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My area of performance is the logistic operation processes; however I have archival knowledge associated with logistics supervision. I've played in the fields of management of operations of distribution centers, inventory management, relations with suppliers, security systems, operation of centers of query data, management of logistics of inverse control of stocks of goods and supplies of stationery, among other activities than with teamwork, discipline and responsibility comes to fruition Optimizing procedures

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Hv English Jair Bernal Moreno

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAEPersonal information:Names: Jair Bernal MorenoAdress: Cl. 83 No. 95 – 34 apto: 307 bloque: C-4Identification: 79.755.143 de Bogotá.PhoneNumber:2274947 – 313-8787999Birth Date: February 7 of 1975Militar card: 79.755.143. Segunda Clase. Distrito Militar No 1.Mail: jairbernal2010@gmail.comCivil state: married with an eight years daughter.Professional profileMy area of performance is the logistic operation processes; however I have archival knowledgeassociated with logistics supervision. Ive played in the fields of management of operations ofdistribution centers, inventory management, relations with suppliers, security systems,operation of centers of query data, management of logistics of inverse control of stocks of goodsand supplies of stationery, among other activities than with teamwork, discipline andresponsibility comes to fruitionOptimizing procedures;Studies:
  2. 2. Elementary: María del SocorroSchool 1987.High :Maria del Socorro School 1993.Others: Logistics operations - Seine Management oversight logistics of the dispatch and receipt of goods - Seine. Systems - Seine. Professional technician in land freight (third semester) Universidad Manuela Beltran. Administration of the import and export processes - Seine. Update Seminar "Practices modern logistics in international conflicts" Universidad Manuela Beltran.Professional Experience:Company: BANCO FALABELLA COLOMBIAcharge: logistic Supervisor document management. (Operations management)Duration: April - August 2012.Chef: Luis Eduardo Amaya Coordinator management documentaryphone: 5878787 Ext: 8719, 8720 321-2530206type of contract: fixed work.Functions:Inventory management, management of suppliers, negotiations with suppliers, management ofStocks of safety control in the management of correspondence at the national and internationallevel management inputs, check missing anything technical or support in each of the offices of theBancoFalabella, rotation of products, management logistic indicators, picking (enlistment),measurement of times and movementscoordination of transport, management of GPS systems forthe control of vehicles in the collection and delivery of correspondence, at local and nationallevels;Enterprise: YANBAL of COLOMBIAcharge: auxiliary of special processes (operations management)duration: July 2010 - March 2012.Chef: Ricardo Guzman, Rafael Caceresphone: 8764056, 6446400 Ext.: 027570type of contract: to work certainFunctions:Management of inventories, rotation of products, management of logistic indicators, picking(enlistment), measurement of times and movements.Enterprise: COLSUBSIDIO (efficiency s.a.)
  3. 3. Position: Logistics operator.Duration: November 2009 - June 2010.Phone: 3255200Functions:Responsible for rotation of products, stock control, inventory.Enterprise: COMERCIALIZADORA FRANINGcharge: storekeeper of exports.Duration: May 2009 - October 2009.Chef: Carol Ramireztelephone: 5457600, 8643177Functions:To work certain features classification, organization and management of the warehouse, packing,enlistment and send goods at export to General Motors (Ecuador, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Chile),management of customers, inventory and management of documents of legal character.Company: U and G Engineering S.A.charge: auxiliary of filemanager: Tilsia Sana (Head HR).Date of entry: April 2008. Retirement date: July 2008.Phone: 2 635744 Ext. 111.Type of contract: Advice, specific work. Functions:Organization and management of the file in the human resources section, in terms of socialsecurity, labour histories of active and inactive staff. In addition the search for information ofthe Social insurance for correction of pension contribution between the same past stories,running errands before social security institutions and duties attached to the work of the OfficeAssistant.Enterprise: ALMAGRARIO S.A.Office: Administrative Assistant.Manager: Edgar Miguel Lopezdate of entry: December 2006 retirement date: January 2008phone: 2877300, (313) 3357193type of contract: to work certainFunctions:management of inventories, in spite of goods, organization, and classification of thedocumentation of the DPA and administrative areas section, stock control, care, both internaland external customers, and functions attached to file proceduresmanagement of the project oftransfer of vehicles seized by the National Directorate of narcotic drug, courtyards of thecompany in Fontibón and Bosa, guarding the relevant information for each vehicle to beanalyzed and reports delivered to the DNE.References family:
  4. 4. Mary light Moreno8615787Antonio Chavez315 - 3630369personalreferences:Ronald Figueroa.313Giovanni Garzón320-8653458Genaro Vanegas3061871 314-4704976JAIR MORENO BERNALDC Bogota 79.755.143.