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Acceptance speech for Outstanding technical achievement award at ACM Multimedia 2010.

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  • Emme is our personal media management umbrella project, serving as a foundation for specific work like “Event Summarization”, “Composition” and “Storytelling”. Here:

    Event Summarization will take events and large no of associated media and produce a more succinct representation of the same.
    Event structures exist in the database. An event will have some no of subevents. Composition will automatically derive attributes for the root event from the subevents.
    Storytelling is a semi-automatic process, where stories are created out of this event and media collection, and additional human descriptions.

    We will use Asterix/Hyracks for two reasons: First, to store our data (events & media) on multiple machines. Second, for processing (parallel media processing), querying the distributed data collection.

    By personal media, the types of data we are looking at are: Personal Photos, Videos, Emails, Tweets, IM Logs.

    Currently, we have a prototype version running with Photo support only.
  • Lets show three classes in the world – with middle level containing most. The top has 1.5B people covering US, part of Europe, Australia, HongKong, Singapore, and a few percent in other countries. The middle has about 2.5B that is middle class – uses mobile and has corresponding purchasing and social power. The bottom is poor. We want to address the middle. The technology will slowly get to poor.

    We should show icons/photos in this chart corresponding to the above.

    We should have a chart that shows that Singapore is at the heart of World’s Middle class and has great leadership opportunity – economically-socially-politically.
  • We are excited by the 2 ideas ( of the web embracing real world happenings, and the next billion). We feel that we are uniquely positioned to contribute to various areas of its development.
  • Education networks
    parallel college network
    children learning network
    story sharing network
  • Not just a channel for communication and sharing – but a part of life.
  • Acm achievement award acceptance 20101026

    1. 1. Life = Experience (Events) + Vision Ramesh Jain FaceBook, Twitter, Google: jain49
    2. 2. Today: A Special Event One of the most satisfying recognition On a special day in my life By my professional family In one of my favorite location In the presence of many of my favorite people For doing things that I love
    3. 3. Vision ExperiencesLife = (Events)
    4. 4. My Professional Life • Research –Vision –Multimedia –Experiential Computing • Entrepreneurial • Professional
    5. 5. Who is this? Three of my Professional kids (out of the nest) are here: Mubarak Shah Francis Quek Simone Santini And one current student is also here: Vivek SIngh
    6. 6. My very supportive Family Photo taken on Oct 27, 1970 Ma – left us 3 weeks ago. Swati and Frank Neil Suzi and Adolfo Jay Tarah Osito
    7. 7. I am definitely successful, because • Behind every successful man there is a woman, NAGGING and Threatening
    8. 8. Mentors H.-H. Nagel Scientific Thinking CK Prahalad Bold Thinking
    9. 9. Friends: Partners in Crime R. Kasturi Brian Schunck Terry Weymouth IshwarBill Grosky Susanne Boll
    10. 10. Friends: Partners in Crime Mohan Kankanhalli Tat Seng Chua Nicu Sebe Larry Rowe JianPing Fan Noboru Babaguchi
    11. 11. Friends: Partners in Crime Paul Lego Michael Parekh Kurt Skifstad Bradley Horowitz Shashi Chaudhary Rajesh Jain
    12. 12. Friends: Partners in Crime Nicolas Georganas Alberto Del Bimbo Arnold Smeulders Yong Rui Hong Jiang Zhang Gerald Friedland
    13. 13. Friends: Partners in Crime Tom Huang Rainer Lienhart Marcel Worring Svetha Venkatesh Victoria Vesna Wendy Hall
    14. 14. Vision • Dynamic Vision – Difference Pictures – Tracking – Event detection • Object Recognition – Segmentation approaches – Feature Indexed Hypothesis • Three Dimensionality – Range Images – Imageware – Different Stereos
    15. 15. Dynamic Computer Vision Mubarak Shah Jake Aggarwal Chuck Jerian Susan Haynes Ishwar Sethi H.-H Nagel
    16. 16. Computer Vision Students Paul Besl Gopal Pingali Ravi Rao Nancy O’Brien
    17. 17. Computer Vision Students Francis Quek Chiao Fe Shu Yi Lu Thomas Knoll
    18. 18. Most Influential Technology from My Laboratory Thomas Knoll
    19. 19. Multimedia • Image Retrieval – Content Based Approaches • IBM as well as Virage – Emergent Approaches • Faces • Emergent Semantics • Video Retrieval – Edit artifact detection – Indexing – Virage • MPI and Immersive Video – Multiple Perspective Interactive Video – Immersive Video – Praja
    20. 20. Multimedia (Image) Retrieval Amarnath Gupta Arun HampapurSimone Santini Jeff Bach Virage Bo Gong
    21. 21. Immersive Telepresence Arun Katkere Saed Moezzi Multiple Perspective Interactive Video Immersive Video Praja
    22. 22. Experiential Computing • Multimedia is important because it captures experiences • Events Ansgar Scherp Utz Westermann
    23. 23. Entrepreneurship Imageware mChron Praja
    24. 24. Current Team at UCI
    25. 25. Where Are we Going? • Personal • Closely Linked with Multimedia Community • Guiding Principle:
    26. 26. Copernican Revolution in Computing Who is the King: Content (Data) or User?
    27. 27. Content (Data) is the King.
    28. 28. Lot of information is there. But, do we get what we want? A terrible airplane crash in Timbuktu. More than 300 casualties. Andrew Strauss hits a Century – England wins. Jay Stanley wins the MVP of the game. Again. Which will be on BBC and all Newspapers? Which News is really important? Jay is my grand-son. Does that change priorities?
    29. 29. Gutenberg’s influence is ending. • Personal Media • Personalized News • Personalized Alerts Right Information Right Time Right Place Finally Technology allows Personalized Experiences
    30. 30. Desirable: You are the King.
    31. 31. Current Projects: All about Events and Experiences • EMME • NowLedger • MoP
    32. 32. EMME: Experiential Media Management Environment • Searching for photos, videos, email, powerpoints – ACM MM 2010 • Creating Albums: – Professional – Family – Tourism • Telling stories – What did I do in Florence? • Scenario: In December 2010, I have 20,000 pictures taken in 2010. How do I (semi-automatically) select 25 to send to – My daughter – The uncle that I hate – My personal friends – My professional friends – …
    33. 33. EMME Architecture
    34. 34. NowLedger • Whats happening Now (and in near future) around me. • Anywhere in the world – Now. • Immersing you in where you would like to be.
    35. 35. Concept Architecture
    36. 36. Situation Detection and Control Aggregation and Composition Situation Detection Alerts Queries Inform ation
    37. 37. Dream: Web for the Middle of the Pyramid
    38. 38. Middle 3 Billion The World: Technology Perspective Top 1.5 Billion Bottom 2 Billion Middle of the Pyramid (MOP): Ready, BUT … Most attention by Technologists – so far. Not Ready
    39. 39. Direct the innovation and R&D towards the needs of the World’s middle class – the Middle of the Pyramid (MOP). Expand the Middle to cover the Bottom. Highest Bang for the Buck: Tech for the Middle of the Pyramid
    40. 40. HEATS Networks Health Education Agriculture Transportation Social For addressing all life elements.
    41. 41. Situational Control HEATS = + Social Networks Microblogs MicroEvents WWW Situation Detection/ Control Awareness/ Education ExperientialCo mm.
    42. 42. HEATS Connects People for Symbiotic Life Activities.
    43. 43. Some Concerns for our ACM MM Family • Very conservative • Live in Virtual World • ACM MM has a wonderful chance to be a leader, but …
    44. 44. A Dream related to my ACM Family • We will lead the media revolution – enter new age after the Gutenberg era. • We will lead industry, rather than follow. • We will take the media revolution to the Middle of the Pyramid.
    45. 45. ACM Multimedia: My Professional Family Can we be the leader? Can we go Beyond Gutenberg? Review systems Publication systems
    46. 46. Future of Multimedia: Personalized Experiences for Everybody • Event Based • Experience Centric • Centered around YOU • No Country Left Behind
    47. 47. THANKS • For the supportive environment. • For for the friendship. • For providing me so many exciting events. • For giving me a chance to experience a rich life. • For letting me dream and listening to my ‘vision’.