Organizational structure
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Organizational structure

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Proposed organizational restructuring from the Jakara Movement Quarter 1 retreat, held at Oceano, CA from April 23-25, 2010.

Proposed organizational restructuring from the Jakara Movement Quarter 1 retreat, held at Oceano, CA from April 23-25, 2010.

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  • 1. Organizational Structure Jakara Retreat April 2010
  • 2.  
  • 3.  
  • 4. Programs and Projects
  • 5. Program Director
    • Primary contact for proposing new projects and proposals
    • Reviewing project and program plans with program managers to ensure complete program development
    • Aiding development of project into program
    • Coordinating between different programs to reduce conflict between scheduling and personnel logistics
    • Point person who communicates with marketing, regional coordinator, and other positions
    • Managing the program managers
    • Assists in contacting emergency contact if the ball is dropped
    • Review program evaluation with program manager (program manager submits program recommendations to PD)
    • Oversight of program; financially, logistically, and conflict resolution
  • 6. Program Manager
    • Reports to director on a timely manner
    • Responsible for developing program and project content
    • Must present and organize proposals for funding, manpower, supplies, etc., in a timely manner to director
    • After event, must interview with director and report pros, cons, and feedback. Similar to monitoring employee performance
    • Must submit a written review for blog and for tips for future managers
    • Must have emergency contact in case they drop the ball
    • Develop budget
    • Develop program design, implement program, and program evaluations assess need for program in community to provide rationale for funds allocation
  • 7. Membership
  • 8. Membership Coordinator
    • Mission: To recruit, develop and retain Jakara Movement members.
    • Responsibilities:
      • Maintain a database of participants for all Jakara events including name, region and contact info
      • Inform and designate current members to recruit and market at local events
      • Provide support and training on recruitment strategies, facilitating, and all other membership issues
      • Obtain up to date and accurate membership info from all regional and program managers
      • Create and appoint disciplinary actions towards member conflicts
      • Oversee entire merit system
      • Log and track member progress in merit system
      • Responsible for logging and tracking participation and membership dues.
      • J. Kharkoos
      • Thank You cards
  • 9. Regions
  • 10. Regional Coordinator
    • Liaison to regional officers
    • Oversee all regional officers events
    • Reports to executive director
    • Trains regional officers
    • Connects regional officers with all necessary resources
    • Leads monthly conference calls between all regional leads
    • Maintain calendar of all regional events
    • Responsible for conflict resolution among regional officers
    • Ensure recognition of regional efforts
      • Ex: newsletter, blog, etc.
  • 11. Regional Officers
    • Lead and direct all regional activities
    • Reports to regional coordinator
    • Responsible for implementation of all regional activities
    • Responsible for volunteer recruitment and training (collaborate w/marketing)
    • Foster and maintain relationships with community members, community leaders and key stakeholders.
    • Responsible for conflict resolution amongst volunteers
    • Provide regional assistance to program managers as necessary
    • Responsible for participating in monthly conference calls
    • Maintain regional calendar of activities
    • Participate in regional fundraising activities
    • Submit report to regional coordinator of all meeting & events
    • Maintains up-to-date financial records
    • Maintain regular communication with volunteers
    • Update local community on regional activities via monthly newsletter in English & Punjabi
    • Share photos of regional events
  • 12. Fundraising
  • 13. Goals
    • Raise money
    • Donor management
      • Constant contact
      • Relations/Retension
      • Recruitment – Finding new donors
      • Quarterly newsletter (US mail)
    • Grant research
    • Setting up fundraisers
      • Regional dinners
      • Carwashes
      • Fireworks
  • 14. Goals contd.
      • Creating partnerships
    • New sources of funding
      • Corporate funding
        • 7- 11; Sunmaid
      • Corporate matching program
      • Work with marketing
      • SHARES
  • 15. Marketing Promote the events, occasions, goals and accomplishments of Jakara and its members with special focus to its mission statement and its core values.
  • 16. GOALS
    • Create brand image
    • Change community perception of Jakara
    • Keep members and community apprised of accomplishments and current/past events
    • Make Jakara more credible to corporate funders
    • Promote programs by creating and distributing marketing materials and tools in a timely and efficient manner
    • Work and create marketing materials tailored to specific projects/programs
    • Create marketing plans outlining goals/deadlines; i.e., “Pampers for Pink Ladoos”
    • Quarterly newsletter that programs and regions contribute to
    • Monthly office meeting for marketing and fundraising to introduce, maintain and implement new plans; also a monthly meeting with program director’s office
    • Maintain updated web identity
    • Ensure that marketing projects have ample volunteers
    • Maintain open communication and professionalism with the office and all our projects
    • Work with VP to support recruitment
    • Build relationships with the community for prospective vendors with the goal of decreasing overhead costs
    • Promote Sikhi and how Jakara’s goals match up with it
    • Train members and maintain mentors for newer members to take over positions
    • Work with Regional offices to ensure regional events and accomplishments are recognized
    • Introduce new forms of media for promotion of regional and national events
    • Look up and pursue new funding streams
    • Maintain consistency  Brand image
      • Validate Jakara’s past accomplishments to raise awareness inside/outside our community; GLOBALLY
  • 20. Office of the Executive Director
  • 21. Responsibilities
    • Presiding over monthly cabinet meetings
    • Overseeing Ombudsman/woman responsibilities
      • Personnel policies – annual “previews”
    • Creating on intranet
      • publishing of minutes of cabinet meetings
    • Liaison to the Board of Directors
    • Cabinet executive strategies
      • Specific goals and objectives based on board-specific mission
    • Annual report
  • 22. Responsibilities contd.
    • Metrics for well-management
    • Internal staff emails
    • Organizing staff development activities
    • Informed of all processes of organization
    • Creating organizational “culture”
  • 23. Possible Future Organizational Chart