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E Governance Virmati

  1. 1. e-Governance TM TM IT Solutions IT Project Execution IT Management Services
  2. 2. Index Rights to Information Frame Work (RTI) 02 Paperless Office Suite (FTS/DMS) 03 iCIVIC (Computerization of Panchayats & Corporations) 04 Fixed Asset Management System (FAMS) 05 Financial Accounting System -ERP (FAS-ERP) 06 Legal Process System (LPS) 07 University Management System 08 Other Products 09 01
  3. 3. Rights to Information Frame Work (RTI) Vision The goal for RTI has been to improve the efficiency & effectiveness of Public Grievances Redressal Mechanism in the State through improvements in the accountability standards. Mission Accountability in resolving public grievances through innovative use of Technology. Efficiency in Governance Citizen Patronage / Pride Transparency in Public Works Workflow Management Web Content Management (all Govt. Circulars, Notifications, Rules etc.) Supports Document Management (Auto Email, SMS Messages etc.) (Upload-Download) RTI Management System Query Management System Fixed/Flexible Flow for Application S Assembly Questions Time Bound Action Status T Audit Quarry A Http Links to Past References Multi Department/User Action T Subject wise query record. Online Quarry, Status & Reply E Subject-wise Generalized Summary. Penalty & Charges Calculation I Grievance Redressal System Application Redressal System N Grievance Registration Application Receipt F Grievance Receipt O Intimation of the Action Taken & Status Intimation of the Action Taken & Status Application Redressal Grievance Redressal F Complaints Monitoring Complaints Monitoring R A Assignment Tracking System M Content Management System Assignment Allocation/Waiver/ E Ready Reference Library of All Completion Type of Content w Easy Parametric & Text based Action on Assignment O Search Assignment Status Monitoring R Content Secrecy is maintained Sub-Assignment/Assignment K Download / Print Documents Division 02
  4. 4. Paperless Office Suite (FTS/DMS) Vision To automate and streamline the Governmental decision making process. Objectives To ensure effective, efficient & transparent administration To set up an automated Office Management System To enhancement Productivity To enable Prioritization of work Use IT as an enabler to help in daily work To achieve an efficient workplace To standardize Policy based processing, wherever feasible To provide a platform for collaboration, information and experience sharing. Project Description FTS/DMS project has been initiated to improve the Accountability, Transparency & Effectiveness in Government administration by automating the government functions and processes. FTS/DMS provides Document Management, Workflow Management, Collaborative Environment and Knowledge Management in an integrated fashion and delivers and Electronic Workplace that result in productivity improvement in Government. Features Unique File Number for better tracking and tracing Dashboard providers the graphical view of pending files with an officer and his downline, alongwith drill down facility Automatic Consolidation of Budget at each level Automated generation of service book. Benefit Efficient monitoring and control including Less paper office Building up of knowledge base consisting of various Government Documents Automates routine tasks Work Flow/Business rules/Processes Automatic generation of file number and tracking Work/Task prioritization with Reminders to officers Standardization of common process Enabling environment for efficient administration Traceability and accountability of actions audit trail, 24*7 access. 03
  5. 5. iCIVIC (Computerization of Local Governance Bodies) Vision TM To automate and access and maintenance of local governance in an Easy, Transparent and Secure manner. Modules Available Finance Accounting System Inventory Management Building Plan Permission Complaints & Grievances Redressal Property Tax/Other Fees Legal Case Monitoring System Business Registration & Licenses Solid Waste Management Inventory Management MIS Other Tax Collections Health & Sanitation Birth & Death Registration Procurement & Project Monitoring Human Resource Management System Shop & establishment Registration Water Connections Water Tax/Bills Estate Department Halls booking Advertisements Rent Bills Benefits Quick Delivery of Services Faster Collection of revenue Opportunity for new revenue Operational Cost Reduction Government Citizens Citizen Records Employment Budget Monitoring Police & I-cards Exchange Complaints/ Hospitals File-Tracking Inventory & Vendors File 01 Grievances Tender Social Services Universities Land Records Tender Management & Libraries & Certificates Civic Office Civil Supplies Civic Management e-Procurement Opinion Polls & Pensions e-Governance Economy Employees Information to Business Agriculture Sector Attendance Skills Registration Seeds & Fertilizer Industrial Development Leave Training Weather Forecast Industrial Financing Transfers Employee Welfare Crop diseases Schemes Industrial Promotion Market Prices Revenue Promotions Taxes & Levies 04
  6. 6. Fixed Asset Management System (FAMS) Vision The Goal For FAMS Maintain Fixed Assets Calculation of Depreciation. Its Covers Maintenance Contracts, Service Calls, Complaints, Repairs & Insurance. It also tracks Monthly Billing/Rentals For let Out Assets, Allotments of Cars/Flats at Multi-location.. Objectives Asset can be Grouped under Appropriate head wise Assets Stock maintains. Assets Inward & Outward Transactions. Depreciation Calculations Annual Maintenance Contract Details, Renewals, Calls attended & Repair, carried out. Assets Allotment to Individual Person & Business Units. Aspects Indenting Insurance Acquisition Indexing Inspection Physical Location Repair Details Depreciation Transfers Maintenance Disposal Allocation Valuation Assets Clarifications is Like a Tree View (For Example) 05
  7. 7. Financial Accounting System -ERP (FAS-ERP) Vision The Goal is to achieve Online Total Finance Management, much advanced to post-mortem accountancy. Supports Online Budget, Work orders, Grants & Project Monitoring Supports multi-units / multi-geography scenario with multi layers hierarchy Flexible Post audit and Pre audit Work flow for Transaction processing Financial powers-based multiuser authorization. Features Online & Easy traceability of any transaction Spot Budget & Grant Verification Content management for instant Verification of Circulars Document attachments creates paperless environment Horizon logic for user access rights to control unnecessary interactions Other Components Fixed FAMS, HRMS, Inventory, Payroll, Paper office Assets Investments Management & Suite & Attendance System Borrowings System Flexible chart of accounts to suit all Businesses/Goverments. Other Payment Receivables Channels & Payables Add-ons: Procurement Payment & Gateway Project HR Suite Financial Monitoring Accounting System Admin Suite Library of Content/ Inventory Paperless Office Suite Circulars etc. Workflow Budgeting of Authorisation Grants & Schemes 06
  8. 8. Legal Process System (LPS) Judicial Management Suite is a product, which has dual applicability: TM (A) Court/Judiciary/Tribunal It can be deployed in the Judiciary i.e. Courts for automation of the whole system from Apex Court to the lowest Court, Subject wise Tracking & Procedure wise Tracking of all Legal Procedures As for the judiciary for the whole Country/State, it can give a total control of all pending cases. And this view is tree based. For example: This is a completely flexible system. And it supports 99 level hierarchies both in terms of organization and in terms of subjects. For every kind of case, you can create different templates. According to the templates, the process gets defined and the details can be entered, stored, displayed, printed, summarized. e.g. Civil Suits, Criminal Suits, Appeals, Arbitration etc. (B) Law Firms/Corporates This can be deployed in major Corporations, Companies and Law Firms for the management of all Law Suits. Also for Judgement Retrieval. For Corporate or a Law Form, it keeps track of all the legal cases. It maintains track of the case at different levels as one consecutive case. For example, from Lower Court to Apex Court. It has mix of all technologies including Document Management (for judgment storage and retrieval system) & Web Content Management etc.. There is an RFID and Barcode support also. Because of RFID& Barcode support, it will be easy to trace the relevant files and papers from any stack or storage boxes. Here, the user can define the process flow and can reset as required. For example, the process flow for Civil Suit could be different from a Criminal Suit. Process for Appeal could be different from the base Suit. The user can define each process and details required with respect to each process and create a template of process and also can create multiple templates as per the types of Suit. It goes right upto the follow up action after the final verdict. For example, if a Labour Suit has some implications for future contract, the same can be analyzed and maintained. Thus, the system is very ideal for Corporations and Law Firms. 07
  9. 9. University Management System (vUMS) Vision The goal is to automate Universities, Schools & Colleges with complete end to end solution for efficient, speedy, Transparent and proactive administration and management. Core Parts Admission process with Flexible process flow Fully Parameterized Academic management supports all the course patterns adopted all over the world Online Submission & Distribution of Assignments Highly scalable Question Bank with secured encryption Extensive Exam parameters and automatic Result Processing also supports OMR Totally Automated Time Table for Academic and Examination Extensive MIS Centralized Integrated ERP for University to Colleges Peripherals Library, Hostel & Mess, Alumni, scholarships, transport management, online examination, & Campus management HR ( ment Offi Other ERP Components nage ce Ma Ad mi ic ni FAMS, FAS, HRMS, Inventory, Web m & s de es es Fa urs m Ma c nag ulty tr a Portal, & Attendance System a Co gram Ac em tio o ent Pr n) Supports ination & Result A d m is s Digital Signature, Biometrics Online device, barcode device, smart Results Eligible card, & OMR vUMS ion Proce Interview User interface for faculty students and parents Question xam Bank Comprehensive and competitive s E tree e.g. university and affiliated colleges, Trust & Institutes or Schools, etc. Budget Cashier el st Management Ac o System co H y, un ra r tin g L ib &F ies: inan Facilit ce 08
  10. 10. Other Products Inventory Management System Inventory Management System supports Multi Level Store Management for Inventory Control and Procurement Process. It supports Inter-Store Stock Movement and store wise stock management. It is parameterized to support FIFO, LIFO and Weighted Average Stock Management. It also includes parameterized PO generation and purchase payment in full, part or settlement against advance given. It tracks the damaged items and writing off the same from the stock. It can be integrated with Financial Accounting System. It supports RFID and Bar Code for item tracking. Supply Chain Management Solution The system supports movement of goods throughout the organization and its various warehouses. It facilitates the organization to track the physical movement of the goods and routing information. It monitors the throughput time for the order to delivery. It supports inbound and outbound movement of goods within the country and overseas. It Supports Multi-Locational Billing. Pharmacy Chain Management Solution Pharmacy Chain Management System supports Multi Level Pharmacy Management for Inventory Control and Procurement Process. It includes parameterized PO generation and Payment in full, part or as settlement against Advance given. QA ensures the good quality of the goods inward from the system. It supports Inter-Branch Stock Movement (Goods Request & Issue) and Branch wise stock management. It is parameterized to support FIFO, LIFO and Weighted Average Stock Management. It supports auto replacement of damaged or expired medicines. It Supports Multi-Locational Billing Attendance Management System Attendance Management System enables organization to manage user attendance entry in online and offline manner. It facilitates the organization in managing the attendance system through Web Entry, Smart Card or Bio Metric Device for better security and ease of working. The system supports multiple shifts and auto shift shuffling for the users. The system provides import / export utility to deal with various kinds of devices for attendance entry and MIS Reporting for better management. Library Management System Library Management System supports all activities of an International Standard Librarcy from Book Purchase, Internal Transfer, User Management, and Fees & Penalty Transaction to Books' Stock Management. It complies with International Standard Marc 21 of Library Management. It integrates with RFID and Bar Code for easy and fast retrieval process. 09
  11. 11. Other Products Money Exchange Money Exchange system supports following activities of Exchange Deales 1) Currency Sales & purchase. 2) Money Transfer & Receive. 3) Traveler’s Cheque & Card functionality. 4) Card Management. 5) It Supports Multi- Branch, Multi-Agent Environment. 6) It Has Mobile Hand-set / POS Support Ticketing Solutions The system is designed to act as a virtual agent for online ticket booking to serve clients 24 X 7. It provides features to select the Seat also. System will provide Ticket Booking Pattern and provide information for keeping additional Vehicle/_______ on specific routes during specific timings. With PDA & POS Support. Reservation, Cancellations, Accounting etc. Hotel Reservation System Hotel Reservation system is a complete online system to reserve hotel room(s) on internet. System supports various types of rooms along with ancillary services like breakfast and sight seeing. System is flexible to accommodate seasonal rates, corporate special rates and special package rates. Management can see the real time information about vacant, occupied and reserved rooms. System also takes care of noting customer's allergic information, birthdates, anniversary etc. to make customer feel special and get delighted with the hotel management. Business or Government Profit-oriented or non profit. Single unit or multi-units. Single state or multi-national. SME or enterprise wide - all non-engineering IT solutions. Technology Support local languages (uni-code) - Bar Code - Biometric - Smart Card - IVR - RFID - auto email - SMS messaging - payment gateway - POS - financial networks - mobile resident programs - blue tooth printing 10
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