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Placement Brochure 2014

  3. 3. CHAIRMAN'SMESSAGE DON’THIRE LEADERS Before you ask the obvious, let me get this out of the way – “why We are just a platform, rich in knowledge, experience, exposure should I hire a Jaipuria student?” Isn’t this the first question that and endless opportunities. A platform that supports their quest to appeared in your mind? And I guess, this question will keep identify and realize their latent potential. We help them think resurfacing in your mind every time you see a placement brochure beyond the obvious and see beyond the horizon. We offer them a of a B-School. This question pops up in my mind too; as the head culture that instigates learning. Our pool of talented and of a Business house. And as the head of Jaipuria Institute of experienced mentors act as guiding lights for these thinkers to Management, I try to answer it to myself and to you. direct their energies towards a definite outcome for themselves and for their institute too. Businesses today are treading the most dynamic times ever. You tackle one issue and there are hundred others staring at your face. These are testing times and it’s not the leader who’s put to test here. Only those who can quickly adapt to the situation and act out- of-the-box, sail through. In other words–only the learners sail through. Across all our campuses we acquire talent (students) not on the hollow claims of converting them into leaders. We simply offer them a helping hand. We are no transfiguration experts. 02 HIRE JAIPURIA STUDENTS BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT LEADERS. HIRE THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE LEARNERS. THINKING, ADAPTIVE, INNOVATIVE LEARNERS. THE BOX THAT IS JAIPURIA. I INVITE YOU TO EXPERIENCE EVERYTHING OUT OF
  4. 4. BOARDOFGOVERNORS Sharad Jaipuria Chairman & Managing Director Ginni International Ltd. Senior Vice President- PHDCCI Anjali Jaipuria Educationist Shreevats Jaipuria Executive Director Ginni International Ltd. 03 CHAIRPERSON VICE-CHAIRPERSONS MEMBERS Corporate Consultant Anurag Dalmia Vice Chairman Dalmia Bros. (P) Ltd. Dr. Kamal Gupta Corporate Consultant Former Technical Director, ICAI Sudhir Jalan Co - Chairperson Rieter India (P) Ltd. Ravi Jhunjhunwala Chairman LNJ Bhilwara Group S.S. Kohli Former CMD India Infrastructure Finance Company Ltd. Kashi N. Memani Former Chairman & Country Managing Partner Ernst & Young, India Salil Bhandari Vice Chancellor University of Lucknow, Lucknow Dr. Pritam Singh Director General, IMI, New Delhi Former Director, MDI and IIM, Lucknow D. Swarup Ex-Chairman Pension Fund Regulatory & Development Authority Dr. Pankaj Gupta Director General Jaipuria Institute of Management Dr. S.R. Musanna Director Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow Dr. G. Pattanaik Dr. Rajiv R Thakur Director Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida Dr. Prabhat Pankaj Director Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur Dr. Jai Prakash Upadhyay Director Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore Nominee, AICTE, New Delhi Nominee, State Government
  5. 5. LEARN Seek the truth, pursue it, reach out. Be ready to head anywhere, as long as it's forward. IMBIBE Absorb, experience, appreciate - as much as you can. Let go of insecurity, start feeling proud of who you are. CHOOSE Weigh your options, prioritize, take your pick, try the new, accept challenges. Understand the power of risk-taking. INNOVATE Think uniquely, traverse new roads, achieve the extraordinary, keep it simple. Discover new routes to success. KNOWLEDGEEDGE WHATTHEYDON’TTEACH ATBUSINESSSCHOOL Creative thinkers and not mere managers is the need of the hour. How is management education responding to this need? Find out. T usiness environments today stay transformed owing to various factors. Rapid advancements in information technology, deepening of globalisation, changes in business practices, cross functionality among others, have changed our paradigms. What the world demands today are not mere managers, but creative thinkers and effective leaders. While the goal of management education is to create leaders, one institute dares tread a different path. Jaipuria Institute of Management, born of a business house celebrates the spirit of learning instead. The path is simple and clear. Learning after all is the genesis of effective leadership. The ability and the freedom to think from all possible angles is the starting point. Jaipuria creates the environment and the curriculum to facilitate active thinking. Active thinkers become aware about their Self as much as the businesses they are a part of. And this very awareness creates the stage for these students to start their learning. Once you ask the right questions, you seek out your possible solutions. You absorb and assimilate, you learn. But learning is never an end in itself. From the learning that you absorb comes a new question, a new thought. The culture at Jaipuria propels students to step out of the box, to think afresh and to discover anew. Innovation becomes a way of life. Students at Jaipuria thrive on risks. And this puts them in centre stage wherever they go. Leadership therefore becomes their next natural step. B The first lesson that a student gets here is that learning is a continuous journey; it goes on for a lifetime. Effective leaders- these students at Jaipuria are hence driven to a path of continuous Self Learning. At Jaipuria Institute, learning remains the core of all pedagogy. And the student Self, at its epicenter. 04
  6. 6. THINK Ask questions, contemplate, explore new avenues. After all, what you think is what you become. LEAD Take charge, blaze a new trail, be a trendsetter. Management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right things. JAIPURIA’SLOOPOF KNOWLEDGE LEARNING WITH THE MIND. LEADING WITH THE HEART. AT JAIPURIA, EDUCATION IS EMPOWERMENT. THAT IS WHY THE ETHOS HERE IS BUILT AROUND THE STUDENT, THE INDIVIDUAL WHO YEARNS FOR KNOWLEDGE. 05
  7. 7. KNOWLEDGEEDGE CORPORATETOCAMPUS What does a corporate house look for while recruiting its people? P.K.Shrivastava, Head-HR, Cooper Standard India, shares his thoughts with us. Read on. T empower and educate your people is what makes the difference.’ Students on campus must see this great opportunity come their way, and make the most out of “The Times of Constant Flux”. Business has to be provided with talent at all levels. In order to ensure adequate pool of talent, corporates are faced with the following concerns, which I have termed as “Problem Ka Solution.” There will be Problems and Opportunities co-existing in every organisation. The strength of the balance sheet of ae are living in volatile company comes much more from itstimes, across the invisible rather than tangible assets. Theglobe. Distance no primary inputs for growth of anmore is of any organisation today are innovation, can-do-consequence. Speed mindset and aspiration of its people.and accuracy is not a big problem any longer. Yet Customer Organisations in the globally integrated Delight, Internal Efficiencies and economy will need to lead competition. It is Innovation are the hallmarks of the the people, their talent, which can provide contemporary organisations. And this has this winning edge. Right Talent, at the forced organisations to be lean - more Right Time, at the Right Place. productive and more innovative. During these times the corporate leaders There is consensus amongst all concerned need to “lead competition”. It is the that effective organisations cannot be built people who can provide this winning edge merely on investments and returns, but for organisations. This idea can be aptly more so on the quality of their workforce, explained in the words of Robert Eaton, its commitment to the goals of the CEO of Chrysler Corporation – ‘the only organisation and the investment made to way we can beat the competition is with attract, train and retain superior human people. That’s the only thing anybody has. resources. Your culture and how you motivate and W This diagram covers all aspects related to successful running of an organisation. You need to introspect and draw your own Action Plan, based on your own situation. Understand the problem your organisation is facing and then look for the best possible solution. 06
  8. 8. Your attitude will determine your altitude of Life. Have a positive attitude towards your seniors, class mates, situations etc. You can improve your attitude when you undertake new experiences. To start with “think globally and act locally.” Read magazines and conceptualise global trends. Effective people are not problem–minded, they are opportunity–minded. Think for various alternatives that can resolve the problem, that may exist today, or that may surface tomorrow. I think, if one avoids criticism, comparison and complaint the attitude will undergo a change. Practice to live your decision & avoid procrastination. ATTITUDE Others will get influenced when they trust you. Practice trust - why should people trust you? Because you exhibit confidence, authenticity and concern for others. Being a good listener helps - listen to people and respond properly. Disagree without being disagreeable. Express your ideas without getting into conflict. In short, if you strive to be a good human being you will stand a better chance of being hired in campus. INFLUENCE COMMUNICATE HAVINGBEENAPARTOFCORPORATEINDIAFORMORETHAN3DECADES ITHINKTHEFOLLOWINGISWHATTHECORPORATELOOKSFOR: TASK RELATIONSHIP KNOWLEDGE ATTITUDE BEHAVIOUR SKILLS (JOB RELATED, CONCEPTUAL & INTERPERSONAL) CONTROL ABILITY DEVELOPMENT ~ WILLINGNESS ~ TRUST RESPECT ~ CARE ~ SPIRITUALISM ~ APPROACH 07
  9. 9. WHATTOB! OUTOFTHEBOX 08 With new management institutes mushrooming in the country, are institutes able to differentiate themselves and offer something new? Take a look.
  10. 10. TT here are over 4500 management schools in India today, with over 350,000 management course spots. The rise is steep, over 100% in past 6 years. New B-Schools come up, some survive and a majority is forced to shut shop. Reason? Inability to differentiate; in terms of programmes and quality-value-proposition. Barring a few exceptions, most institutes look and talk the same. Industry experts rue that though even the top B-Schools have produced good managers, they have failed to create leaders of tomorrow. So what affects the ‘education’ in these management institutes? Is it the course losing relevance to industry needs? Or is it, education losing its soul? Jaipuria’s innovative ways are not B MORE restricted to the programmes and Clearly appears to be the mantra this pedagogy. It transcends into the unique institute lives by. And it resonates in culture it is trying to cultivate through its everything Jaipuria does. They were the campus integration called UNCAMPUS. first to offer Retail Management in Quite unheard of in any B-School in India Lucknow, when it was still in its nascent before. Creating an uninhibited, stage. Today having emerged as one of borderless learning experience across 4 the most attractive investment campuses, it has consolidated its huge opportunities with 35-40% growth in the talent and resource pool. This has not only retail sector, other institutes too are created a rich interaction between the following suit. (Business World, July, campuses, it has also brought a one- 2013). Jaipuria Institute has gone ahead window interface for students and offering new courses time and again. The recruiters alike. Noida campus offered PGDM Service Management and Marketing way back in The energy to do more is palpable. It is 2007, again one of the first few who ingrained in the very ethos of this anticipated the need for specialised institute. “I am not what happened to me,” marketing professionals with a cross- says Tuhin Sharma. “I am what I chose to industrial outlook. It just doesn’t stop become.” there. Jaipuria’s unorthodox ways also For this student at Jaipuria Institute ofmake its pedagogy interesting and Management, becoming better than one’srelevant. Introduction of Theatrics as a Self is far more important than beingpedagogical tool is one such example. better than others. This belief finds an Even the latest campus of Jaipuria in echo among all students here. Whether Indore brings management education with going on to play a larger role in Indo-UK an innovative, Industry Centric Mentorship business ties like Vijay Goel did, or taking Programme (IMP). This programme lets on successful business empires abroad students play consultants rather than like Anand Kapoor. Jaipurians love to live interns, battling the management issues more. of firms on a real-time basis. Management institutes today must reinvent themselves. Or join the herd. But they could also, like Jaipuria Institute of Management, choose a distinct path. 09
  11. 11. 10 COURSEMATTERS CHANGINGTHECOURSEOFLIFE A s businesses evolve in a vibrant knowledge into six trimesters. A total of 35 courses (23 core and 12 electives) economy, so must management education. of three credits each are required to be successfully completed by Quick to respond to the emerging trends a student to qualify for the award of the Post Graduate Diploma in around the globe, Jaipuria Institute has Management. Apart from specialised programmes in Retail, designed an industry- ready, multiple course Finance, Marketing and Service Management, students in their programme for students to choose from. second year get to choose a dual specialisation. A rich industry Bringing together courses like E-commerce, Risk Management, exposure through Summer Internships and Live Projects further Mall Management and Social Media to name a few, the curriculum substantiates and affirms management knowledge acquired on assures value delivery. The entire two year programme is divided campus. A
  12. 12. 11 POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN MANAGEMENT OFFERED AT LUCKNOW, NOIDA, JAIPUR AND INDORE Core Courses Business Communication – I Business Communication – II BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS Marketing Management – I Marketing Management – II MARKETING Organisation Behaviour – I Organisation Behaviour – II Human Resource Management HUMAN RESOURCE & ORGANISATION BEHAVIOUR (HR & OB) Quantitative Analysis for Management – I Quantitative Analysis for Management – II Operations Management QUANTITATIVE MANAGEMENT & OPERATION MANAGEMENT (QM & OM) Accounting for Decision Making – I Accounting for Decision Making – II Financial Management – I Financial Management – II FINANCE Information Technology for Managers Management Information Systems INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT) Strategy Formulation Strategy Implementation & Control STRATEGY (Including Capstone Simulation Course) Managerial Economics Macroeconomics & Business Environment International Economics & Business ECONOMICS (At Jaipuria Lucknow) Research Methods for Management Legal Aspects for Management Entrepreneurship Social Media GENERAL MANAGEMENT PGDM (FINANCIAL SERVICES) OFFERED AT JAIPURIA LUCKNOW Information Technology for Managers Management Information System in Financial Services INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT) Core Courses Accounting for Decision Making Financial Management – I Financial Management – II Financial Markets and Services FINANCE Quantitative Analysis for Management Quantitative Analysis for Finance Services Operations Management QUANTITATIVE MANAGEMENT & OPERATION MANAGEMENT (QM & OM) Organisation Behaviour – I Organisation Behaviour – II Human Resource Management HUMAN RESOURCE & ORGANISATION BEHAVIOUR (HR & OB) Marketing Management Marketing of Financial Products & Services MARKETING Business Communication – I Business Communication – II BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS Strategy Formulation and Financial Services Business Strategy Implementation and Control in Financial Services Business (Including Capstone Simulation Course) STRATEGY Managerial Economics Macroeconomics & Business Environment International Economics & Financial Services Business ECONOMICS Research Methods in Management Legal Aspects of Management GENERAL MANAGEMENT
  13. 13. 12 PGDM (RETAIL MANAGEMENT) OFFERED AT JAIPURIA LUCKNOW Information Technology for Managers Management Information System and Retail Management INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT) Core Courses Accounting for Decision Making – I Accounting for Decision Making – II Financial Management – I Financial Management – II FINANCE Quantitative Analysis for Management Quantitative Analysis: Its Applications for Retail Business Retail Store Operations Management QUANTITATIVE MANAGEMENT & OPERATION MANAGEMENT (QM & OM) Organisation Behaviour – I Organisation Behaviour – II Human Resource Management HUMAN RESOURCE & ORGANISATION BEHAVIOUR (HR & OB) Marketing Management Strategic Marketing for Retail Management Understanding Retail Business: Theory and Principles MARKETING Business Communication – I Business Communication – II BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS Strategy Formulation Strategy Implementation & Control in Retail Management (Including Capstone Simulation Course) STRATEGY Managerial Economics Macroeconomics & Business Environment ECONOMICS Research Methods for Management Legal Aspects of Business: Implications for Retail Management GENERAL MANAGEMENT Core Courses PGDM (MARKETING) OFFERED AT JAIPURIA NOIDA Information Technology for Managers Management & Marketing Information Systems INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT) Accounting for Decision Making - I Accounting for Decision Making - II Financial Management - I Financial Management - II FINANCE Quantitative Analysis for Management - I Quantitative Analysis for Management - II Operations Management QUANTITATIVE MANAGEMENT & OPERATION MANAGEMENT (QM & OM) Organisation Behaviour - I Organisation Behaviour - II Human Resource Management HUMAN RESOURCE & ORGANISATION BEHAVIOUR (HR & OB) Sales and Distribution Management Consumer Behaviour Marketing Research Retail Marketing Marketing of Services Brand Marketing Management Customer Relationship Management Integrated Marketing Communication Internet Marketing & E-tailing Marketing Management - I Marketing Management - II MARKETING Business Communication - I Business Communication - II BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS Strategy Formulation Strategy Implementation and Control STRATEGY Managerial Economics Macroeconomics and Business Environment ECONOMICS Legal Aspects of Business GENERAL MANAGEMENT
  14. 14. 13 Information Technology for Managers Management Information Systems INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT) Core Courses Accounting for Decision Making - I Accounting for Decision Making - II Financial Management - I Financial Management - II FINANCE Quantitative Analysis for Management - I Quantitative Analysis for Management -II Services Operations Management QUANTITATIVE MANAGEMENT & OPERATION MANAGEMENT (QM & OM) Organisation Behaviour - I Organisation Behaviour - II Human Resource Management HUMAN RESOURCE & ORGANISATION BEHAVIOUR (HR & OB) Marketing Management - I Marketing Management - II MARKETING Business Communication - I Business Communication - II BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS Strategy Formulation Strategy Implementation & Control (Including Capstone Simulation Course) STRATEGY PGDM (SERVICE MANAGEMENT) OFFERED AT JAIPURIA NOIDA Managerial Economics Macro Economic & Business Environment ECONOMICS Understanding Services Business Legal Aspects of Management Research Methods for Management Managing Outsourcing of Services: Strategy, Process and Contracts GENERAL MANAGEMENT
  15. 15. * POOLOFELECTIVES MARKETING Retail Marketing Rural Marketing Customer Relationship Management Brand Management Marketing Research Distribution and Channel Management Advertising and Sales promotions Consumer Behavior Franchisee Marketing Marketing in Practice Managing and Marketing of Innovation Business Marketing Understanding Service Business Sales Management Merchandising Management Strategy Management of Retailing Product & Category Management International Marketing Special Topics in Marketing Marketing of Financial Services Strategic Marketing Management Below-the-Line Marketing MARKETING SERVICES Product and Category Management Advertising and Sales Promotion Distribution and Channel Management Consumer Behaviour Sales Management Integrated Marketing Communication Brand Marketing Management Customer Relationship Management International Marketing Marketing Research Internet Marketing and E-tailing Retail Marketing Marketing of Services Applied Marketing Strategy Below-the-line Marketing Services Communication Management Media Planning and Management Event Management Public Relations FINANCE International Finance and Reporting Standards Financial Econometrics Financial Modeling Wealth Management Investment Management Corporate Valuation Fixed Income Securities Financial Derivatives and Risk Management Financial Markets & Services Risk Management in Commercial Banks International Finance Project Finance Private Equity and Venture Capital Infrastructure Financing Corporate Restructuring Raising Capital: Financial Instruments, Institutions and Strategy Mgmt. of Marketing Research & Advertising Agency Services Managing Management Consultancy Strategic Marketing of Services Service Satisfaction: Measurement and Management FINANCIAL SERVICES International Finance Financial Statement Analysis Financial Derivatives and Risk Management International Financial Reporting Standards Bank Financial Management Risk Management in Commercial Banks Financial Planning Fixed Income Securities Corporate Tax Management: Planning & Execution Project Finance Advanced Corporate Finance Strategic Cost Management Financial Engineering Private Equity and Venture Capital 14 HUMAN RESOURCE AND ORGANISATION BEHAVIOUR Training and Development Leadership and Team Building Performance Management
  16. 16. 15 Compensation Management Recruitment and Selection Occupational Testing and Competency Mapping Industrial Relations Designing Work Organisations International Human Resource Management Organisational Development and Change Strategic Human Resource Management Labor Legislations Transactional Analysis Negotiation Skills IT AND ITES MANAGEMENT E-Business Management Science with Spreadsheet Modeling Enterprise Management Systems IT Governance: Risk Management and Compliance IT Project Management Data Warehouse and Data Mining Information Security & Management Telecom Management in Business Intelligent Interface for Managerial Decision Dashboard Reporting Database Management System E –Commerce Data Mining for Business Intelligence Enterprise Resource Planning Knowledge Management Software Project Management Telecom Management RETAIL AND MERCHANDISING Retail Management New Store Planning Merchandise and Category Management Store Designing and Visual Merchandising Indirect Tax laws Store Operations Franchising and Global Retailing Mall Management Rural Retailing Retail Environment: Global Trends & Concepts Retail Economics & Store Profitability Retail Store Operations Management Retail Selling & Sales Management Merchandising Management Management of Store Design & Layout Supply Chain Management & Warehousing Management Management of Store Events, Advertising & Promotions Category Management and Private Label Development Managing Retail Verticals E-tailing Customer Relationship Management Vendor Development & Management Retail Brand Building & Management Retail Research & Retail Audit Strategic Management of Retailing HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT SERVICES Manpower Planning & Recruitment Strategies Training & Development Competency Mapping and Performance Management Compensation Management and Reward System Employee Relations International HRM Human Resource Information System Labour Laws Knowledge Management Cross-Culture & Diversity Management Strategic Human Resource Management Organisation Development & Change Talent Acquisition, Retention & Growth DECISION SCIENCES AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Total Quality Management Manufacturing Planning and Control Technology and Innovation Management Management of Outsourcing Supply Chain Management Data Analysis Project Management Operation Strategy Quality Management Service Operation Management Material Management Logistics Management Safety Health and Environment Management Ware housing Management Inventory Management Managing Services Operation Management of Technology *The pool of electives is indicative. It may differ from campus to campus and programme to programme.
  17. 17. 16 BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS Essentials of Business Communications Advanced Managerial Communications STRATEGY MANAGEMENT Corporate Governance and Business ethics Merger, Acquisition and Collaborations Global Competitive Strategy Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management ECONOMICS Business Analytics Business Forecasting Environmental Economics for Business Behavioural Economics and Decision Making Game theory application for Managers Economic Policy Analysis INSURANCE AND RISK MANAGEMENT Actuarial Science Corporate Finance and Financial Risk Management Fire & Miscellaneous Insurance Life, Health and Disability Insurance Operations in Insurance Companies Pricing of Life & Health Insurance Principles of Insurance Property Maintenance & Risk Management Risk Management and Insurance Planning Strategic Management of Insurance Organisations Underwriting Motor and Marine Insurance INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Intellectual Property Rights Business Dynamics in BRICS Geo Politics and International Business CDM and International Business WTO and International Business GENERAL MANAGEMENT AND OPEN ELECTIVES Banking Products Banking Systems Principles of Insurance Operations and Regulations in Banks Advance Data Analysis Investment Banking Entrepreneurship – (Open elective in campuses where it is not offered as core course) Marketing of Insurance Products Securities Market Regulations Operations in Insurance Companies Business Negotiations Skills Business Ethics and Values Leadership Interpersonal Processes and Team building Coaching and Counseling Skills Creativity and Innovation Advanced Communication Thinking and Writing Skills Personal Growth Personality Development and Business Etiquette Spirituality and Management Advanced Entrepreneurship Power, Ethics and Politics Women Leadership Corporate Social Responsibility Business Forecasting Management of NGOs Business Government and Global Economy Business Analytics Building and Sustaining a Successful Economy Business Turnaround Management *The pool of electives is indicative. It may differ from campus to campus and programme to programme.
  18. 18. INDUSTRYLIVEPROJECTS The Jaipuria edge expresses itself in a rich What they emerged with as solutions were the company to open a new store. This industry exposure under the Industry Live easy to implement, and could help entailed market research and analysis to Projects. The students have carved an reducing wait time. Most importantly these find out sustainability. Big Bazaar excellent name for themselves. Under the solutions looked at making the whole appreciated the efforts of the students as live projects, students interact directly with experience more enjoyable for the the outcome of the project was industry to work on live projects. This direct customers. overwhelming. hands- on experience allows them to put Students placed in an advertising agencytheir classroom learning to test with SCALE THE SALEcame up with an in-depth study withpractical experience, helping them turn Likewise Cadbury, came up with a livedifferent tools and games to identifyinto management professionals. project for the students of Jaipuria Instituteengagement level. The management found for tracking and accelerating their salesFour businesses which recently took on these results useful in order to take the during the festive seasons. This projectJaipuria students under this programme organisation to the next level. At Design titled 'Scale the Sale' was particularly donewere all praise for them. The students too Cluster Ltd., students worked in teams to in the auspicious season ofhad an exuberant industry exposure well in design the company service book to Rakshabandhan. Students analysis helpedsync with their classroom learning. incorporate a uniform human resources Cadbury’s in evaluating their market andpolicy structure. They also helped outline Students have had a diverse experience in sales strategies. The students worked hardjob descriptions according to needs and hospitality, advertising, FMCG and to collect the data. This project helped themarket. Students also designed web sites, software consultancy among others. Sayaji students in understanding the importancebrochure and did market research for Hotels Ltd, which operates Kebabsville of sales strategies as well as the consumerGreen Healthcare Disposals to find out the were looking for a solution for customer behavior. It led them to a betterposition of its healthcare products. waiting. Jaipuria students researched understanding and application of their possible solutions at all relative levels and concepts. And in turn the creation of CANNABALISATION INDEXstudied the entire process of booking and concrete knowledge. At Big Bazaar Lucknow, under the projectcustomer reception. ‘Cannibalisation Index’ students assisted All can do the talking. But Jaipuria students have gone out and proved themselves to be good resources when placed in various industries. LOOKWHATJUST CAMEOUTOFTHEBOX 17
  19. 19. JAIPUR A fine blend of tradition and modernity, Jaipuria Jaipur breathes in the entrepreneurial air of the city. Rated one of the best B-Schools in Rajasthan, Jaipuria Jaipur grooms its students with entrepreneurial daredevilry. The faculty, led by Dr. Prabhat Pankaj, is a mix of experienced academicians, industry managers and entrepreneurs. 2006 BEST B-SCHOOL IN RAJASTHAN (BUSINESS TODAY, 2012) BEST B-SCHOOL IN RAJASTHAN (FINANCIAL EXPRESS) RATED “A” (BUSINESS INDIA, 2011) NOIDA In the company of elite corporates, Jaipuria Noida is right in the hub of NCR region. Taking advantage of its neighbourhood, Jaipuria Noida exposes its students to best possible industrial experience. The air here is thick with innovation and learning. Dr. Rajiv R Thakur, leading a strong team of experienced professors as well as industry managers turned academicians, mentor the global managers of tomorrow. 2004 LUCKNOW Abuzz with industry-focused activities, Jaipuria Lucknow is a campus of choice for most aspirants aiming for a PGDM. Led by veteran management guru and most sought after corporate trainer Dr. S.R. Mussana; the institute has a pool of highly experienced full time faculty, duly supported by experienced industry managers and academicians as visiting faculty. It is also among the first colleges to offer PGDM in Retail Management. 1995 ‘A’ GRADE ACCREDITATION BY NAAC 4th IN NORTH INDIA AMONGST THE TOP PRIVATE B-SCHOOLS (CAREER 360, 2012) 23rd IN INDIA AMONGST BEST PRIVATE B-SCHOOLS (NHRDN, 2013) ‘A’ GRADE ACCREDITATION BY NAAC RATED “A++” (BUSINESS INDIA, 2013) 7th IN NORTH INDIA AMONGST THE TOP PRIVATE B-SCHOOLS (CAREER 360, 2012) 20th IN INDIA AMONGST BEST PRIVATE B-SCHOOLS (NHRDN, 2013) THEPLACETOB PGDM,PGDM(FINANCIALSERVICES) PGDM(RETAILMANAGEMENT) PGDM,PGDM(MARKETING) PGDM(SERVICEMANAGEMENT) PGDM 26th BY RECRUITERS AMONGST PRIVATE B-SCHOOLS IN INDIA (BUSINESS WORLD, 2013) 18
  21. 21. POSSIBILITIESINFINITE T -School campuses buzzing with energy dot the hiring from Jaipuria through a centralised placement cell. entire landscape of the country. Standalone Corporates can now find a wider choice to pick from. It enables as well as multi-campus B-Schools nurture an them to connect with a large pool of talent at a location of their infinite pool of talent. Each campus is an choice which caters to their cross-geographical needs as well. independent star. This is true with multi- Students can access more opportunities available across all campus institutions where each campus 4 campuses. The placement and recruitment process is therefore stands on its own. What seems lost in such a scenario is a simple, effective and convenient. And both students and common core, a homogenous essence, a culture that binds them recruiters are making the best of it all. all. It is a predicament most multi-campus B-Schools share. Well, Uncampus offers a unique curriculum. The Jaipuria Academic Areaalmost. Councils gets together a faculty pool from all the campuses to Walk into Jaipuria Institute of Management and you find an design the curriculum and syllabus. The result is undoubtedly at exception to this rule. Lucknow, Noida, Jaipur or Indore campus, par with the best in the world. walk in anywhere and you are connected to them all. Throbbing Uncampus also enables a rich interaction between campuses.with a common pulse, these distinct campuses speak a common Flagship events like Interdependence, Integration and Co-creationlanguage, reflect a unified soul. National Conference at Jaipuria Lucknow, Jaipuria Annual It was not without a unique initiative called the Uncampus that this Management Conference at Jaipuria Noida, International integration came about. Quite unheard of in any B-School in India Conference On Creating A Sustainable Business Managerial before, the Jaipuria Institute engineered a rare campus Implications and Challenges at Jaipuria Jaipur, NEN workshop, integration across 4 campuses to unleash an unlimited world of HR, Marketing, Finance, Social Media, Retail, IT Conclave, Encore, possibilities. The results of which are there for all to see. Annual Cultural Festivals (Ojas, Udaan, Abhyudaya, Jai Utsav) Talaash, Milan (Inter Campus Student Exchange Programme), Punarsangam (Uncampus Alumni Meet) provides for an unlimited opportunity to students across campuses to interact, coordinate A single window interface through Uncampus makes imminent and learn from. sense for holistic learning and optimum benefits to all the stakeholders. Uncampus renders Jaipuria as a microcosm of One of the most interesting facets is the restructuring of the boundless exchanges. Be it the ideas, learning, exposure or simply student exchange programme. Out of these campuses, students faculty pool. Everything is for everyone at Jaipuria. get the opportunity to study for one trimester in any of the campus of choice. And this is over and above the global exposure that they The first benefit it offers is the placements and recruitments; the get through Foreign University Exchange Programme. Add to that a Uncampus is a great experience. It’s a win- win situation all the Faculty Exchange Programme that connects students to more than way. For the simple reason that recruiters get access to all the 100 faculty members. talent in Jaipuria and students get access to all the recruiters A WIN- WIN SITUATION FOR ALL B UNCOVERED A rare multi-campus integration at Jaipuria Institute of Management has created boundless exchanges in ideas, learning, exposure and even the faculty pool. Here is how. 20
  22. 22. UNCAMPUS ADMISSIONS Transparentselection parametersforadmission throughCommon admissionprocessacross campuses UNCAMPUS EXPERIENCE StudentExchange Programmeforonetrimester eachacross4campuses UNCAMPUSLEARNINGRichexchangeofknowledge throughfacultyexchange programmes,cultural andacademiceventsacross allcampuses UNCAMPUSPLACEMENTS Centralisedplacementsforawiderchoice bothforrecruiters andstudents UNCAMPUS CURRICULUM Centrallydesigned curriculumbyJaipuria AcademicAreaCouncil foradaptationofbest practices 21 “Nowhere else will you find students appearing for the same interviews, helping each other out. Jaipuria Institute of Management has a truly extraordinary culture”, shares Prachi Sahai (batch of 2011-13) who is currently placed with Federal Bank as an Assistant Manager.
  23. 23. INTROSPECT SEEKINGTHEANSWERWITHIN c the question. A sound understanding emphasise on skill development and therefore of not only markets but also the employability led them to launch various needs of businesses is imperative for any industry specialised programmes, much management education to prepare ahead of its time. students for the industry. But times are a changing, again. Few B-Schools have that edge. Jaipuria Companies now demand employees who Institute of Management stands at a have an expertise in a definite area of vantage point. Being run by a business work or industry. In keeping with the need house it is better placed to understand the for specialists in the industry, Jaipuria whole spectrum of market needs and the offers a specialisation in the second year general business trends. of the programme in areas such as Human Resource Management, Marketing, Today, the House of Jaipuria is one of the Finance, IT and Operations. most respected and trusted business groups of the country. With a leading Above and beyond academic projects, the textile manufacturing company- institute prepares students with a rich GINNI INTERNATIONAL LTD and industry interface and live projects with an independent power corporate houses. company GINNI GLOBAL LTD, in its stable, the Jaipuria Group employs over 2000 people in various capacities. While Ginni International Ltd. is an established name in denim and denim fabric exports across the globe, Ginni Global strives to become a leading renewable energy player in the country. Both the companies operate in a global scenario. And as recruiters they understand that whilst the functionality of all management verticals remains the hange, high tide, low same, the talents today need to be highly tide, bulls and bears- adaptive, not only to the business are the only constant dynamics but also to cross-industry in any economy. scenarios. Young professionals entering the industry Armed with a recruiters’ perspective, must thus be prepared to preempt and Jaipuria designs a course and pedagogy navigate through the trends in the market. that focuses on learning as much as Though burgeoning B-Schools in the market readiness and employability. A well country produce management graduates, rounded course offering is the first step in do they really have what it takes - remains that direction. Offering courses that C These industry centric programmes expose students to the dynamics of management and the complex realities of business environments. Jaipuria Institute of Management is a learning ground. The recruiters coming on campus really appreciate it. Backed by deep insights into the industry and current business trends, the Jaipuria Institute is gearing its students for tomorrow. 22
  24. 24. INDIAN CULTURE COMPANIES’ PROFILE ROLES&RESPONSIBILITIES CAMPUS RECRUITMENT selection test or a rejection test. Tests REDESIGN COURSE CONTENT AND CO- used for Indian competitive examinations CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES:Even today, children are cultured in like entrance exams are normally a Students’ activities, both academic andnegative environment. Parents instruct rejection test. social must be reengineered to fit into thechildren in ‘what to do’ and ‘what not to frame of corporates’ expectations anddo.’ According to psychologists, basic CORPORATE BEHAVIOR: aspirations. Students need to undergo morepersonalities are formed by the age of Corporates depending on their needs and more simulation exercises to facilitate10–12 years. After this phase segment institutes and follow more or less their development and growth into strongpersonalities can be only modified and a bell curve. Some corporates only visit local business leaders who can take risks. If anot changed. institutes, some focus on middle or lower business does not grow, it falls very sharply middle grade institutes. Many organisations and employees are also at stake. pick up candidates from small towns even if Corporates want manpower that can Mostly there are European, American and they are not fluent in English. At times a contribute significantly to business Asian companies. Europeans are as particular company visits a campus but processes. If right people in terms of conservative as Indians. Americans are does not select or selects just 1-2 knowledge, skills and attitudes are not open, they provide freedom with candidates. available the team suffers. Perhaps a mix of accountability and responsibilities. While faculty from academics, industries and Asian companies have struggled and armed forces should be more appropriate emerged out of hard and long hours of for students to experience both ideal and PERSONALITYDEVELOPMENT:working, their corporate culture too has real situations and undergo tough physical As far as possible students need to learn tobeen rough and tough. trainings and exercises. lead a tough and real life. Till college, we teach them academic principles, theories & PLACEMENTCOORDINATORS: models. We also teach them “ don’t look at Placement coordinators must first Campus recruitment is a dynamic process bad things, don’t hear bad news and don’t understand student profiles in terms of full of challenges for the recruitment team. speak bad words”. But when he/she enters grade, strengths and weaknesses, etc. and The output depends on company’s organisation, he/she gets a cultural shock. then look for appropriate organisations . business, recruitment team, their The reality is far removed from what is Campus recruitment is more of a fitment background, vision, mission, strategies, taught. The challenge before institutes test. Each corporate has its culture and goals, tools they use, profile of the therefore is, “Within the short stay of 2 years values for which they look for suitable institute, profile of students available how to transform basic personality of our candidates. This process is like match before them. future business leaders so as to not remove making. So more we know of our products, completely but at least minimise better we sell.TESTS / TOOLS: contradictions from their unconscious Tests / Tools used can be either a minds.” CHALLENGESOF CAMPUSRECRUITMENT What are the challenges faced by corporates during campus placements? Vinay K Singh, AGM– HR Hyundai Mobis India Ltd., shares some of his concerns. 23
  25. 25. HOURSOFRIGOROUS INTERACTIVECLASSROOM SESSIONSBYCOREAND VISITINGMENTORS + 1050 POTENTIALINFINITE TAPPINGTHEPOWEROFTHEMIND The true test of management education comes in the learnability, adaptability and the employability of its students. Jaipuria’s pedagogy is a case in the point. T s 1,00,000 or more course and pedagogy prepares students to Lucknow. This helps generate a lot of ideas management enter the industry up and running. A pool in a course of 30 hours duration. graduates step out of of learned faculty, mentors students in Moreover, once the basic concepts are their B-Schools, new their career path using innovative and fun clear, the students can build on those entrants prepare for teaching methods to face the real time concepts and can resolve even the their tryst with destiny. challenges of the corporate world. toughest challenges.” Campuses across the country buzz with Teaching at Jaipuria is essentially about young minds as they go about attending encouraging students for self learning. lectures, seminars, workshops, events and what have you. But when they step out, as Apart from the four key elements of its they will the next year, will they be ready educational models - Management Dr. Amar Nath Chatterjee, who has for their dream job? Will they be ready to Knowledge, Industry Exposure, Managerial conducted an unbelievable 108 MDPs all take on responsibilities? Will the Skills and Personal Attributes, Jaipuria over India, says that his teaching unimaginable power of these bright minds makes its students ‘industry ready’, with philosophy is simple. “I usually adhere to been done justice to? practical on ground experience covering the corporate story-telling as a method of major part of their study tenure. teaching in my classrooms. I gauge theHaving the skills and capabilities to work is level of interaction constantly by askingone thing, but reaching the core of one’s questions and seeking suggestions frompotential is quite another. Whilst most the students, and interspersing mystudents in the job market today come lectures with PPTs and video clips. I buildwith hyped self-image and an attitude of on concepts from fundamentals with theleaders, students at Jaipuria have no air help of inputs from the studentsabout themselves. They are confident themselves, assigning group-exercises andthinkers, yes but they are equally eager to role-plays, or presentation of a caselearn new ways, adapt to the job analysis.” Some of the subjects he coversrequirements and over and above, are are ‘Creative Thinking’ and ‘Personalityextremely self-aware. Mentored by thought Mapping’. Dr. Ankit Mehrotra, faculty atleaders, exposed to the ground realities Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknowand rooted in Self, they are ready to take says,“My teaching philosophy revolveson the world. around the concept of ‘learning to learn’. “I have received my education from a lot of I stick to the basics in my classroom – institutes in different parts of the country, basic conceptual knowledge, basic but the faculty at Jaipuria Institute of analytical skills and basic presentation Management is incomparable.” says skills and then create an environment of Geetika, a student of Jaipuria Institute of debate, so that students probe and prod Management. Fellow students agree. The their way through my lessons at Jaipuria READY TO CONQUER LEARNING FOR LIFE A 24
  26. 26. CONFERENCES, COMPETITIONS&EVENTS OFNATIONAL& INTER-COLLEGIATELEVEL + 20+ 35STUDENT LEDCLUBS + 60DAYSOF COMPULSORY SUMMER INTERNSHIP + 100HOURSOF INTERACTIONWITH INDUSTRIALSETUPS ANDEXPERTS FROMINDUSTRIES Jaipuria’s 360 degree teaching skills, Time and Stress Management skills methodology, GDs, presentation along with Team Management skills. Jaipuria prepares students not just for the techniques and corporate interactions, Jaipuria students are not only connected industry but also for the global market. form a major part of the process. Students to the outside world but also to the core of Collaborating with international are exposed to industry issues and their being. Jaipuria empowers its students universities is fundamental for meeting the situations which involve a crucial thought to become learners who are sharp, but challenges of working in foreign countries, process they are likely to encounter as also learners who are adaptable. Ready to interacting with people across the world future managers, through Orientation and navigate various tides, these students are and communicating effectively in an Foundation Programmes, Guest lectures set to carve their own destiny. And as for international environment. and Industrial visits. For students like Geetika, having imbibed all the necessary Abhinav Sachdeva “Jaipuria is helping build skills at Jaipuria, she is confident, thatThanks to strong and symbiotic competencies needed in the industry.” going forward she will be able to get arelationships with renowned international placement to suit her caliber. We agree.educational institutions like University of Deepti Chandra Mehra, Senior Manager, Illinois and Newcastle, the Jaipuria Business Development at Hungama Digital students reap the benefits of student and Entertainment Ltd., confides “2 years at faculty exchange, teaching, research and Jaipuria, the team work, combined fellowship programmes. projects, working odd hours to meet deadlines, and working with a set of people actually prepared me to face the realities of the advertising world.” At Jaipuria Institute, students not only build skills like Public Speaking, they also develop Self Discipline, Interpersonal ON THE RADAR LEARNING TO LEAD What sets apart Jaipuria Institute of Management from the rest is its unflinching focus on grooming students in their ability to learn and to adapt to industry needs. 25
  27. 27. CAMPUSBUZZ ALLWORKANDALLPLAY Host to many sought after conferences and conclaves, Jaipuria Institute is home to many enriching and stimulating experiences. Here is a quick look. T he Jaipuria Institute of Management thrives on Business, Managerial Implications and Challenges (ICSBMC) also ideas and a sharing of experiences. Eminent bring into focus pertinent issues like sustainability. Sustainability academicians and industry experts visit the or the efficient use of resources, is ultimately about ‘adding value’ 4 campuses for various conferences and to businesses with people, planet and good business decisions in conclaves organised regularly on its premises. mind. Sustainability has also serious, social and economic As various experts come together on a single implications for both stakeholders and the regulators. ICSBMC platform, students not only benefit from an exchange of ideas, but hosted at Jaipuria Jaipur provides an interdisciplinary and cross- they also come to appreciate their role in driving change as Gen- sectoral forum. It proposes multidisciplinary strategies for Next Managers. economic, socio-political, cultural, and institutional changes. It further promotes a sharing of ideas and discusses practical IIC, the national level conference on Interdependence, Integration challenges encountered. and Co-creation (IIC) hosted by the Lucknow campus is a great opportunity for students to understand the present and emerging Various competitions at Jaipuria ignite the competitive spirit in challenges and opportunities and also to contribute and present students while widening their horizons. Encore, The Presentation research papers on a larger forum. Design & Delivery Contest organised at Jaipuria Indore, allows people to show their work and share their thoughts and ideas in a Students also get a hands-on experience in organising events at a fairly relaxed way. It is a learning experience for students and a national level. The Noida campus plays host to Jaipuria Annual platform for an exchange of ideas amongst seniors and peer. The Management Conference (JAMC), to deliberate upon opportunities camaraderie, experience of organising an event of this scale, and and challenges faced by the industry today. working tirelessly lends a fresh perspective to team building, organisation skills, time management, resource management and As the institute prepares students for the industry, conferences hospitality. such as International Conference on Creating a Sustainable T For students, life at the institute is all of learning yet a lot of fun. Contests like Rocket Singh Marketing Event pitch them against different B-School teams selling some really unusual products like - ‘Mop Slippers’, ‘Hand Pants’, ‘Pocket Shower’, ‘Ticket to Heaven’, ‘Book your own Burial’ and ‘Blackie Toothpaste’. Campus festivals like Ojas, Abhyudaya, Jai Utsav and Udaan celebrate the spirit of learning in true Jaipuria style. 26
  29. 29. SPECIALFEATURE THESKYISTHELIMIT THEFORBESSAGAWITH ANANDNARAINKAPOOR DYNAMIC, CHARISMATIC, VISIONARY, ANAND NARAIN KAPOOR IS A BUSINESSMAN WHO CAN TRANSFORM AN ORGANISATION INTO A BUSINESS EMPIRE. A SPECIAL FEATURE ON THE MAN AND HIS LIFE AFTER HIS PGDM FROM JAIPURIA INSTITUTE. Anand holds a Post Graduate Diploma in IFC (International Finance Corporation) to Business Management from Jaipuria take over an international school in Institute of Management. He worked hard Uganda, which he turned into the leading to find opportunities outside of his regular international school across East Africa. work to hone his entrepreneurial skills. His Anand’s biggest success came with thefirst entrepreneurial foray came in the birth of MIDCOM. In Africa, he securedform of a foreign exchange bureau in NOKIA distribution in Rwanda and set outpartnership with a local businessman. to establish a distribution network; oneAnand had a clear vision of how a that superceded competition. Todaynand Kapoor, a business house should operate and MIDCOM sells more than 25 Milliondynamic forty year - sustain. He strove for diversification after handsets on an annual basis and caters toold entrepreneur getting his first big break. 8% of Nokia’s volumes globally. It hasbased out of Dubai In the year 1999, he purchased a 40 acre become the leading Nokia distributor inexudes charisma and site, on the Banks of Lake Victoria near Middle East and Africa region with verysymbolizes courage,A Entebbe in Uganda and started growing deep distribution strength across morecommitment and hard work. He embodies and exporting Rose Stems. For Anand than 16 countries in the MEA region. It hasthe perseverance associated with mediocrity had no place and he ensured tie ups and partnerships with almost allbusinessmen who transform mere that this endeavour also met with optimal the telecom companies operating in Africa.organisations into business empires. He results. His already growing empire also The infrastructure includes world classhas been accredited amongst ‘Top 100 furthered his resolve for expansion and in warehousing facilities, retail chainIndian Leaders’ in the UAE by Forbes 2003 Anand won the tender floated by the management, distribution capabilities,Middle East. A 28 CLASS OF 1995-97
  30. 30. 29 experiential stores and a team of more he recently turned his attention back to two daughters and considers them as his than 700 people to manage this chain. the agro sector. He realized that Uganda is biggest strength. the producer of one of the finest quality ofMIDCOM has now become the Anand is also a passionate golfer andraw milk, but the natural resource is much largest telecom distribution ensures that he takes his time off to followunderutilized. Thus Anand has set up Pearl his love for the game of golf. His desire tochain in Middle East and Africa. Dairy Farms, a state of the art milk powder excel and be the best is a characteristicprocessing plant which collects raw milk carried over to the golf course as well.from farmers and processes it to milk He lifted the Chairman’s Cup on thepowder for export to the international 25th anniversary of the Emiratesmarkets. Golf Club in 2013. While Anand is not a stereotypical workaholic, his work is his passion. While Passionate about his family, utilizing his understanding of distribution work and golf coupled with a network he initiated a commodity trade clear vision for the futuredivision. This sector has presence in 12 countries and is a prominent player in the makes him an out and out Indian, African and Middle East markets success in all aspects of life. for commodities like sugar, rice, paper and tyres. Anand realized his strength and His message for the budding managers is vision in sales and distribution to pursue their dreams, and not be just a management and catering to this capacity part of the rat race. Alongside growing MIDCOM from 2004, of the group; the commodity trade division Anand also continued to diversify his has established a niche for itself within business portfolio. After cultivating an in- Anand’s empire. The group employees depth understanding of the real estate 1,200 people from more than 40 sector, Anand set up a state of the art nationalities with offices in 11 countries. commercial complex in Kampala, Uganda. This project was accompanied by Kololo When it comes to managing his business, Greens- one of the most luxurious he is a visionary leader and sky is the limit residential apartments of Uganda. By now for him. Anand is an example of a the group’s 3rd Commercial project has businessperson who can persevere with also commenced and is expected to finish any challenge and his strength lies in his by Q-2 2014. Apart from this, he has also ability to bring out the best from his team built a portfolio of high-end properties and to achieve all that he strives for. across the Middle-East & Africa. Even with Despite a very hectic work schedule, for such a diverse portfolio, Anand’s desire to Anand his family comes first. He resides in seek new opportunities has not waned and Palm Jumeirah, Dubai with his wife and Anand’s journey speaks about a life that identifies opportunities and makes the most of them. It is a life, in the true spirit of his alma mater, one that relentlessly chooses to be more.
  31. 31. WEALTHOFKNOWLEDGE ONSOLIDGROUND Jaipuria Institute’s rich faculty pool not only builds and sustains it, it adds to the body of knowledge and empowers professionals to navigate market trends. T challenge most decision making. Using innovative teaching institutes face today is methods, the faculty at Jaipuria prepares that of a faculty talented young minds to think, learn, shortage. With growing explore, adapt and face the industry from B-Schools, the crisis day one. has only worsened. As the economy undergoes change, so tooBut retaining a rich resource pool not only must management practices. Preparingbuilds but also sustains the institution. It professionals to sail through the winds ofdraws talent. Given the scenario, Jaipuria change is a need of the hour. MostInstitute of Management, in the past 18 B-Schools are gearing up to this fact byyears is doing well with a 95+ strong team offering continuous managementof academicians and industry experts. education programmes. What sets apart THE INSTITUTE, KNOWN FOR ITS Jaipuria’s Management Development FOCUS ON SELF LEARNING, HAS TO Programme is its holistic approach, building into it the entire ethos of lifelongITS CREDIT A FACULTY THAT SHARES learning. The institute’s MDP Centre is KNOWLEDGE AND IGNITES A ambitious. It offers state of the art HUNGER FOR MORE. facilities complete with latest training They are renowned for their excellent gadgets and an intellectual pool of over a teaching skills and contribution to 95+ distinguished faculty members. This management education through creation Centre focuses on organising market of new knowledge. With a rich count of driven customised Workshops, Seminars, published papers and books to their credit, Conferences, Management Development many among them are also much sought Programmes, Faculty Development after for conducting MDPs and offering Programmes, and Training Programmes for research support and consultancy by industry and academicians alike. leading organisations in India. Consultancy and research activities are also undertaken to facilitate knowledge The faculty or ‘mentors’ as they are called dissemination from faculty members to enthuse, challenge and provoke students update students in terms of experiential to think out of the box in order to develop learning. the art of critical thinking and holistic A MDPs: LEADERSHIP SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME FOR THE MANAGERS AT NATIONAL DAIRY DEVELOPMENT BOARD EXCELLENCE IN HR, 2012 FOR THE MANAGERS OF NEW HOLLAND TRACTORS PVT. LTD. + 400 Researchpapers publishedinInternational andIndianjournals + 100 CEOsandseniorlevel managers deliver leadershiplectures + 150 MDPsofferedfor topandmiddlelevel managers RESEARCHDRIVENFACULTYPOOL + 95 Teamofacademicians andIndustryexpertsas fulltimefaculty RESEARCHSUPPORTAND CONSULTANCYTOLEADING ORGANISATIONS 30
  32. 32. Dr. Sheenu Jain has been awarded as Management Systems’, Vol.15 (2012), Dr. Poonam Sharma’s article ‘Destination “Emerald Educator” for significant No.1 pp. 93-106. Branding’ was published in International contribution to developing a sustainable Journal-Journal Indian Culture & Business Prof. Abha R. Dixit presented a paperecosystem of entrepreneurship on campus. Management, Vol.6, No.1, Oct. 2012. titled “Teaching Business Communication Dr. Shalini Srivastava’s paper titled, Job through Social Media” at the Tenth Asia Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur Burnout and Organisational Commitment TEFL International Conference. has been awarded as “Strong Capacity for relationship: Moderating Effect of Career Entrepreneurship” for running intensive Dr. Prabhat Pankaj, Director, JaipuriaSalience: An Empirical Study on Indian Entrepreneurship Programme on campus. Institute of Management, Jaipur has beenManagers has been awarded the Second honored with Bharat Vidya Shiromani Jaipuria Institute of Management, JaipurBest Research Paper at Natcomp, Bhartiya Award and was also presented Certificate has been awarded the first prize in theVidyapeeth University, Delhi on 17th of Education Excellence for his remarkable category “Social Community Engagement”March’2012. role in the field of education by Indian in the Community Leadership Awards- ‘A Conceptual Framework for Rural Solidarity Council, New Delhi. Rajasthan, 2012 by Institute of Leadership Employment Generation in India’ by Development and Foundation for Dr. Athar Mahmood presented a paperDr. Pratibha Wasan was published in Information & Technology Transfer Society. titled “Perceptions of Young PeopleInnovative Studies: International Journal regarding Workplace Spirituality” at the(ISIJ), Volume (2), Issue (1). Her paper on 4th International Conference onConceptual framework for online stock Spirituality & Organized Leadership,trading phenomenon in India, was organized by ISOL Foundation at XIMpublished in ‘Journal of Statistics & ‘Assessment Index: A Strong Sustainability Approach to Measure Sustainable Human Development’ an article by , Associate Professor at Jaipuria, Jaipur was published in International Journal of Sustainable Development and World Ecology, 2013 published by world renowned publisher Taylor and Francis. Dr. Prerna Jain MAKERS REFLECTIONS FACULTYSPEAK DR. PRATIBHA WASAN (JAIPURIA NOIDA) For Associate Dean and Professor, Dr. Kavita Pathak, the secret of classroom participation is “Engaging with the students and making them curious to learn more.” As an enabler for learning she believes in “providing cues and teasing young minds with stimulating questions”. An MBA and PhD, Dr. Pathak has over 20 years of teaching experience, which includes not only the time spent with Jaipuria Institute, Lucknow but also her four-year teaching and research stint at UQ Business School, University of Queensland, Australia. And what is her message for students? “You are what you think you can be. Challenge the limits and take life as it comes.” She signs off. The spirit of excellence-that is what Dr. Pratibha Wasan brings to her classrooms everyday. Her teaching style, pedagogy and management orientation in the course engages students for learning. “My industry experience helps me establish and deliver the connection between theory and practice. It has given me an insight into corporate functioning, its behaviour, value systems, culture, challenges and realities, which I now pass on to my students.” The academic experience for her is “ongoing, delightful and self- rewarding”. She also adds that Faculty Development Programmes have helped her use interactive, practical course content and pedagogical tools. DR. KAVITA PATHAK (JAIPURIA LUCKNOW ) 31
  33. 33. EMINENTSPEAKERS ORGANISATION Hero Corporate Indian National Congress Bhartiya Janta Party Advatech Cera Tiles Ltd Axis Bank LG Electronics Exchange4media group Grail Research School of Business, University of Houston Govt. of Rajasthan Rural Development & Panchayati Raj Steel Authority of India, Ltd. Human Potential Project, Washington Nokia The Innovation Workshop Tata Teleservices Ltd. Star TV Karvy Perfect Relations Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow University of Illinois, USA Future Group JBM Group Federal Bank Bond University, Queensland, Australia GE Capital Government of India Export Import Bank of India Axis Bank NEUERTH GROUP Baroda Uttar Pradesh Gramin Bank HUDCO SBI Cards and Payment Services Pvt. Ltd. Government of India National Housing Bank Bharati Enterprises Centum Learning Dainik Bhaskar Group Oyster IIFCL Bank of Baroda Vardhman Group Ernst & Young DCM Shriram Consolidated Limited Reserve Bank of India Delhi International Airport (P) Limited Lanco Infratech Ltd. J.P. Morgan, London Benchmark Six Sigma Munjal Showa - A Hero Group Co. DESIGNATION Vice President-Human Resources Member of Parliament Member of Parliament Director- Marketing and Operations Former Finance Secretary, Chairman General Manager-Human Resources Managing Director & Editor-in-Chief Director-Human Resources Professor and Chairman Cabinet Minister of Woman & Child Development, Tourism, Art & Culture, Archeology, Printing & Stationery departments. Union Minister Chairman Founder & Chief Executive Officer Former Operation Head, India, West Africa and Africa Chief Executive Officer President EPU Vice President Vice President & Group Head-Human Resources Director Strategy and Planning Director Professor of Business Administration and Director of the Technology Management Programme Head - People Office, Retail Business Vice President & Group Head-Human Resources Chief Manager-Human Resources Professor and Head Vice President Adviser (Transport)- Planning Commission Chairman-cum-Managing Director Vice President- Priority Banking Chairman Chairman Chairman, Indian Infrastructure & Urban Development & Former Chairman and Managing Director Chief Executive Officer Additional Solicitor General Chairman & Managing Director Vice Chairman & Managing Director Vice President Chairman Founder & Chief Learning Officer Chairman & Managing Director Chairman & Managing Director Executive Director National Director-Human Resources Senior Vice President & Business Head Former Deputy Governor Associate Vice President & Head Strategy Planning Vice President-Design & Engg. Vice President Chief Executive Officer Managing Director NAME Abhay Saxena Abhishek Manu Singhvi Rajnath Singh Achal N Rangaswamy Adarsh Kishore Adrash Mishra Anurag Batra Archana Gulati Ashish Chandra Bina Kak C P Joshi C. S. Verma Chris Majer D. Shivakumar David Wittenberg Debashis Sur Debasish Biswas Deepak Gupta Devdarshan Chakrabortyy Devi Singh Dileep Chhajed G.R. Venkatesh Hari Das Nair Joemon Mathew Kuldeep Kumar Manish Dewan Manoj Singh N. Shankar Naushad Alam Navein Shriram Nirmesh Kumar P. S. Rana Pallav Mohapatra Paras Kuhad R. V. Verma Rajan Bharti Mittal Rajeev Tandon Ramesh Chandra Agrawal Rimy Oberoi S. K. Goel S.S. Mundra Sachit Jain Sandeep Kohli Sandeep Mathur Subir Gokarn Subir Hazra Uday Ravi Vinit Singh Chauhan Vishwadeep Khatri Yogesh Munjal 32
  34. 34. QUOTEUNQUOTE THESUMMERINTERNSHIPPROGRAMME “Krishna Kant (PGDM, Jaipuria Jaipur) has accomplished his project on 'Customer Loyality for Ice cream Segment' is really commendable and has drawn lot of insight for effective consumer strategies.” Prashant Sharma Amul “The project on 'Market mapping to enhance market share' accomplished by Ajay Wadhwa (PGDM, Jaipuria Lucknow) is really appreciable and is being considered for further referencing and targeting projects. We would definitely consider Ajay for final placements as he will prove to be an asset for the organisation.” Shelly Jamwal Assistant Manager, HR- Orient Bell Ltd. “Jipson Joseph (PGDM, Jaipuria Indore) was given an opportunity to work in live environment related to Telecom consultancy. He worked on field for over 1 month. His quick adaptation to corporate environment was quite impressive considering he was on internship. For a first timer, he was quite good in understanding the work in less time. He performed efficiently well in tasks given to him and completed his work in stipulated time. He has also shown his mettle as a good team player and self-motivated individual.” Vinod Thakur - KPMG India “Sakshi Mobar of 2012-14 batch of Lucknow Campus was assigned on client engagement and was helping the team leader in the tasks as mandated by the client. She blended well in the team, was flexible and performed well.” Rahul Hakeem Manager, KPMG India “Shraddha has shown excellent amount of her grit to accomplish the project titled ' Role of Finance in Power Project Contract by NTPC'. I am glad to mention that she was made the coordinator for the entire activities relating to evaluation of one high value tender. Such diligence shown by a fresher is exemplary.” “Mayank was very keen on learning systems & procedures, Operations, SCM etc. On SCM, he has spent enough time on understanding Warehouse Management and contributed a lot with his findings and recommendations.” Vijay Lahare Sr. Manager- Supply Chain Management Mahindra Heavy Engines Pvt. Ltd. A Sheikh General Manager, NTPC Limited “Janisar Najish’s (PGDM, Jaipuria Indore) hard work was of good use to our division. The comparative study made on Rewards and Recognition, will now help us to revise our existing process. It has also become a guiding document for any new-comer to understand the exiting set of policy & procedure on Rewards & Recognition. I must also mention that he is a rare combination of smart & hard working, by which he was able to complete the assigned project on time.” Girish Kumar - Business HR, Tata Steel “The project accomplished by Abhay Sharma of 2012-14 batch helped us to know more of the financial data with clarity. I appreciate Abhay for his analytical skills and grabbing power, also he is compatible to the industry culture and environment.” Archit Malani Manager Finance, Dalmia Cements “The project done by Sharad from Jaipuria Noida helped us in identifying the potential of our products. He coped well with the industry trends. His performance was excellent.” 33 Deepak Chawla Sr. Organisation Development Consultant Haier Appliances India Pvt. Ltd.
  35. 35. THEUNFINISHEDPROMISE OFTALENTMANAGEMENT T I am a notable fan of technology. I think HR people are scared and shy away from technology. However, in the case of Talent Management, the phrase “Talent Management Software” doesn’t mean anything. In most cases, it’s a case of calling “Human Resources Management Systems” in a new way. If as a HR professional think buying, the former will help you to implement a successful Talent Managementhe premise of “Talent Management” is simple. programme, you’ve just been sold snake oil.A company identifies its most superior performers across levels and businesses and focuses special development needs and career milestones for them, so that when the time comes they have the ready “talent” they This is the biggest reason why Talent Management Programmesneed in the roles they need them. To do so they rely not just on fail. When so called “futurists” cannot predict the future, how canpast performance data but also psychometric tests, development linear thinking business and HR folks even know what kind ofcenters, coaching and mentoring. “talent” would be needed to be “future-proof”? Only in the case of The thought further goes that giving your top talent the very best in highly stable industries could they even hope to think beyond a development and career opportunities it will act as a retention one year timeline. In fast growing industries, as business models tool, keeping them back in the organisation. organisation evolve with mind numbing speed it is a dream. A company that makes a large percentage of its revenues selling However, if you talk to HR and business leaders across hardware might change to one earning its revenues via services in organisations that have tried their programmes, the success of a couple of years, making the hardware performers in the talent such Talent Management Programmes are decidedly mixed. management programme a liability. Or the FMCG company’s talent who were successful in an age of broadcast mass media who haveHere are some reasons why that happens: little or no idea to deal with new media. Indeed, people who you might not have seen as “talent” a year ago might become the people who are needed to make it successful. The first thing Talent Management systems do is identify “Talent” So while the stated intent of Talent Management programmes are based on performance. To do better, they try to look at consistent laudable, the success and therefore the ROI are not very easy to performance over a period of time. However, they often forget that quantify. So what does a HR group do? It should focus on building successful performance is also dependent on a context of a resilience and “learnability” rather than designing prescriptive myriad of enabling factors that might not be available in other programmes. roles/positions even in the same company. Some examples are a manager who lets the performer focus on his strength and takes away the de-energising part of the job and gives it to other team members. When this performer moves to a new role with a more conventional manager the de-energising aspects of the job fall into his lap, and might impact his performance overall. Same is true of the high performer who was successful in a business where the processes were well set who might not perform spectacularly in a business unit that is being set up from scratch. OVER-FOCUS ON TECHNOLOGY THE INABILITY OF HR & BUSINESS TO PREDICT THE FUTURE PERFORMANCE IS SUCCESSFUL IN A CONTEXT T Learnability and resilience instead of mere prescriptive programmes should be the focus of HR for managing talent. Gautam Ghosh-GM (HR Strategy)-Philips India, a social media and HR professional shares with us why. 34
  36. 36. anagement education. Now what next? It is the road we take that defines who we are. As students graduate from Jaipuria, they take on their unique journeys. Being more and playing a larger Mrole not only in India but also abroad, these stellar journeys, often on an unbeaten path, exemplify a spirit of courage, commitment and hard work. Take a look at this. Vijay Goel, Senior Partner at Singhania & Co. for the London office for more than ten years now is perhaps the best ode to the Jaipuria philosophy. With a number of achievements in his kitty he has been felicitated clutter-free, and my thought process clear.” Today, with a career in India and the UK for his larger role in strengthening Indo- UK that is different from most of his batch mates he has one piece of business ties. Founder of the "Indo-European Business Forum" advice for future students: “follow your heart, find out what you like established in 2007, which includes prestigious members of the most, and then give it your hundred percent. Money will follow. House of Lords, Members of Parliament and Members of Most of all, you’d always be happy.” European Parliaments, top business leaders, like G.P. Hinduja, Ketan Badhwar, an alumnus of the 2002-04 batch is working withK.K. Modi and Mohit Burman, he is also a Special Advisor to the a French MNC called Geodis Wilson in the area of logistics andCommonwealth Business Council and an advisor to the world supply chain management as National Business Developmentrenowned Hinduja Group. That is not all; he is on the Board of Manager, Australia. He started as a marketing associate with"T I E" (The Indus Entrepreneur) UK, Executive Board Member of IFFCO TOKIO and worked in that role for 9 months. Since 2005, he"The Asian Guide” UK, Member of London Chamber of Commerce joined Geodis Overseas as sales executive. He has spent 5 yearsand Industry and many more. Not surprisingly, felicitations have handling variety of sales related roles including short internationalcome his way as ‘Pride of India’ at House of Lords, Asian Achievers assignments before being offered a posting in Australia. WhenAward for Professional of the Year, National Law Day Award for asked about his 2 years in Jaipuria, he fondly remembers the timestrengthening Indo-UK business realtions, from Hon'ble President spent with friends, meeting deadlines for projects, and marketingof India in 2009, 'Glory of India Award', for promoting investment his skills, along with of course the great memories of hostel life.between India and the UK, 'Asian Leadership in Europe' by Asian And what learning does he still carry in his heart? “I think thatWho's Who International in London in 2009. personal interaction and relationship building are most important Deepak Singh, Class of 1997 from Lucknow campus is today a for your success especially in a sales/marketing role. The more freelance journalist, writer and radio producer based out of USA. networking you do, the more it works for your business. I learned Taking a trip down memory lane, he remembers the intellectually this in my 2 years at Jaipuria”. stimulating interactions with mentors on campus. “Getting to study These vivid career graphs capture the true spirit of a Jaipurian.with people with different backgrounds, different education, and Climbing mountains, exploring horizons, in short- tapping one’sdifferent places taught me a lot. In those two years I learned who I infinite potential.was, what I believed in, and what I wanted from life. And, that is the most valuable asset I still have. My mind started to become ALUMNUSGLORIOUS THEROADLESSTRAVELLED Students graduating from Jaipuria are taking unique paths. That is making all the difference. M 35
  37. 37. INDUSTRYSPEAK TALENT RETENTION AND ACQUISITION– FRESH PERSPECTIVES Mr. Kishore Chakraborti, VP, McCann C onventional wisdom in managing employee’s role. A recruiter must write and clarify five things talent is comfortably easy; it is easy to a candidate should do. If the quest is right, the selection believe each employee has unlimited should in all probability be right. So once you pick the right potential. What industry has so far people, you must trust them. Put them in groups to done is to put up a façade of equality. compliment their skills and foster mutual respect and Treat everybody same and that admiration. Nine points incorporated from a global strategy keeps the HR person safe- no favoritism. Therefore, management guru’s speech can help us measure strength looking at training for all round development of an employee of the workplace. Answers to talent acquisition and is not possible. We must treat every individual as unique. To retention lie in the following questions- pick the right person, one has to be clear about the C Do I know what is expected of me at work? Do I have the right kit/equipment to do my work? Do I have opportunity to do what I do best? Have I received recognition for my good work? Does my co-worker make me feel that my work is important? Do my opinions count in my work? Are my co-workers committed to do quality work? Is there somebody who takes personal care of me as a person? Do I have the opportunity to learn and grow? 36 T alent means not only the number of development programmes, open communications and more employees, but also their capabilities. transparency. The HR needs to differentiate performance, Even with organisations investing reward selectively, policies should be more centralised and millions of hard earned money and hence returns on talent to be through reducing cost and time, rarely HR is involved in measuring focusing on the best talents to be retained. The phase of the return on talent employed. With the Rapid Growth is difficult to manage talent where the focus economics of the world struggling to avoid a recession, such of organisation is on talent acquisition & development. The investments hit bottom line of the organisation and hence a shift happens from differentiation to retention and increase balance has to be there between short term issues and long in numbers. Emphasis is on retaining talent by liberal term obligations. Like business strategy, talent strategy benefits and maintains talent capacity, with high degree of covers the key challenge an organisation faces and needs delegation and authority. Third, Global Expansion, leads to to adapt itself to changing trends to improve return on talent creation of difficult cultures, defining talent practices to employed. Generally an organisation is in three business meet geographical needs and adoption of global phases-Down Turn/Slow Growth where business has to practices/polices for high compliance, but offers growth and contain cost and needs to utilize talent effectively. It needs multiple opportunities to create talent. top management involvement and innovation for in-house T TALENT STRATEGY– KEY CHALLENGES FOR AN ORGANISATION Mr. Mayur Chaturvedi, Head HR (Asia Pacific), Zimmer
  38. 38. STUDENTSPEAK! “A practical approach, the ability to execute the application of a concept, and the attitude to deliver these are some of the critical elements of a Jaipuria grooming which are of great value to me even today.” Vinay Kumar Pundir PGDM 1995-97 “The placement month at Jaipuria Indore was nothing less than a learning month. Every day I learnt something new. Every day I got to know new details about the job markets in India and across the globe. The placement at was off-campus. I went through fiverounds of interviews, including the aptitude test and psychometric tests. The preparatory training helped me a lot during the selection process, because the interviews at Amazon are very tough to crack.” Nishchay Jamwale PGDM 2011-13 “I tried my best to be an active participant in almost all the activities in and around the campus (Collage Making, Poster Making, Mind Game, Article Writing, Singing and Shot put). I’ve had the opportunity to attend numerous conferences and seminars and represented my institute at Amity, Jaipuria Jaipur, the OOH Conference, etc. I also found the wonderful opportunity of working on a LIVE project with Dalmia Healthcare Ltd.” Bhavna Tandon PGDM 2011-13 “It is nice to see budding young retailers at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida, full of enthusiasm and inquisitive about the nuances of retail.” Anurag Sharma DGM Reebok “Jaipuria Institute of Management has brought about a remarkable change in me. I used to be a rebel without a cause; Jaipuria Indore has made me understand the importance of choosing my battles carefully. I now understand group dynamics better, I have begun negotiating and convincing people and have understood that a manager needs to be able to bring different kinds of people together.” Snehlata Kashyap PGDM 2012-14 37
  39. 39. WHATILOOKFORINMBASTUDENTS Dr. Virendra P Singh, Executive Director- Human Resources & Chief Pupil RJ Corp/Devyani International Limited/Devyani Food Street Limited Q corporate family. I often seek answers and evidence to this primordial question as follows: Do you own your life and career? If yes, can you share some examples, which can corroborate your claim and self belief? My take is as follows: If you have a reasonably high sense of ownership, you take charge. If you take charge, it is a good omen for my team and my business goals; as I would not have to push you to make you believe that your personal & professional ownership is a good starting point for both of us. No wonder, quite a few employers use psychometric instruments to measure this attribute amongst aspiring candidates. Are you an alert and sensitive person? Can you ‘visualize’ and anticipate changes in macro & micro environment? If yes, how diligently & regularly you equip & enable yourself (and your key people in your network) to handle and surmount inevitableuite often, business school students standing changes. How often you wait for things to happen? Ideally, I willat the edge of employment market ask: ‘what like you to make things happen. If you can’t, I don’t want you to bedoes an employer look for in a fresh talent a silent observer of ‘change’. Reverse of proactive is reactive. Thislike me?’ While one could answer this query century is not looking for people, who are waiting for things, evenin multiple combinations & permutations, as good things, to happen. We are looking for people who can makethey say, yet there are certain attributes or good things better for people around us. Do you have this in you?DNA characteristics, which are universally sought after and If yes, let’s talk about it.appreciated by nearly all employers. Here is a list of 5 such key attributes. Culled out after an informal round of discussions with a handful of CHRO’s some years back, I think they remain relevant and valid in 2013-14 as well. Organisations expect even talented people to be humble, courteous and good learners. I don’t look for people, who want to come in boardroom at Randhir Kapoor’s age! Some do, admittedly, Behavioral scientists use Locus of Control for this ‘desiderata’. become CEO at Randhir Kapoor’s age, not because they were This primary attribute relates to mindset, attitude or assumptions driven by this burning desire to become CEO at that age. Their about sense of ownership in a young person seeking entry in a burning desire was to come out with a technology or a solution, PROACTIVITY HUMILITY SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY Q WORDSOFWISDOM 38
  40. 40. which made an altogether new sense to current reality and they bent reality or made a significant difference in the way we live our Do you know yourself as truly as you should? Do you know your lives; and therefore people around such Randhir Kapoors’ make emotional & spiritual assets & liabilities? Does your emotion them CEO. So, I would like you to start from shop floor and eat your overpower you quite enough? Do you know what motivates you & lunch with that assembly line bloke, who comes from that god why? Do you know what gets you in a ‘flow’? Can you ‘empathize’ damn forsaken village in Barmer. and ‘be’ with a slum dweller or a villager in a forest of Chhattisgarh literally run by Maoists? What is the quality of your network or FB friends? How do you leverage it for larger good? These are a few While sense of ownership, proactive outlook and humility are key queries I may ask if you meet me next time. (Meanwhile, read ingredients of a copy book leader; a leader is also known by his Daniel Goleman’s book on Emotional Intelligence.) DNA to ‘vision’ unique offerings to its clients & constituencies. Lastly, let me assure you that you are better than what you think I look for people, who can be comfortable in different places and about yourself. You and your ‘loved’ ones have created a mist of times; from Barmer in Rajasthan to Brisbane in Australia, yet look inadequacy about and around you. Invite the Sun. You are destined for ‘newer’ solutions- without anybody asking! A leader finds his to shine. Just believe it. If ever you are in doubt, there are some anchors even in inhospitable terrains; and marshals his key people with you, by you and for you. Just look around. resources people with shared vision to transform wastelands into vineyards. Leaders align people to achieve common goals with a smile. My question is: did you do anything of this kind in the last three years or even when you were in school? If you can show me evidence, welcome into corporate corridors! EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE LEADERSHIP MINDSET 39
  41. 41. UNCAMPUSPLUSREPORT THEUNCAMPUSSUCCESSSTORY The current economic slowdown has spared none. While placements have taken a dip everywhere, it is business as usual in Jaipuria Institute of Management. `8.9 lac HIGHEST PACKAGE PLACEMENT TREND The current placement season witnessed participation from leading companies, offering roles across varied functions and geographies. The Financial services sector continued to be in demand constituting over 24% of offers followed by Manufacturing which yielded about 13% of the offers and a broad spectrum of roles in Banking, KPO/Consulting, Real Estate, FMCG/Consumer Durable, IT/ITES, etc. THE CLASS OF 2013 T usiness institutes across the country are in the Thanks to Uncampus which gives the institute a good head start. midst of intense activity. It is recruitment time Uncampus is a pioneering initiative that has brought all and the air is thick with expectation. But these 4 campuses of the institute on one platform. are also challenging times. As the economy slows down, institutes have had to brave a dip in placements. Given that the gap between the demand and supply of management graduates has widened, many students have even had to settle down for jobs fit for an undergraduate. And the best names in banking, media, finance and other sectors have come hiring. Not surprisingly, year after year, the institute has But all seems well at Jaipuria Institute of Management. Despite broken its own placement record. This year is no different, the the economic slowdown, it is business as usual. The current institute has registered a 91% placement record. The companies placement season too is looking positive and vibrant. “With the who have hired this year are Nestle, LG India, Deloitte, Business response received from recruiters, we are overwhelmed that the Octane, Network 18, Standard Chartered Bank, Asian Paints, placements have set a new benchmark this year”, says Ms. Mithu Deutsche Bank among others. Gupta, Sr. Manager-Placements and Corporate Relations. BUSINESS AS USUAL MAKING AVAILABLE A DIVERSE POOL OF STUDENTS TO RECRUITERS THROUGH A SINGLE WINDOW INTERFACE, IT HAS NOT ONLY SIMPLIFIED THE WHOLE PROCESS, IT ALSO OFFERS A BOUQUET OF CHOICE. B 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 81% 2009-11 2010-12 2011-13 89% 91% 40
  42. 42. SECTORWISEPLACEMENTBATCH2009-11 Banking Financial Services KPO/Telecom & Others Consumer Durables/Retail Consulting/Research Manufacturing 10% 9% 7% 46% 16% 12% 6% 5% 43% 16% 13% 9% Banking Manufacturing/Automobiles Financial Services/Insurance Others Research/KPO & Consultancy Telecom IT/ITES Consumer Durables/FMCG Logistics/Retail SECTORWISEPLACEMENTBATCH2010-12 13% 1% 2% 3% 3% 3% 4% 5% 5% 7% 14% 24% 1% Financial Services Banking Manufacturing Real Estate KPO/Consulting Insurance FMCG/Consumer Durable IT/ITES HR Consultancy Media/Advertising E-Commerce Retail Publishing Others SECTORWISEPLACEMENTBATCH2011-13 10% 3% 3% 2% Mr. Pankaj Dobhal AVP, GE Capital Americas, F&A Leader “Ability to adapt to situations and different working environments and the technical knowledge of the people hired from Jaipuria have been the key differentiator. One of the attributes that stands out, when it comes to students that we have hired from Jaipuria, is the way they get involved with the existing Genpact employees, whether it is getting trained or helping new joinees or participating in the Genpact initiatives. Acquainting with Genpact culture and making it part of their own life, is probably the grooming given/acquired from the college.” Shivesh Singh Regional HR Partner- North ING Vysya Bank Limited “Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida adopts proactive approach for placing their students. Their connect with Recruiters/Company is noteworthy, which makes the entire recruitment cum industry interface with candidate flawless. Jaipuria’s has generally owned the entire process of campus placement from end to end which somehow assures better future prospects for students studying there.” 41
  43. 43. SOMEOFOURFINALRECRUITERS BANKING RETAIL & LOGISTICS KPO, RESEARCH & CONSULTING FINANCIAL SERVICES & ADVERTISING & MEDIA INSURANCE OTHERS MANUFACTURING & AUTOMOBILE IT/ITES FMCG & CONSUMER DURABLES Nestle Axis Bank Lexi Pens Cantabil Retail India Ltd. Allahabad Bank MTR Foods Delhi Duty Free Services Bank of Baroda Parle Foods Future Group Deutsche Bank PepsiCo GATI KWE Federal Bank TVS Electronics ITC-Lifestyle HDFC Bank VLCC Lilliput ICICI Bank Vishal Videos Max Retail IDBI Bank Asian Paints Next Retail India Ltd. Indian Bank Orient Fans Next Retail IndusInd Bank Pantaloon Retail Vijaya Bank Reliance ING Vysya Bank Reliance Retail Antal InternationalOriental Bank of Commerce Safexpress Beroe ConsultingRoyal Bank of Scotland TCIL Capital IQUCO Bank WH Smith Retail Deloitte Consulting Ernst & Young Grail Research Advel Group Alankit Mancer Consulting CNBC Aviva Life Insurance Onicra Credit Rating Agency Fever 104 Bajaj Allianz Quest Career Solutions Future Eye Intl. Ltd. Bharti AXA Tata Consultancy Sevices Hindustan Times Carte Blanche Price Waterhouse Coopers HDFC Home Loan ICICI Securities Ashiana Housing IFFCO-TOKIO Eli Lilly Cheviot GroupIndia Bulls Idea Cellular Eureka ForbesKarvyiTrust Matrix Cellular GreenplyKotak Securities Onmobile HavellsLIC Housing Finance Reliance Property Solution HindwareL & T Finance ValueFirst Messaging Pvt. Ltd. Hyundai Mobis India Ltd.Mahindra Finance Vodafone JK Lakshmi CementMuthoot Finance JK TyreNational Payment Corporation Kajaria CeramicsSBI Life Insurance Ltd. A & S Software Kamdhenu SteelsTata AIG Drishti Software Metafrique Genpact Midland Group HCL Infosystems Siyarams Helix Technology Blue Star Ltd. TVS Indiamart Berger Paints TATA Motors Infosys BPO Godfrey Phillips TTK Prestige MCS Geotech Pvt. Ltd. Grasim Industries Usha International ITC VIP Industries Dr. Rajesh Choudhary Sr. Manager– HR Future Group “Management graduates we picked from Jaipuria in last couple of years are doing real good job and have added a lot of value to our organisation.” UNCAMPUSPLUSREPORT 42
  44. 44. LOOKWHO’S HIRINGAGAIN Hindware Deloitte Consulting Federal Bank Capital IQ Axis Bank ITC Ltd. Berger Paints Asian Paints LG India HDFC Bank ICICI Bank ICICI Securities Citi Bank Progressive Media xL Dynamics TTK Prestige Ernst & Young Nestle India Genpact Blue Star GATI KWE Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd. Vishal Retail PepsiCo Polyplex Corporation Ltd. Onicra Credit Rating Agency Standard Chartered Bank CROMA- Tata Group i-venture Capital Bose Corporation Indiabulls Securities Ms. Ankita Parashar HR Department Hotel Clarks, Amer “We are happy with the kind of dedication and focus your student has put in her SIP with us. The approach towards learning and understanding new things was good. Our overall experience with your student and institute has marked a commendable start. We would definitely look forward to a healthy and fruitful association with your institute.” PANINDIACOVER Jaipuria students across campuses are placed PAN INDIA and are ready to relocate depending on the company’s job profile. ORGANISATION Deloitte Consulting Asian Paints Progressive Media Axis Bank Colgate Palmolive LG India xL Dynamics Berger Paints Web Peripherals GATI KWE Nestle Laurent & Benon Federal Bank Orient Fans Just Dial Blue Star Hindware Indiabulls RSPL Mahindra Finance Ego Group Business Octane Solutions Wipro India First Life Insurance PNB Metlife Ernst & Young SECTOR KPO/Consulting FMCG/Consumer Durable IT/ITES Banking FMCG/Consumer Durable FMCG/Consumer Durable Financial Services FMCG/Consumer Durable IT/ITES Logistics FMCG/Consumer Durable HR Consultancy Banking FMCG/Consumer Durable E–commerce FMCG/Consumer Durable FMCG/Consumer Durable Financial Services FMCG/Consumer Durable Financial Services FMCG/Consumer Durable Telecom IT/ITES Insurance Insurance KPO/Consulting LOCATION Hyderabad PAN India Hyderabad UP, Delhi/NCR Gurgaon Delhi/NCR Mumbai Kolkata Mangalore Secunderabad Jodhpur, UP Region Mumbai PAN India Delhi/NCR Lucknow, Delhi/NCR UP Gurgaon UP Kanpur UP Mumbai PAN India Gurgaon PAN India UP Gurgaon “Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow is making an excellent effort in developing young students to a total exposure of various facets of Management so that the PGDM & PGDM (Retail) students are able to meet the present and future needs of industry.” “We recruited from Jaipuria because the students here were really hard working and they were eager to learn from their internships.” Mr. Divyankar Goel Regional Sales Manager– North Grasim Consumer Products Dr. Rajen Mehrotra Chief Knowledge Officer ACC Ltd., Mumbai 43
  45. 45. CURRENTPROFILE:2012-14 TOTAL STRENGTH 677283FEMALE 394MALE Arts Biotechnology Commerce Computers Engineering Management Science Others TOTAL 20 2 264 34 94 195 50 18 677 EXPERIENCE BREAK UP PIE CHART Complete profile of students can be viewed on website EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND PIE-CHART GRADUATION STREAM STUDENTS SPECIALISATION WISE BREAK UP PIE CHART DUAL SPECIALISATIONS Finance Human Resource Mgmt. Information Technology International Business Marketing Production & Operations Management Retail Management TOTAL 429 151 12 21 631 35 52 1331* SPECIALISATION STUDENTS Freshers 1-12 Months 13-24 Months 25-36 Months > 36 Months TOTAL 605 41 12 10 9 677 MONTHS STUDENTS 44 *The total number is larger than number of students due to dual specialisation opted by students.