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Learning is a lifelong quest. It is a continuous process of enquiry,
evaluation and evolution. And it stands ever so true with the dynamic
field of Management and its education. The world is at its dynamic best
and so are the markets. It is therefore absolutely necessary for the
managers to turn into ‘Ablest Navigators’ to turn the tides of change into
an organisation’s favour and to be able to do that they need to constantly
upgrade themselves.

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Management Development Programme Guide

  3. 3. Learning is a lifelong quest. It is a continuous process of enquiry, evaluation and evolution. And it stands ever so true with the dynamic field of Management and its education. The world is at its dynamic best and so are the markets. It is therefore absolutely necessary for the managers to turn into ‘Ablest Navigators’ to turn the tides of change into an organisation’s favour and to be able to do that they need to constantly upgrade themselves. With a highly research driven faculty pool, we keep an eye out for the slightest of movement in the arena of management and keep pace with it. At Jaipuria, we believe that the management studies should evolve at the same pace as that of its practices. Our evolved methodology inspires education through five basic tenets that ensure that new paradigms are demystified and imparted to the learners in the most relevant form. Ask questions, contemplate, explore new avenues. After all, what you think is what you become. THINK Seek the truth, pursue it, reach out. Be ready to head anywhere, as long as it's forward. LEARN Absorb, experience, appreciate - as much as you can. Let go of insecurity, start feeling proud of who you are. IMBIBE Think unique, traverse new roads, achieve the extraordinary, keep it simple. Discover new routes to success. INNOVATE Weigh your options, prioritize, take your pick, try the new, accept challenges. Understand the power of risk-taking. CHOOSE Take charge, blaze a new trail, be a trendsetter. Management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right things. LEAD
  4. 4. 100+CEOs and senior managers interact & deliver leadership lectures 95+Full time eminent faculty members, having rich academic and industry experience, to mentor you 100+Administrative and support staff to facilitate your training RESOURCES JAIPURIA’S JOURNEY IN EDUCATION The legacy of education began in 1945 with the establishment of the Jaipuria College in Kolkata. Today, 67 years after its inception, the House of Jaipuria has been delivering superior quality education consistently. It is this unique heritage spanning 7 decades and 4 generationsthatsetsusapartfromothereducationalinstitutes. The Jaipuria ethos are focused on creating and nurturing the next generation of thought leaders through intuitive education. This ongoing quest for ensuring academic excellence led us to set up the first Jaipuria Institute of Management in Lucknow in 1995. Today the institute is one of the largest groups in northern and central India to offer AICTE approved PGDM programmes at four world class campusesinLucknow, Noida,JaipurandIndore. It is but a testament of Jaipuria’s commitment to provide transformational education and the quality that it assure year after year, that the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) has accredited Jaipuria Lucknow and Noida with the prestigious A-GRADErating. Also, its institutes have been consistently ranked amongst the best B- Schoolsinthecountry. Other than offering quality management education, Jaipuria also engagesinresearch,consultinganddoctoral(PhD)programme.
  5. 5. 150+MDP’s offered for top and middle level managers 400+Research papers published in International and Indian Journals provides exhaustive knowledge from diverse domain to you International linkages with Universities in USA, Finland, Switzerland, Thailand and Taiwan to bring in global management practices. 4 locations with 1 unique delivery to meet your Pan India training requirement.
  8. 8. Chairperson Sharad Jaipuria Chairman & Managing Director Ginni International Ltd. Senior Vice President - PHD CCI Vice Chairperson Anjali Jaipuria Educationist BOARD OF GOVERNORS Executive Director Ginni International Ltd. Vice Chairperson Shreevats Jaipuria S. S. Kohli Former CMD India Infrastructure Finance Company Ltd. Dr. Rajiv R Thakur Director Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida Dr. Prabhat Pankaj Director Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur Dr. Jai Prakash Upadhyay Director Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indore Dr. Kamal Gupta Corporate Consultant Former Technical Director, ICAI Dr. S.R. Musanna Director Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow Kashi N. Memani Former Chairman & Country Managing Partner Ernst & Young, India D. Swarup Ex-Chairman Pension Fund Regulatory & Development Authority Dr. Pritam Singh Director General, IMI, New Delhi Former Director, MDI and IIM, Lucknow Dr. G. Pattanaik Vice Chancellor University of Lucknow Sudhir Jalan Co-Chairperson Rieter India (P) Ltd. Ravi Jhunjhunwala Chairman LNJ Bhilwara Group Anurag Dalmia Vice Chairman Dalmia Bros. (P) Ltd. Dr. Pankaj Gupta Director General Jaipuria Institute of Management MEMBERS Salil Bhandari Corporate Consultant Nominee, AICTE, New Delhi Nominee, State Government
  9. 9. International Exposure and networking have become increasingly essential requisites in the making of a successful manager. Therefore, we have set up academic relationships with prestigious institutions and universities across the world. These facilitate exchange of students and faculty, joint research, publication and teaching programmes .This has enabled us with adapting global management practices in our training and developemnet programmes ?Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland. (as a part of Finland Network for East and Southeast Asia) ?University of Illinois (Technology Management Programme, USA ) ?HEIG-VD- Near Lausanne- a member of University of Applied Sciences, Western Switzerland (HES-SO) network ?Naresuan University, Thailand ?Kainan University, Taiwan ?Asian Institute of Technology, Khlong Luang, Pathum Thani, Thailand ?University of New Castle, Callaghan, NSW, Australia
  10. 10. EXECUTIVE EDUCATION AT JAIPURIA Management Development has become very important knowledge, skills, attitude and aptitude of change in today’s competitive environment in any business. It masters and thought leaders. has been found in various surveys that the organisations Our Management Development Programmes are that align their management development with strategic designed with the right balance between theoretical planning by investing in their employees have added inputs, practical insights and the latest research findings. considerably to their value chain. Such programmes help the key professionals in industry Our MDP programmes focus on new developments and integrate management theories to the continuously latest trends in managerial theories and practices in all changing business environment and refine their action the disciplines of management. With greater focus on plans to meet the business requirements. personal and organisational development the programmes are designed to augment the managerial COMPANIES BENEFITTED FROM US Jaipuria Institute of Management has delivered over 150 customised Management Development Programmes, conducted by it’s own in-house faculty members for renowned PSU’s and Private Sector Organisations since years. Some of the organisations partnered in our learning and development programmes are…
  11. 11. MDP The objectives of our MDPs is to assist in the improvement of challenging situations as individuals and teams. This will help existing management systems and practices by providing relevant them see the importance of communication, leadership, training to the executives at different levels of the organisational teamwork, planning and delegation. This acts as a best hierarchy in both private and public sector enterprises. The platforms for personality development, confidence building participants are provided training with the latest tools, and team building technologies, skills and best practices spanning various streams ?Consultancy: Our best-in-the-country intellectual capital of management such as General Management, HRM, Information provides consultancy to private as well as PSU in dedicated to Systems, Communication & Soft Skills, Leadership and Change add value and optimize the benefits accruing to our clients.. Management, Financial Management, Marketing, etc. Being a team of competent people with broad experience, we Majority of these programmes are conducted in the campus. are capable of providing solutions for consultancy services in While a few are conducted on site. Apart from various every sphere of management developmental programmes, Jaipuria is also engaged in: ?Outbound Training Programmes: In our outbound programmes, participants are made to go through various outdoor activities where they will be required to face LISTED ARE THE OFFERINGS GENERAL MANAGEMENT BUSINESS COMMUNICATION GLOBAL PROGRAMMES BUSINESS POLICY FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING ?Organisational leadership for 21st Century ?Corporate Governance and Business Ethics ?Middle Management Programme ?Senior Management Programme ?Small and Medium Enterprises Programme ?Taking People Long: Managing by Persuasion?Advanced Management Programme ?The Winning Edge: Communication Strategies For Leaders?General Management Programme ?Effective Communication Strategies: Men & Women at Work?Supervisory Development Programme ?Listening Skills ?Negotiating to Win Win ?Developing Communicational Competencies ?Global Leadership ?Case Teaching Writing Workshop ?Global Etiquette and Cross Cultural Negotiation Skills ?Effective Communication for Managers and Leaders ?Communication Strategies for Employee Engagement ?SMART Manager and Personality Development ?Business Leadership and Law ?SMART Goals ?Strategies for growth ?Business Dispute Resolution: International and Domestic Arbitrations ?Contract Management ?Advanced Corporate Finance ?Knowledge Management ?Mergers Acquisitions and Restructuring ?Innovation, Corporate Strategy & Competitive Performance ?Strategic Cost Management ?Working Conference: Authority, Organisation, Strategies
  12. 12. BOUQUET OF OFFERINGS ?Finance for Non Finance Executives ?Strategic Finance ?Enhancing Financial Skill using MS-Excel ?Managing Risk and Contracts in Public Private Partnership ?Financial Negotiation for Win Win ?Direct and Indirect Taxation ?Discounted Cash Flow Modeling using Excel ?Budgeting and Forecasting ?DTC (Direct Text Code) ?Valuation Methodology- Trading Comparables & Precedent Transactions ?Developing Leadership Competencies ?Cutting Edge Leadership: Competencies for High Performance ?Succession Planning and Talent Management ?Team-Building and Leadership ?Building High Performance Teams ?Organisational Leadership for 21st Century ?Leading Teams for Synergy ?Developing Emotionally Intelligent Leadership ?Managing for Results LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT
  13. 13. ?Managing Winds of Change ?Train the Trainer ?Leadership Excellence ?HR for Line Managers ?Strategic Leadership ?HR for Non-HR ?Disciplinary Proceedings and Inquiry Procedures ?Reservation Policy Formulation for SC / ST / OBC HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT INFORMATION MANAGEMENT?Managing Self and Others for Higher Performance ?Project Management?Managing for Creativity and Innovation ?Risk Management?Discovering Self for Managerial Excellence ?E- governance Issues and Challenges?Conflict Management and Negotiation skills ?Information Security Management: Protect your Identity and Data?Managerial Effectiveness ?E- Governance Projects : Outsourcing and Management?Emotional Intelligence for Managerial Effectiveness ?Business Intelligence : Data Warehousing and Data Mining?Competency Building for Leadership Roles ?Strategical Business Advantage of IT?Managing stress for Higher performance and Work life Balance ?Business of Telecom?Managing High Performance Teams ?Stress Management ?Managing Innovation, Managing OD: Learning for Organisational Experiences MARKETING MANAGEMENT ?Leading sales Team for Enhanced Performance HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT ?Digital marketing : Conceptual Basics of Practices ?Building Co-operative Employee Relations for New Era ?Managing Distribution Channel for Enhanced Performances ?Performance Management System ?Selling Skills ?People Management interventions for performance excellence ?Pricing For Profit ?Transforming Organisations Through Productive People Management ?Customer Relationship management ?Human Resource Management : An International Perspective ?B2B Marketing ?Communication Strategies for Employee Engagement ?International Business ?HRD Interventions for Improving Organisational Performances ?Customer based Business Strategy ?Work Life Balance ?Luxury Management Programme ?Improving Work Culture ?Customer Retention-The Way Forward ?Developing a Learning Organisation ?Power Marketing ?Nurturing Excellence ?Services Marketing ?Linking HR with Business Strategy ?Retail Marketing ?Contract Labour and Industrial Relations ?Brand Strategy ?Management Of Discipline ?Rural Retailing ?Vigilance in PSU’s or Government Organisations. ?Brand-Building for Competitive Advantage ?Preventive Vigilance including Vigilance Clearance ?Marketing for Non-Marketing ?Right to Information ?Objection Handling Techniques in Marketing ?Labour Laws ?Closing Techniques ?Employee Engagement ?Relationship Marketing – The Corporate Sales Edge ?Mentoring Matters
  14. 14. OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT REVENUE MANAGEMENT ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND STRATEGY INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ?Visual Business Intelligence ?ERP System: Technology Planning and Implementation ?Risk Management ?Basic Computer Skills ?Managing Services for Improved Customer Satisfaction ?MS Office and Internet Skills ?Balanced Score Card : Measure that Matters ?15 Women Empowerment and Development ?Operational Excellence through Benchmarking ?Gender Sensitization ?Creative Problem solving and Decision Making ?Sexual Harassment at Work Place ?Supply Chain Management ?Women Leadership ?Total Quality Management ( Six Sigma ) ?Women Empowerment ?E-Procurement ?Equal Remuneration- Gender Equality – Equal Opportunity ?Arbitration in Contract and Procurement ?Working Culture and Environment for Women Managers ?Intellectual Property Management for Business Advantage ?Energy Environment and Sustainable Development ?Organisational Excellence ?Carbon Measurement and Sustainable Development ?Awareness of ISO 26000 ?Energy and Environmental Security ?Benchmarking and Business Process Re-engineering for Process ?Green Marketing and ECO- LabelingImprovement. ?Global Climate Policy and Green Funding ?Energy Trading and Energy Conservation ?Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development?Strategic Purchasing Management ?Smart Warehouse and Inventory Management ?Delivering Logistics Solutions ?Advanced Quality Management ?Decision Making Techniques for Managers ?Public Policy Management ?Managing You and Me in Roles and System ?Management of Change and Innovation in Public Organisations ?People Skills in Hospitality Management ?CSR Implementation and Value Creation ?Competency Mapping and Management ?Achieving Sustainable Development and Promoting Development ?Managing Innovation and Product DevelopmentCooperation ?Strategic Market Planning and Profitability and Growth?PPP ?Creativity and Innovation for Standard Business Performance?PPP in Infrastructure ?Knowledge Management for Strategic Advantage?Corporate Social Responsibility ?Managing IT Projects Jaipuria’s Institute of Management would be announcing venue and dates of certain important programmes that would be designed as Open Programmes from the training topics mentioned above. However, we are not limited to the above topics but we can customize any training, for In- company Programmes for clients, as per the organisation’s specific needs in terms of content , methodology and level of managers to be trained. NOTE
  15. 15. ?Dividend DecisionKEY LEARNING OUTCOMES ?Working Capital ManagementSuccessful managers know that their decisions affect the profitability of the company, but are often puzzled by the ?Financial Derivatives numbers they deal with. The programme Finance for Non- ?Capital MarketFinance Executives empowers the non-finance managers with an understanding of the numbers. The programme provides the ?International Finance managers with a comprehensive working knowledge of critical financial principles in an easy to follow manner that will help METHODOLOGY them make better decisions in their organisation. The participants would learn through an appropriate mix of classroom lectures, interactive discussions, case studies, classCOURSE COVERAGE exercises, take home group assignments and experience The programme will cover the following broad areas: sharing. Both academic and industry practices would be stressed upon throughout the programme.?Understanding and Analysis of Financial Statements ?Cost Concepts and Costing System TARGET AUDIENCE ?Profit Planning and Short-term Decision Making This programme is designed for heads of divisions/functions, middle level managers and managers, who are new to the?Risk and Return in Financial Management concepts of finance or those who wish to update their ?Techniques of Capital Budgeting knowledge on basic finance and accounts. ?Capital Structure Decision FINANCE FOR NON-FINANCE ?Preparing and Delivering Winning PresentationsKEY LEARNING OUTCOMES ?Communication in NegotiationsUpon completion of this course, participants should be able to: ?Cross Cultural Communication.?Demonstrate improved interpersonal and group communication skills TARGET AUDIENCE?Design and communicate effective formal and informal messages The programme is aimed at executives, middle-level managers, ?Make an effective business presentation with appropriate programme managers, engineers, bankers, architects, trainers media support and teachers belonging to private industry, government agencies, small business and independent consultants. ?Demonstrate improved persuasion and influencing skills for better negotiations METHODOLOGY?Develop sensitivity to Cross Cultural Communication. The participants would learn through an appropriate mix of classroom lectures, interactive discussions, case studies, class COURSE COVERAGE exercises, take home group assignments and experience sharing. Both academic and industry practices would be?Interpersonal and Group Communication—Listening and non- stressed upon throughout the programme.verbal communication ?Organizing and writing Business Messages, Proposals and Formal Reports EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION FOR MANAGERS AND LEADERS A GLIMPSE OF INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC, CUSTOMISED COURSE COVERAGES
  16. 16. ?Crafting right kind of leadership style and harness theKEY LEARNING OUTCOMES leadership potential At the end of the programme the participants will be able to; ?Creating a sense of shared responsibility and ownership ?Understand and appreciate the changing geopolitical ?Managing Diversitylandscape and its impact on global economy ?Develop objectives for personal and professional METHODOLOGYdevelopment ?Case study?Assess and develop their leadership skills to lead the change ?Discussion and Role Plays?Develop decision framework leading to better judgement ?Experiential learning through simulations?Acquire negotiations skills to expand leadership portfolio ?Reflection and self assessment COURSE COVERAGE TARGET AUDIENCE?Understand and appreciate the changing dynamics of business globally This programme is appropriate for senior level executives who are involved in leadership in product divisions, geographical?Organisational Culture and Role of Leadership region, a corporate function or a joint venture. ?Exploring the evolutionary process of successful leadership LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE ?Emphatic Inquiry and TrustKEY LEARNING OUTCOMES ?Emotionally Intelligent LeadershipThe programme aims to: ?Emotional Intelligence and Team Functioning and?Expose managers to the concept of emotional intelligence ?Conflict Management and Negotiation.?Diagnose the current level of emotional intelligence amongst managers METHODOLOGY?Provide opportunity to observe and experiment with emotionally intelligent behavior in risk free environment and The programme will utilize a variety of pedagogical tools provide tips for developing various components of EQ. including assessment instruments, games, lectures cum discussion and role playing and simulation. COURSE COVERAGE TARGET AUDIENCE?What is Emotional Intelligence Managers who want to experience personal growth and flourish?Managing Anger and Negative Emotions their effectiveness through emotional intelligence. ?Optimism and Resilience ?Stress Immunity EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE FOR MANAGERIAL EFFECTIVENESS
  17. 17. decision making, problem solving, conflict management, etc.KEY LEARNING OUTCOMES ?Strategies for building team cultureThe programme would be primarily focused on sensitizing the participants about the context of team working, including cross- functional teams, project/functional teams, and virtual teams. METHODOLOGY This programme will sensitize participants about the dynamics Our belief is that appreciation of the issues in team building of working together, building a team orientation, strategies for and working together cannot be imparted through lectures, building team culture, and developing inter-team collaboration. rather when the participants themselves experience the issues through simulations, exercises or games, it becomes their learning, and there is a high degree of ownership to the insightsCOURSE COVERAGE generated during the session. Thus, the pedagogy of the ?The nature and role of teams in an organisation programme will be highly process-driven, rather than lecture- driven. ?Interpersonal compatibility ?Understanding the team dynamics; factors contributing to TARGET AUDIENCEteam effectiveness and factors impending team building Senior executives, functional heads from Public, Private and ?Team leadership Government departments. Though not mandatory, it is desirable ?Conflict: Intra– and inter-departmental, internal customer that an organisation nominates two or more managers. This will orientation and inter-group relationship be helpful in facilitating team-building efforts on their return from this programme. ?Skills needed for effective team building; communication, TEAM BUILDING AND INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS ?Team building and decision makingKEY LEARNING OUTCOMES ?Leadership and managerial stylesThe programme is designed to help participants: ?Performance management (counseling and appraisal),?Understand self and Change management ?Understand the roles and functions of a manager, and ?Build the requisite competence and skills to perform the role METHODOLOGY effectively. Learning by doing will be dominant methodology of this highly experiential programme. The participants would take part in COURSE COVERAGE role-plays, group discussions, games and simulations, and various exercises. Lectures and case discussions would support ?Role of the manager the exercise in concept-sharing. ?Self understanding TARGET AUDIENCE?Interpersonal effectiveness ?Communication skills This programme caters to the specific needs of senior and middle-level executives in private, public, and government ?Time management and planning organisations. ?Emotional intelligence and stress management HUMAN RESOURCE: DISCOVERING SELF FOR MANAGERIAL EFFECTIVENESS
  18. 18. ?Assessment centre: Tools and Techniques of designingKEY LEARNING OUTCOMES assessment centre After undergoing this course, you should be able to : ?Know the elements of competency and how to use them METHODOLOGY ?Understand competency based management and link Among various pedagogical options the programme intends to through strategy and structure use experiential learning mainly emphasizing learning by doing. Other approaches will be;?Harness your real potential through competency framework ?Management Games?Develop expertise to design and assessment centre, assess and develop competency. ?Experience Sharing ?Discussion COURSE COVERAGE ?Role Playing ?Understanding competency framework, its mapping and assessment TARGET AUDIENCE ?Discover your leadership competencies and getting the best Programme is designed for every manager, who aspires toout of it develop himself/herself as an effective leader in all spheres of ?Making competencies work though organisational system work and life. COMPETENCY BUILDING FOR LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT KEY LEARNING OUTCOMES METHODOLOGY ?To understand the advancements in consumer behavior from Analysis of cases, role-plays, audio-visuals, computer simulation sales force perspective of the company and practical real life examples for illustration will be used for training purposes. Each pedagogical tool has certain ?To acquire managerial skills for formulating, implementation, advantages. evaluation and control of sales programme Lectures can be effective to communicate sales related factual ?To practice hands on practical field selling skills for retail and information in a succinct and effective way. Role-play can help high net-worth customers in developing selling skills. Cases would develop applications of conceptual understandings, and simulations are more involving.?To manage distribution channels evaluation and conflicts The programme would provide an interactive platform to implement training learning's in one's own organisation through COURSE COVERAGE class discussions. The programme broadly covers the issues of understanding consumer value management and Indian consumer insights, TARGET AUDIENCE selling to retail and high net worth customers, relationship Senior and Middle level Sales Managers, Businessselling, managing sales force on territory, quota, sales force Development Managers, Managers of family owned businesses,size, sales performance evaluation, leading sales teams, and Distribution Managers, Sales Executives and Officers.managing distribution channels. SALES FORCE MANAGEMENT AND DISTRIBUTION STRATEGIES
  19. 19. Aman Srivastava PhD (Finance), MBA Research Interest: Behavioural Finance,Market Integration, Asset Pricing, Market Efficiency Anurag Singh MBM, PGDM Research Interest: Corporate Finance, Corporate Tax Laws, Mergers and Acquisitions Asheesh Pandey PhD, MBA (Finance), M.Com Research Interest: Stock Markets, Corporate Finance, Asset Pricing Dheeraj Misra PhD, MA Research Interest: Risk Management, Financial Derivatives, Corporate Finance Kalyani Parmal PhD (Pursuing), UGC(NET), MBA, MS Finance Research Interest: Financial Management Capital Markets Moid. U.Ahmad MFC Research Interest: Islamic Management, Banking, Entrepreneurship, Investments Pratibha Wasan PhD, MBA Research Interest: Stock Markets, Derivative Instruments, Risk Management Priti Bakhshi PhD, MBA, M.Com, MA, UGC(NET) Research Interest: Carbon Trading, Capital Market, Micro Finance BANKING & FINANCE OUR CORE FACULTY Over the last 18 years, Jaipuria has created an intellectual community of faculty members drawn from industry and academia, renowned for their excellent teaching skills and contribution to management education through creation and sharing of new knowledge. They not only have a rich count of published papers and books to their credit, but many among them are also much sought after for conducting MDPs and offering research support and consultancy by leading organisations in India. Abha R. Dixit PhD( Pursuing ), M.Phil Research Interest: Trends in Business Communication, Soft Skills, Cross Cultural Communication Abhijeet Nair PhD, MA, BA Research Interest: Brand Communication and Advertising Communication, Leadership Development Business Communication Ashok Advani Masters in Marketing Management Research Interest: Business Communication, Marketing Bhavya Raj PhD, MA (English Literature) Research Interest: Communication in Business Devika Trehan PhD (Pursuing), MBA Fin Research Interest: Corporate Communication, Mass Comm., Marketing Communication Hyma Apparaju M.Phil, PhD (Pursuing) Research Interest: Needs Analysis, Persuasive Communication Niva Bhandari PhD, PGDHRM, M.A. (English Literature), DCA (Diploma in Computer Applications) Research Interest: Persuasive Communication, Crisis Communication, Interdisciplinary Studies BUSINESS COMMUNICATION Rashmi Chaudhary CA, MBA Research Interest: Investment Management, Financial Management Reena Agrawal PhD, M.Com, B.Ed. Research Interest: International Finance, Financial, Markets & Services, Entrepreneurship Research, Management Accounting, Rural Finance Ritu Wadhawa PhD (Pursuing), MBA Research Interest: Financial Management, IFRS, Financial Inclusion Shailesh Rastogi PhD, MMS, PGDM-SM Research Interest: Time Series Modeling, Market Efficiency, Risk Management, Primary Markets Shikha Bhatia PhD, M.Com, UGC(NET) Research Interest: Capital Markets, New Issues Pricing and Performance, Firms Survival, Corporate Disclosure Practices S.P. Garg M.Sc. (Agri), PMA, CAITB, DBM (I) Research Interest: Sustainable Development, Strategic Mangement, Banking, Leadership, Micro Finance Shyamji Mehrotra MA, M.Com Research Interest: Industrial Sickness, Banking System Sushma Vishnani PhD, M.Com Research Interest: Risk & Return, Corporate Governance, Financial Reporting Working Capital Management, Asset Valuation
  20. 20. Abdul Qadir M.B.A. (Human Resources) Research Interest: HR-ERP, HRIS, PMS Leadership, Shariah Compliant Finance & Investment, People Management Anurag Shanker M.Sc. Research Interest: Strategic and International HR Mgmt., Indian Labour Laws etc. Anvay Bhargava PhD, MBA, B.Arch. Research Interest: Leadership, Change Management, Entrepreneurial Issues, Behavioral Issues Arindam Saha M.Psy. (HRDM) Research Interest: Organization Design, Career Management, Change Management HRM/OB Abhay Kumar Srivastava PhD, MBA Research Interest: Operations & Supply Chain, Operation Research Jagdish Bhagwat PhD(Pursuing), MBA Research Interest: Operations Management, Marketing Lokesh Vijayvargy M.Tech, B.E., GATE Research Interest: Supplier Selection, Supply Chain Management, Operations Management Ram Shukla PhD, MBA, Master of Industrial Engineering (Texas A&M, USA) Research Interest: Statistical Applications in IT, Operations M.S. Kumar B.E. (Electrical), Management Diploma (Leeds University, UK & Texas, USA) Research Interest: Productivity, Quality Management Masood H. Siddiqui PhD, M.Sc., CSIR-UGC Research Interest: Soft Operations Research, Data Analysis, Performance Measurement and Comparison, Optimisation Models Richa Mishra PhD, PGDITM, M.Sc Research Interest: CRM, E-business and E-Commerce, Business Intelligence Sonali Singh M.Sc., M.Phil Research Interest: Inventory Management, Supply Chain Sumi Khare PhD, M.Sc. Research Interest: Data Analysis, Operations Research Sushmita Khare PhD (Pursuing), PGDM Research Interest: Supply Chain Management, Total Quality Management, Project Management Vinod Kumar Chib PhD (Pursuing), M.Tech, PGDBM & IA, L.I.I.I Research Interest: Quality Management, Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Customer Service Standards, Insurance & Risk Management, Operations In Insurance Companies, Claims Management Disaster Management, Environment Management, Health, Safety & Environment Management DECISION SCIENCE & OPERATIONS ECONOMICS & IB Ankit Mehrotra PhD, MBA Research Interest: Marketing Research Business use of MS-Excel, Data Mining Data Analytics IT Mahima Sharma PhD, UGC(NET), MA Research Interest: International Trade and Environment, Business and Human Rights, Public Finance Megha Jain PhD, MBA Research Interest: Managerial Economics Mohd. Irfan M.Com, PhD (Pursuing) Research Interest: Applied Micro Econometrics, Macroeconomics and International Economics Prabhat Pankaj PhD, MA(Economics) Research Interest: Environmental Economics & Non-Market Valuation, South Asia with special interest in Indian and Bhutanese Economy, Quality of Life, Happiness, Household Economics, Gender, Econometrics, Business Analytics, SPSS Software (for teaching and training) Prerna Jain PhD, MA, BA Research Interest: Sustainable Development, Regional Disparity R.K.Ojha PhD, UGC(NET), MA Research Interest: Sustainable Development, Economic & Finanial Analysis, Policy Analysis Ritika Gugnani PhD, M.A. (Economics), MBA (Marketing) Research Interest: Macro Economic Policy Issues, Customer Equity, Corporate Governance Athar Mahmood PhD(Pursuing), MBA Research Interest: Training & Develpoment Leadership, Islamic Finance, Emotional Intelligence Jaya Chitranshi PhD , MBA Research Interest: Management Education, Organisational Empowerment, Knowledge Transfer J.P. Upadhyay PhD, MBA Research Interest: Training, Development, Performance Management, Organisational Development Kanak Gupta B.Com, MBA Research Interest: Social Media, Cross Culture Management, Entrepreneurship Maneesh Yadav LLM Research Interest: Contract Management, Securities Market and Corporate Laws Manisha Seth PhD, PGDBA, MA Research Interest: Organisational Behaviour, Talent Management, High Performance HR Practices, Competency Mapping Pradeep Kautish PhD, MBA Research Interest: Work life Balance Proposition, Behavioral Consequences, Retail Management, Cross Cultural Interfaces S.R. Musanna PhD, MBA Research Interest: Industrial Relations Business Law, Negotiation & Arbitration Shalini Srivastava PhD, MA (Psychology) Research Interest: Managerial Effectiveness, Personality, Student Engagement, Employee Engagement, Organisational Stress Swati Agarwal PhD, MBA Research Interest: Performance Management, Employee Engagement, Emerging HR issues in Service Sector
  21. 21. Banasree Dey PhD, MBA (Marketing), PGDAM Research Interest: Tourism Marketing, Services Marketing, Rural Marketing Deepak Singh PhD (Marketing), M.B.A. (Marketing), D.E.M. (IB) Research Interest: Strategy, Green Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Services Marketing Himanshu Mishra UGC(NET), MIBA Research Interest: Technology & its Applications in Marketing, Consumer Decision Making, Brand and Market Behavior, Rural Markets Kavita Pathak PhD, UGC(NET), MBA Research Interest: High-Tech Marketing, Higher Education Policy, Consumer Behaviour MARKETING Narendra Kumar Sharma PhD, MBA Research Interest: Services, Sales, Branding Nimit Gupta M.Phil, MBA MA (English), MBA, PhD (Pursuing) Research Interest: Bank Marketing, Permission Marketing, Internet Marketing Poonam Sharma PhD, MBA Research Interest: Sensory Branding and Brand Management, Retail Marketing, International Marketing, Strategic Marketing Management Ramesh Gupta M.Sc, MA, PGD Research Interest: Fertiliser Marketing Reeti Agarwal PhD, UGC(NET), PGDBA Research Interest: Services Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, CRM Romi Saihi PhD, MBA Research Interest: Branding, Consumer Behaviour, Retail S. Goswami PhD Research Interest: Knowledge Management, CRM, Brand Management, Competitive Strategies Sandhya A.S. PhD, MBA Research Interest: Information Disclosure & its Impact on Buying Behaviour, Retail Patronage Behaviour, Assortment Management Shalini Nath Tripathi PhD, MBA Research Interest: Strategic Marketing, Services Marketing Shalini Singh PhD, MBA Research Interest: Rural Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Retail Marketing Sheenu Jain PhD, UGC(NET), M. Com, MBA Research Interest: Green Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Consumer Behavior Shubha Johri PhD, PGDBM, MA, M.Sc. Research Interest: CRM, Economics, Consumer Behaviour, Behavioural Finance Shubhandra Singh Parihar PhD, MBA, M.Sc Research Interest: Social Media Marketing, Sales Force Effectiveness, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Marketing, Rural Market Access Amit Sharma MBA Research Interest: Competitiveness, Intellectual Capital, Corporate Governance, Change Management Rajiv R. Thakur PhD, MBA, MA Research Interest: Management Education International Business, Competitive Strategies Vir Ved Ratna PhD, MBA Research Interest: Competitive Strategy, Marketing Communications STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT Durgansh Sharma M.Tech., M.C.A., M.Sc (Computer Science), PGDBA Research Interest: Mobile Computing, M-Governance, Latest Trends in IT, Cloud Computing Lalit Sharma MCA Research Interest: IT Applications Nitin Merh PhD, M.Sc. Research Interest: Time Series Forecasting using Techniques of Artificial Neural Networks and Econometrics Tools. Pooja S. Kushwaha PhD, MBA, MCA Research Interest: Knowledge Management, Social Networking Sunil Kumar Pandey PhD, M.Tech Research Interest: Database Management Systems, Information Discovery & Management, Data & Web Mining, Software Engineering Sanchita Ghatak PhD (Pursuing), PGDM Research Interest: MIS, E-Retailing, E-Commerce, Oracle,Designing and Marketing IT solutions Richa Misra PhD, PGDITM, M.Sc. (IT) Research Interest: CRM, E-business and E-commerce, Business intelligence Swati Soni PhD, MBA, UGC(NET) Research Interest: Brand Management, Service Marketing Vikas Nath PhD, MBA Research Interest: Environmental Marketing, Permission Marketing
  22. 22. B.D. SINGH (Dean- MDP and Consultancy) Prof. B.D. Singh holds his M.A. (Hist.) degree from Patna University and M.A. (LSW) & L.L.B. from Ranchi University. He did his PGDM (Executive) from IIM, Calcutta. He has worked in various capacities in SAIL, RINL and lastly at NALCO, from where he retired as Director (Personnel and Marketing). He has ten books to his credit, and most of them are used in the course curriculum of top management institutes in the country. He extensively does consultancy and training. Prof. B.D.Singh has also served as a Senior Professor of HR at MDI, Gurgaon and was associated with IMT, Ghaziabad as Professor of HR and Dean-MDP and Consultancy. M.: 98911 35339 OUR CORE MDP TEAM PANKAJ SAHIJWANI M. 97171 11475 KUMAR SRIUTTAM M. 95825 63739 SUCHITA GARG M. 98116 03764
  23. 23. Jaipuria Institute of Management A-32 A, Sector 62, Opp. IBM, Noida - 201309 P. +91 120 4638300, F. + 91 120 2403378 E.