAFC Get a *freaking* clueGAL Get a lifeGAS Got a second?GAS Greetings and salutationsGB GoodbyeGBTW Get back to workGBU God bless youGDR Grinning, ducking, and runningGD/R Grinning, ducking, and runningGFI Go for itGF Girl friendGFN Gone for nowGG Gotta GoGG Good Game (online gaming)GG Brother (Mandarin Chinese txt msgs)
    • GGA Good game, all (online gaming)GGE1 Good game, everyone (online gaming)GGMSOT Gotta get me some of thatGGOH Gotta Get Outa HereGGP Got to go peeGH Good hand (online gaming)GIAR Give it a restGIC Gift in crib (online gaming)GIGO Garbage in, garbage outGIRL Guy in real lifeGJ Good jobGL Good luckGL2U Good luck to you (online gaming)GL/HF Good luck, have fun (online gaming)GLE1 Good luck everyone (online gaming)GLNG Good luck next game (online gaming)GMBA Giggling my butt offGMTA Great minds think alikeGMV Got my voteGN Good nightGNE1 Good night everyoneGNIGHT Good nightGNITE Good nightGNSD Good night, sweet dreamsGOI Get over itGOL Giggling out loudGR8 GreatGRATZ CongratulationsGRL GirlGRWG Get right with GodGR&D Grinning, running and duckingGS Good shotGS Good split (online gaming)GT Good tryGTFO Get the *freak* outGTG Got to goGTRM Going to read mailGTSY Great (or good) to see youGUD GoodGWHTLC Glad we had this little chat"H" Text Message / Chat AbbreviationsH HugH8 HateH8TTU Hate to be youHAG1 Have a good oneHAK Hug and kiss
    • HAU How about you?H&K Hugs & kissesH2CUS Hope to see you soonHAGN Have a good nightHAGO Have a good oneHAND Have a nice dayHB Hurry backHB Hug backH-BDAY Happy BirthdayHBU How about you?HF Have funHFAC Holy flipping animal crackersH-FDAY Happy Fathers DayHHIS Head hanging in shameHL Half Life (online gaming)HLA Hola / hello (Spanish SMS)H-MDAY Happy Mothers DayHNL (w)Hole nother levelHOAS Hold on a secondHP Hit points / Health points (online gaming)HRU How are you?HTH Hope this helpsHUB Head up buttHUYA Head up your *butt*HV HaveHVH Heroic Violet Hold (online gaming)HW Homework "I" Text Message / Chat AbbreviationsI2 I too (me too)IA8 I already ateIAAA I am an accountantIAAD I am a doctorIAAL I am a lawyerIAC In any caseIAE In any eventIANAC I am not a crookIANAL I am not a lawyerIAO I am out (of here)IB Im backIB Im backIC I seeICAM I couldnt agree moreICBW It could be worseICEDI I cant even discuss itICFILWU I could fall in love with youICYMI In case you missed it (Twitter slang)
    • IDBI I dont believe itIDC I dont careIDGAF I dont give a *freak*IDK I dont knowIDTS I dont think soIDUNNO I dont knowIFYP I feel your painIG2R I got to runIGHT I got high tonightIGN I (Ive) got nothingIGP I got to (go) peeIHNI I have no ideaIIRC If I remember correctlyIIIO Intel inside, idiot outsideIK I knowIKR I know, right?ILBL8 Ill be lateILU I love youILUM I love you manILY I love youIM Instant messageIMAO In my arrogant opinionIMHO In my humble opinionImL (in Arial font) Means I love you (a way of using the American sign language in text)IMNSHO In my not so humble opinionIMO In my opinionIMS I am sorryIMSB I am so boredIMTM I am the manIMU I miss u (you)INAL Im not a lawyerINC Meaning "incoming" (online gaming)IOMH In over my headIOW In other wordsIRL In real lifeIRMC I rest my caseISLY I still love youITAM Its The Accounting, Man (financial blogs)ITYK I thought you knewIUSS If you say soIWALU I will always love youIWAWO I want a way outIWIAM Idiot wrapped in a moronIYKWIM If you know what I meanIYO In your opinion
    • IYQ Meaning "I like you"IYSS If you say so "J" Text Message / Chat Abbreviationsj00 Youj00r YourJAC Just a secondJAM Just a minuteJAS Just a secondJC (J/C) Just checkingJDI Just do itJFF Just for funJFGI Just *freaking* Google itJIC Just in caseJJ (J/J) Just jokingJJA Just joking aroundJK (J/K) Just kiddingJLMK Just let me knowJMO Just my opinionJP Just playingJP Jackpot (online gaming, bingo games)JT (J/T) Just teasingJTLYK Just to let you knowJV Meaning "joint venture"JW Just wondering"K" Text Messages / Chat AbbreviationsK OkayKK Knock, knockKK Okay, Okay!K8T Katiek/b KeyboardKB KeyboardKB Kick butt (online gaming)KDFU Means Cracking (K) the (D as in Da) *freak* upKEWL CoolKEYA I will key you laterKEYME Key me when you get inKFY Kiss for youKIA Know it allKISS Keep it simple, stupidKIT Keep in touchKMA Kiss my *a*KMK Kiss my keisterKMT Kiss my tushieKOC Kiss on cheekKOL Kiss on cheekKOS Kid over shoulder
    • KOW Knock on woodKOTC Kiss on the cheekKOTL Kiss on the lipsKNIM Know what I mean?KNOW Meaning "knowledge"KPC Keeping parents cluelessKS Kill then steal (online gaming)KSC Kind (of) sort (of) chuckleKT KatieKUTGW Keep up the good work "L" Text Message & Chat AbbreviationsL2G Like to go?L2G (would) Love to goL2K Like to comel33t Leet, meaning eliteL8R LaterL8RG8R Later, gatorLBAY Laughing back at youLD Later, dudeLD Long distanceLDO Like, duh obviouslyLEMENO Let me knowLERK Leaving easy reach of keyboardLFD Left for dayLFG Looking for group (online gaming)LFG Looking for guard (online gaming)LFM Looking for more (online gaming)LGH Lets get highLH6 Lets have sexLHSX Lets have sexLHM Lord help meLHO Laughing head offLI LinkedInLIC Like I careLIK Meaning liquorLIMT Laugh in my tummyLLGB Love, later, God blessLLS Laughing like *silly*LMAO Laughing my *a* offLMBO Laughing my butt offLMFAO Laughing my freaking *a* offLMIRL Lets meet in real lifeLMK Let me knowLMMFAO Laughing my mother freaking a** offLMNK Leave my name outLNT Meaning lost in translation
    • LOA List of acronymsLOL Laughing out loudLOL Laugh out loudLOL Lots of loveLOLH Laughing out loud hystericallyLOLO Lots of loveLOLWTF Laughing out loud (saying) "What the *freak*?"LOTI Laughing on the insideLOTR Lord of The Rings (online gaming)LQTM Laughing quietly to myselfLSHMBH Laugh so hard my belly hurtsLSV Language, sex and violenceLTD Living the dreamLTLWDLS Lets twist like we did last summerLTNS Long time no seeLTOD Laptop of deathLTS Laughing to selfLULT Love you long timeLULZ Slang for LOLLVM Left voice mailLWOS Laughing without smilingLY Love yaLYLAS Love you like a sisLYLC Love you like crazyLYSM Love you so much"M" Text Messages & Chat AbbreviationsM$ MicrosoftM8 MateMB Mammas boyMBS Mom behind shoulderMC Merry ChristmasMDIAC My Dad is a copMEGO My eyes glaze overMEH Meaning a "shrug" or shrugging shouldersMEH Meaning a "so-so" or "just okay"MEHH Meaning a "sigh" or sighingMEZ Meaning "mesmerize" (online gaming)MFI Mad for itMGB May God blessMGMT ManagementMIRL Meet in real lifeMISS.(number) Meaning "child and her age". Miss.3 would be a 3-year old daughterMKAY Meaning "Mmm, okay"MLM Meaning give the middle fingerMM Sister (Mandarin Chinese txt msg)MMK Meaning okay? (as a question)
    • MNC Mother nature callsMNSG Mensaje (message in Spanish)MorF Male or female?MOMBOY Mammas boyMOO My own opinionMOOS Member of the opposite sexMOS Mother over shoulderMOSS Member of same sexMP Mana points (online gaming)MR.(number) Meaning "child and his age". Mr.3 would be a 3-year old sonMRT Modified ReTweet (Twitter slang)MSG MessageMTF More to followMTFBWU May the force be with youMU Miss U (you)MUAH Multiple unsuccessful attempts (at/to) humorMUSM Miss you so muchMWAH Meaning "kiss" (it is is the sound made when kissing through the air)MYO Mind your own (business)MYOB Mind your own business "N" Text Message & Chat Abbreviationsn00b NewbieN1 Nice oneN2M Nothing too muchNADT Not a darn thingNALOPKT Not a lot of people know thatNANA Not now, no needNBD No big dealNBFAB No bad for a beginner (online gaming)NC Nice crib (online gaming)ND Nice double (online gaming)NE AnyNE1 AnyoneNFM None for me / Not for meNFM Not for meNFS Need for Speed (online gaming)NFS Not for saleNFW No *freaking* wayNFW Not for workNFWS Not for work safeNH Nice hand (online gaming)NIFOC Naked in front of computerNIGI Now I get itNIMBY Not in my back yardNIROK Not in reach of keyboardNLT No later than
    • NM Nothing muchNM Never mindNM Nice meld (online gaming)NMH Not much hereNMJC Nothing much, just chillingNMU Not much, you?NO1 No oneNOOB Meaning someone who is bad at (online) gamesNOWL Meaning "knowledge"NOYB None of your businessNP No problemNPC Non-playing character (online gaming)NQT Newly qualified teacherNR Nice roll (online gaming)NRN No response/reply necessaryNS Nice score (online gaming)NS Nice split (online gaming)NSA No strings attachedNSFW Not safe for workNSISR Not sure if spelled rightNT Nice tryNTHING Nothing (SMS)NTS Note to selfNVM Never mindNVR NeverNW No wayNWO No way out"O" Text Message / Chat AbbreviationsO4U Only for youO Opponent (online gaming)O Meaning "hugs"O OverOA Online auctions (see more auction abbreviations)OATUS On a totally unrelated subjectOB Oh babyOB Oh brotherOH OverheardOI Operator indisposedOIB Oh, Im backOIC Oh, I seeOJ Only jokingOL Old ladyOLL Online loveOM Old manOM Oh, my
    • OMAA Oh, my aching *A* (butt)OMDB Over my dead bodyOMFG Oh my *freaking* Godomfglmaobbqrofl oh my *freaking* god, laugh my *a* off, owned, roll on floorcopteriss spinning around Im so sadOMG Oh my GodOMGYG2BK Oh my God, you got to be kiddingOMW On my wayONL OnlineOO Over and outOOC Out of characterOOH Out of hereOOTD One of these daysOOTO Out of the officeOP On phoneORLY Oh really?OT Off topic (discussion forums)OTB Off to bedOTFL On the floor laughingOTL Out to lunchOTOH On the other handOTP On the phoneOTT Over the topOTTOMH Off the top of my headOTW Off to workOVA OverOYO On your own "P" Text Message / Chat AbbreviationsP Partner (online gaming)P2P Parent to parentP2P Peer to peerP2P Pay to play (online gaming)P911 Parents coming into room alertPAT Meaning "patrol" (online gaming)PAW Parents are watchingPBOOK Phonebook (e-mail)PC Player character (online gaming)PCM Please call mePDA Personal display (of) affectionPDH Pretty darn happyPDS Please dont shootPDQ Pretty darn quickPEEPS PeoplePFT Pretty *freaking* tightPIC PicturePIP Peeing in pants (laughing hard)
    • PIR Parents in roomPISS Put in some sugarPITA Pain in the *butt*PKMN Pokemon (online gaming)PL8 PlatePLD PlayedPLMK Please let me knowPLS PleasePLU People like usPLZ PleasePLZTLME Please tell mePM Private MessagePMFI Pardon me for interruptingPMFJI Pardon me for jumping inPMSL Pee myself laughingPOAHF Put on a happy facePOS Parent over shoulderPOV Point of viewPOV Privately owned vehicle (originally used to differentiate an individuals vehicle from a military vehicle)PPL PeoplePPU Pending pick-upPROLLY ProbablyPROGGY Meaning computer programPRON Meaning pornographyPRT PartyPRT Please Retweet (Twitter slang)PRW People/parents are watchingPSOS Parent standing over shoulderPSP Playstation PortablePST Please send tell (online gaming)PTIYPASI Put that in your pipe and smoke itPTL Praise the LordPTMM Please tell me morePUG Pick up group (online gaming)PVP Player versus player (online gaming)PWN Meaning "own"PXT Please explain thatPU That stinks!PUKS Pick up kids (SMS)PYT Pretty young thingPZ PeacePZA Pizza"Q" Text Message / Chat AbbreviationsQ QueueQC Quality control
    • QFE Question for everyoneQFI Quoted for idiocyQFI Quoted for ironyQIK QuickQL Quit laughingQOTD Quote of the dayQQ (qq) Meaning "crying eyes"QQ Quick questionQSL ReplyQSO ConversationQT CutieQTPI Cutie pie"R" Text Message / Chat AbbreviationsR8 Rate (SMS)RBAY Right back at youRFN Right *freaking* nowRHIP Rank has its privilegesRIP Rest in peaceRL Real lifeRLY ReallyRME Rolling my eyesRMLB Read my lips babyRMMM Read my mail manROFL Rolling on floor laughingROFLCOPTER Rolling on floor laughing and spinning aroundROFLMAO Rolling on the floor, laughing my *butt* offROTFL Rolling on the floor laughingROTFLUTS Rolling on the floor laughing unable to speakRS Runescape (online gaming)RSN Real soon nowRT Roger thatRT Retweet (Twitter slang)RTBS Reason to be singleRTFM Read the *freaking* manualRTFQ Read the *freaking* questionRTMS Read the manual, stupidRTNTN Retention (e-mail, Government)RTRCTV Retroactive (e-mail, Government)RTRMT Retirement (e-mail, Government)RTSM Read the stupid manualRTWFQ Read the whole *freaking* questionRU Are you?RUMOF Are you male or female?RUT Are u (you) there?RUOK Are you okay?RX Regards
    • RW Real worldRX Meaning drugs or prescriptionsRYB Read your BibleRYO Roll your ownRYS Read your screenRYS Are you single?"S" Text Message / Chat AbbreviationsS2R Send to receive (meaning send me your picture to get mine)S2S Sorry to saySAL Such a laughSAT Sorry about thatSB Should beSB Smiling backSBT Sorry bout thatSC Stay coolSDMB Sweet dreams, my babySETE Smiling Ear-to-EarSFAIK So far as I knowSH Same hereSH^ Shut upSHID Slapping head in disgustSICNR Sorry, I could not resistSIG2R Sorry, I got to runSIHTH Stupidity is hard to takeSIMYC Sorry I missed your callSIR Strike it richSIS Snickering in silenceSIT Stay in touchSK8 SkateSK8NG SkatingSK8R SkaterSK8RBOI Skater BoySLAP Sounds like a planSMHID Scratching my head in disbeliefSNAFU Situation normal all fouled upSNERT Snot nosed egotistical rude teenagerSO Significant otherSOAB Son of a *B*SOK Meaning It (s) okay (ok)SOL Sooner or laterSOMY Sick of me yet?SorG Straight or Gay?SOS Meaning helpSOS Son of SamSOT Short of timeSOTMG Short of time, must go
    • SOWM Someone with meSPK Speak (SMS)SRSLY SeriouslySPST Same place, same timeSPTO Spoke toSQ SquareSRY SorrySS So sorrySSDD Same stuff, different daySSIF So stupid its funnySSINF So stupid its not funnyST&D Stop texting and driveSTFU Shut the *freak* upSTR8 StraightSTW Search the WebSUITM See you in the morningSUL See you laterSUP Whats up?SUTH So use(d) to haters (Facebook)SUX Meanings sucks or "it sucks"SWAK Sent (or sealed) with a kissSWALK Sealed (or sealed) with a loving kissSWAT Scientific wild *butt* guessSWL Screaming with laughterSWMBO She who must be obeyed. Meaning wife or partnerSYL See you laterSYS See you soonSYY Shut your yapper"T" Text Message / Chat AbbreviationsT+ Think positiveT4BU Thanks for being youT:)T Think happy thoughtsTA Thanks a lotTAFN Thats all for nowTAM Tomorro a.m.TANK Meaning really strongTANKED Meaning "owned"TANKING Meaning "owning"TARFU Things Are Really *fouled* Up.TAU Thinking about u (you)TAUMUALU Thinking about you miss you always love youTBAG Process of disgracing a corpse, taunting a fragged/killed player (online gaming)TBC To be continuedTBD To be determinedTBH To be honest
    • TBL Text back laterTC Take careTCB Take care of businessTCOY Take care of yourselfTD Tower defense (online gaming)TDTM Talk dirty to meTFF Too *freaking* funnyTFS Thanks for sharingTFTF Thanks for the follow (Twitter slang)TFTI Thanks for the invitationTG Thank goodnessTGIF Thank God its FridayTHX ThanksTHT Think happy thoughtsTHNX ThanksTHNQ Thank-you (SMS)TIA Thanks in advanceTIAD Tomorrow is another dayTIC Tongue-in-cheekTILIS Tell it like it isTIR Teacher in roomTLK2UL8R Talk to you laterTL Too longTMB Text me backTMB Tweet me back (Twitter slang)TMI Too much informationTMOT Trust me on thisTMTH Too much to handleTMWFI Take my word for itTNSTAAFL Theres no such thing as a free lunchTNT Til next timeTOJ Tears of joyTOS Terms of serviceTOU Thinking of youTOY Thinking of youTPM Tomorrow p.m.TPTB The powers that beTQ Te quiero / I love you (Spanish SMS)TSH Tripping so hardTSNF Thats so not fairTSTB The sooner, the betterTTFN Ta ta for nowTTLY TotallyTTTT These things take timeTTUL Talk to you laterTU Thank you
    • TUI Turning you inTWSS Thats what she saidTTG Time to goTTYAFN Talk to you awhile from nowTTYL Talk to you laterTTYS Talk to you soonTY Thank youTYFC Thank you for charity (online gaming)TYFYC Thank you for your commentTYS Told you soTYT Take your timeTYSO Thank you so muchTYAFY Thank you and *freak* youTYVM Thank you very much "U" Text Message / Chat Abbreviations^URS Up yoursUCMU You crack me upUDI Unidentified drinking injury (meaning bruise, scratch, ache and so on)UDM U (You) da (the) manUDS Ugly domestic sceneUFB Un *freaking* believableUFN Until further noticeUGTBK Youve got to be kiddingUKTR You know thats rightUL UploadU-L Meaning "You will"UNA Use no acronymsUN4TUN8 UnfortunateUNBLEFBLE UnbelievableUNCRTN UncertainUNPC Un- (not) politically correctUOK (Are) You ok?UR You are / YoureUR2YS4ME You are too wise for meURA* You are a starURH You are hot (U R Hot)URSKTM You are so kind to meURTM You are the manURW You are welcomeUSBCA Until something better comes alongUSU UsuallyUT Unreal Tournament (online gaming)UT2L You take too longUTM You tell meUV Unpleasant visual
    • UW Youre welcome"V" Text Message / Chat AbbreviationsVBS Very big smileVEG Very evil grinVFF Very freaking funnyVFM Value for moneyVGC Very good conditionVGG Very good game (online gaming)VGH Very good hand (online gaming)VIP Very important personVM Voice mailVN Very niceVNH Very nice hand (online gaming)VRY VeryVSC Very soft chuckleVSF Very sad faceVWD Very well done (online gaming)VWP Very well played (online gaming)"W" Text Message / Chat AbbreviationsW@ What?W/ WithW/B Welcome backW3 WWW (Web address)W8 WaitWAH Working at homeWAJ What a jerkWAM Wait a minuteWAN2 Want to? (SMS)WAN2TLK Want to talkWAREZ meaning pirated (illegally gained) softwareWAS Wait a secondWAS Wild *a* guessWAWA Where are we at?WAYF Where are you from?W/B Write backWB Welcome backWBS Write back soonWBU What about you?WC WelcomeWC Who caresWCA Who cares anywayW/E WhateverW/END WeekendWE WhateverWEP Weapon (online gaming)WH5 Who, what, when, where, why
    • WIBNI Wouldnt it be nice ifWDALYIC Who died and left you in chargeWDYK What do you know?WDYT What do you think?WGACA What do you think?WIIFM Whats in it for me?WISP Winning is so pleasurableWITP What is the point?WITW What in the worldWIU Wrap it upWK WeekWKD WeekendWRT With regard toWL Whatta loserW/O WithoutWOMBAT Waste of money, brains and timeWOW World of Warcraft (online gaming)WRK WorkWRU@ Where are you at?WRUD What are you doing?WTB Want to buy (online gaming)WTF What the *freak* ?WTFE What the *freak* everWTFO What the *freak* ?, over.WTG Way to goWTGP Want to go private (talk out of public chat area)WTH What the heck?WTM Whos the man?WTS Want to sell? (online gaming)WTT Want to trade? (online gaming)WU Whats up?WUCIWUG What you see is what you getWUF Where are you from?WUP Whats up?WUW What u (you) want?WUU2 What are you up to?WUZ Meaning "was"WWJD What would Jesus do?WWJD What Would Judd Do? (Artist Donald Judd, who was known to do things in his own compulsive way.)WWNC Will wonders never ceaseWWYC Write when you canWYCM Will you call me?WYD What (are) you doing?WYGAM When you get a minuteWYHAM When you have a minute
    • WYLEI When you least expect itWYSIWYG What you see is what you getWYWH Wish you were here"X" Text Message / Chat AbbreviationsX-1-10 Meaning "Exciting"X KissX! Meaning "a typical woman"XD Meaning "really hard laugh" (where D is a smiley mouth)XD Meaning a "devilish smile"XME Excuse MeXOXOXO Hugs & KissesXLNT ExcellentXLR8 Meaning "faster" or "going faster"XYL Ex-young lady, meaning wife. (amateur radio)XYZ Examine your zipper"Y" Text Message / Chat AbbreviationsY? Why?Y Meaning YawnY2K Youre too kindYA YourYAA Yet another acronymYABA Yet another bloody acronymYARLY Ya, really?YBIC Your brother in ChristYBS Youll be sorryYCDBWYCID You cant do business when your computer is downYCHT You can have themYCLIU You can look it upYCMU You crack me upYF WifeYG Young gentlemanYGTBKM Youve got to be kidding meYGG You go girlYHBT You have been trolledYHBW You have been warnedYHL You have lostYIU Yes, I understandYKW You know whatYKWYCD You know what you can doYL Young ladyYMMV Your mileage may varyYNK You never knowYR YourYR Yeah rightYRYOCC Youre running your own cuckoo clockYSIC Your sister in Christ
    • YSYD Yeah sure you doYT You there?YTB Youre the bestYTB Youth talk backYTTL You take too longYTG Youre the greatestYW Youre welcomeYWHNB Yes, we have no bananasYWHOL Yelling "woohoo" out loudYWSYLS You win some, you lose someYYSSW Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, whatever"Z" Text Message / Chat AbbreviationsZ ZeroZ Zs are calling (meaning going to bed/sleep)Z Meaning "Said"Z% ZooZH Sleeping HourZOMG Used in World of Warcraft to mean OMG (Oh My God)ZOT Zero toleranceZUP Meaning "Whats up?"ZZZZ Sleeping (or bored)