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  • 1. How it All StartedIt started pretty simply. After the end to a significantromantic relationship, like many, I turned to a littlesoul searching to get better in touch with myself. I choseto make a list, to list things I had wanted to do in life,but for different reasons had not yet done. As I toldmyself to think free from reason, a stream of consciousnesspoured through my pen just long enough for me to list havea nice little list.The third item on my list after learn to scuba dive andleave the country at least once a year (both of which Ihave since done) was three short words: be an athlete.Now, I likely hadn’t thought about playing sports or beingan athlete in decades. Not the most coordinated child Ihad been cut from baseball, softball, soccer, track andvolleyball all before the eighth grade. The powers that behad spoken; I could be many things in life, but not anathlete.Now in my thirties I had a conundrum on my hand. Thisthought that appeared on my list without realizing it wasabout to change my life…
  • 2. November 2010 – My first 5K
  • 3. September 2011 – A run club and two half marathons later
  • 4. Running Race Results
  • 5. November 2012 My First SprintTriathlonApril 2012 – My First Sprint Distance Triathlon
  • 6. October 2012 – My First Olympic Distance Triathlon
  • 7. 2012 Triathlon Race ResultsRank First Name Last Name Age Gender Overall ScoreIt’s me!
  • 8. June 2013 – I take on my first Ironman Race – Half Distance 70.3 milesFrom first 5K to first Ironman in 30 Months
  • 9. Three simple words, ‘be an athlete’ that hasturned into so much more…You see, this process has evolved to be so muchmore than just fulfilling an unrequited childhooddesire. I’ve experienced a fundamental shift inhow I am able to tackle obstacles across all facetsof my life. I set bigger goals and truly nowbelieve anything I want for myself and my life ispossible through commitment, perseverance andtraining.Falling in love with multi-sport has filled mylife’s toolbox with an arsenal of outlets forhonoring my mind, body and spirit throughtraining while continuing to reinforce how tobreathe through fear into action.Racing may not be appear to be anything more thana glorified hobby, yet it has forever changed mylife. Whatever words appear on your list, know ifyou can dream it, you have the power to make itreal.Thanks for stopping by… namaste!