"Fire" Story Analysis


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"Fire" Story Analysis

  1. 1. “Fire” Story plot AnalysisJack London´s Literary Biography:Jack London write “Fire” story base on his on survival story. This storywas the most famous on his carrier. Some years later London tries hardto enter to the printing. His first published story was To the Man onTrail, the Overland Monthly pay him 5 dollars. Time later Black Cataccepted his novel “A thousand deaths” for 40 dollars.
  2. 2. Story summary:The story start with a man going to a camp in Henderson Creek to checkout some land he wanted to buy. Yukon was very cold; the man wasaccompanied by a grumpy gray dog, it was upset for traveling in thatcondition. After they cross a frozen stream, the man sat down aprepared to eat, but his face and toes were frozen. After make a fire andeat the man and they dog rested for a few minutes and them thy keepwaking. The man was walking faster and the ice broke under his feet,water covered the half of his body. The man knew he needed fire so hebuilt one near a tree. While the man was getting dry he remembered anold-timer tolling him to not travel alone with that weather. He manmocked about old-timer´s advice, he say he’ll be ok. Suddenly a pile ofsnow felt from the tree branch covering the man and the fire. The manwas freezing, he tried to take the matches to build another fire, but hisfingers were frozen so he dropped the matches. He tried to pick themup but his body didn’t move. Panic hit the man, he start runningdesperate and he felt on the snow. While he was lying on the ground herealized that the old-timer was right and them he didn’t move anymore.The dog smelled the man to discover he was dead, immediately the dogstarted running in camp direction searching for men who could build afire.
  3. 3. STYORY PLOT ANALYSISConflict:The man wanted to go to a camp in Henderson Creek, but he didn’tlistened old-timer advice.Rising Actions: The man trying to eat with out fire. The man building the first fire to eat. The man falling into the frozen stream. The man getting dry and mocking about old-timer´s advice. The snow covering the fire and the man.Climax:In my opinion the climax is the moment when the man found him aboutto die and panics as his recall old-timer´s advice.Conclusion:
  4. 4. The man dies frozen and the dog ran searching for fire.Moral Teaching:My moral teaching of this story is about listen to people advice andprepares propriety for a trip.Characterization:
  5. 5. The man: He was going to check out a land he wanted to buy. He wasreckless and he didn’t pay attention to advices.
  6. 6. The dog: The dog was conscious about the risk they where taking andthe vital importance of fire.My opinion about “Fire”I enjoy the story and I felt identify with the main character. Sometimeswe don’t pay attentions to warnings and we should. There is always aperson who knows more than us.