MyOperator Call Masking-Tracking


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Track the call traffic you source to your partners.

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MyOperator Call Masking-Tracking

  1. 1. Phone Masking Embracing Cloud Telephony “Track the call traffic you source to your partners”
  2. 2. Concept  Mask phone numbers of partners, vendors etc.  Track calls to your partners and manage call traffic.  Maintain exact record of your business to partners. Monitor the traffic ‘you’ draw, by providing proxy phone numbers to your partners or vendors.
  3. 3. Example
  4. 4. Working  Assign separate extension number to all businesses.  Get complete details of callers across all the numbers.  Maintain call logs of partner businesses for your analysis. Protect your business data and lead traffic proposition while managing calls.
  5. 5. Technology Cloud Telephony in this context, refers to telephony services which run on distributed servers or virtual environment and hence can be scaled up (or down) on the fly, thus providing scalability on demand. Source: Wikipedia  Serves larger number of calls at a time.  Higher uptime due to distributed design.  Scale as needed without hardware investment.
  6. 6. Impact - I Measure ROI for each business and compare impact along with call tracking and recording.
  7. 7. Impact - II Measure impact across various geographies and demographics.
  8. 8. Business Value  Make your brand more effective by displaying a single primary number with extensions.  Measure the impact of each business to find out their demand from individual response rate.  Benefit from MyOperator features like call transfers, SMS notification and much more.  Access and control the entire system from anywhere at anytime over a web panel.
  9. 9. Cloud Advantage  Scale marketing campaigns without worrying about infrastructure.  Higher infrastructure uptime to let your business run smooth.  Manage geographically distributed campaigns through web panel.  Real time data access over the panel to see impact of campaign on-the-go.
  10. 10. Toll Free Effect  Over 30% higher calls received over a toll free number.  High return on investment by stronger brand positioning.  Best for geographically independent source(SMS, e-mail). Campaign performance for ‘toll free’ vs. ‘non toll free’ numbers Source: VoiceTree Technologies’ database of over 350 customers
  11. 11. VoiceTree Expertise VoiceTree offers simpler affordable telephony. Is your business phone there yet?
  12. 12. Ankit Jain +91 92129 92129 e-mail: Founder, VoiceTree Technologies Pvt. Ltd.