Souvenir - 7th Annual Convocation Noida


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7th Annual Convocation Noida

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Souvenir - 7th Annual Convocation Noida

  1. 1. Sunday, May 05, 2013
  3. 3. Chief Guest’s Message Shri Rajnath Singh National President, Bharatiya Janata Party & Member of Parliament 1Seventh Annual Convocation
  4. 4. Distinguished chief guest for the occasion and hon’ble president of (IFC), a World Bank arm, have tied up to start a ‘Clean e-India’ Bharatiya Janata Party and Member of the Parliament, our own initiative across Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad. respected Shri Rajnath Singh ji; Eminent members of the Board of Currently, when almost everything is interconnected and Governors; Vice Chairman; Director General; Director of the instrumented, it is rather more a sustainable operation into scene. Institute, Dr Rajiv R Thakur; Directors of other Jaipuria campuses, Ashok Leyland, Shoppers Stop, and Infosys are the latest names erudite faculty members; graduating students and their proud under this umbrella. The adoption of sustainability measures will parents & guardians; friends from Media and Ladies & Gentlemen. grow increasingly with the businesses becoming more informed in Averywarmgoodeveningtoall. Indiainfuture. It is my honour and privilege to extend heartiest greetings and There is a need to make the businesses more informed, but now warm welcome on behalf of the Board of Governors and Faculty to that you, dear graduating students, are moving into the real world Hon’ble Shri Rajnath Singh ji on this 7th Convocation Day of and real market, it’s important that you also let know people about JaipuriaInstituteofManagement,Noida. yourself in various positive manners. Imagine for a second, everything that you look for in a product; it needs to be unique, fun, I extend my personal greetings and welcome to all of you who have worthwhile, valuable, and able to get the job done. Similarly, graced this occasion by your benign presence. I congratulate all the introspect. What makes you different from your friends? Why graduating students for your achievements. This day marks an should someone hire you? What knowledge and experience can importantlandmarkinyourlife. you bring to the table? Its time, that you start talking about your passion and your assets. Market yourself. Develop your personalDear Graduating students, systematic innovation seems brand that will lead to advancement in your career andimperative for success. Indian companies like Titan’s disciplined developmentasaleader.efforts to build innovation capabilities have resulted in huge savings of time and precious metals; and the efforts of Eureka Nevertheless, remember that your personal brand is an asset that Forbes to commercialize the best technologies in water purification must be managed with the intention of helping others benefit by have resulted in Amrit, a process that tackles even bio-organisms. being associated with your work and the industry you serve. The Only through sustained efforts and systematic approaches to ancient scripts of Vedanta clearly outline the 3Cs: Concentration, innovation could these companies achieve such results. consistency and co-operation; these 3Cs will help you succeed Systematic innovation demands better and structured connections towards making your personal brand today. The need of the day is with the customers and other stakeholders to help align innovation to manage the professional and personal life well. You, dear withmarketneeds. graduating students, shall be the torchbearers of the country’s future. Hopes will be all set on you. You shall be the social reformersAlong with Systematic Innovation, it is high time that the Indian andthechangeleaders. So I adviceyoutowatchevery step thatyouorganizations incorporate 'inclusive growth,' as a part of takenow-onwards.sustainability measures, into their firms' strategy, balancing profitability and social responsibility at the same time. A I believe that the growing research environment in the Institute sustainable business is a business that focuses on improving its would inspire at least some of the talented postgraduates to bottom-line results and at the same time does not harm the society pursue a PhD programme in the Institute. It is worth stating here or the environment in which it operates. India needs more that the Entrepreneurship Centre at the Institute is also all gearing sustainable businesses like Sarvajal, Selco and Attero. Sarvajal up to nurture the young entrepreneurs in those of you who would was founded in 2008 by the Piramal Foundation to develop market- like to start their own businesses. Nevertheless, I would suggest based models for clean drinking water at the base of the pyramid. youtopursue acareerofyourdream. SELCO Solar Pvt. Ltd, a social enterprise established in 1995, provides sustainable energy solutions and services to under- Once again, I wish success to all the graduating students. God served households and businesses. Electronic waste has rightly Bless. been identified as one of the biggest potential environmental ThankyouandJaiHind.disasters. Attero Recycling and International Finance Corporation Chairman’s Message Shri Sharad Jaipuria Chairman, Jaipuria Institute of Management 2 Seventh Annual Convocation
  5. 5. 3Seventh Annual Convocation Graduates of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida please quizzes anymore, you will be required to learn and relearn from real accept my warmest congratulations on accomplishing this life situations everyday. And again, this learning will not be milestone in your life all because of your own hard work, and restricted to finance formulae, and marketing techniques, but will perseverance. Through your two year engagement with us, we have require you to understand and manage people, their fear, their simply triedtobuildastrongfoundationforthefuture. needs,andtheiraspirationsaboveallelse. Even though this foundation includes technical knowledge of Ifirmly believeyouareallsettotakeontheworldinyourownway. finance, marketing, human resources and other academic Wishingyouallsuccess,healthandwealthinfuture.subjects, I hope you will realize that academics is only a part of your learning here. As important if not more, is to develop a mindset for continuous learning. Even as there will be no examinations and Vice Chairman’s Message Shri Shreevats Jaipuria Vice Chairman, Jaipuria Institute of Management
  6. 6. The convocation ceremony is a great opportunity for us to According to Bhagwat Gita, “Luck is a combination of opportunity appreciate and acknowledge wonderful work done by faculty, and preparation.” So you are already prepared now and students & staff of Noida Campus under the dynamic leadership of opportunityhas comeyourway, but itshouldbe yourendeavorto do Director Dr. Rajiv Ranjan Thakur and under the inspiring your best and keep adding new knowledge and new skills; and in mentorship ofSharadJi,AnjaliJiandShreevatsJi. this way you will always be successful. But success does not mean only material success. Success also means how much inner While we feel proud on our achievements, our goal is to consistently success you are able to achieve, so for that matter you also need to raise the bar on teaching learning outcomes, constant upgradation tone up your life skills and practice meditation, silence, of the curriculum to keep it relevant with the emerging contemplation,reflectionetc. requirements of the business world, greater integration of technology to take learning beyond classroom & campus, higher & You need to continuously build on your ‘KASH’ balance everyday – deeper engagement of students and faculty members and making Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habits. So if you’re going to be abigdifferenceforthesocietyaswell. richer by that, it is going to make a big difference in your life. And also keep reflecting everyday - write your own reflecting notes from I would advise you to choose your career based on your natural the learnings of life as to, what you’re getting everyday, how the ‘Ruchi,’ ‘Yogyata’ and ‘Vishwas’. Follow excellence and perform whole day went about, could you have done certain things in a your duties with total dedication and passionate ownership and different way and to always have a lifelong learning attitude. This everything else will follow. Believe in your dreams, success & habit will always help you in going ahead in your chosen field of success alone and do not entertain any thought of failure. ‘Life’s endeavor. Invest yourself in these 5 areas on a daily basis “SPICE” : biggest battles don’t always go to faster or stronger man,… but the Spiritual+Physical+Intellectual+Community+Emotional. man who thinks he can.’ If you are sure about your success & dreams, it is definitely going to manifest, as per the Universal ‘Law Also, find time to relax, smile, do some random acts of kindness, ofAttractionandBelief’. and above all be grateful for what you have got; always feel grateful to your parents, gurus, your company, your bosses, your peers, your The clarity of your vision will decide how far you can go in your colleagues. So this feeling of gratefulness will get more and more career. Your passion will determine the strides you will make and bliss and happiness in your life. Happiness does not mean getting your world-view will determine the route you may take to get to your everything for your own self, but also in giving, which will make sure destination. You will have to carve out your own-chartered path to thatyouwillgetlotandlotofhappinessinlife. glory and you must create your own mandate for growth. Toughen up your body and soul, fuel your passion to excel and be prepared to Finally, whenyouareworkinginan organization,workin a truespirit walkthroughthestonypath. of being a professional. I wish to quote Mr. Subroto Bagchi from his book, “The Professional”. He says – ‘Professional is somebody who The world is changing very fast and new growth opportunities and works unsupervised, who is proactive and he/she is the one who challenges are emerging across the world. As you are graduating declares completion of any task as per his/her own standard’. I this day, you are already equipped with the success formulae and wishyoualltheverybestinyourprofessionalendeavors. the technical knowledge among others. However, your endeavor should be to keep learning always and give your best while making MayGodBlessYouAlways! JaiHind! a difference in whatever field and whichever organization you are working. Only by contributing the best in your current job, the next levelofgrowthwillbepossible. Director General’s Message Dr Pankaj Gupta Director General, Jaipuria Institute of Management 4 Seventh Annual Convocation
  7. 7. 5Seventh Annual Convocation Chief Guest for the Convocation, Hon’ble Shri Rajnath Singh ji, enough with the needs and challenges in the society. Increasingly, National President, Bharatiya Janata Party and Member of it is being realized that it is no more enough to do a profitable Parliament, Chairman of Board of Governors Respected business alone, but, what is more important is, how to do business Shri Sharad Jaipuria Ji, Vice Chairman Mr. Shreevats Jaipuria, which is responsive, inclusive and sustainable to society and the my colleagues, Director General Dr. Pankaj Gupta and Directors of eco-system. Challenges are galore for future generation, other Jaipuria Campuses, Distinguished members of the Board especially, the young leaders and professionals to ensure that their and Academic Council, Proud Parents of Graduating Students, actions empower people and make them happier and satisfied. Distinguished Guests, Friends from Media, Faculty colleagues, How to be creative and radical enough, in fishing out and promoting Colleagues on the Staff, the Graduating batch, Students!! Good creativity and entrepreneurship amongst different strata, which afternoontoyouall! would make our nation stronger and prosperous, is the new dimension of their career objectives. The institute and its faculty It is a great privilege and honor for me to welcome you all to the 7th have given them an eye towards new perspectives in establishing Annual Convocationof the institute. We are honoredand pleased to their relevance, not just in corporate or big business houses, but in have with us, Hon’ble Shri Rajnath Singh ji, as the Chief Guest on promising sectors like, agriculture, manufacturing, infrastructure this solemn occasion to address and encourage our students development and thrust areas like, rural development, health, graduatingtoday. education, nutrition, social entrepreneurship and others. It has emphasized the need to look at cross cultural aspects, richAllow me to acknowledge the gracious presence of the Chairman of heritage, values and ethics around, which is so important forthe Board of Governors, Shri Sharad Jaipuria Ji, an eminent success and harmony in society these days and so essential forindustrialist and educationist, whose vision has translated into four business and economies to prosper. Further, they must realize thatBusiness Schools at Lucknow, Noida, Jaipur and Indore, under the the connect between management and governance, in aJaipuria umbrella. We at Noida campus feel overwhelmed Sir, with democratic set up like India, has to be stronger as people areyour personal care and attention towards every detail in the informed and empowered more and more. Fortunately, thecampus. Let me also recognize the kind presence of Mr. Shreevats intellectual resources and the ethos and beliefs of the institute,Jaipuria, Vice Chairman, who has been the key driving force behind have always challenged its students to think and develop athe undergoing transformations at various campuses including perspective on these lines. I am confident that this has prepared inNoida. I would also like to thank the distinguished members of the them a youth, who while pursuing a career and profession, is alsoBoard and Academic Council, who have been kind enough to grace committedtoIndia,itsmotherland!this occasion, and who have always come forward in lending their supportand guidanceinrealizingourgoalsinaneffectivemanner. Academics ProgressReport 2012-13 Our philosophy of “You are greater than what you are”, is imbibed in the environment that we create in campus which gives everyLadies and Gentlemen, I am privileged and overwhelmed in opportunity to the youngsters to initiate, innovate and lead. Atpresenting before you, the soul and spirit of Jaipuria Noida, our Jaipuria Noida, we have always pondered upon, whether teacher isstudents, particularly the batch of 2011-13, who would be an expert who conveys information and skills to the students, or isreceiving Diplomas today. They are the energy and strength, or if I she / he a facilitator of learning? Who is, or should be, at the Centremay say, the ‘Life and Blood’ of this institution. They are our hope of the education process? The deliberations on these keyfor the future and the craftsmen for a better world and society questions clearly depicted, that the core of teaching learningtomorrow. A thinking mind which think differently and have an inner process is the student and hence, we believe in Student Centricurge to excel in life for themselves, for their family and for the Learning. Student–Centered Learning requires empoweringnation. Jaipuria values instill in them, a sense of responsibility individual learners so that the ownership of new learning lies ontowards themselves, their work and towards the society. Observant them.Keepingthisinmind,wehavebroughtreformsinthewayweas they have been taught to be, they find themselves sensitized Director’s Message and Annual Report Dr Rajiv R Thakur Director, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida
  8. 8. 6 Seventh Annual Convocation were designing our curriculum. We have trained our faculty on new journals, 19 research papers in national journals, 1 book review pedagogical tools suited for different learning styles. We and 6 cases. Our bi-annual Newsletter ‘VerbaJim’ gives an emphasize that class room work should embody substantial opportunity to students and faculty members in sharing their views intellectual engagement through reading, thinking, writing, and thoughts on certain contemporary topics. It is noteworthy that problem solving, and interpreting. With all these changes, we want the number of articles received from the students, has been that each student is able to take ownership of his or her learning in increasingeachyearwithenrichingcontents. ordertodevelop,testandrefine thethinking. Faculty members attended and presented nearly a dozen of papers Faculty members play the role of career transition mentors, who in international and national conferences. The institute continuously strive towards providing students with personalized encouraged them to attend over 32 Seminars/Workshops learning and productive style of thinking. With the help of our core /Symposium/ Training programmes during the year. This is surely faculty members and some of the most eminent and experienced anachievementtobeproudof. visiting faculty members, we have been able to offer a much wider Research SeminarSerieschoice of industry friendly electives to the students in this academic year. We would like to put on record, the efforts of all In further recognizing our responsibility towards academia, faculty colleagues in this regard. We are indeed particularly especially in context of research, we took the initiative of starting a gratefultoourvisitingcolleagues. Research Seminar Series two years back. This is a platform to have eminent and experienced personalities sharing their valuableExtra-curricularandCo-curricularActivities thoughts on, ‘how qualitative contribution can be made towards The institute is also innovative in its approach towards the research output of the nation’. Under this initiative, supplementing the effectiveness of the curriculum. We have many 12seminars wereheldduringtheyear. extra-curricular and co-curricular activities to guide students in ManagementDevelopmentProgrammescultivating and nurturing their dreams. Altogether 15 student activity clubs, organized one or the other events every week. The We had notable achievements in other identified priority areas as year round activities, right from Intra College to inter college well. 7 MDP’s wereconductedin theyear. These were:two fourdays cultural and management fests, to Milan (Inter Campus Immersion MDP on leadership counseling intervention, one for the managers programs), kept the students busy and made them feel at home. It of marketing division and the other for manufacturing and other was indeed learning with fun for the students. Our annual fest divisions of, New Holland Tractors Pvt. Ltd.. A 3-day MDP on Agro- UDAAN planned and organized by the students as an eclectic mix of chemical marketing for executives of Coromandel International technicalandnontechnicalevents,wasthetalkofthetown. Ltd., a 3-day MDP on ‘Excellence in HR’, for the managers of New Holland Tractors Pvt. Ltd.; a 3-day MDP on Leadership SkillsWe introduced our first Annual Inter College Sports Meet: Development Programme for the managers at National DairySPARDHA, this year 470 students from 15 different institutes from Development Board; a 2-day MDP on Enhancing FunctionalDelhi and NCR region, participated in the meet. Some of the Capabilities for marketing executives of Paradeep Phosphates Ltd.participating institutions were IIM Lucknow – Noida campus, IMS and a 3-day MDP on Leadership Development Programme for theNoida, IMS Ghaziabad, BCIPS, RCVGIT, IILM-GSM, ERA Business managers ofNewHollandTractors Pvt.Ltd.School, JRE Group of institution and many more. Approximately 125 students from Jaipuria, Noida, were involved in organizing the Conclaves andWorkshopsevent. It was amazing to see a good participation from girls who performed along with the boys in each event. The event will now be We organized three conclaves namely, ‘Leadership Counseling and held every year to encourage the sportsman spirit amongst the workshop on Managing Blue Collar Relationship’, in the area of HR; students. Our students participated in four management fests and ‘Emerging Paradigms in Indian Financial Sector’, in the area of other such events organized by other institutes at the state and finance and ‘Marketing of Services to Millennial India: Challenges national levels and made us proud with their winning and Opportunities’, in the area of marketing. In addition, we performances. organized two workshops of which, the one on ‘Understanding Business Opportunities’, Co-Branded with NEN drew a largeOther initiatives such as, Mentoring Sessions, wherein a faculty attendance.mentor counsels, guides and hand holds a student mentee, was planned out every fortnight. Milan – Jaipuria Immersion Our faculty colleague, Anurag Singh has successfully defended his Programme, to celebrate synergies across the campuses, along doctoral thesis and has been awarded PhD degree. Our heartiest with many more celebrations on campus, ensured congratulationstohim! transformational learning which involves changing frames of reference for students, their habits and established behavioral JaipuriaAnnualManagementConference-JAMC patterns Started as a baby-step in 2011, we were encouraged to take the FacultyAchievements-researchandPublication second edition of JAMC in the year 2012, to an all-new paradigm. The two-day Jaipuria Annual Management Conference hosted a The institute is serious in establishing its credentials for its quality galaxy of leading speakers from government, industry, trade research, executive development and industry interface, all associations,media,non-governmentorganizationsand academe. contributing to academic excellence. Contribution of our faculty Apart from India, we were able to achieve participations and paper members towards research and publication has been significant presentations from South Africa, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Tazakistan, as the team could publish 4 research papers in international LaosandMauritius,tonameafew.Truetoitsconferencetheme,
  9. 9. 7Seventh Annual Convocation ‘Managing Under Uncertainty: Paradigms For Developed And AcademicInfrastructureandStudentExperience Emerging Economies’, JAMC 2012, succeeded in analyzing and Academic infrastructure and the overall experience for students,understanding of the various concerns for businesses, in the faculty and staff, within the campus, are key differentiators in thedeveloped and emerging economies, due to prevailing making of a good B-school. Our first and foremost emphasis hasuncertainties. been to reinforce our facilities and resources, on every required front.IndustryandInternationalExposure The Library and Resource Centre (LRC) of Jaipuria Noida Campus,International linkages with some of the prestigious institutions in is the hub for library and information services. It serves as athe USA, Finland, Japan, Taiwan, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia creative and innovative player in supporting the teaching, learning,and Thailand drew students for exchange to gain an international scholarship andresearchactivities.perspective. Our attempt is to achieve more cross-cultural tie-ups in future. From a national perspective, industry visits, short-term The institute has a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure with the Wi-Fi projects and regular mentoring by industry professionals, provided facility all around. Video conferencing facility and 10MB lease line the students, a real feel of the corporate world and kept keep them internet connectivity helped the institute connect with the brightest abreast of the latest required skills in the country. In the reporting ofmindsacrosstheglobe. year, we organized industry visits for our students to Coca-Cola, Yakult, Reliance retail, Samvardhana Motherson Group, Mother MakingCareerDreamsRealize Dairy, Imperial Auto, Paharpur 3P Industries, Imperial Automation I am also delighted to share the career opportunities, whichLtd and Country Inn & Suites, in order to facilitate them in Jaipuria has been providing to its students. Owing to the increasingsynthesizing theory with practice. Further, to assist them in drawing brand value of Jaipuria, many well-known companies visited thepractical learning from the classrooms, we had “Guest Lecture campus this year. 81 companies - both Indian and MNCs - offeredSeries” wherein, a domain expert was invited from the industry for jobs to eligible and interested students. Some of the prominentexperiencesharing. We had 112 such experts visiting us during this companies that have visited the campus for recruitment, include:academicyear. CRISIL, Deloitte, Indian Bank, HDFC Life, TTK Prestige, ING Vysya Commitment toEntrepreneurship Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Federal Bank,Barclays Shared Services Pvt. Ltd, IDBI Bank, UCO Bank, Mancer Consulting, Axis We intend to inculcate entrepreneurial thinking in our students. In Bank, Xion Advertising, Hyundai Mobis,Indian HR Network, Dristi - light of our commitment to entrepreneurial culture building, the Soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Ernst & Young, Polyplex, ITC Ltd., Berger spirit of entrepreneurship, like every year, was celebrated through paints, Transmind, Tolmol.Com, Extramarks, Vishal Video Entrepreneurship week. It was an awareness campaign stretched Appliances Ltd., OBC, Woodapple, LifecellInternational, Deutsche over a week to send the message of entrepreneurial development Bank, Right Step Consulting, Unicon Solutions Ltd., Copal Partners, in the students across India and aimed to motivate them to act as Value First, Dun & Bradstreet, Onmobile, Zee News, Shriram the critical drivers of economic growth and development. In Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd., SME Ratings, WNS Global Services, addition, the institute conducted the E-summit on the theme of TVS Electronics, Syscom Corporation, Tata Motors, RNB Research, ‘FutureofRighttoEducation’. Radio City, Zycus Infotech, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Onicra Credit Rating Agency, Orane Consulting, Matrix International, Corporate SocialResponsibility Mahindra Satyam, Karvy Wealth. Infoline, Indiabulls Securities, HCLComnet,Grailresearch,Goldman&SachsandHavell’sIndia.We firmly believe in the value of ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam’, hence our duty as conscious and privileged family members, is the The average package in the reporting period has been Rs. 4.2 lac upbringing and nurturing of the weaker parts of this world. Thus, to per annum. The maximum CTC is Rs. 9.2 Lac for international ignite that flame of goodwill and humanity in the hearts of our placement with Midland Group and Rs. 8.84 lac for national students, Jaipuria Noida, in unison with its students and placement with Central Bank of India. This year too alike other volunteers, organized the CSR activity for 25 orphans from Grace years, we expect soon to close the placements with deserving work Home, Noida. The activity included movie screening, collection of profiles, companies and compensation. Ample emphasis on clothes, fund collection and organizing fun filled events for the grooming students in Jaipuria programmes has made them the underprivileged. There were numerous gifts which were distributed most sought after young professionals by corporate and industries. along with a donation of Rs. 16, 000 collected and made to Grace There are only a few institutions like Jaipuria, who believe in Home,NoidaandOxfamIndia. bringingoutthefinest outofthestudentsandcarvethechisels. Centre ofAgri-management MedalsandScholarships The Centre was established in December 2009. Initially, its scope The institute recognizes merit at all stages during the two-year was confined to management of plant nutrients only. However, with Programme and the first three rankers of the First Year the experience gained in the first year of its operation, it was Examination of the 2011-13 batch for PGDM course are: Ms. considered appropriate to widen the scope to cover all inputs. Harshita Shukla, Ms. Neha Bharti, and Ms. Pranee Mittal, for PGDM Today, the center not only deals with the core areas of agriculture Marketing, Mr. Arun Kumar Pal, Mr. Ankush Verma and Mr. sector but also includes the area of soft skill development and Mritunjay Kumar and for PGDM Services, Mr. Lakhbinder Sharma, intends to further expand its activities in the areas of rural Ms. Swati Pandit and Ms. Bhawna Sharma. The total amount of development,socialempowermentandinclusivegrowthmodels. scholarship giventothesemeritoriousstudentsinfirst yearisRs.
  10. 10. 8 Seventh Annual Convocation 1,80,000. Besides, we have been awarding several scholarships We, with full sincerity, hope to enhance the learning and living for the attainments in the entrance examinations. Most experience of our students on campus, to make it better than the importantly, I would like to congratulate all the Medal winners for pastyears. their academic achievements and to the Merit certificate holders, ClosingRemarksrecognizing their excellence in respective streams of Finance, H u m a n Re s o u rc e M a n a g e m e n t a n d M a r ke t i n g . To the graduating batch, I extend my heartiest congratulations and Congratulations,DearStudents! bestwishestoyouandthankyourparentsforentrustingyoutousin your transformation process. Today, the 5th May 2013, is anFutureAspiration important milestone in your career, as you embark upon your It is opportune here to spell out the future. Not only the year ahead professional life. I am sure that we have been able to equip you with shall be a year of further consolidation on the foundation built so knowledge, attitude, skills and the right set of values. You are far, but will be a period to put the institute on a higher trajectory of entering the real world, and the opportunity beckons you to use growth. Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida, is committed to your knowledge in the service of society. I fervently hope that you all impart quality education in management. It has already created a will excel in personal and professional lives. Few thoughts that I unique advantage in the market place, the testimony of which, has wouldliketoleavewithyou: come about with NAAC’s ‘A’ grade accreditation, A++ rating by First and foremost, you all have your Dreams. Never Ever crush Business India Survey and other agencies like CSR-GHRDC, them or make their shine and glow become glimmer, than the way it ranking Jaipuria Noida as 13thamongst emerging 40 Top B- sparkles in your mind and soul. That should be the engine of your Schoolofexcellence. life. I say this, because that is the only differentiator between you Indeed, this demonstrates our commitment to the pursuit of and the rest. Fuel and Fire your dreams with energy, determination, excellence and recognition for our efforts. However, these grit and perseverance is my Second take. Thirdly, Never doubt benchmarks must be sustained with a continuous drive towards Yourself. No matter what, doubt of any form should never cast a quality. negative spell on you and your dreams. You are the best and you are none less than the best. You have got the best in you and you have Formalizing Centre for Entrepreneurship and Family Business, to achieve the best in life. Believe in your efforts. If you are clear in organizing of international conference, namely, Jaipuria Annual your mind and focus and you are determined to work hard, now and Conference on, ‘Resurgent India-Path of Globalization’, in February ahead during the rest of your life, None can Stop You! Be an artist in 2014, focus on developing cases in Indian context with publishers life. You need to have passion, a ‘Junoon’ to create your art, fully like Ivey, pursuing further international collaborations and devoted, with utmost honesty and sincerity. Art is worship for strengthening of Centre of Agri-Management are few of the artists, nothing less than perfection satisfies an artist. Day by Day initiativesalreadyincludedintheagenda. every perfection beats the earlier ones. An unseen, yet very perceptible voice and feeling touches your mind and soul, givingIt gives me an immense satisfaction to share with you, that despite you confidence. Let this confidence in you glow. Your humility, yourthe challenging situation in the field of management education, the character, your kindness, simplicity, compassion for friends andcampus has already crossed three fourth of its approved intake others, help to build a better environment around you.It and bringsand very soon we shall be closing admissions for 2013. Of the out a better companion in you and that and adds further to youradmitted candidates, the highest CAT score is 74.81 and the againgivesconfidence.highest MAT score is 99.18. I am happy to share, that out of the 173 students enrolled so far, 71 are from UP, 29 from Delhi and 73 My sincere good wishes for the productive work you aspire to do in are from the states of West Bengal, Punjab, Jharkhand, Bihar, the future. As you step out of the portals of this institute, we would Haryana, Gujarat, Jammu & Kashmir, Maharashtra, Madhya liketosendyouwiththiswish. Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Assam, Meghalaya, Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand. This has ensured diversity this year too and will Mayyourpathbeblessed! continue to give the institute a national character. Even more JAIHIND!heartening to note is that there is no gender imbalance in the admissions. In fact, in the course of PGDM, girls comprise 58% of the admissions. In the course of PGDM Services, 40% of the enrolled are girls. Getting such a mix of students is conducive and desirableforeffectiveteaching-learningprocess.
  11. 11. A-32A, Sector 62, Opp. IBM, Noida P. +91 120 4638300 | F. +91 120 2403378 JAIPURIA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, NOIDA