Bioethics - Religious & Spiritual Approaches -1


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Bioethics - Religious & Spiritual Approaches -1

  1. 1. Bioethics Eastern Perspective Part 1
  2. 2. Bioethics
  3. 3. Bioethics What is Bioethics?Bioethics is human inquiry about:• Boundaries of life like abortion to euthanasia• Allocation of scarce resources like organ donation• Right to refuse care
  4. 4. Bioethics Eastern BioethicsExplore these inquiries from the perspective ofEastern thought – specifically Jaina tradition andcompare Eastern and Western bioethics.Topics such as:• THEORY OF KARMA• THEORY OF SOUL• NONVIOLENCE AND NONABSOLUTISM
  5. 5. Bioethics Measure of Effect onIssue ethics practitioner Family Society Alternative method Financial, relations Problems of Violence in Develop frenzy for and population Limited celibacy. Practice ofBirth control killing sex for pleasure or other issues like explosion, rape, rhythm method sperms trade culture prostitutionAbortiona Emotional, physical, Laxity in moral(reasons: defective Violence in Self restraint. Accept results desertion by spouse, values, Legal, medical,foetus, girl child, killing the and improve lifestyle now car of defective child economic burden, economicunwanted, result of unborn onwards. if born wellness. Culturalrape etc) Emotions, issues ImpactArtificial conception Identity of related Child becomes a Avoid, explore economically• In-vitro fertilization new born, to identity, commodity. alternate methods like poor members,• Surrogate relation ownership, Impact on poor adoption, social service, doctors greed andmotherhood issues Can be temporary women, keeping pets character solution Who decides, Sallekhanā if no solution in b Violence as Suffering, quality of Economic andDeath unfair doctor sight and the quality of life will no-one life, economic an emotionalAssisted (euthanasia) practices, misuse greatly deteriorate after wish to die, family impact on family by others recovery OK if other Mal practices to Observe ethicospiritual living Inferiority complex, Economic and enhance body conduct. MaintainGene Therapy and beings are experience pain and emotional impact features for sheer equanimity and lead aGenetic Engineering not used debility to lead a on family beauty or criminal normal a life as possible. for normal life. purposes. Undergo medical treatment treatmenta. The rightness /wrongness of the act is dependent on state of the unborn and the person (mother) involvedb. The rightness /wrongness of the act are dependent on state of the dying person, family status, legal and medical issues of unborn and the person (mother) involved.
  6. 6. Bioethics Questions to address?• When does life begin, and when does it end?• When is the quality of life so compromised that doctors should cease further interventions?• What is informed consent?• What constraints should apply to research on human subjects?• And, above all, how can the sanctity of life be preserved?
  7. 7. Bioethics What is Jainism ?Jainism is one of the oldest religions originating from India.At the very heart of Jainism is the ethic of non-violence,Ahimsa , which means ‘Respect for all living beings.’Ahimsa continues to guide the daily lives of all Jains, who arevegetarians, and practice ecology and conservation.Out of 14 million Jains in the world, 125,000 are settledin North America.Other tenets of Jainism are non-absolutism, which meansthat real truth has multiple facets, and non-possessiveness,which means that one should balance one’s needs and desires
  8. 8. BioethicsClaremont International Jain Conference Keynote Speakers for August 24-25 2012• Dr. Cromwell Crawford (Univ. of Hawaii),• Dr. Brian Cummings (Univ. of California),• Dr. James Hughes (Trinity College, CT),• D.K. Bobra, M.D.
  9. 9. BioethicsClaremont International Jain Conference Paper Presenters for August 24-25 2012 • Predrag Cicovack • Inderpal Kochar • Brianne Donaldson • Seth Clark • Jain, Subhash C • Whitney Braun • Robert Hesse • Ram Agarwal • Peteet, John Ray • Chris Chapple • Surendra Pokharn • Shugan Jain
  10. 10. Bioethics Conference DetailsPlenary sessions take place in Mudd Auditorium, ClaremontLincoln University, 1325 N. College Ave., Claremont, CA 91711(on the campus of Claremont School of Theology).There is an inexpensive registration fee and a discount forstudents. Early registration at a reduced rate will close on July15th.All meals at the conference will be creative and tasty Jainvegetarian/vegan fare.Register Here
  11. 11. Bioethics Travel and Hotel InformationAIRPORTSOntario International Airport (ONT) is 15 minutes from Claremont. Taxis areavailable outside the baggage area (approx. $20-25 for a ride to campus) or youcan book a shuttle here.Los Angeles International Airport is 50 miles from Claremont. During peak traffichours (7am-9am; 3pm-6pm), this can be a very lengthy ride. You can book a shuttlehere.HOTELSThe conference hotel is the Claremont DoubleTree, 555 W. Foothill Blvd. inClaremont; (909) 626-2411. You can make reservations (at a reduced rate) at theJain Conference Group Page. The DoubleTree Hotel is 0.5 miles from campus, or a10-minute walk.Other accommodations can be found at Hotel Claremont; (909) 621-4831 (3 milesfrom campus) or Casa 425; (866) 450-0425 (in Claremont Village, 1.3 miles fromcampus). There are also lodgings in nearby cities.
  12. 12. Bioethics August 24th and 25th , 2012 Venue: Claremont Lincoln University Mudd Auditorium, 1325 N. College Avenue, Claremont CA 91711 Co-Sponsored by:Claremont Lincoln University, the International School for Jain Studies, Jain Center of Southern California, and the Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA)