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Data taken from and various other sites.

Data taken from and various other sites.

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  • 1. Page 1
  • 2. My Role For Today Help you decide if you want to Pursue Residency In United States or Not ? And If Yes, What Should you do to Stand Above rest of the World and show You are the BEST  Page 2
  • 3. AIPGMEE USMLE Page 3
  • 4. PROS OF USMLE• Approach of Education/Training• Compete on International Standards• Quality of Life• Considers your Overall Personality Page 4
  • 5. TIME Page 5
  • 6. Time2 Page 6
  • 7.  Passport Correct/Prevent Name Errors  Avoid stupid discussions Page 7
  • 8.  Step 1 - Basic Sciences ( 1 st and 2nd year subjects + lil bit of PSM & Psychiatry ) Step 2CK - Clinical Knowledge ( Final year subjects + lil bit of 3rd year Part 1 ) Step 2CS – Clinical Skills: Much different from our clinical approachOnly above steps are required for admissionin Residency Step 3 – Resident Level Exam usually given during residency but Required if you want H1BVisa Page 8
  • 9. USMLE STEPS• Multiple Choice Exam ( MCQ’s)• Around 300+ questions in 8-9 hours• Blocks of 1 hour each• Test taken in Prometric Center• Step 1, and Step 2 CK can be taken in India• Step 2 CS, and Step 3 in USA.• Tests your ability to concentrate for longer time Page 9
  • 10. What is this 2 digit and 3 digit score? On the 3-digit scale, most Step 1, 2 CK, or 3 scores fall between 140 and 260. NO UPPERLIMIT/ NO OUT-OF MARKS The 2-digit score is derived from the 3-digit score and the current passing score. Percentiles are not provided in connection with USMLE scores. So 2-digit scores are not percentiles. Recently they reduced 2-digit scoring and henceforth it is not humanly possible to get 99 on 2-digit score. All that is going to be considered is a 3-digit score. Page 10
  • 11. Cost? Step 1 - ~920 $ = 51000 INR Step 2Ck - ~935 $ = 52000 INR Step 2CS- ~1355 $ = 75000 INR Step 3- ~ 745 $ = 41000 INR Total Approx cost of exams = 220k INR Page 11
  • 12. EXAM PREPARATION• Step 1 needs around 6-8 months preparation• Read Kaplan material atleast 2-3 times• Practice lot of questions – 2500 to 3000 questions• USMLEWORLD questions are most important• Make study groups of 2-4• Join USMLE forum and engage in discussions• Books: Kaplan Notes (off course photocopied), First Aid series Page 12
  • 13. Important Websites -basic site for all operationsEducational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates- Our Dean’s Office –resource for all steps for self assessment examsNational Board of Medical Examiners for step 3Federation of State Medical Boards and also of American Medical CollegesElectronic Residency Application System Page 13
  • 14. ECFMG Our Designated Dean’s Office Register for USMLE/ECFMG ID- first step Use Passport while entering details IWA- Interactive Web Applications OASIS- Online Applicant Status and Information System Page 14
  • 15. Page 15
  • 16. Page 16
  • 17. Terminologies you need to know Program  hospital where you will do residency Program Director  like HOD, decides to give you residency Residency Co-ordinator  person who deals with clerical work regarding residency Chief Resident  Head of Resident group Page 17
  • 18.  ERAS : Online website where you will submit all paperwork Interview Day: When you go for usually a full day interview at the hospital who invites you for residency. Match Day: Day when you get an Email saying you have got Residency Post-Match : If you miss 1st chance, you can try again. Page 18
  • 19. Page 19Savannah River Bridge
  • 20. Residency Cycle Page 20
  • 21. Page 21
  • 22. What Residency Can I apply for ?Position No of Position No of Position Filled by IMG AvailableInternal Medicine 1339 4999Family Medicine 400 2608Pediatrics 286 2428Neurology 140 660Psychiatry 134 1091Prelim Surgery 143 1165Prelim Medicine 97 1863 Page 22
  • 23. How you would go to US ?• Visitor/Tourist Visa B1/B2 – easier if you already have it, or get for giving your Step 2 CS.• Student Visa – F1Apply for Masters program – in public health, business, health administration etc.• Visitor f/b J1 or H1 provided by USA.• Shortcut- Marriage
  • 24. Now you will Say “ I like the MPH idea”• It’s a great Idea• Definitely helpful in getting residency and long run both.• Need to take GRE and TOEFL• Apply for graduate schools in US- at least 5-8 depending on your GRE score.• Easy to get admission• Aim for expense of $ 20,000 -$ 25,000• Time commitment 1-2 years
  • 25. H1 or J1 ?• H1B sponsored by • J1 sponsored by Residency Program ECFMG• Expiry of 6 years • Expiries in 7 years• After 6 years, go back • J1 waiver job after to any country for 1 residency year which resets • After 7 year come• Green card can be back to India for 2 processed year and re-apply• Dependent of H1  • J1 dependent  J2; H4 NOT allowed to can work and even work get residency.
  • 26. Page 26
  • 27. Applicants Page 27
  • 28. How Good Are My Chances? Number of Active Applicants and % Matched Page 28
  • 29. How Many Residency Positions are there and where do I stand ?Approximately: 4 out of every 10 seats is filled by an IMG
  • 30. What do you need the most to get Residency Position ? Page 30
  • 31. Good Score is the KEY !! Page 31
  • 33. Does Anything Else Matter ? Page 33
  • 34. GrandCanyon, Arizona Page 34
  • 35. My Fav SoftDrink’s HQ ,Atlanta Page 35
  • 37. HomeWork Start thinking what field of Medicine are you interested in !! Make an Excel Sheet with main info: Eg: Name of Program, Visa Offered, Contact information, Requirement –Score, Work, Other, Look up the residents in program Join USMLE forum online and discuss with people Keep on reading for your Steps – try to do in groups Crack you USMLE, it’s a KEY. Page 37
  • 38. Personal Statement A kind of Essay which depicts why you decided to choose a particular field. It is not your Resume Give at least 1 month for it Get it checked by your professor and other friends. Start making in early April-May Page 38
  • 39. Build Your Resume• Publications  think of writing up interesting cases in our local journals• Do Poster presentations at conference• Try going to National level conference and meet more physician from around the globe• Ask for help, mentors, friends here and abroad• Be pro-active Page 39
  • 40. Type of Clinical Experience Clerkship/Elective: Can only be done during your internship period in India. Observership: Shadow a physician and see how health-care system works, its not a hands on work, usually free; though paid once available too Externship: Hands on work, do physical exam, interact with patients, build your skills. Research work: Basic Science v/s Clinical trial v/s community research. Page 40
  • 41. How to get them ?• Clerkship/Elective: apply before you are about to start Internship. FRIEDA has all the information. You need atleast 4-6 month for processing. Discuss with DEAN and Clerkship office• Observership: Can be done any time, usmle forums has a lot of information. Also contact your friends see if their hospital gives it. Page 41
  • 42. Page 42
  • 43. Page 43
  • 44. Research• It’s a totally different field and before going there think of committing at least 1 year.• Its not as easy as cutting mice and things are done!!• Two options: Clinical v/s Basic science• There is no real posting on one website, but think what you are interested and look at each university and email the Admin Office with your request. Page 44
  • 45. Apple Store 5thAvenue, NYC Page 45
  • 46. Words of Wisdom• Crack Your USMLE• Nothing is Impossible if your Decision is Strong• Its okay if you spend 1or 2 year in research or other work, everything in life ADDS ON• Be prepared to go over and above to achieve your GOAL.• Stay Connected, Work as a team, Stay focused. Page 46
  • 47. AIM HIGHNewYork Page 47