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Open Source Project for INF 103

Open Source Project for INF 103



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    Open source software Open source software Presentation Transcript

    • 1. What is Open Source Software?2. The Definition of Open Source3. The History of Open Source4. The Open Source Development Philosophy5. Open Source Licensing6. Open Source Vs. Proprietary Software7. Open Source Vs. Free Software8. Pros and Cons9. Development Tools10. Common and Widely Used Software11. Open Source Funding12. Conclusion13. References
    • The Definition of Open Source• The Open Source Initiative was formed in 1998, where the definition was formed.• The Open Source Definition is used by OSI to decide whether a license is considered open source• This definition is based on the Debian Free Software Guidelines• Describes a broad type of software license• Makes software source code available to the general public without restriction
    • • 1983: Free Software Movement launched• 1998: term free software replaced by open source software• Open Source label came out on April 7, 1998 in Palo Alto in lieu of Netscape’s 1998 announcement of source code release for Navigator (Mozilla)• Individuals included Tim O’Reilly, Linus Torvalds (creator of Linux), Tom Paquin, Jamie Zawinski, etc.• Created for software developers that want to publish their software with an open source software that anybody can develop the same software. Generally everyone is allowed to modify it.• Policy based reasons for adoption include: Security, Affordability, Transparency, Perpetuity, Interoperability, Localiza tion• The most prominent licenses that have qualified include the GNU General Public License, which “allows free distribution under the condition that further developments and applications are put under the same license”.
    • Open Source Vs. Free Software• Richard Stallman says: “Open Source is development methodology; free software is a social movement”• Term open source confuses the availability of the source with the freedom of use/modify/redistribute• Open Source is used only to describe software licensed under OSI• Open Source and Free Software are different terms for software with different rights and freedoms.
    • Pros and Cons• Main advantage is that open source is a good way to achieve greater market penetration, gaining competitive advantage• Builds developer loyalty• Less costs of marketing and logistical services• Good tool to promote company’s image• In retrospect, With OSS, no trademark exists.• May not be well defined, testing and documentation may be ignored• Not all have been successful• Difficult to design a commercially sound business model around open source paradigm.• Only technical requirements may be satisfied, not market.• Hackers may be allowed to know weaknesses or loopholes more easily than closed-source.
    • Development Tools• Revision control systems are tools that help centrally manage the source code files and changes.• Mailing Lists provide communication• Tools to automate testing, compiling, bug reporting preserve stability.
    • Common Open Source Products• Apache HTTP Server• OsCommerce• Mozilla Firefox• Linux Operating System• Android• VoIP with Asterisk
    • Conclusion• Open source is a wonderful alternative to Proprietary/Closed-Source• Free• Malleable• Shareable• Ever changing!!
    • References1. (BELIEFS AND MISBELIEFS ABOUT OPEN SOURCE)8. Payne, Christian (February 2002). "On the Security of Open Source Software". Info Systems Journal 12 (1): 61–78. doi:10.1046/j.1365-2575.2002.00118.x.10. (SCILAB)12. (HOMELAND SECURITY HELPS SECURE OPEN SOURCE CODE)13. HTTP://OPENSOURCE.ORG14. (WILL THE REAL OPEN SOURCE CRM PLEASE STAND UP)15.,2817,1566726,00.asp (IS OPEN SOURCE REALLY SAFER?)16. Muffatto, Moreno (2006). Open Source: A Multidisciplinary Approach. Imperial College Press. ISBN 1-86094-665-8.17. (HOW MANY OPEN SOURCE LICENSES DO YOU NEED?)18. The Open Source Definition by Bruce Perens. January 1999. ISBN 1-56592-582-3.19. (LEGAL MILESTONE FOR OPEN SOURCE)20. OpenSourceSoftwareCommunities.pdf21. (LINUX: FEWER BUGS THAN RIVALS)22. Sea Wolf – The Violet Hour23. Circa Survive – Think of Me When They Sound