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Syllabus Art Appreciation

  1. 1. Art Appreciation SYLLABUS I. INTRODUCTION: “Nunca pinto sueños o pesadillas. Pinto mi propia realidad.”(Frida Kahlo)Subject: Art Appreciation Department: Preparatoria Semester: 5thTeacher: Jaime Hernández E-mail: FB: Profe Jaime HernándezClass days: W:13-14 Course start: August, 13 Course end: November 30 F: 12 – 14Course objective:Approach art as an esthetic and historical fact of Mexican society, expression of man and testimony of ourculture; throughout the different activities the students will analyze, identify, compare, value and respectthe different artistic testimonies of our country. II. What we will seeFirst Partial: where do come from. 1. Prehispanic art. - Art as an interpretation of Mexican cosmogony. - Historical and artistic importance of codex: Borgia, Dresden, Ozuna, etc. - Lecture of “Sons of la Malinche” by Octavio Paz. Images of Juan Correa. 2. Conquer and Colonial period. - Renaissance and baroque in Europe. - Spanish platerism and its Arab influence - Syncretism and evolution: mixture of symbols in Mexico. - Retable, ex votes, facades, Missions and other churches. - Artists: JOSÉ VIVAR Y VALDERRAMA, JOSEFUS DE RIVERA I ARGAOMANIS, JUAN RODRÍGUEZ JUÁREZ, MIGUEL CABRERA, BALTAZAR DE ECHAVE Y RIOJA 3. Modern Art. - Independence: a new breakthrough society. - Academy and neoclassicism in Mexico. - Europe in Mexico. Impact of the Porfirism - Revolution - Artists: Manuel Tolsá, Hermenegildo Bustos, José Maria Velasco, José Guadalupe Posada, Dr. ATL, FÉLIX PARRA, JOSÉ MARIA JARA, LEANDRO IZAGUIRRE, Saturnino Herrán, Abraham Ángel, Alberto Fuster, Ángel Zárraga, Julio RuelasSecond partial: After the revolution. 4. Muralism. - Vasconcelos and the new Mexican nationalism. - A very brief look into Russia. - Orozco: Mexican expressionist, - Siqueiros: the “Generalazo” - Rivera: worker of the art. - The “Taller de Gráfica Popular” 5. Independent artists and the Rupture. - Against the pictoralism and the nationalism. - Universalism of the art. - José Luis Cuevas and his Cactus Curtain - Artists: RUFINO TAMAYO, CARLOS MÉRIDA, LILIA CARRILLO, JOSÉ LUIS CUEVAS, FRIDA KAHLO, MARIA IZQUIERDO, REMEDIOS VARO, LEONORA CARRINGTON, WOLFANG PALEEN, MATHIAS GOERITZ, LUIS MARIO SCHNEIDER
  2. 2. 6. Contemporary art: the importance of the meaning. - Artists: ALVAR CARRILLO GIL, GUNTHER GERZO, JUAN SORIANO, ALBERTO GIRONELLA, VICENTE ROJO, MANUEL FELGUEREZ. - Abyectism: ADUARDO ABAROA, FRANCO ACEVES, CARLOS AGUIRRE, ADRIANA CALATAYUD, MÓNICA CASTILLO, GILBERTO CHEN, OWEENA FOGARTY, LILIAN HAUGEN, ALEJANDRO MONTOYA, ADOLFO PÉREZ BUTRÓN, - Instalacionism: GABRIEL OROZCO, TERESA MARGOLLES, XIMENA LABRA - Art in Cd. Juárez.Third Partial: the other arts. 7. Architecture. - Brutalism - New Urbanism - Architects: JOSÉ VILLAGRÁN, O ‘GORMAN, BARRAGÁN, TEODORO GONZÁLEZ DE LEÓN. 8. Photo. - Agustín Casasola - Manuel Álvarez Bravo - Importance of Tina Modotti, Edward Weston and Eisenstein in México. - Gabriel Figueroa 9. Mexican Films. - The beginnings. - Golden Times - Decadence. - New Mexican CinemaIII. GradingActivity Grade Partial works:Partial Work 5Weekly reports 1 1st. Partial Sept 13 to 21Movie Reports 1 2nd. Partial Oct. 18 to 26Active and valuable class 2participation 3rd. Partial Nov. 22 to 30Activities 1 Final Dic 6Total 10What will the proyects be?Partial work is an 8 pages essay (plus bibliography) on any subject Mexican art related.Schoolar tours: th - Nov. 16 we will go to Frida Kahlo’s House (Casa Azul) and to the teather. Payment structure pending.