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  2. 2. CHAIRMAN'S MESSAGE BE PREPARED TO CHANGE M A T anagement education is not for those who want a cushy life. And it is certainly not for the meek hearted. Management education is for you only if you ache to be more and to do more. Step into a demanding and rigorous course such as this, not for the degree you will get at the end, but for the process of learning that you will go through now and in your life thereafter. At Jaipuria Institute of Management, change will be your constant companion. You will reject, reinterpret and rediscover practices and models. You will shatter all that you have prided as your “knowledge”–only to discover a new perspective. Each day. SO BEFORE YOU STEP INTO A PROGRAMME AT JAIPURIA, BRACE YOURSELF TO START EVERYTHING AFRESH. GET READY TO UNLOCK YOUR MIND 02
  3. 3. BOARD OF GOVERNORS CHAIRPERSON VICE-CHAIRPERSONS Sharad Jaipuria Chairman & Managing Director Ginni International Ltd. Senior Vice President–PHDCCI Anjali Jaipuria Educationist Shreevats Jaipuria Executive Director Ginni International Ltd. Dr. G. Pattanaik Vice Chancellor University of Lucknow, Lucknow Dr. Rajiv R Thakur Director Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida Dr. Pritam Singh Director General, IMI, New Delhi Former Director, MDI and IIM, Lucknow Dr. Prabhat Pankaj Director Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur D. Swarup Ex-Chairman Pension Fund Regulatory & Development Authority Dr. Jai Prakash Upadhyay Director Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore MEMBERS Salil Bhandari Corporate Consultant Anurag Dalmia Vice Chairman Dalmia Bros. (P) Ltd. Dr. Kamal Gupta Corporate Consultant Former Technical Director, ICAI Sudhir Jalan Co–Chairperson Rieter India (P) Ltd. Ravi Jhunjhunwala Chairman LNJ Bhilwara Group S.S. Kohli Former CMD India Infrastructure Finance Company Ltd. Nominee, AICTE, New Delhi Dr. Pankaj Gupta Director General Jaipuria Institute of Management Nominee, State Government Dr. S.R. Musanna Director Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow Kashi N. Memani Former Chairman & Country Managing Partner Ernst & Young, India 03
  4. 4. BREAK FREE A T hat you learnt yesterday is redundant today. You need to think new to survive. The world is changing. And it compels us to search for new tools, techniques and ideas to get an edge and survive in a world that brims with endless challenges. How do we find these new ideas? Learning new ideas require us to first unlearn all the old ones we have stored in our minds. If we can’t first unlearn–then we can’t learn. It is that simple. Unlearning alone helps us adapt and remain relevant. W Surprisingly, then only a few management institutes are really trying to realign their education in this way. While the goal of management education is to create leaders, traditional management education does not use a multi-dimensional approach that focuses on the individual first. Jaipuria Institute of Management takes learning to another level. The path is simple and clear. Learning is the genesis of effective leadership. Performance or Purpose? Learning or Unlearning? What should you choose? Think about it. And learning never happens in isolation. In fact learning and unlearning are two sides of the same coin. The ability and the freedom to think from all possible angles is the starting point. At Jaipuria institute, learning remains the core of the pedagogy. And the student at its epicentre. The environment and curriculum at Jaipuria facilitate active thinking. Active thinkers become aware about their ‘Self’ as much as the businesses they are a part of. And this very awareness creates the stage for you to start your learning. Once you ask the right questions, you seek out your possible solutions. You absorb and assimilate, you learn. But learning is never an end in itself. From the learning that you absorb comes a new question, a new thought. The culture at Jaipuria propels students to step out of the box, to think afresh and to discover anew. Innovation becomes a way of life. Students at Jaipuria thrive on risks. And this puts them in centre stage wherever they go. Leadership therefore becomes their next natural step. Studying at Jaipuria then is really not about getting a degree. It is about getting a fresh perspective to life instead. DON’T JUST GET A DEGREE GET A NEW PERSPECTIVE TO LIFE INSTEAD 04
  5. 5. JAIPURIA’S LOOP OF KNOWLEDGE LEARNING WITH THE MIND. LEADING WITH THE HEART. AT JAIPURIA, EDUCATION IS EMPOWERMENT. THAT IS WHY THE ETHOS HERE IS BUILT AROUND THE STUDENT, THE INDIVIDUAL WHO YEARNS FOR KNOWLEDGE. LEARN Seek the truth, pursue it, reach out. Be ready to head anywhere, as long as it's forward. THINK Ask questions, contemplate, explore new avenues. After all, what you think is what you become. IMBIBE Absorb, experience, appreciate–as much as you can. Let go of insecurity, start feeling proud of who you are. INNOVATE Think unique, traverse new roads, achieve the extraordinary, keep it simple. Discover new routes to success. CHOOSE LEAD Weigh your options, prioritise, take your pick, try the new, accept challenges. Understand the power of risk-taking. Take charge, blaze a new trail, be a trendsetter. Management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right things. 05
  6. 6. LEARN TO UNLEARN Y Y T our tryst with destiny has begun. Thousands of AICTE approved business schools, university MBA programmes, autonomous schools and more, how do you make the right choice? It is true that management education cannot add value if it fails to reevaluate and reinterpret existing knowledge. Typically, B-Schools train you to focus on what to learn rather than on how or why to learn. Traditional management education is confined to familiar zones. Focusing on performances rather than on the purpose of actions. It continues to re-apply old data to emerging realities. “The illiterates of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn” -Alvin Toffler American Writer & Futurist The obvious question then is; Are we asking the right questions in the classrooms? Are we able to dissect, analyse and reevaluate data in the context of our times? What blocks us from learning anything new is our obsession to older ways, older theories and practices. Also a fear of stepping out of our comfort zone holds us back. Creativity can emerge in the absence of any judgment of our cultured thought processes. The challenge before management education therefore is to create learning that breaks down knowledge, erases pre-conceived and tutored ideas. To build the next generation of innovative leaders therefore, a curriculum of unlearning is vital. 06 Breaking the clutter, Jaipuria Institute of Management brings in this much needed perspective to management education. You walk in to this B-School and you experience the difference. From day one, you will be guided by a faculty mentor and subsequently by an industry mentor. The environment and the pedagogy challenge you to first undo and UNBECOME. And then enable you to unleash your true potential. The entire programme is structured to break down all mental constructs accumulated over time. The introduction of theatrics as a part of pedagogy is one such example of Jaipuria’s unorthodox ways. The learning is current and industry relevant, thanks to the industry centric live projects that put students into real time situations to test their learnability, adaptability and employability. Offering new and emerging courses like Retail and Service Management and staying abreast the current market trends has been Jaipuria’s forte. Understanding the need for specialised programme for the marketing professionals, Jaipuria began offering PGDM (Marketing) way back in 2007 at its Noida campus. Packed with innovation, Jaipuria has even engineered a borderless campus integration through Uncampus. For the first time in a management school, it has brought in the best of quality, diversity and opportunities on a single platform, for both students and recruiters alike. The Uncampus experience is innovation exemplified. An exchange of ideas, learning methods and faculty pool, it is a one window interface for admissions and placements as well. Clearly then, Jaipuria Institute has been seeking more out of education.
  8. 8. R I THE ECONOMICS OF EDUCATION Y E very investment has a promise of a return. Some in short term and others in long term. An investment in management education is one investment that promises both short and long term returns. However, the way it is seen from the other side is completely different. For most of the aspirants, management education is a sure-shot way of getting into the big league and making big money the day they get out of the institute. Yes! management graduates are in demand and yes, they have better chances of growth in organisations. But have you asked why? It is because these professionals bring with them more than just knowledge. They bring with them analytical and logical thinking, adaptability and above all dynamism that's peculiar to the ever-changing world of businesses today. An investment in management education is beyond monetary and so are the returns. It is the institute's responsibility to provide you with the best opportunities but it is also your responsibility to be ready for opportunities when they come knocking. The true test of a management institute comes in the employability of its students. Jaipuria Institute believes that you as a thinking, learning individual are an active participant and an empowered architect of your own destiny. You decide, you choose, you create and you become ready for the next step. The institute pools in the best resources, the latest knowledge practices, and the greatest minds to offer you the tools to chisel your destiny. The platform is ready and flush with possibilities. Needless to say the best of recruiters too come knocking. The question again is–are you ready? 08 YOU INVEST Money Time Effort Aspirations
  10. 10. THE POWER OF ONE Learning without borders. Simplified placement and admission procedures. All for One and One for All. More on the Uncampus edge and why it is the best ROI. The Power of One. This was quite unheard of in a multi–campus B-School before. But Jaipuria Institute went ahead and did it. It broke down borders across campuses, and re-structured the whole culture of exchange among disparate campuses. The results have been out there for all to see. U A T ncampus–a pioneering campus unification across Lucknow, Noida, Jaipur and Indore has benefited all stakeholders. It has engineered a unique culture of boundless exchanges in ideas, exposure and learning. For a student at Jaipuria, Uncampus brings together peer interactions through campus events. It further facilitates learning from a pool of 95+ mentors. You can also choose to spend a trimester in any other campus through the Uncampus Exchange Programme. 10 Centralised admissions and placements through Uncampus have not only simplified processes but also multiplied diverse options for both students and recruiters. Students can access opportunities available across four campuses. Recruiters too find ready a pool of talent at a location of their choice. Above all, Uncampus brings together stalwarts to design a unique course curriculum under the aegis of the Jaipuria Academic Area Councils. The result is undoubtedly at par with the best in the world. Clearly, the Uncampus offering is the best advantage at Jaipuria. It is also the perfect Return on Investment for any student.
  11. 11. UNCAMPUS ADMISSIONS Provides flexibility to students to choose campus & programme of their choice UNCAMPUS CURRICULUM Centrally designed curriculum by Jaipuria Academic Area Councils which enables students with finest knowledge UNCAMPUS PLACEMENTS UNCAMPUS LEARNING Centralised placement that offers wider choice both for students and recruiters Rich exchange of knowledge through faculty exchange programmes, cultural and academic events across all campuses UNCAMPUS EXPERIENCE Unlimited exposure through inter-campus student exchange programme for one trimester each across 4 campuses 11
  12. 12. OF EDUCATION, COMMERCE AND NAWABI TEHZEEB Welcome to Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh. The second largest metro in North and Central India after Delhi, it is the 6th city in India for fastest job–creation. Lucknow is a major market and trading place in Northern India. Thanks to the opening up of the economy, many new opportunities in the business and service sector have been created. Lucknow’s excellent educational, commercial, banking and legal infrastructure has brought in rapid growth in information technology, banking, retailing, construction and other service sectors. It has also been selected for the Smart City Project of Government of India. LIFE AND THE CITY The land of erstwhile Nawabs, Lucknow has blended its old world charm and Lucknawi tehzeeb with recent modernisation. A visit to Lucknow enthrals you with its rich legacy in arts, dance & music, literature & poetry. Exotic arts like Chikan, Zardosi, Jewellery, Bidri, Enameling are celebrated the world over. Gota, calico printing, fine pottery and perfumes called Attar (itra) and the art of kite flying are known to have attained perfection here. Lucknow Mahotsav is perhaps the best time to visit the city. Held during November–December, this is when the city comes alive in its rich crafts, cultures and traditions for ten days. A RICH ARCHITECTURAL LEGACY Lucknow’s legacy of exceptional Mughal architecture draws people from the world over. Rumi Darwaza is said to be identical in design to an ancient portal at Constantinople. Asafi Imambara’s (Bara Imambara) central hall is said to be the largest vaulted chamber in 12 DID YOU KNOW the world. A staircase from outside leads to a series of labyrinths known as Bhool-Bhulaiyan. The Chhota Imambara is more ornate in design with exquisite chandeliers, gilt-edged mirrors and colourful stuccos making this golden dome a truly exceptional monument. Jama Masjid– free from the pseudo-Italian art then in vogue in Lucknow reflects the Mughal style of architecture. ABUNDANCE OF GREEN SPACES Several parks like the Ambedkar Memorial and Lohia Park, Swarn Jayanti Park and Aurobindo Park, attract residents for an evening stroll on holidays and weekends. The sprawling National Botanical Garden at Sikandarbagh and the city’s Kukrail Reserve Forest for conservation of crocodiles are worth a visit. Moosa Bagh and Utretia are other popular picnic spots. National parks accessible from Lucknow are Dudhwa National Park, Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary and Samaspur Bird Sanctuary. Lucknow is known as the Golden City of India, Shiraz-i-Hind and the Constantinople of the East.
  13. 13. “Jaipuria doesn’t teach you how you can be better than others; it makes you better than yourself. The courses offered here are industryoriented and focus on the holistic development of the students. The exceptional placements of Jaipuria Lucknow clearly indicate what Jaipuria does and how well it does it.” Tuhin Sharma (PGDM 2012-14) JAIPURIA LUCKNOW Established in 1995 & led by Dr. S R Musanna, Jaipuria Lucknow has a conducive environment for experiential learning. It trains you to think critically and act creatively. The curriculum, keeping in mind the evolving business landscape encourages you to think out of the box, change paradigms and unlock your true potential. Jaipuria Lucknow offers the following AICTE approved, two year full-time programmes: PGDM, PGDM (Financial Services) & PGDM (Retail Management) ‘A’ Grade Accreditation by ‘NAAC’, UGC 4th in North India amongst private B-Schools (Career 360, 2012) 9th in North India amongst private B-Schools (Business Today, 2013) 26th by Recruiters amongst private B-Schools in India (Business World, 2013) 23rd in India amongst best private B-Schools (NHRDN, 2013) 13
  14. 14. THE HUB OF EDUCATION, COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY New Okhla Industrial Area or Noida. 20 kms from South East Delhi. Designed for great connectivity to other parts of the region via metro, road and rail. Planned infrastructure developments to create residential and commercial spaces propelled realty and commercial growth in Noida. IT parks and industries in this area along with innumerable housing projects have been important employment generators. Home to many IT multinationals, the Software Technology Park, Noida is an industrial and automobile hub as well. Its Special Economic Zone status, close proximity to Delhi and a suburban atmosphere have encouraged many companies like Sapient, IBM, AON Hewitt, TCS, Wipro and HCL etc. to have their Indian branch offices here. CITY OF ENTERTAINMENT SPORTS AND THE CITY Noida is one of the entertainment hotspots in the country with India's largest theme-based amusement park–Entertainment City, also called World of Wonder. The 100 acre Noida Film City hosts shootings for various mainstream and regional feature films, television shows and edutainment programmes. Also, it is a hub for all major news channels and famous studios–T-Series, Network 18, CNN IBN and others. The Film City is also a gateway to Noida's twin city Greater Noida. It hosted the Half-Marathon in 2005 and the Queen’s Baton Relay for the Commonwealth Games. The cycling competition for 2010 Commonwealth games was held at Noida–Greater Noida Express Way. The Noida Golf Course boasts an 18 hole par 72 course. In 2011, Greater Noida also hosted the inaugural Formula One Indian Grand Prix at the Buddh International Circuit–a first of its kind in South Asia. CONNECTED TO EVERYTHING THAT MATTERS MODEL CITY IN UP Noida is ranked at 17th place as a clean city in India. It is home to many prestigious educational institutes, shopping malls and hotels. Developments in industry and commerce have made Noida a model city in UP which is being replicated elsewhere in the state. 14 DID YOU KNOW Noida has been put on fast track by the Delhi Metro. It is well connected to Connaught Place, New Delhi, through the metro. Noida has three important expressways–DND Flyway, Noida-Greater Noida Expressway and Yamuna Expressway. DND Flyway connects Delhi and Noida in no time and is highly preferred by the office-goers. Yamuna Expressway connects Agra via Mathura to Noida. Noida is one of the largest industrial townships of India.
  15. 15. “I was looking for world class curriculum and Jaipuria is one of the best management institutes in the country today. Additionally, it offers state-ofthe-art infrastructure and that helped me decide to join the institute” Shashank Sengar (PGDM 2012-14) JAIPURIA NOIDA Established in 2004, Jaipuria Noida focuses on blending traditional Indian ethos with contemporary management developments to transform you into motivated, well-trained and ethical leaders. Led by Dr. Rajiv R Thakur, it is among the few institutes to offer specialised programme in Service Management. The campus also offers PhD Programme in association with Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur. At Jaipuria, you will be encouraged to reject conventions, break old paths to chart new routes. You will choose to make a difference. Jaipuria Noida will help you unveil the thinker and the leader in you. Jaipuria Noida offers the following AICTE approved, two year full-time programmes: PGDM, PGDM (Marketing) & PGDM (Service Management) Shashank Sengar. PGDM equivalent to MBA by Association of Indian Universities (AIU) 'A' Grade Accreditation by NAAC, UGC Rated 'A++' (Business India, 2013) 7th in North India amongst the top private B-Schools (Career 360, 2012) 20th in India amongst best private B-Schools (NHRDN, 2013) 15
  16. 16. ARTS, CULTURE, HISTORY AND A PROMISING FUTURE Jaipur–the Pink City. 260 kms from Delhi and 240 kms from Agra, the one end of the Golden Triangle of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. A legacy of 280 years and a metro city steeped in the magnificence of history. Alluring visitors with its riveting colours, diverse arts and cultures, Jaipur is a tourist’s delight. WORLD FAMOUS ARTS AND CRAFTS BEST PLANNED CITY IN INDIA Ranked as the 11th largest deposit centre and 9th largest credit centre nationwide, it is also famous as a large exporter of gold, diamond and stone jewellery in Asia. Jaipur’s jewellery markets are one of the biggest in the country. Notably, Meenakari and Kundan work are world famous and so is Lacquer jewellery. A visit to Jaipur cannot be complete without exploring Jaipur sarees, handmade kathputli, blue pottery, leather craft and miniature paintings, marble art, carpets and quilts. Located near Delhi, Jaipur has become a conduit between the North East and Western ports of India. As one of the best planned cities in the country, its infrastructure and facilities make it an ideal business city. Home to both traditional and modern industries, the city has attracted companies such as Genpact, Coca Cola, Ericsson, MICO, Infosys and NEI; owing to its investment friendly climate and pro–business attitude. PINK CITY–HERITAGE CITY A confluence of the best literary minds from across the world, Jaipur Literary Festival is Asia’s biggest festival of all. Hosted in the month of January in Jaipur, it celebrates the best of Rajasthani, Indian and international literature. THE BEST OF WORLD LITERATURE A rich culture of customs, traditions, festivals and a civilization of hundreds of years old forts and monuments make Jaipur a heritage city. Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Amber Fort (Amer Fort), Nahargarh Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Albert Hall Museum of Jaipur are the best architectural examples for the entire world. On a visit to Jaipur, tourists also enjoy regal experiences at heritage properties like Rambagh and Jaivilas. DID YOU KNOW 16 Jaipur was not always a "Pink City". It was painted pink in the 19th Century in order to welcome the Prince of Wales.
  17. 17. “Jaipuria Jaipur laid the foundation for my professional life. It turned me into an achiever, with the on-campus placement in Deutsche Bank being the icing on the cake. Learn what is taught to you, but also learn more about yourself. Find out who you are, what talents you possess and, most importantly, what you want out of your Jaipuria experience. At the end of these two years of your life, you would like to make sure that you are at a place where you’re not just earning well, but are also happy.” Shefali Arora (Alumni 2009) JAIPURIA JAIPUR Jaipuria Jaipur is committed to creation, dissemination and application of management knowledge. Led by Dr. Prabhat Pankaj, Jaipuria Jaipur’s unique pedagogy mix aims at transforming young management students as competent, cross-functional and result oriented managers. Jaipuria Jaipur offers AICTE approved, two year full-time PGDM programme. PGDM equivalent to MBA by Association of Indian Universities (AIU) Best B-School in Rajasthan (Business Today, 2012) Best B-School in Rajasthan (Financial Express) ‘A+’ Business India, 2011 17
  18. 18. FROM A BRILLIANT PAST TO A BRIGHT FUTURE From the remnants of a glorious Holkar era, Indore is a city fast becoming the IT and business hub of Central India. The largest city in Madhya Pradesh, Indore is weaving together a glorious history with a powerful future. THE MINI BOMBAY A FOODIE’S DELIGHT The era of liberalisation has seen Indore at the forefront of a number of privatisation initiatives. Being a testing ground, it has witnessed many firsts in the country. Expanding rapidly, Indore hosts many Industries–Automobile, Textile, IT etc., in its satellite towns Pithampur and Dewas. Pithampur is also known as the Detroit of India. Indore is the 4th largest cotton textile centre in the country, it accounts for about one third of the total ‘Namkeen’ (snacks) production in India. Due to its trade and industry, the city is referred to as Mini Bombay. The quintessential food lover’s paradise, Indore is famous for a delightful street food experience at Chappan and late night eat outs at Sarafa. A visit to Indore is incomplete without sampling some of the most unique corn delicacies, road side chaats and local desserts. Restaurants and multi-cuisine delis like Chef’s Alcove offer exquisite and authentic cuisines from around the world. Headquarter of Madhya Pradesh Stock Exchange; Indore is the regional head of many multi-nationals like–Impetus, CSC, CIS, Infosys and TCS are soon to open their campuses. The recent Global Investors’ Summit hosted here, attracted investors from 21 countries. LAND OF TEXTILES Indore, one of the big cloth markets offers ornate sarees and brocades in Maheshwari and Chanderi weaves. Bagh, famous for block prints done on traditional cotton, silk and jute is just 150 kms from Indore. DID YOU KNOW 18 CENTRE OF EDUCATION Indore prides itself on the educational institutes present here. Indore is the only city in India to have both IIT and IIM. The city’s Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya is a renowned University of India. PLACES TO SEE Indore’s rich architectural legacy has stood the test of time. The Rajwada–the erstwhile palace of the Holkars in the heart of the city, the Chhatris and Lalbagh Palace all stand testimony to the grandeur of the Holkar era. The other must-visit places in the city are the Central Museum, Bijasan Tekri and village resorts like Chokhi Dhani and Nakhrali Dhani. Indore also links visitors to other religious and touristic hotspots like Ujjain, Mandu, Maheshwar, Omkareshwar and Sirpur. The country's first toll road, first private telephone network (Airtel) and first private FM Radio (Radio Mirchi) were launched in Indore.
  19. 19. “Before enrolling for the 2012-14 PGDM course, I got the opportunity to explore Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore. I realised that the institute had some of the finest faculty in the country and great infrastructure. Being a part of the prestigious ‘Brand Jaipuria’ would also be an honour for anyone. Despite being from Indore, I chose a residential programme at Jaipuria Institute of Management because I thought it would give me a 24×7 exposure to constant learning.” Shreyas Saundadtikar (PGDM 2012-14) JAIPURIA INDORE The youngest of all, Jaipuria Indore is “tomorrow’s” B-School. Situated in the picturesque location, it is fully equipped with modern amenities to facilitate learning in a digital based business learning environment. Spearheaded by Dr. J.P. Upadhyay, the institute goes beyond conventional education methodologies where students are not merely learners but also contributors. Jaipuria Indore offers AICTE approved, two year full-time PGDM programme. 4th amongst top promising B-Schools in India (Competition Success Review, 2013) Fully residential campus with 24x7 learning Unique Industry Mentorship Programme–Chisel for hands on experience Summer and Winter Immersion for experiential learning 19
  20. 20. UNCAMPUS CURRICULUM CHOOSE TO CHANGE AICTE APPROVED TWO YEAR FULL-TIME PGDM PROGRAMMES PGDM PGDM (Financial Services) PGDM (Marketing) PGDM (Service Management) A T s businesses evolve in a vibrant knowledge economy, so must management education. Quick to respond to the emerging trends around the globe, Jaipuria Institute has designed industry-ready, multiple course programmes for students to choose from. Bringing together courses like E-commerce, Risk Management, Mall Management and Social Media to name a few, the curriculum assures value delivery. The entire two year A DID YOU KNOW 20 Jaipur is considered to be the Paris of India PGDM (Retail Management) programme is divided into six trimesters. A total of 35 courses (23 core and 12 electives) of three credits each are required to be successfully completed by a student to qualify for the award of the Post Graduate Diploma in Management. Apart from specialised programmes in Retail, Financial Services, Marketing and Service Management, students in their second year get to choose a dual specialisation. A rich industry exposure through Summer Internships and Live Projects further substantiates and affirms management knowledge acquired on campus.
  21. 21. POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN MANAGEMENT PGDM (FINANCIAL SERVICES) OFFERED AT LUCKNOW, NOIDA, JAIPUR AND INDORE OFFERED AT JAIPURIA LUCKNOW Core Courses Core Courses INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT) INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT) Information Technology for Managers Management Information Systems Information Technology for Managers Management Information System in Financial Services FINANCE FINANCE Accounting for Decision Making–I Accounting for Decision Making–II Financial Management–I Financial Management–II Accounting for Decision Making Financial Management–I Financial Management–II Financial Markets and Services QUANTITATIVE MANAGEMENT & OPERATION MANAGEMENT (QM & OM) QUANTITATIVE MANAGEMENT & OPERATION MANAGEMENT (QM & OM) Quantitative Analysis for Management–I Quantitative Analysis for Management–II Operations Management Quantitative Analysis for Management Quantitative Analysis for Finance Services Operations Management HUMAN RESOURCE & ORGANISATION BEHAVIOUR (HR & OB) Organisation Behaviour–I Organisation Behaviour–II Human Resource Management MARKETING Marketing Management–I Marketing Management–II HUMAN RESOURCE & ORGANISATION BEHAVIOUR (HR & OB) Organisation Behaviour–I Organisation Behaviour–II Human Resource Management MARKETING Marketing Management Marketing of Financial Products & Services BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS Business Communication–I Business Communication–II BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS Business Communication–I Business Communication–II STRATEGY Strategy Formulation Strategy Implementation & Control (Including Capstone Simulation Course) STRATEGY Strategy Formulation and Financial Services Business Strategy Implementation and Control in Financial Services Business ECONOMICS (Including Capstone Simulation Course) Managerial Economics Macroeconomics & Business Environment International Economics & Business ECONOMICS (At Jaipuria Lucknow) Managerial Economics Macroeconomics & Business Environment International Economics & Financial Services Business GENERAL MANAGEMENT Research Methods for Management Legal Aspects for Management Entrepreneurship Social Media GENERAL MANAGEMENT Research Methods in Management Legal Aspects of Management 21
  22. 22. PGDM (RETAIL MANAGEMENT) PGDM (MARKETING) OFFERED AT JAIPURIA LUCKNOW OFFERED AT JAIPURIA NOIDA Core Courses Core Courses INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT) INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT) Information Technology for Managers Management Information System and Retail Management Information Technology for Managers Management & Marketing Information Systems FINANCE FINANCE Accounting for Decision Making–I Accounting for Decision Making–II Financial Management–I Financial Management–II Accounting for Decision Making–I Accounting for Decision Making–II Financial Management–I Financial Management–II QUANTITATIVE MANAGEMENT & OPERATION MANAGEMENT (QM & OM) Quantitative Analysis for Management Quantitative Analysis: Its Applications for Retail Business Retail Store Operations Management HUMAN RESOURCE & ORGANISATION BEHAVIOUR (HR & OB) Organisation Behaviour–I Organisation Behaviour–II Human Resource Management QUANTITATIVE MANAGEMENT & OPERATION MANAGEMENT (QM & OM) Quantitative Analysis for Management–I Quantitative Analysis for Management–II Operations Management HUMAN RESOURCE & ORGANISATION BEHAVIOUR (HR & OB) Organisation Behaviour–I Organisation Behaviour–II Human Resource Management MARKETING MARKETING Marketing Management Strategic Marketing for Retail Management Understanding Retail Business: Theory and Principles BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS Business Communication–I Business Communication–II Sales and Distribution Management • Consumer Behaviour Marketing Research • Retail Marketing Marketing of Services • Brand Marketing Management Customer Relationship Management Integrated Marketing Communication Internet Marketing & E-tailing • Marketing Management–I Marketing Management–II BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGY Business Communication–I Business Communication–II Strategy Formulation Strategy Implementation & Control in Retail Management STRATEGY (Including Capstone Simulation Course) ECONOMICS Managerial Economics Macroeconomics & Business Environment Strategy Formulation Strategy Implementation and Control ECONOMICS Managerial Economics Macroeconomics and Business Environment GENERAL MANAGEMENT Research Methods for Management Legal Aspects of Business: Implications for Retail Management 22 GENERAL MANAGEMENT Legal Aspects of Business
  23. 23. PGDM (SERVICE MANAGEMENT) OFFERED AT JAIPURIA NOIDA Core Courses INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT) Information Technology for Managers Management Information Systems FINANCE Accounting for Decision Making–I Accounting for Decision Making–II Financial Management–I Financial Management–II QUANTITATIVE MANAGEMENT & OPERATION MANAGEMENT (QM & OM) Quantitative Analysis for Management–I Quantitative Analysis for Management–II Services Operations Management HUMAN RESOURCE & ORGANISATION BEHAVIOUR (HR & OB) Organisation Behaviour–I Organisation Behaviour–II Human Resource Management MARKETING Marketing Management–I Marketing Management–II BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS Business Communication–I Business Communication–II STRATEGY Strategy Formulation Strategy Implementation & Control (Including Capstone Simulation Course) ECONOMICS Managerial Economics Macro Economic & Business Environment GENERAL MANAGEMENT Understanding Services Business Legal Aspects of Management Research Methods for Management Managing Outsourcing of Services: Strategy, Process and Contracts 23
  24. 24. POOL OF ELECTIVES MARKETING Retail Marketing Rural Marketing Customer Relationship Management Brand Management Marketing Research Distribution and Channel Management Advertising and Sales promotions Consumer Behavior Franchisee Marketing Marketing in Practice Managing and Marketing of Innovation Business Marketing Understanding Service Business Sales Management Merchandising Management Strategy Management of Retailing Product & Category Management International Marketing Special Topics in Marketing Marketing of Financial Services Strategic Marketing Management Below-the-Line Marketing MARKETING SERVICES Product and Category Management Advertising and Sales Promotion Distribution and Channel Management Consumer Behaviour Sales Management Integrated Marketing Communication Brand Marketing Management Customer Relationship Management International Marketing Marketing Research Internet Marketing and E-tailing Retail Marketing Marketing of Services Applied Marketing Strategy Below-the-line Marketing Services Communication Management Media Planning and Management Event Management Public Relations 24 Mgmt. of Marketing Research & Advertising Agency Services Managing Management Consultancy Strategic Marketing of Services Service Satisfaction: Measurement and Management FINANCE International Finance and Reporting Standards Financial Econometrics Financial Modeling Wealth Management Investment Management Corporate Valuation Fixed Income Securities Financial Derivatives and Risk Management Financial Markets & Services Risk Management in Commercial Banks International Finance Project Finance Private Equity and Venture Capital Infrastructure Financing Corporate Restructuring Raising Capital: Financial Instruments, Institutions and Strategy FINANCIAL SERVICES International Finance Financial Statement Analysis Financial Derivatives and Risk Management International Financial Reporting Standards Bank Financial Management Risk Management in Commercial Banks Financial Planning Fixed Income Securities Corporate Tax Management: Planning & Execution Project Finance Advanced Corporate Finance Strategic Cost Management Financial Engineering Private Equity and Venture Capital HUMAN RESOURCE AND ORGANISATION BEHAVIOUR Training and Development Leadership and Team Building Performance Management
  25. 25. Compensation Management Recruitment and Selection Occupational Testing and Competency Mapping Industrial Relations Designing Work Organisations International Human Resource Management Organisational Development and Change Strategic Human Resource Management Labor Legislations Transactional Analysis Negotiation Skills HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT SERVICES Manpower Planning & Recruitment Strategies Training & Development Competency Mapping and Performance Management Compensation Management and Reward System Employee Relations International HRM Human Resource Information System Labour Laws Knowledge Management Cross-Culture & Diversity Management Strategic Human Resource Management Organisation Development & Change Talent Acquisition, Retention & Growth DECISION SCIENCES AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Total Quality Management Manufacturing Planning and Control Technology and Innovation Management Management of Outsourcing Supply Chain Management Data Analysis Project Management Operation Strategy Quality Management Service Operation Management Material Management Logistics Management Safety Health and Environment Management Ware housing Management Inventory Management Managing Services Operation Management of Technology IT AND ITES MANAGEMENT E-Business Management Science with Spreadsheet Modeling Enterprise Management Systems IT Governance: Risk Management and Compliance IT Project Management Data Warehouse and Data Mining Information Security & Management Telecom Management in Business Intelligent Interface for Managerial Decision Dashboard Reporting Database Management System E–Commerce Data Mining for Business Intelligence Enterprise Resource Planning Knowledge Management Software Project Management Telecom Management RETAIL AND MERCHANDISING Retail Management New Store Planning Merchandise and Category Management Store Designing and Visual Merchandising Indirect Tax laws Store Operations Franchising and Global Retailing Mall Management Rural Retailing Retail Environment: Global Trends & Concepts Retail Economics & Store Profitability Retail Store Operations Management Retail Selling & Sales Management Merchandising Management Management of Store Design & Layout Supply Chain Management & Warehousing Management Management of Store Events, Advertising & Promotions Category Management and Private Label Development Managing Retail Verticals E–tailing Customer Relationship Management Vendor Development & Management Retail Brand Building & Management Retail Research & Retail Audit Strategic Management of Retailing *The pool of electives is indicative. It may differ from campus to campus and programme to programme. 25
  26. 26. INSURANCE AND RISK MANAGEMENT GENERAL MANAGEMENT AND OPEN ELECTIVES Actuarial Science Corporate Finance and Financial Risk Management Fire & Miscellaneous Insurance Life, Health and Disability Insurance Operations in Insurance Companies Pricing of Life & Health Insurance Principles of Insurance Property Maintenance & Risk Management Risk Management and Insurance Planning Strategic Management of Insurance Organisations Underwriting Motor and Marine Insurance Banking Products Banking Systems Principles of Insurance Operations and Regulations in Banks Advance Data Analysis Investment Banking Entrepreneurship – (Open elective in campuses where it is not offered as core course) Marketing of Insurance Products Securities Market Regulations Operations in Insurance Companies Business Negotiations Skills BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS Business Ethics and Values Essentials of Business Communications Advanced Managerial Communications Leadership Interpersonal Processes and Team building Coaching and Counseling Skills STRATEGY MANAGEMENT Corporate Governance and Business ethics Merger, Acquisition and Collaborations Global Competitive Strategy Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management Creativity and Innovation Advanced Communication Thinking and Writing Skills Personal Growth Personality Development and Business Etiquette Spirituality and Management ECONOMICS Business Analytics Business Forecasting Environmental Economics for Business Behavioural Economics and Decision Making Game theory application for Managers Economic Policy Analysis Advanced Entrepreneurship Power, Ethics and Politics Women Leadership Corporate Social Responsibility Business Forecasting Management of NGOs Business Government and Global Economy Business Analytics INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Intellectual Property Rights Business Dynamics in BRICS Geo Politics and International Business CDM and International Business WTO and International Business Building and Sustaining a Successful Economy Business Turnaround Management *The pool of electives is indicative. It may differ from campus to campus and programme to programme. 26
  27. 27. DON’T SETTLE FOR ANYTHING LESS A CHECKLIST FOR YOU TO PICK THE RIGHT B-SCHOOL ¨ with management principles and experience, also helps develop my personality and soft skills Equips me ¨ cases, business simulations, industry immersion and live projects, helps me in understanding the Integrated concepts and implement them in real situations ¨ elective courses that offer me an opportunity to pursue dual specialisation Innovative ¨ Industry relevant curriculum that is constantly updated to meet growing industry demands ¨industry exposure through industry visits, summer internship, guest lectures to help me understand Immense intricacies of the corporate functions ¨ Class activities like quizzes, written assignments, group discussions, interviews and evaluation that provide me the scope to interact with peers and enhance management and organisational skills ¨ skill developers and counselors to hone my people and communication skills Trained soft ¨ Programmes focusing on individual strengths and weaknesses rather than being a one size fits all programme ¨ atmosphere for learning Condusive ¨facilities and activities for recreation Adequate 27
  28. 28. ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS Y ou just cannot be complacent at Jaipuria Institute of Management. The 95+ faculty of experts in academics and the industry inspires a hunger for more knowledge and continuous self-driven learning. If you thought you know it all–well think again. Once in their classroom, all the models, theories and practices of management will be dissected, broken down and thrashed for analysis and review. Once in their radar, you are provoked, challenged and enthused to think out of the box. You find a clear purpose and direction to your enquiry. Classrooms at Jaipuria become bedrocks for further investigation and newer solutions. A synergy of the best of brains, Jaipuria’s faculty is known for its teaching skills and contribution to management knowledge as well. With a rich count of published papers and books to their credit, they are also most sought after for their holistic Y Management Development Programmes (MDP) for the industry. Jaipuria’s 360o teaching methodology–group discussions, presentation techniques and corporate interactions form a major part of the pedagogical process. You are exposed to industry issues and situations involving a critical thought process you are likely to encounter, through Orientation and Foundation programmes, Guest lectures, National conferences, Conclaves and Industrial visits. Thanks to a symbiotic relationship with foreign universities like the HEIG–VD, Switzerland, you are exposed to International student exchange and researches Jaipuria effortlessly and ceaselessly prepares you for not just learnability, but also adaptability and hence employability. SO KEEP THE QUESTIONS COMING. 150+ 100+ MDPs OFFERED FOR CEOs AND SENIOR LEVEL MANAGERS CEOs AND MIDDLE LEVEL MANAGERS DELIVER LEADERSHIP LECTURES Leadership Skills Development Programme for the Managers at National Dairy Development Board Excellence in HR 2012’ for the managers of New Holland Tractors Pvt. Ltd. Transforming Managers to Leaders For Effective Management of Change In 21st Century 28 400+ RESEARCH PAPERS PUBLISHED IN INTERNATIONAL AND INDIAN JOURNALS PROVIDING DIVERSIFIED KNOWLEDGE Accounting Standards and Forex for IREDA LIST OF MDPs Enhancing Managerial Competencies for NTPC Enlightening Top Management of State Trading Corporation on RBI Guidelines and Indian and International Contracts Act
  29. 29. UNCAMPUS LEARNING MDPs BUILDING KNOWLEDGE. IMPACTING CHANGE. Constant change in the economy means that management practices too must keep evolving. Preparing professionals to sail through the winds of change is a need of the hour. Most B-Schools are gearing up to this need by offering continuous management education programmes. Jaipuria’s Management Development Programmes (MDP) follows a holistic approach, building into it the entire ethos of lifelong learning. The institute’s MDP centre is ambitious. It offers state-of-the-art facilities complete with latest training gadgets and an intellectual pool of over 95+ distinguished faculty members. This Centre focuses on organising market driven customised Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, Management Development Programmes, Faculty Development Programmes, Training Programmes for industry and academicians alike. Consultancy and Research activities are also undertaken to facilitate knowledge dissemination from faculty members to update students in terms of experiential learning. THE PhD PROGRAMME Research. Refine. Redefine. Break down prevalent knowledge and build the new. Jaipuria Institute comes together with Mohanlal Sukhadia Univeristy (MLSU), Udaipur to offer a PhD programme that prepares students for careers in academics, consulting and management of business organisations. It is a formal training programme for promising academicians and working executives, with proclivity for academics, teaching and research. Spread over 3 years, the programme has been divided into six semesters of 6 months each. Not only does it prepare scholars with efficacy and excellence, it also bridges the gap between theory and practice. “I have received my education from a lot of institutes in different parts of the country, but the faculty at Jaipuria Institute of Management is incomparable. The teachers use aids like white boards, projectors, videos, power point presentations, role plays, etc., to help each student understand the concepts being discussed. I also think that the faculty at Jaipuria is easily accessible and that makes education not only fun, but also easy for me. It has helped me build several skills, including public speaking and I am confident that going forward, I will be able to get a placement as per my caliber.” Geetika Goyal (PGDM 2012-14) EXECUTIVE PGDM PREPARE FOR THE NEXT UPGRADE. NOW. Jaipuria’s Executive Programme (Three Year Part-Time) has been uniquely designed for working executives, entrepreneurs and other professionals who ache to sharpen their skills through formal education, while fulfilling current professional commitments. The course is customised according to the job profile and sector/ companies. Divided into ten terms, students are required to do three courses in every term so that they can internalise learning systematically. The unique feature of this programme is one can choose specialisation as per his/her interest and work experience. 29
  30. 30. OUR CORE FACULTY Over the last 18 years, Jaipuria has created an intellectual community of faculty members drawn from industry and academia, renowned for their excellent teaching skills and contribution to management education through creation and sharing of new knowledge. BUSINESS COMMUNICATION BANKING & FINANCE Anurag Singh MBM, PGDM Research Interest: Corporate Finance, Corporate Tax Laws, Mergers and Acquisitions Dheeraj Misra PhD, MA Research Interest: Risk Management, Financial Derivatives, Corporate Finance Kalyani Parmal PhD (Pursuing), UGC (NET), MBA, MS Finance Research Interest: Financial Management Capital Markets Moid. U.Ahmad PhD (Pursuing) MFC, Research Interest: Islamic Management, Banking, Entrepreneurship, Investments Pankaj Gupta Ph.D, CMA, Fulbright Fellow, Fellow (ICAI), GCPCL (Harvard) Research Interest: Financial Accounting, Management Accounting & Control, Strategic Cost Management, Corporate Governance & CSR Pratibha Wasan PhD, MBA Research Interest: Stock Markets, Derivative Instruments, Risk Management Priti Bakhshi PhD, MBA, M.Com, MA, UGC (NET) Research Interest: Carbon Trading, Capital Market, Micro Finance Rashmi Chaudhary CA, MBA Research Interest: Investment Management, Financial Management DID YOU KNOW 30 Reena Agrawal PhD, M.Com, B.Ed. Research Interest: International Finance, Financial, Markets & Services, Entrepreneurship Research, Management Accounting, Rural Finance Ritu Wadhawa PhD (Pursuing), MBA Research Interest: Financial Management, IFRS, Financial Inclusion Shailesh Rastogi PhD, MMS, PGDM-SM Research Interest: Time Series Modeling, Market Efficiency, Risk Management, Primary Markets Shikha Bhatia PhD, M.Com, UGC (NET) Research Interest: Capital Markets, New Issues Pricing and Performance, Firms Survival, Corporate Disclosure Practices Abha R. Dixit PhD (Pursuing), M.Phil Research Interest: Trends in Business Communication, Soft Skills, Cross Cultural Communication Abhijit Nair PhD, MA Research Interest: Brand Communication and Advertising Communication, Leadership Development Business Communication Ashok Advani Masters in Marketing Management Research Interest: Business Communication, Marketing Bhavya Raj PhD, MA (English Literature) Research Interest: Communication in Business Charu Dubey PhD (Pursuing), MBA Marketing Communications, Consumer Behaviour S.P. Garg M.Sc. (Agri), PMA, CAITB, DBM (I) Research Interest: Sustainable Development, Strategic Mangement, Banking, Leadership, Micro Finance Devika Trehan PhD (Pursuing), MBA Fin Research Interest: Corporate Communication, Mass Comm., Marketing Communication Shyamji Mehrotra MA, M.Com Research Interest: Industrial Sickness, Banking System Hyma Apparaju PhD (Pursuing), M.Phil Research Interest: Needs Analysis, Persuasive Communication Sushma Vishnani PhD, M.Com Research Interest: Risk & Return, Corporate Governance, Financial Reporting Working Capital Management, Asset Valuation Niva Bhandari PhD, PGDHRM, M.A. (English Literature), DCA (Diploma in Computer Applications) Research Interest: Persuasive Communication, Crisis Communication, Interdisciplinary Studies Lucknow derives its name from Lakshaman, the younger brother of Lord Rama and was also known as Lakhan.
  31. 31. DECISION SCIENCE & OPERATIONS ECONOMICS & IB Abhay Kumar Srivastava PhD, MBA Research Interest: Operations & Supply Chain, Operation Research Jitendra Kumar Mishra PhD, MBE, M.Sc. Business Economics, Economic Policy, International Business, International Marketing & Strategy Climate Change and Sustainable Development Jagdish Bhagwat PhD (Pursuing), MBA Research Interest: Operations Management, Marketing Lokesh Vijayvargy M.Tech, B.E., GATE Research Interest: Supplier Selection, Supply Chain Management, Operations Management Ram Shukla PhD, MBA, Master of Industrial Engineering (Texas A&M, USA) Research Interest: Statistical Applications in IT, Operations M.S. Kumar B.E. (Electrical), Management Diploma (Leeds University, UK & Texas, USA) Research Interest: Productivity, Quality Management Masood H. Siddiqui PhD, M.Sc., CSIR-UGC Research Interest: Soft Operations Research, Data Analysis, Performance Measurement and Comparison, Optimisation Models Richa Misra PhD, PGDITM, M.Sc Research Interest: CRM, E-business and E-Commerce, Business Intelligence Sonali Singh M.Sc., M.Phil Research Interest: Inventory Management, Supply Chain Sumi Khare PhD, M.Sc. Research Interest: Data Analysis, Operations Research Sushmita Paul PhD (Pursuing), PGDM Research Interest: Supply Chain Management, Total Quality Management, Project Management Vinod Kumar Chib PhD (Pursuing), M.Tech, PGDBM & IA, L.I.I.I Research Interest: Quality Management, Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Customer Service Standards, Insurance & Risk Management, Operations In Insurance Companies, Claims Management Disaster Management, Environment Management, Health, Safety & Environment Management Mahima Sharma PhD, UGC (NET), MA Research Interest: International Trade and Environment, Business and Human Rights, Public Finance Megha Jain PhD, MBA Research Interest: Managerial Economics Mohd. Irfan M.Com, PhD (Pursuing) Research Interest: Applied Micro Econometrics, Macroeconomics and International Economics Prabhat Pankaj PhD, MA (Economics) Research Interest: Environmental Economics & Non-Market Valuation, South Asia with special interest in Indian and Bhutanese Economy, Quality of Life, Happiness, Household Economics, Gender, Econometrics, Business Analytics, SPSS Software (for teaching and training) Prerna Jain PhD, MA Research Interest: Sustainable Development, Regional Disparity R.K. Ojha PhD, UGC (NET), MA Research Interest: Sustainable Development, Economic & Financial Analysis, Policy Analysis Ritika Gugnani PhD, MA (Economics), MBA (Marketing) Research Interest: Macro Economic Policy Issues, Customer Equity, Corporate Governance HRM/OB Abdul Qadir MBA (Human Resources) Research Interest: HR-ERP, HRIS, PMS Leadership, Shariah Compliant Finance & Investment, People Management Amarnath Chatterjee Fellowship (XLRI), PGDBM Personality Mapping, Team Performance, Creative Thinking Anurag Shanker M.Sc. Research Interest: Strategic and International HR Mgmt., Indian Labour Laws etc. Anvay Bhargava PhD, MBA, B.Arch. Research Interest: Leadership, Change Management, Entrepreneurial Issues, Behavioral Issues Arindam Saha M.Psy. (HRDM) Research Interest: Organization Design, Career Management, Change Management Athar Mahmood PhD, MBA Research Interest: Training & Develpoment Leadership, Islamic Finance, Emotional Intelligence Jaya Chitranshi PhD, MBA Research Interest: Management Education, Organisational Empowerment, Knowledge Transfer J.P. Upadhyay PhD, MBA Research Interest: Training, Development, Performance Management, Organisational Development Maneesh Yadav PGDHR, LLM Research Interest: Contract Management, Securities Market and Corporate Laws Manisha Seth PhD, PGDBA, MA Research Interest: Organisational Behaviour, Talent Management, High Performance HR Practices, Competency Mapping Pradeep Kautish PhD, MBA Research Interest: Work life Balance Proposition, Behavioral Consequences, Retail Management, Cross Cultural Interfaces S.R. Musanna PhD, MBA Research Interest: Industrial Relations Business Law, Negotiation & Arbitration Shalini Srivastava PhD, MA (Psychology) Research Interest: Managerial Effectiveness, Personality, Student Engagement, Employee Engagement, Organisational Stress Swati Agarwal PhD, MBA Research Interest: Performance Management, Employee Engagement, Emerging HR issues in Service Sector IT Ankit Mehrotra PhD, MBA Research Interest: Marketing Research Business use of MS-Excel, Data Mining Data Analytics Durgansh Sharma M.Tech., M.C.A., M.Sc (Computer Science), PGDBA Research Interest: Mobile Computing, M-Governance, Latest Trends in IT, Cloud Computing Lalit Sharma MCA Research Interest: IT Applications 31
  32. 32. Nitin Merh PhD, M.Sc. Research Interest: Time Series Forecasting using Techniques of Artificial Neural Networks and Econometrics Tools. Poonam Sharma PhD, MBA Research Interest: Sensory Branding and Brand Management, Retail Marketing, International Marketing, Strategic Marketing Management Pooja S. Kushwaha PhD, MBA, MCA Research Interest: Knowledge Management, Social Networking Rajesh Sharma PhD, PGDM Retail Marketing, Consumer Behavoiur Sunil Kumar Pandey PhD, M.Tech Research Interest: Database Management Systems, Information Discovery & Management, Data & Web Mining, Software Engineering Sanchita Ghatak PhD (Pursuing), PGDM Research Interest: MIS, E-Retailing, E-Commerce, Oracle,Designing and Marketing IT solutions Aditi Naidu MBA Marketing, Services Marketing, Advertising, Marketing Communications Banasree Dey PhD, MBA (Marketing), PGDAM Research Interest: Tourism Marketing, Services Marketing, Rural Marketing Deepak Singh PhD, M.B.A., D.E.M. (IB) Research Interest: Strategy, Green Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Services Marketing Himanshu Misra UGC (NET), MIBA Research Interest: Technology & its Applications in Marketing, Consumer Decision Making, Brand and Market Behavior, Rural Markets Kavita Pathak PhD, UGC (NET), MBA Research Interest: High-Tech Marketing, Higher Education Policy, Consumer Behaviour Narendra Kumar Sharma PhD, MBA Research Interest: Services, Sales, Branding Nimit Gupta M.Phil, MBA MA (English), MBA, PhD (Pursuing) Research Interest: Bank Marketing, Permission Marketing, Internet Marketing 32 Reeti Agarwal PhD, UGC (NET), PGDBA Research Interest: Services Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, CRM Romi Saini PhD, MBA Research Interest: Branding, Consumer Behaviour, Retail S. Goswami PhD Research Interest: Knowledge Management, CRM, Brand Management, Competitive Strategies MARKETING DID YOU KNOW Ramesh Gupta M.Sc, MA, PGD Research Interest: Fertiliser Marketing Sandhya A.S. PhD, MBA Research Interest: Information Disclosure & its Impact on Buying Behaviour, Retail Patronage Behaviour, Assortment Management Shalini Nath Tripathi PhD, MBA Research Interest: Strategic Marketing, Services Marketing Shalini Singh PhD, MBA Research Interest: Rural Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Retail Marketing Sheenu Jain PhD, UGC (NET), M. Com, MBA Research Interest: Green Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Consumer Behavior Shubha Johri PhD, PGDBM, MA, M.Sc. Research Interest: CRM, Economics, Consumer Behaviour, Behavioural Finance Shubendra Singh Parihar PhD, MBA, M.Sc Research Interest: Social Media Marketing, Sales Force Effectiveness, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Marketing, Rural Market Access Swati Soni PhD, UGC (NET), MBA Research Interest: Brand Management, Service Marketing Eminent personalities associated with Indore include–Lata Mangeshkar, M.F. Husain, N.S Bendre, Salman Khan and CK Naidu. STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT Amit Sharma MBA Research Interest: Competitiveness, Intellectual Capital, Corporate Governance, Change Management Rajiv R. Thakur PhD, MBA, MA Research Interest: Management Education International Business, Competitive Strategies Vir Ved Ratna PhD, MBA Research Interest: Competitive Strategy, Marketing Communications
  33. 33. FACULTY PROFILES Kindling the desire for knowledge Facilitating discovery of potential Dr. Kavita Pathak Dr. Ritika Gugnani ‘Engaging with the students and making them curious to learn more’ is the secret to ensuring classroom participation by Dr. Kavita Pathak, Associate Dean and Professor at Jaipuria Institute. Viewing her role more as that of a parent, she sees herself as an enabler for student learning. She believes in ‘providing cues and teasing young minds with stimulating questions,’ to kindle the desire for knowledge amongst them. An MBA and PhD, she has over 20 years of teaching experience behind her in India and at UQ Business School, University of Queensland, Australia. At Jaipuria Lucknow, she now handles aspects of student engagement besides academics. During her tenure, Lucknow campus has organised three national conferences on various themes and she proudly mentions the recently held three-day SIP (Summer Internship Programme) workshop that helped students sail through their SIP projects. And her message for students– “You are what you think you can be. Challenge the limits and take life as it comes.” “You can’t teach anything, you can only help students explore knowledge and their own potential. My teaching philosophy is to make things interesting, relevant and hands-on in the class.” Dr. Ritika Gugnani’s focus is on making the course interactive so that students are able to integrate knowledge acquired in different subjects. She believes that students should build the capacity to critically evaluate the lectures and question the concerned faculty member where required. “Less is more” is the mantra referring to the depth of the learning rather than the breadth. Dr. Gugnani uses a lot of videos, discussions, news and class room experiments to make content more relevant. She builds on her own skill base as well and is a proactive contributor to her field. She led a Student Exchange Programme to the School of Engineering and Business, Vaud (HEIG-VD), Switzerland as a Project Guide, understanding work culture, human resource practices, supply chain management, and quality management practices in 20 companies. 33
  34. 34. UNCAMPUS EXPERIENCE LIVING & LEARNING ON CAMPUS EVERY MOMENT COUNTS Jaipuria campuses are an amalgamation of cultures, characters and unlimited learning. An architectural marvel in its own right, each campus beams with an effervescent energy and an infectious enthusiasm. A diverse set of people come together with their individual aspirations and work together towards a shared goal. The environment is stimulating and inspires you to be more. The air is informal, warm and encouraging. The faculty and seniors, ably supported by the infrastructure enable and facilitate. Learning happens all the time. Beyond the four walls of the classroom, in lush green lawns, on industry sites, perhaps even while sipping tea in the café or chatting with friends in the common room. Even the architecture facilitates informal interactions through little nooks and spaces embedded in the campus designs. Jaipuria plays the perfect host for unrestricted learning. SO MUCH TO EXPLORE 35+ student led clubs across capuses provide the right vent and platform for young and bright minds. CSR, entertainment, culture, sports, music, marketing, entrepreneurship, HR or just pure fun– you can take your pick. The clubs bring about a harmony of work, fun and leisure while ensuring an all-round development of its participants. Many clubs like HR, Marketing, Finance, Operations, IT, Media Relations and Entrepreneurship focus on specific career aspirations of the students. Add to that the many annual fests– Ojas, Udaan, Abhyudaya, Jai Utsav, Talaash and entertainment events organised by the four campuses every year and you have indulged in the fun side and the learning side in you. You work hard, you party harder. Winter is the time when Jaipuria gears up for ‘Winter Social Internship’ for students to intern with village Panchayats or NGOs for varied purposes. Many a time, events happening within the campus inspire innovations. For instance, campus life after classes was always interesting, but a couple of years ago, the concept of ‘Lifeafter-6’ was introduced formally, bringing in a series of value added activities. Today, The ‘Midnight Reading Hub’ is turning out to be another ‘happening’ innovation at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur. 34 “Each day spent in Jaipuria is memorable. I’ve come across a lot of things in the last one year which I never imagined I would have experienced. The high points have been winning awards in dramatics, being felicitated by the Media Relations Club, Chairperson, Ojas Night and Talaash Night; and I’ve captured all these moments and many more in my camera.” For Avanikant Mishra, Jaipuria Lucknow, every moment has been special. A feeling that is shared by most of his batch mates.
  35. 35. Truly extraordinary culture Prachi Sahai has cracked one of the most sought after profiles in the Indian job market, that of a Probationary Officer with Federal Bank. While this might be the high point in any youngster’s career, for her it is the journey at Jaipuria which has been of greater significance. “There was much more to being at Jaipuria Institute of Management. I was part of the Student Activity Group (SAG) which made me undertake so many challenging and exciting tasks. I was also involved in many activities, like the annual fest, debate, extempore competition, etc. It’s not just a job, or a PGDM, which I am taking from my college; it’s the treasure of everyday grooming that I am taking away.” Prachi credits the Jaipuria faculty for equipping her with in-depth knowledge of the banking sector. “Jaipuria Lucknow has an amazing culture. Students appearing for the same process are helping each other out, motivating and supporting each other. It’s extraordinary!” Prachi Sahai is currently working as Assistant Manager, Federal Bank. She is positive that here too, the Jaipuria edge will help her excel. HOME TO GREAT IDEAS It’s a happy, bubbling and comfortable space of your own. At the end of the day, you have a perfect home- away-fromhome to go to. The separate hostels for men and women on each campus are safe and comfortable and fully Wi-Fi enabled. The spacious and clean mess offers healthy and hygienic food for your palate. After an exciting day in the institute, you can relax in the common room, unwind watching television, play sports, flex your muscles in gym, enjoy the recreational facilities and live an enriching life on campus. KNOWLEDGE THAT SETS YOU FREE Jaipuria campuses house well endowed libraries with national and international journals, periodicals and books of repute. The e-library EBSCO provides a round the clock access to over 76,000 management journals, 1,100 peer review journals and over 30,000 books. Rich with knowledge you are free to explore uncharted territories. DID YOU KNOW Lucknow has Asia's first human DNA Bank. 35
  36. 36. UNCAMPUS EXPOSURE ARE YOU READY FOR THE INDUSTRY? What would you do when confronted with industry specific problems? Y re you ready to look at problems in the industry with a fresh perspective? Are you prepared to face the industry up and running from day one? If you are not, then you have not really done a management course. The Jaipuria edge lies in a rich industry exposure given to students under the industry centric live projects. Thanks to this programme, students get to interact directly with industry by working on live projects. This direct hands-on experience allows them to put classroom learning to test with practical experience. And thus create the next generation of management professionals. For example, students placed in Sayaji Hotels researched all possible angles to reduce waiting time at Kebabsville. They studied the entire process of booking and customer reception. The solutions they arrived at were effective and easy to implement to reduce wait time. Most importantly, they looked at making the whole experience more enjoyable for the customers. Students at Jaipuria regularly get an exposure to diverse sectors like advertising, hospitality, FMCG and software consultancy under industry exposure initiatives. A Likewise, students placed in an advertising agency came up with an in-depth study with different tools and games to identify DID YOU KNOW 36 engagement levels. The results were useful to say the least and the organisation appreciated it. At Design Cluster Ltd., students worked in teams to design the company service book to incorporate a uniform human resources policy structure. They also helped outline job descriptions according to needs and market. Students also designed websites, brochures and did market research to find out the position of Green Healthcare Disposals’ healthcare products. At Big Bazaar Lucknow, students assisted the company open up a new store. This entailed market research and analysis to find out sustainability. Big Bazaar appreciated the efforts of the students as the outcome of the project was overwhelming. Likewise, Cadbury came up with a live project for the students of Jaipuria Institute for tracking and accelerating the sales of Cadbury during festive seasons. This project was particularly done in the auspicious season of Rakshabandhan. Students’ analysis helped Cadbury in evaluating their market and sales strategies. Projects such as this, help students in understanding the importance of strategies as well as consumer behaviour. Decidedly, various industry centric projects have not only created a better understanding of concepts and their applications, but they have also enabled the creation of concrete knowledge. The 40 feet high idol at Bada Ganapati in Indore is the largest idol of Lord Ganesha in the world.
  37. 37. The Summer Internship Programme is like a transitional process from students to professionals. Kirti Maheshwari joined Jaipuria Noida with high expectations. “I chose the institute because of the distinguished faculty, comprehensive learning process and the faith it has in its students and their abilities.” And Jaipuria has exceeded her expectations on all counts. “Through different responsibilities given to me, I discovered my potential on a daily basis and now I find myself on the threshold of becoming a professional. Its practical, industry-oriented teaching and focus on latest infrastructure helps us immensely,” she adds. Kirti got a ‘golden opportunity’ to work with the HR department of Investors Clinic Infratech Pvt. Ltd. in Noida as part of the Summer Internship Programme. The focus was ‘Employee Engagement Activities’ and she learned a lot under the guidance of her industry co-ordinator, Ms. Tabassum Alvi. Employee Satisfaction Survey, Kirti got a chance to handle varied jobs. But for her, the professional relationships she managed to build within the company remain the highlight. “I could interact with different levels of management in the company and got a better idea of how corporates function.” For her, the programme was challenging on two counts. “It took me some effort to make the shift from being a student to becoming a professional. I also had to learn to balance my work and personal life. I have also learned the importance of timeliness and getting it right in a superior-subordinate relationship,” says Kirti. With this experience under her belt, Kirti is raring to go. Her aim is to become a successful HR Manager with one of the top five companies in India, in the next five years. From launching an in-house magazine, to writing articles on current affairs featuring motivational stories, to working on an 37
  38. 38. EMINENT SPEAKERS NAME DESIGNATION ORGANISATION Abhay Saxena Abhishek Manu Singhvi Rajnath Singh Achal N Rangaswamy Adarsh Kishore Adarsh Mishra Anurag Batra Archana Gulati Ashish Chandra Bina Kak Vice President–Human Resources Member of Parliament Member of Parliament Director–Marketing and Operations Former Finance Secretary, Chairman General Manager–Human Resources Managing Director & Editor-in-Chief Director–Human Resources Professor and Chairman Cabinet Minister of Woman & Child Development, Tourism, Art & Culture, Archeology, Printing & Stationery departments. Union Minister Chairman Founder & Chief Executive Officer Former Operation Head, India, West Africa and Africa Chief Executive Officer President EPU Vice President Vice President & Group Head-Human Resources Director Strategy and Planning Director Professor of Business Administration and Director of the Technology Management Programme Head–People Office, Retail Business Vice President & Group Head-Human Resources Chief Manager–Human Resources Professor Vice President Adviser (Transport)–Planning Commission Chairman-cum-Managing Director Vice President–Priority Banking Chairman Chairman Chairman, Indian Infrastructure & Urban Development & Former Chairman and Managing Director Chief Executive Officer Additional Solicitor General Chairman & Managing Director Vice Chairman & Managing Director Vice President Chairman Founder & Chief Learning Officer Chairman & Managing Director Chairman & Managing Director Executive Director National Director-Human Resources Senior Vice President & Business Head Former Deputy Governor Associate Vice President & Head Strategy Planning Vice President–Design & Engg. Vice President Chief Executive Officer Managing Director Hero Corporate Indian National Congress Bhartiya Janta Party Advatech Cera Tiles Ltd Axis Bank LG Electronics Exchange4media group Grail Research School of Business, University of Houston Govt. of Rajasthan C P Joshi C. S. Verma Chris Majer D. Shivakumar David Wittenberg Debashis Sur Debasish Biswas Deepak Gupta Devdarshan Chakrabortyy Devi Singh Dileep Chhajed G.R. Venkatesh Hari Das Nair Joemon Mathew Kuldeep Kumar Manish Dewan Manoj Singh N. Shankar Naushad Alam Navein Shriram Nirmesh Kumar P. S. Rana Pallav Mohapatra Paras Kuhad R. V. Verma Rajan Bharti Mittal Rajeev Tandon Ramesh Chandra Agrawal Rimy Oberoi S. K. Goel S.S. Mundra Sachit Jain Sandeep Kohli Sandeep Mathur Subir Gokarn Subir Hazra Uday Ravi Vinit Singh Chauhan Vishwadeep Khatri Yogesh Munjal 38 Rural Development & Panchayati Raj Steel Authority of India, Ltd. Human Potential Project, Washington Nokia The Innovation Workshop Tata Teleservices Ltd. Star TV Karvy Perfect Relations Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow University of Illinois, USA Future Group JBM Group Federal Bank Bond University, Queensland, Australia GE Capital Government of India Export Import Bank of India Axis Bank NEUERTH GROUP Baroda Uttar Pradesh Gramin Bank HUDCO SBI Cards and Payment Services Pvt. Ltd. Government of India National Housing Bank Bharati Enterprises Centum Learning Dainik Bhaskar Group Oyster IIFCL Bank of Baroda Vardhman Group Ernst & Young DCM Shriram Consolidated Limited Reserve Bank of India Delhi International Airport (P) Limited Lanco Infratech Ltd. J.P. Morgan, London Benchmark Six Sigma Munjal Showa–A Hero Group Co.
  39. 39. 39
  40. 40. GLOBAL EXCHANGE My Swiss Sojourn is a milestone in my life. Summer University 2013 was a life changing experience for Shubhanshi Dhooper. On an exchange programme with HEIG-VD in Yverdon les Bains, Switzerland, only four students were chosen for the exchange programme, and she was thrilled to be one of them. “The three days of French classes were filled with fun and while we spent the first half learning the language, the second half was spent practising it on ground! The fun and learning was enhanced by the fact that the faculty members who had accompanied us were learning with us and it gave us naughty pleasure to be quicker than them in picking up the language. Our company visits began on the fourth day and for this, we were first introduced to our student team members from HEIGHVD. There was an ice-breaking session and soon we all forgot our nationalities. We were divided into working students groups and the visits began. We worked very hard and enjoyed ourselves equally. There were several picnics organised by the institute and then we had some of our own too. We also went for a trek with the faculty and students and a spontaneous competition developed as we raced each other. Good food, good companions… the whole trip seemed like a dream! DID YOU KNOW 40 Some of the companies we visited were Nescafe, Nestle, Strid and Creabeton. We learnt a lot during these visits and interviewed their managers and employees. The Nestle visit was especially exciting for everyone, with free chocolates being handed out to eat and carry away! We also visited the Swiss army museum. We almost didn’t sleep the entire 25 days, but no one complained with all the fun we were having. Finally, we were ready with our project presentations, which went exceptionally well. We went for one last picnic and then it was time to go home. Amidst emotional farewells and videos and pictures, we came back thoroughly satisfied with our learning. The main learning from the trip for me was– Wake up, start living your dreams, take action. Stay focused, sharp and diligent. Never give up on your dreams and your dreams will never give up on you.” Shubhanshi Dhooper PGDM (Marketing) 2012-14 The gates of Lalbagh Palace are a replica of the gates of Buckingham Palace, London. They were cast in England and then shipped to Indore.
  41. 41. INTERNATIONAL LINKAGES YOUR FOOTPRINTS ON THE GLOBE You learn at Jaipuria and you connect with the world. International networking and exposure have been the core requirements in making a successful global manager. Through our linkages with foreign universities, you will get to work in a global business environment, interact with students from across the world and build a global network of friends. JAIPURIA’S ACADEMIC PARTNERS: Universities of Applied Sciences, Finland (as a part of Finland Network for East and Southeast Asia) University of Illinois, United States (Technology Management Programme) HEIG–VD, Switzerland (a member of University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES–SO) network) Naresuan Unviersity, Thailand Eastern Mennonite University, United States Kainan University, Taiwan Asian Institute of Technology, Khlong Luang, Pathum Thani, Thailand University of New Castle, Callaghan, NSW, Australia 41
  42. 42. DO WHAT YOU LOVE LOVE WHAT YOU DO Who says learning can be boring? In a stimulating learning environment in aesthetic surroundings, learning at Jaipuria is hard work but a lot of fun too. Y aipuria Institute of Management thrives on ideas and sharing of experiences. Eminent academicians and industry experts visit the 4 campuses for various conferences and conclaves organised regularly on its premises. As various experts come together on a single platform, students not only benefit from an exchange of ideas, but they also come to appreciate their role in driving change as Gen-Next Managers. J The national level conference on Interdependence, Integration and Co-creation (IIC) hosted by the Lucknow campus is a great opportunity for students to understand the present and emerging challenges and opportunities and also to contribute and present research papers on a larger forum. magnitude and working tirelessly lends a fresh perspective to team building, organisation skills, time management, resource management and hospitality. For students, life at the institute is all of learning yet a lot of fun. Contests like ‘Rocket Singh’ Marketing Event pitch them against different B-School teams selling some really unusual products like– Mop Slippers, Hand Pants, Pocket Shower, Ticket to Heaven, Book your own Burial and Blackie Toothpaste. Campus festivals like Ojas, Abhyudaya, Jai Utsav and Udaan celebrate the spirit of learning in true Jaipuria style. Jaipuria is an eventful learning experience. Students also get hands-on experience in organising events at a national level. The Noida campus plays host to Jaipuria Annual Management Conference (JAMC), to deliberate upon opportunities and challenges faced by the industry today. As the institute prepares students for the industry, conference such as ‘International Conference on Creating a Sustainable Business: Managerial Implications and Challenges'–ICSBMC at Jaipuria Jaipur, also bring into focus pertinent issues like sustainability, which has serious social and economic implications for both stakeholders and the regulators. ISCBMC hosted at Jaipuria Institute provides an interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral forum. It proposes multi-disciplinary strategies for economic, socio–political, cultural, and institutional changes. It further promotes a sharing of ideas and discusses practical challenges encountered. Various competitions at Jaipuria ignite the competitive spirit in students while widening their horizons. Encore, the Annual Presentation Design and Delivery competition organised at Jaipuria Indore, allows people to show their work and share their thoughts and ideas in a fairly relaxed way. It is a learning experience for students and a platform for exchange of ideas amongst seniors and peers. The camaraderie, experience of organising an event of this 42 “I have been participating in various events held at Jaipuria, such as the Business Olympiad, Budget Seminar, Encore, Milan and many more!” Isha believes that these events have helped her polish her organisational skills, connect with people and also provided a platform for career opportunities.” Isha Jain Alumni 2013, Jaipuria Indore
  43. 43. A great finishing school. Ekta Kumari joined Jaipuria Institute of Management as part of the 2012-14 batch. Currently in her second year at Jaipuria Indore, Ekta has a meticulous approach to life and believes in setting priorities in everything she does. With an impressive 78% in her Bachelors’ from West Bengal University of Technology (WBUT), one might expect Ekta to be inclined towards an Operations or IT profile after passing out from Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore. Surprisingly, Ekta has different plans. “When I pass out from Jaipuria Indore, I would like to be placed in an HR profile. You see, organisations that are built around technology need Human Resource managers who understand technology so as to be able to acquire and retain the right kind of talent. This is the reason why I intend specialising in HR at Jaipuria Indore.” Ekta knows that growing into a ‘people’s person’ has inherent challenges. She believes that Jaipuria Institute of Management will empower her with the necessary communication & soft skills to become a successful HR manager. Ekta feels that her first six months at Jaipuria Indore have been really special and enjoyable. She points out that she has never felt so involved in things happening around her in her entire life. “From the Freshers’ Party to Encore, every day at Jaipuria Institute of Management is full of energy and action. Since I come from a small town called Giridih (in Jharkhand), it was not really easy for me to open up to people from day one. But the faculty members of Jaipuria Indore play the dual role of educators and mentors to perfection. They help you come out of your shell. The seniors have been really friendly and it is nice to see them getting placed with great organisations.” Ekta is happy about the fact that Jaipuria Institute of Management is giving her more than what she expected. She is positive that Jaipuria Indore will prove to be her ticket to corporate glory in the future. 43
  44. 44. UNCAMPUS PLACEMENTS Talent is more mobile than it ever was. THE BACKDROP TO TALENT MANAGEMENT CHALLENGES AND TRENDS FOR THE COMING YEARS IS NOW SIMPLISTIC AND IS DEFINED THUS: Y T alent is in short-supply and is crucial for the business. As companies are looking at increasing market share and acquiring customers quicker than competitors, competition for talent is threatening to derail growth for many companies and, in some cases, for entire industry groups. Talent is expensive and is getting more so. Increasing demand in exploding industries of the day pushes up salary levels as talent supply pools become insufficient. Sometimes emerging industries start poaching even from other industries, leading to a ripple effect of talent becoming expensive across the board. Talent is more mobile than it ever was. As Indian companies increase their global presence and exposure, building global talent becomes crucial to manage their operations both in India and abroad. Companies require leaders who have a global mindset and are able to adapt, extrapolate and take decisions relevant to each local market. 44 Talent come with many needs–ambition, fulfilment, connect etc. The new generation entering the workforce is transforming the world at work with a curious mix of ambition and the need for partnership & flexibility. Of course, this new generation is a reflection of the world around us–one with a greater emphasis on wealth and wealth-creators, enhanced means of communication & collaboration, flexible working styles and avenues to perform in a virtual partnership environment. Talent definition is also changing. The requirements from talent today go beyond the resume. Organisations are seeking a dynamic and constantly refreshed set of skills, competencies and sensitivities from the past because of the evolving the business environment. Ester Martinez Editor-in-Chief, People Matters
  45. 45. THE P OWE R OF WHAT THE INDUSTRY IS LOOKING AT... Congratulations to all of you who have chosen to take your professional journey through a reputed institute like this. The business environment is becoming more and more competitive and the demands from young professionals are increasing. 1 2 Director–Operational Development Ericsson India Pvt. Ltd. Be confident, not complacent 4 Vishal Gupta Be clear about what you want 3 Before you join the corporate world, a pick of ten qualities you must inculcate. Understand the industry you are working in Build trust and never compromise with ethics 5 Be articulate and acquire new skills 6 Focus on continuous learning 7 Ask questions and seek clarifications 8 Be ready to walk that extra mile 9 Have good command on your language 10 Be prepared for the chaos to learn and test your leadership skills 45
  46. 46. With Jaipuria I have grown from strength to strength A JAIPURIAN IS A TEAM PLAYER FIRST. READY TO ADAPT, READY TO LEARN, READY TO THINK, READY TO LEAD, READY TO CHOOSE, READY TO INNOVATE “It was certainly not an ideal placement month for the batch of 2007-09, but the hard work done by the placement cell and the ‘emotional and mental support’ helped overcome the challenge. Be it the faculty or peers, we all were working together to get jobs. The faculty encouraged us with different off-campus leads and taught us how to look for jobs through job portals. The best part was that even after tough competition, we were particular about the profiles of the companies we wanted to go to and, without any personal interests or selfishness, we were referring jobs and leads to others within the campus.” AND READY TO IMBIBE. ALL TOGETHER FORMING A STRONG FOUNDATION OF WELL KNITTED JAIPURIA’S ETHOS. RESOURCEFUL SELF CONFIDENT ADAPTABLE LIFELONG-LEARNER RESPONSIBLE Gaurav Tripathi GO GETTER Alumni 2009, Jaipuri Noida AM–HR, Madura Fashions and Lifestyle INNOVATIVE GROUNDED PREPARED ASSERTIVE “Ability to adapt to situations, different working environments and the technical knowledge of the people hired from Jaipuria have been the key differentiator. One of the attributes that stands out when it comes to students that we have hired from Jaipuria, is the way they get involved with the existing Genpact employees, whether it is getting trained or helping new joinees or participating in the Genpact initiatives. Acquainting with Genpact culture and making it part of their own life, is probably the grooming given/acquired from the college.” Mr. Pankaj Dobhal AVP, GE Capital Americas F&A leader 46
  47. 47. Every day I learnt something new. “The placement month at Jaipuria Indore was nothing less than a learning month. Every day I learnt something new. Every day I got to know new details about the job markets in India and across the globe. I went through five rounds of interviews, including the aptitude test and psychometric test. The learning in the placement month helped me a lot during the interview process, because the interviews at Amazon are very tough to crack. The faculty and placement cell were always there for us during the placement month. My classmates were very supportive and encouraging throughout the placement DID YOU KNOW season. It was a wonderful experience being part of the only campus of Jaipuria Institute of Management group which is 100% residential, with lush green surroundings and modern facilities. We had 24/7 Internet facilities with a mini library in the hostel. What more could an aspiring PGDM student ask for?” Nischay Jamwale Alumni 2013, Jaipuria Indore Placed as Technical Account Manager with Amazon India Jaipur was originally known as 'Jainagara'. 47
  48. 48. The only way an individual can make a difference is to think outside the box. TAKE THE BALL AND RUN FROM DAY ONE AN INTERVIEW WITH MR. P CHANDRASEKHR, GROUP GENERAL MANAGER OF JAWAD SULTAN GROUP OF COMPANIES, OMAN Globalisation today is a reality, and no longer a mere buzzword restricted to text-books and exquisitely penned articles on cross culture management. For managers of tomorrow, there is a need to understand the realities of working in a culture other than one's own. Because all nations are becoming more globally interdependent, it is imperative that students understand the complexities of living and working in a foreign culture, beyond the very basic of etiquettes and language. In a tête-à-tête with the Jaipuria Institute, Mr. P Chandrasekhr, Group General Manager of Jawad Sultan Group of Companies, Oman gets talking about the Middle Eastern region, understanding this cultural difference and also what the region expects from MBAs and also those who wish to make their careers in this surging region. Here are a few excerpts: Jaipuria Institute (JI): Could you throw some light on Industry Expectations from management graduates, particularly with regards to the Middle East? Mr. P Chandrasekhr (Mr. PC): Unlike a formal process of selection and induction that is carried out in large organisations in India and other large economies spread over different geographies, the situation in Middle East is vastly different. 48 Middle East today is the engine of economic growth amidst the backdrop of poorly performing economies in different parts of the world. Hence, the talent pool worldwide greatly attracted to work here given the immense potential both in terms of compensation and an enviable life style.
  49. 49. JI: So if a management graduate today wants to plan his career in the Middle East say 3-4 years down the line on back of his work experience now, what would employers in the Middle East really look for? Mr. PC: Amidst this background, most candidates have their roles and expectations cut out from day one. Suffice to say… they have to ‘take the ball and run from day one'. The GCC nations are different and no single strategy in one country will work easily in another. The employers cutting across different operating spectrum [including our group] primarily look for following attributes in a candidate i.e. pronounced multicultural fit, significant domain or similar exposure in a competitive geography either in their home country or elsewhere. Language skills preferably with Arabic proficiency, Strong IT exposure, ability to work hard and show adaptability against all odds, Driving License [an all-important attribute] due to near absence of mass transportation in almost all the gulf countries except Dubai, which has a well-developed and evolving multi modal transport. The last one’s importance cannot be underscored enough. JI: So what should a candidate’s success mantra be? Mr. PC: Given the consumerist environment which is widely prevalent in the Gulf countries and its growth further fuelled through mass media education, internet and other forms of communication, catching the eye ball attention of the elusive customer becomes paramount and it is indeed a challenging. There is no single success mantra to succeed in your career in the Middle East but, if the candidates can show that they have more than what is expected from them then, it is easy walk for them to realize their dream. JI: Any special tips from your side for the management aspirants? Mr. PC: I always believe that every job, similar to any venture is a constant journey of evolvement on a daily basis. The only way an individual can make a difference is to “think outside the box” and see how the organisations’ goal can be maximized while furthering one’s own objective. Mr. P Chandrasekhr is a respected figure in India and the Middle East in the retail, infrastructure and entertainment sector for over 25 years. He is currently responsible for operational and strategic activities of the Jawad Sultan Group of Companies, with business presence extending to Retailing Luxury Branded articles, Technology solutions, Mass Entertainment, Food concessions, Travels & Tours, Hospitality and Investment Management. DID YOU KNOW Indore has a huge concrete Cricket Bat statue with names of the players of the Indian team which won the 1971 series against Gary Sober’s West Indies team. 49
  50. 50. BANKING A REWARDING CAREER A TRANSFORMED LIFE Choosing a management course in the right B-School is an important milestone in your life. You commit your time, your efforts and your aspirations to a single goal. Not to forget the two critical years of your life. It is an investment that far outweighs the financials. When you choose Jaipuria, above everything else, you choose to invest yourself. You choose to learn, unlearn and adapt. You choose an experience that transforms your life. Jaipuria offers you a learning that is well grounded, industry relevant and holistic. It empowers you with knowledge and equips you with skills. Investing in you equally, it helps you carve out the leader hidden within. Learning at Jaipuria therefore rests on multiple pillars. An innovative curricula and learning, through integrated cases, business simulations and live projects, prepares you for the industry. The orientation programmes, guest lectures, industrial visits and on–site trainings ensure that you are updated with current industry trends. Class activities, quizzes, evaluations and management conclaves develop skills that benefit you as a future manager. Above and beyond knowledge and industry readiness Jaipuria focuses on who you are–and who you can become. After all, knowledge and skills alone don’t make a good manager. Jaipuria endeavors to nurture your nascent qualities. It builds your attributes like positive attitude, emotional intelligence, ethics, leadership and confidence through consistent assessment and counseling. Activities like cultural cell, sports cell, wall magazine and e -cell woven into campus life further rejuvenate and redirect your energies towards your goal. And so at the end of an exhilarating 2 years at Jaipuria, you walk out empowered and enriched. Ready with a new vision and an exciting career, with lessons that will stay on for a lifetime. 50 Management graduates we picked from Jaipuria in last couple of years are doing real good job and have added a lot of value to our organisation. Bank of Baroda Deutsche Bank Federal Bank HDFC Bank ICICI Bank IDBI Bank IndusInd Bank ING Vysya Bank Royal Bank of Scotland Citi Bank Dr. Rajesh Choudhary Sr. Manager–HR Future Group FMCG & CONSUMER DURABLES Blue Star Ltd. Berger Paints Godfrey Phillips Grasim Industries ITC P&G Nestle Lexi Pens MTR Foods Parle Foods PepsiCo TVS Electronics VLCC Vishal Videos Asian Paints Orient Fans
  51. 51. OUR RECRUITERS Even while placements took a dip elsewhere owing to changes in the economy, Jaipuria students picked up good and interesting profiles. Thanks to Uncampus initiative, the best names in banking, finance, media and other sectors have come hiring. Year after year, the institute has bettered its own record. The current placement for 2013 saw participation from leading companies offering roles across varied functions and geographies. ADVERTISING & MEDIA Advel Group CNBC Fever 104 Future Eye Intl. Ltd. Hindustan Times IT / ITES A & S Software Drishti Software Genpact HCL Infosystems Helix Technology Indiamart Infosys BPO MCS Geotech Pvt. Ltd. MANUFACTURING & AUTOMOBILE Cheviot Group Eureka Forbes Greenply Havells Hindware Hyundai Mobis India Ltd. JK Lakshmi Cement JK Tyre Kajaria Ceramics Kamdhenu Steels Metafrique Midland Group Siyarams TVS TATA Motors TTK Prestige Usha International VIP Industries FINANCIAL SERVICES AND INSURANCE KPO, RESEARCH & CONSULTING Alankit Aviva Life Insurance Bajaj Allianz Bharti AXA Carte Blanche HDFC Home Loan ICICI Securities IFFCO-TOKIO India Bulls Karvy iTrust Kotak Securities LIC Housing Finance L&T Finance Mahindra Finance Muthoot Finance National Payment Corporation SBI Life Insurance Ltd. Tata AIG Antal International Beroe Consulting Capital IQ Deloitte Consulting Ernst & Young Grail Research Mancer Consulting Onicra Credit Rating Agency Quest Career Solutions Tata Consultancy Sevices Price Waterhouse Coopers RETAIL & LOGISTICS OTHERS Cantabil Retail India Ltd. Delhi Duty Free Services Future Group GATI KWE ITC–Lifestyle Lilliput Max Retail Next Retail India Ltd. Next Retail Pantaloon Retail Reliance Reliance Retail Safexpress TCIL WH Smith Retail Ashiana Housing Eli Lilly Idea Cellular Matrix Cellular OnMobile Reliance Property Solution ValueFirst Messaging Pvt. Ltd. Vodafone DID YOU KNOW Cliff Richards, Begum Akhtar, Javed Akhtar, RP Singh, Mohd. Kaif and Mir Taqi Mir are some of the eminent personalities associated with Lucknow. 51