Bioethics - Religious & Spiritual Approaches -3


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Bioethics - Religious & Spiritual Approaches -3

  1. 1. Bioethics Eastern Perspective Part 3
  2. 2. Bioethics JAINA PERSPECTIVE: VIOLENCETypes of violence• Intentional (that cause some harm)• Relating in daily life (Like cooking food to sustain life)• Business related (like farming)• Relating to protection of nation, society & family.
  3. 3. Bioethics Virtues for monks (Major Vows)Same virtues followed at the maximumlimits possible:• Non-Violence• Non-Stealing• Truthfulness• Limiting Possessions• Limited celibacy (No Adultery)
  4. 4. BioethicsGunavrata, Shiksha – Vrata& Ten Moral Dharma• Vows supporting the minor vows (Gunavrata)• Vows that stimulates householders towards monk hood (Shiksha – Vrata)• Ten moral Dharma
  5. 5. Bioethics Fundamental Jain PrincipleAll life is interdependent (Parasparop-gravo-jivanan) from one sensed plant lifeto fully developed five sensed human lifewith analytical and reasoning ability. Thiselicits feelings of gratitude andresponsibility.
  6. 6. Bioethics Bioethical Application• Most vaccines are produced by injecting offending organisms into horses, for antigen antibody reaction and from that serum, vaccines are produced. Horses are basically not harmed.• Some animal serum is used in making medicines or anti venoms. Can this be considered under interdependence?
  7. 7. Bioethics Fundamental Jain TeachingAll living beings are created equal withrespect to their soul. All souls havecapability of reaching liberation-moksha
  8. 8. Bioethics Theory of Karma• Jainism defines cause of disease or suffering to be past or present action (Karma).• There are eight different karma described.• Feeling (Pain and pleasure) producing karma• Body determining karma (e.g. disability caused by Naam karma)
  9. 9. BioethicsJAINISM EXPLANATION OF DISABILITYKarmas are stored in the subtle body called the“Karmic Body” that remains attached to the soul.They are like files stored in the computer, whichare downloaded for writing the text of each andevery act of ones mind, speech and body in thepresent life and each new life to come, inaccordance with your karma. Once a batchOf karma particles have produced an action, theyare shed. Old karma particles leave and newarrive on a regular basis.Jainism can explain disease& disability on this basis.
  10. 10. Bioethics Concept of existence of soul and belief of reincarnation• In Jainism concept of existence of Soul within each living being.• This soul is polluted with karmic particles from the time infinite and that this soul will continue to occupy a new body up on death of the present body.• This process of reincarnation will continue till soul is free of all karmic particles leading to liberation –Moksha.• Therefore in Jainism the importance of body & its health is temporary.
  11. 11. Bioethics Concept of Destiny KarmbaddhaParyay&Five SamvayaDestiny is described in Jainism very differently thancommonly expected definition. In Jain concept oneis destined topain, pleasure, disease, disability, death and so onaccording to previous and present karmas and therefruitations. This destiny is in one’s own control asone’s deeds are at there free will.Therefore indirectly one can control theirown disease & disability.
  12. 12. Bioethics JAIN PRINCIPLES: Five SamvayaFor any act or process to be completed,following five things will come in to play:1. One’s own efforts (Pursharth)2. Proper time (Kala)3. Ability of one’s own soul (Upadana)4. Destiny (Niyati)5. Presence of catalyst(s) (Nimita)WE ONLY CONTROL OUR EFFORTS.
  13. 13. Bioethics Conference DetailsPlenary sessions take place in Mudd Auditorium, ClaremontLincoln University, 1325 N. College Ave., Claremont, CA 91711(on the campus of Claremont School of Theology).There is an inexpensive registration fee and a discount forstudents. Early registration at a reduced rate will close on July15th.All meals at the conference will be creative and tasty Jainvegetarian/vegan fare.Register Here
  14. 14. Bioethics Travel and Hotel InformationAIRPORTSOntario International Airport (ONT) is 15 minutes from Claremont. Taxis areavailable outside the baggage area (approx. $20-25 for a ride to campus) or youcan book a shuttle here.Los Angeles International Airport is 50 miles from Claremont. During peak traffichours (7am-9am; 3pm-6pm), this can be a very lengthy ride. You can book a shuttlehere.HOTELSThe conference hotel is the Claremont DoubleTree, 555 W. Foothill Blvd. inClaremont; (909) 626-2411. You can make reservations (at a reduced rate) at theJain Conference Group Page. The DoubleTree Hotel is 0.5 miles from campus, or a10-minute walk.Other accommodations can be found at Hotel Claremont; (909) 621-4831 (3 milesfrom campus) or Casa 425; (866) 450-0425 (in Claremont Village, 1.3 miles fromcampus). There are also lodgings in nearby cities.
  15. 15. Bioethics August 24th and 25th , 2012 Venue: Claremont Lincoln University Mudd Auditorium, 1325 N. College Avenue, Claremont CA 91711 Co-Sponsored by: Claremont Lincoln University, the International School for JainStudies, Jain Center of Southern California, and the Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA)