The truth about fastfood
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The truth about fastfood



Tells you how fastfood effects everyone.

Tells you how fastfood effects everyone.



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The truth about fastfood The truth about fastfood Presentation Transcript

  • The Truth About Fastfood By: Mara Spector
  • Fast Food’s Health Effects Fast food is low in nutrients such as vitamins Fast food is high in sugar and salt because they add it for taste. Fast food is high in fat because it is pre-packaged and they get the cheapest cuts of meat possible
  • Environment The companies that produce the meat do not treat the animals correctly. The animals do not have enough space to sit or lay so they have to stand. They don’t make the food organically. The animals are becoming cannibals because to keep the cost of feed down, they put dead meat in. When the animals eat this it makes them sick, and it in turn makes us sick.
  • Employees Fast food restaurants do not pay employees fairly. When workers form an union to try and get fair pay, the workers on the union are fired and replaced. Fast food employees may not get benefits, like health care, sick days, and even holidays!
  • Crossword Puzzle Answers Across Organically 3. Fastfood 5. Fat 6. Nutrients 8. Pay 9. Union 10. Healthcare 11. cannibals Down 2. Animals 4. Sodium 7. employees
  • Questions Your Opinion What can you do to help spread the word about fast food? What do you think are some more unhealthy things about fast food? Have you ever seen an employee being treated unfairly? Question & Answer Q: Why do meat producers but dead meat into the feed? A: They put dead meat into feed to keep the prices down. Q: What are the two things fast food is high in? A: 1. fat 2. sodium Q: What is the one thing fast food is low in? A: nutrients such as vitamins.
  • In Conclusion….. Fast food companies are affecting you, the environment, and the employees that work there. Employees are not being paid or treated fairly. Animals are becoming cannibals to keep prices down, and in turn making both the animal and us sick We are also being affected, so remember to think before you order!