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  1. 1. Benigno S. Aquino III, Third State of the Nation Let it not be forgotten: Martial Law was borneAddress, July 23, 2012 because a dictator manipulated the ConstitutionState of the Nation Address of His Excellency to remain in power. And to this day, the battleBenigno S. Aquino III rages: between those who seek a morePresident of the Philippines equitable system, and thoseTo the Congress of the Philippines who seek to preserve their priveleges at the expense of others.[English translation of the speech delivered atthe Session Hall of the House of The specters of a lost decade haunted us fromRepresentatives, Batasan Pambansa Complex, our first day in office.Quezon City, on July 23, 2012] There was the North Rail contract—an expensiveSenate President Juan Ponce Enrile; Speaker project that became even more expensive afterFeliciano Belmonte; Vice President Jejomar renegotiation. Ironically, the higher cost cameBinay; former Presidents Fidel Valdez Ramos with fewer public benefits; a fleet of 19 trainsetsand Joseph Ejercito Estrada; eminent Justices of was reduced to three,the Supreme Court; and the number of stations, from five to two. Todistinguished members of the diplomatic corps; make matters worse, the debts incurred fromhonorable members of the House of the project are now being called in.Representatives and of the Senate; our leadersin local government; members of our Cabinet; We had GOCCs handing out unwarranteduniformed officers of the military bonuses, despite the losses already suffered byand of the police; my fellow public servants; their agencies. We had the billions wasted by PAGCOR on—of all things—coffee.And to my Bosses, the Filipino people: a We had the suspect management practices ofpleasant afternoon to all. the PNP, which involved ignoring the need to arm the remaining 45 percent of our policeThis is my third SONA. It wasn’t too long ago force, just to collect kickbacks on rundownwhen we began to dream again; when, united, helicopters purchased at brand-new prices.we chose the straight and righteous path; whenwe began to cast aside the culture of wang- We were left with little fiscal space even aswang, not only in our streets, debts had bunched up and were maturing. Webut in every sector of society. were also left a long list of obligations to fulfill: A backlog of 66,800 classrooms, which would cost us about 53.44 billion pesos; a backlog of 2,573,212 classroom chairs,It has been two years since you said: We are amounting to 2.31 billion pesos. In 2010, antired of corruption and of poverty; it is time to estimated 36 million Filipinos were still notrestore a government that is truly on the side members of PhilHealth.the people. Forty-two billion pesos was needed to enroll them. Add to all this the 103 billion pesosLike many of you, I have been a victim of the needed for the modernization of our armedabuse of power. I was only 12 years old when forces.Martial Law was declared. For seven years andseven months, my father was incarcerated; we To fulfill all these obligations and address all ourlived in forced exile for three years. needs, we were bequeathed, at the start of ourI saw for myself how many others also suffered. term, 6.5 percent of the entire budget for theThese experiences forged the principles I now remaining six months of by: Where a citizen is oppressed, he will find We were like boxers, sent into the ringme as an ally; where there is an oppressor, I will blindfolded, with our hands and feet bound, andbe there to fight; where I find something wrong the referee and the judges paid the system,I will consider it my duty to right it. In our first three months in office, I would look forward to Sundays when I could ask God forMartial Law ended long ago and when it did, we His help. We expected that it would take no lesswere asked: ―If not us, then who?‖ and ―If not than two years before our reforms took, then when?‖ Our united response: let it be Would our countrymen be willing to wait thatus, and let it be now. The democracy that was long?taken from us by forcewas reclaimed peacefully. And in so doing, we But what we know about our people, and whatbrought light to a dark chapter in our history. we had proven time and again to the world was this: Nothing is impossible to a united Filipino
  2. 2. nation. It was change we dreamed of, approximately a billion dollars in our markets. Iand change we achieved; the benefits of change only wish that the optimism of foreign mediaare now par for the course. would be shared by their local counterparts more often.Roads are straight and level, and properlypaved; this is now par for the course. And we are building an environment where progress can be felt by the majority. When weRelief goods are ready even before a storm began office, there were 760,357 household-arrives. Rescue services are always on standby, beneficiaries of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipinoand the people are no longer left to fend for Program.themselves. This is now par for the course. Our target: 3.1 million within two years. By February of this year, the three millionthSirens only blare from the police cars, from household-beneficiary of Pantawid Pamilya hadambulances, and from fire trucks—not from been registered.government officials. This is now par for the Next year, we will enroll 3.8 million—five timescourse. what we had at the beginning of our term.The government that once abused its power isfinally using that power for their benefit. This is a long-term project, with far-reaching impact. The research is in its initial stages, butReforms were established as we cut wasteful already the figures show promise.spending, held offenders accountable for their Based on data from the DSWD: 1,672,977actions, and showed the world that the mothers now get regular checkups; 1,672,814Philippines is now open for business under new children have been vaccinated against diarrhea,management. polio, measles, and various other diseases; 4.57 million students no longer need to missWhat was once the sick man of Asia now brims school because of poverty.with vitality. When we secured our first positivecredit rating action, some said it was pure luck. When we first took office, only 62 percent ofNow that we have had eight, can it still just be Filipinos were enrolled in PhilHealth. Enrollmentluck? was not necessarily based on need but on beingWhen the Philippine Stock Exchange Index first in the good graces of politicians. Now, 85broke 4,000, many wondered if that was percent of our citizens are members.sustainable. But now, with so many record This means that since we received our mandate,highs, we are having trouble keeping score: For 23.31 million more Filipinos have access tothe record, we have had 44, PhilHealth’s array of benefits and services.and the index hovers near or above 5,000. Inthe first quarter of 2012, our GDP grew by 6.4 And here’s even better news: the 5.2 millionpercent, much higher than projected, the poorest households identified by our Nationalhighest growth in the Southeast Asian region, Household Targeting System will now fullyand the second benefit from PhilHealth’s programs, free ofonly to China in the whole of Asia. Once, we charge.were the debtors; now, we are the creditors, Because of the Department of Health’s Noclearly no laughing matter. Until recently, we Balance Billing Policy, treatment for dengue,had to beg for investments; now, investors flock pneumonia, asthma, cataracts—as well asto us. treatments for catastrophic diseases like breastSome Japanese companies have said to us, cancer, prostate cancer,―Maybe you’d like to take a look at us. We’re not and acute leukemia—can be availed of for freethe cheapest but we’re number one in by our poorest‖ A British banker recently cameloooking for opportunities. The process for our poorest PhilHealth members: Enter any government hospital. ShowCommentators the world over voice their you PhilHealth card. Get treatment. And theyadmiration. According to Bloomberg Business return to their homes without having to shell outWeek, ―Keep an eye on the Philippines.‖ Foreign a single centavo.Policy magazine, and even one of the leaders ofASEAN 100, One of the briefings I attended noted that foursaid that we may even become ―Asia’s Next out of ten Filipinos have never seen a healthTiger.‖ Ruchir Sharma, head of Morgan Stanley’s professional in their entire lifetime. Other figuresEmerging Market Equities said, ―The Philippines are more dire: Six out of ten Filipinos dieis no longer a joke.‖ And it doesn’t look like he’s without beingpulling our leg, attended to by health professionals.because their company has invested
  3. 3. But whatever the basis, the number of Filipinos research and collaboration.with no access to government health servicesremains a concern. And we are acting on this: In Challenges remain. The high maternal mortality2010, ten thousand nurses and midwives were ratio in our country continues to alarm us.deployed under the Which is why we have undertaken measures toRNHeals Program; to date, we have deployed address the health-care needs of women.30,801. Add to this over 11,000 Community We, too, want Universal Health Care; we wantHealth Teams tasked to strengthen the links our medical institutions to have enoughbetween doctors and nurses, and the equipment, facilities, and manpower.communities they serve. We can easier fulfill all these goals, if the SinAnd today, because of efficient targeting, they Tax Bill—which rationalizes taxes on alcohol andare deployed to where they are most needed: to tobacco products—can be passed. This billareas that have been for so long left in the makes vice more expensive while at the samemargins of society. We have sent our health time raising more money for health.professionals to1,021 localities covered by the Pantawid And what of our students—what welcomes themPamilya, and to the 609 poorest cities and in the schools? Will they still first learn themunicipalities, as identified by the National Anti- alphabet beneath the shade of a tree? Will theyPoverty Commission. still be squatting on the floor, tussling with classmates over a single textbook?This new system addresses two issues:thousands of nurses and midwives now have I have great faith in Secretary Luistro: Beforejobs and an opportunity to gain valuable work the next year ends, we will have built the 66,800experience; at the same time, millions of our classrooms needed to fill up the shortage wecountrymen now have inherited. The 2,573,212 backlog in chairs thatincreased access to quality health care. we were bequeathed will be addressed before 2012 ends. This year, too, will see theBut we are not satisfied with this. What we eradication of the backlog of 61.7 millionwant: True, universal, and holistic health care. textbooks—and we will finally achieve the one-This begins not in our hospitals, but within each to-one ratio of books to students.and every household: Increased consciousness,routine inoculation, We are ending the backlogs in the educationand regular checkups are necessary to keep sector, but the potential for shortages remainssickness at bay. Add to this our efforts to ensure as our student population continues to increase.that we prevent the illnesses that are in our Perhaps Responsible Parenthood can helppower to prevent. address this.For example: Last year, I told you about our For our State Universities and Colleges: we haveanti-dengue mosquito traps. It is too early to proposed a 43.61 percent increase in theirclaim total victory, but the initial results have budget next year. A reminder, though, thatbeen very encouraging. everything we do is in accordance to a plan: There are corresponding conditions to thisWe tested the efficacy of those mosquito traps budget increase. The SUC Reform Roadmap ofin areas with the highest reported incidence of CHED, which has been deliberated and agreeddengue. In 2011, traps were distributed in upon, must be enacted to ensure that theBukidnon—which had recorded 1,216 cases of students sponsored bydengue in 2010. the state are of top caliber. Expect that if youAfter distribution, the number of cases work to get high marks in this assignment, wedecreased to 37—that is a 97 percent reduction will be striving just as hard to address the restrate. In the towns of Ballesteros and Claveria in of your needs.Cagayan, there were 228 cases of dengue in2010; in 2011, Year after year, our budget for education hasa mere eight cases were recorded. In Catarman, increased. The budget we inherited for DepEdNorthern Samar: 434 cases of dengue were last 2010 was 177 billion pesos. Our proposal forreported in 2010. There were a mere four cases 2013: 292.7 billion pesos. In 2010,in 2011. our SUCs were allocated a budget of 21.03 billion pesos. Since then, we have annuallyThis project is in its initial stages. But even this raised this allocation; for next year, we haveearly on, we must thank Secretaries Ike Ona of proposed to set aside 34.99 billion pesos of ourDOH and Mario Montejo of DOST; may our budget for SUCs.gratitude spur them into even more intensive Despite this, some militant groups are still
  4. 4. cutting classes to protest what they claim is a From infancy, to adolescence, to adulthood, thecut in SUC budgets. It’s this simple: 292.7 is system is working for our citizens. And we arehigher than 177, and 34.99 is higher than ensuring that our economy’s newfound vitality21.03. generates jobs.Should anyone again claim that we cut theeducation budget, we’ll urge your schools to Let us keep in mind: there are about a millionhold remedial math classes. Please attend. new entrants to the job market every year. The jobs we have produced within the past twoWhen we assumed office and began establishing years total almost 3.1 million.much-needed reform, there were those whobelittled our government’s performance. They As a result, our unemployment rate is decliningclaimed our achievements were mere luck, steadily. In 2010, the unemployment rate was atand what impact they may have as short-lived. 8 percent. In April 2011, it dropped to 7.2, andThere are still those who refuse to cease dropped further to 6.9 this year.spreading negativity; they who keep their Is it not an apt time for us to dream of a daymouths pursed to good news, and have created where any Filipino who wishes to work can findan industry out of criticism. a job?If you have a problem with the fact that before Look at the BPO sector. Back in the year 2000,the year ends every child will have their own only five thousand people were employed in thischairs and own set of books, then look them industry. Fast forward to 2011: 638,000 peoplestraight in the eye and tell them, ―I do not want are employed by BPOs,you to go to school.‖ and the industry has contributed 11 billion dollars to our economy. It has been projectedIf you take issue with the fact that 5.2 million of that come 2016, it will be bringing in 25 billionthe country’s poorest households can now avail dollars and will be employing 1.3 millionof quality health-care services without worrying Filipinos.about the cost, then look them straight in the And this does not include the estimated 3.2eye and tell them, million taxi drivers, baristas, corner stores,―I do not want you to get better.‖ canteens, and many others that will benefit from the indirect jobs that the BPO industry willIf it angers you that three million Filipino create.families have been empowered to fulfill theirdreams because of Pantawid Pamilya, then look A large portion of our job generation strategy isthem straight in the eye and tell them, building sufficient infrastructure. For those who―I will take away the hope you now have for have gone to Boracay on vacation, you haveyour future.‖ probably seen our newly christened terminal in Caticlan.The era where policy was based on the whims The plan to expand its runway has also beenof the powerful has truly come to an end. For laid out.example, the previous leadership of TESDAgenerously distributed scholarship vouchers— And we will not stop there. Before the end of mybut neglected to fund them. Naturally, the term, the New Bohol Airport in Panglao, Newvouchers bounced. The result: over a thousand Legaspi Airport in Daraga, and Laguindinganschools are charging the government 2.4 billion Airport in Misamis Oriental will have been built.pesos for the vouchers. One person and one We will also upgrade our international airports inadministration wanted to show off; Mactan, Cebu; Tacloban; and Puerto Princesathe Filipino people are paying for that now. Airport, so they can receive more passengers; in addition to remodeling the airports in Butuan,When Secretary Joel Villanueva assumed the Cotabato, Dipolog,post, he was not daunted by the seemingly Pagadian, Tawi-Tawi, Southern Leyte, and Sanimpossible reforms that his agency needed to Vicente in Palawan.enact. Despite the staggering debt inherited byTESDA, I am the fourth president to deal with theit still trained 434,676 individuals under the problems of NAIA Terminal 3. Airplanes are notTraining for Work Scholarship Program. The all that take off and land here; so did problemsTESDA Specialists Technopreneurship Program and anomalies. Secretary Mar Roxas has alreadylikewise delivered concrete victories— said:imagine: each of the 5,240 certified Specialistas Before we convene at the next SONA, theare earning 562 pesos a day, or 11,240 pesos a structural defects we inherited in NAIA 3 willmonth. This is higher than the minimum wage. have been fully repaired.
  5. 5. This June, the LRT Line 1 Cavite Extension fixed its system. Just by following the rightproject began to move forward. When process of bidding and procurement, theircompleted, it will alleviate traffic in Las Piñas, agency saved a total of 10.6 billion pesos fromParañaque, and Cavite. In addition to this, 2011 to June of this order to further improve traffic in Metro Even our contractors are feeling the positiveManila, there will be two elevated roads directly effects of our reforms in DPWH. According toconnecting the North Luzon and South Luzon the DPWH, ―the top 40 contractors are now fullyExpressways. booked.‖ I am hopeful that the development ofThese will be completed in 2015 and will reduce our infrastructuretravel time between Clark and Calamba to 1 continues unimpeded to facilitate the growth ofhour and 40 minutes. Before I leave office, there our other industries.will be high-quality terminals in Taguig, QuezonCity, and Parañaque, The improvement of our infrastructure isso that provincial buses will no longer have to intertwined with the growth of our tourismadd to the traffic on EDSA. industry. Consider this: In 2001, the Philippines recorded 1.8 million tourist arrivals. When wePerceptions have also changed about a assumed office in 2010,department formerly notorious for its this figure had grown to only around 3.1 million.inadequacies. I still remember the days when, Take note: despite the length of their time induring the rainy season, the Tarlac River would office, the previous administration only managedoverflow and submerge the to add a mere 1.3 million tourist arrivals—MacArthur Highway. The asphalt would melt and we contributed half a year to that number.away; the road would be riddled with potholes, Under our administration, we welcomed 2.1until it ended up impassable. million tourist arrivals by June 2012. More will arrive during peak season, before the end of theAs the representative of my district, I registered year,my complaints about this. The Department of so I have no doubt that we will meet our quotaPublic Works and Highways’ reply: we know of 4.6 million tourist arrivals for 2012. Thisabout the problem, we know how to solve it, but means that we will have a year-on-year increasewe have no money. of 1.5 million tourists. The bottom line: In twoI had to appeal to my barangays: ―If we don’t years,prioritize and spend for this ourselves, no one we would have had a bigger growth in touristwill fix it, and we will be the ones who suffer.‖ arrivals, compared to the increase charted byBack in those days, everyone called upon the the previous administration in their nine years.government to wake up We are not singing our own praises; we areand start working. The complaints today are merely stating the truth.different: traffic is terrible, but that’s becausethere’s so much roadwork being done. May I But Secretary Mon Jimenez is still not satisfied.remind everyone: we have done all this without He says: if 24.7 million tourists came to Malaysiaraising taxes. in 2011, and around 17 million visited Thailand, would it be too far-fetched to have ten millionWe will not build our road network based on touristskickbacks or favoritism. We will build them visiting the Philippines annually by 2016? And ifaccording to a clear system. Now that resources the Filipino people continue to embody the samefor these projects are no longer allocated solidarity that allowed the Puerto Princesahaphazardly, our plans Underground River to become one of the Newwill no longer end up unfulfilled—they will Seven Wonders of Nature,become tangible roads that benefit the Filipino there is no doubt that we will be able to achievepeople. When we assumed office, 7,239 this. As we have already announced to thekilometers of our national roads were not yet entire world: ―It’s more fun in the Philippines.‖fixed. Right now, Secretary Mon Jimenez has been at his post for1,569 kilometers of this has been fixed under less than a year,the leadership of Secretary Babes Singson. In but we are already reaping the fruits of the2012, an additional 2,275 kilometers will be reforms we have laid down. So, when it comesfinished. We are even identifying and fixing to tourism, we are confident in saying, ―It’sdangerous roads really more fun—to have Secretary Mon Jimenezwith the use of modern technology. These are with us.‖challenges we will continue to address everyyear, so that, before end of my term, every inch When it comes to growth and development,of our national road network will be fixed. agriculture is at the top of our priorities. Secretary Alcala has been working nonstop toWe have fixed more than roads; our DPWH has deliver us good news. Before, it seemed as
  6. 6. though the officials of DA cultivated nothing but Let me shed some light on our advances in theNFA’s debts. The NFA that our predecessors energy sector. In the past, an electrical wiretook over had a 12-billion peso debt; when they needed only to reach the barangay hall for anleft office, they then bequeathed to us a debt of entire barangay to be deemed energized. This177 billion pesos. was the pretext for the claim that 99.98 percent of the country’s barangays had electricity. EvenFor so long in the past, we were led to believe the delivery of so basic a service was athat we were short 1.3 million metric tons of deception?rice, and that we needed to import 2 millionmetric tons to address this shortage. They We challenged DOE and NEA, allocating 1.3ordered rice as like it was unlimited—but billion pesos to light up an initial target of 1,300because we had exceeded far more than what sitios, at the cost of one million pesos per sitio.we needed, imported rice went to rot in the And the agencies met the challenge—they lit upwarehouses. 1,520 sitios, at a total cost of 814 million pesos. They accomplished this in three months, insteadIn just our first year, we redcued the annual of the two years it took the people thatshortage of 1.3 million metric tons to just preceded them. Secretary Rene Almendras, I860,000 metric tons. This year, it is down to give you credit; you never seem to run out of500,000—including a buffer stock to dip into in energy. With public service, you are not onlytimes of calamity. And, if the weather ever-ready, but like an energizer bunny too—cooperates, we’ll be able to export rice next you keep on going, and going, and going.year. We have suffused the nation with light—and it isSecretary Alcala has said that key to our success this light, too, that has exposed the crimes thatis a feasible irrigation program and the occur in the shadowed corners of society. Whatassiduous implementation of the certified seeds the Filipino works so hard for can no longer beprogram. What is galling is that this knowledge pilfered. Crime volume continues to declineis not new—it simply wasn’t applied. If they had across the country. In 2009, over 500,000only done their jobs right, where could we have crimes were recorded—this year, we have cutbeen by now? that number by more than half, to 246,958. Moreover, 2010’s recorded 2,200 cases ofLook at our coconut industry: Coconut water, carnapping has likewise been reduced by half—once treated as a waste product, is now being to 966 cases this 2011.utilized by our farmers. From 483,862 litersexported in 2009, to 1,807,583 liters in 2010, to It is these facts that, we hope, will be bannereda staggering 16,756,498 liters of cocowater in headlines. We do not claim that we haveexported in 2011. And where no one previously ended criminality, but I’m sure no one wouldpaid heed to coconut coir, we are now complain that it has been reduced. In the spanexperiencing a shortage due to the high demand of just a little more than a year, haven’t weof exporters. We are not wasting this finally put Raymond Dominguez in jail, afteropportunity: we are buying the machines that years of being in and out of prison? Chargeswill process the coco fibers. We have allocated have been filed against two of his brothers as1.75 billion pesos to invest in, and develop, this well, and they are now serving time, too. Of thesector. two suspects in the Makati bus bombing of the past year—one is dead, and the other is living inMy mother initiated the Comprehensive Agrarian a jail cell. He shares the same fate as the moreReform Program. It is only just that this than ten thousand individuals arrested by PDEAprogram sees its conclusion during my term. in 2011 for charges relating to illegal drugs.We are improving the system, so that we can Pacquiao does not fight every day, and so wemore swiftly and more efficiently realize agrarian can’t rely on him to bring down the crime rate.reform. The government is doing everything in Which is why we’re strengthening our policeits power to ensure that our farmers can claim force. When this administration began, 45as their own the land they have tilled and percent of our police carried no guns andnurtured with their sweat. probably relied on magic charms as they chased criminals. But now we have completed theThere are those, however, who wish to obstruct bidding—and we are now testing the quality—us. I say to them: We will obey the law. The law for an order of 74,600 guns, which we willsays, the nation says, and I say: Before I step provide our police, so that they may better servedown, all the land covered by CARP will have and protect the nation, our communities, andbeen distributed. themselves.
  7. 7. Let us now talk about national defense. Some aggressor, we are not doing this because wehave described our Air Force as all air and no want escalation. This is about keeping theforce. Lacking the proper equipment, our troops peace. This is about protecting ourselves—remain vulnerable even as they are expected to something that we have long thoughtbe put in harm’s way. We cannot allow things to impossible. This is about the life of a soldier whoremain this way. risks his life every day; this is about his family, who awaits his safe return, despite theAfter only one year and seven months, we have challenges that confront him.been able to allocate over 28 billion pesos forthe AFP Modernization Program. This will soon Let’s listen to some of the beneficiaries of thesematch the 33 billion pesos set aside for the programs tell us in their own words how theirprogram in the past 15 years. And we’re only lives have been changed.getting started: if our proposed AFPmodernization bill is passed in Congress, we will [VIDEO]be able to allocate 75 billion pesos for defensewithin the next five years. Now that the people care for them, the more impassioned our soldiers are in winning theThe 30-million dollar fund entrusted to us by the peace. We consider the 1,772 outlaws whoseUnited States for the Defense Capability violence has come to an end a great triumph.Upgrade and Sustainment of Equipment One example is the infamous terrorist, DoctorProgram of the AFP is now ready as well. This is Abu, who will never again strike fear in thein addition to their assistance in improving the hearts of our countrymen. We also celebrate theway we patrol our shores under the Coast peace and quiet that has returned to placesWatch Center of the Philippines, which will soon where our countrymen were once deafened bybe established. gunfire. As a result of our solidarity: 365 barangays have been liberated from the enemy,At this moment, the Armed Forces is likewise 270 buildings and schools have been repaired,canvassing equipment such as cannons, and 74 health centers have been built.personnel carriers, and frigates. Before long, theBRP Ramon Alcaraz, our second Hamilton class While we are on the subject of peace, let us talkcutter, will drop anchor, to partner with the BRP about a place that has long stood as a symbol ofGregorio del Pilar. We are not sending paper frustrated hopes. Before our reforms in theboats out to sea. Now, our 36,000 kilometers of ARMM began, what we had were ghost studentscoastline will be patrolled by more modern walking to ghost schools on ghost roads, toships. learn from ghost teachers. Some of the apparitions that haunted OIC Governor MujivAnd perhaps it is an apt time for our Armed Hataman: Four schools found with ghostForces to clean up their hangars, because we students; we are also investigating the teacherswill be having equipment arriving soon to further whose names do not appear in the list of thefortify our defenses. Finally, our one and only C- Professional Regulation Commission, as well as130 that has been roaming our skies for the the government workers not listed in thepast 36 years will have partners: two more C- plantilla. Fifty-five ghost entries have been taken130s will once again be operational. Before this off the payroll. The previous scheme ofyear ends, we are hopeful that the twenty-one regraveling roads again and again just to earnrefurbished UH-1H Helicopters, the four combat money has been outlawed. To avoid abuse, weutility helicopters, the radios and other have ended cash advances for agencies. Now,communication equipment, the rifles, the the souls of the ghosts in voters lists can rest inmortars, the mobile diagnostic laboratories, and peace. This is why, to OIC Governor Mujiveven the station bullet assemblies we have Hataman, we can say to you: you are indeed apurchased will be delivered. Come 2013, ten certified ghost buster.attack helicopters, two naval helicopters, twolight aircraft, one frigate, and air force What we have replaced these phantoms with:protection equipment will also be arriving. real housing, bridges, and learning centers for Badjaos in Basilan. Community-basedAnd it is not only through better equipment that hatcheries, nets, materials to grow seaweeds,we demonstrate our commitment to help our and seedlings that have benefited 2,588police and our soldiers. We have eased their fishermen. Certified seeds, gabi seedlings,financial burdens through the 22,000 houses cassava, rubber, and trees that are bearing fruitthat have been built under the AFP–PNP housing for 145,121 farmers. And this is only theprogram. beginning. 183 million pesos has been set aside for the fire stations; 515 million pesos for cleanWe are not doing this because we want to be an drinking water; 551.9 million pesos for health-
  8. 8. care equipment; 691.9 million pesos for daycare Pepeng, and Sendong were just as defenseless.centers; and 2.85 billion pesos for the roads and We lost so many lives to these natural disasters.bridges across the region. These are just some And now, through Project NOAH, all our anti-of the things that will be afforded by the disaster initiatives have been brought inside oneaggregate 8.59 billion pesos the national boat, and we no longer leave the evacuation ofgovernment has granted the ARMM. Also, allow families up to mere luck. We now have theme to clarify: this does not include the yearly technology to give fair warning to Filipinos insupport that they receive, which in 2012 order to prepare for and avoid the worst.reached 11.7 billion pesos. Our 86 automated rain gauges and 28 waterEven those who previously wanted to break level monitoring sensors in various regions nowaway are seeing the effects of reform. Over the benefit us directly and in real time. Our targetpast seven months, not even a single encounter before the end of 2013: 600 automated rainhas been recorded between the military and the gauges and 422 water level sensors. We willMILF. We recognize this as a sign of their trust. have them installed in 80 primary river basinsWith regard to the peace process: talks have around the country.been very open; both sides have shown trustand faith in one another. There may be times Yet another change: Before, agencies withwhen the process can get a little complicated, shared responsibilities would work separately,but these are merely signs that we are steadily with little coordination or cooperation. Now, themoving closer to our shared goal: Peace. culture of government is bayanihan—a coming together for the sake of the people. This is whatWe likewise engaged stakeholders in a level- we call Convergence.headed discussion in crafting our ExecutiveOrder on mining. The idea behind our consensus There have always been tree planting programswe reached: that we be able to utilize our in government—but after the trees have beennatural resources to uplift the living conditions planted, they were left alone. Communities thatof the Filipinos not just of today, also of the needed livelihood would cut these down andfollowing generations. We will not reap the turn them into charcoal.rewards of this industry if the cost is thedestruction of nature. We have the solution for this. 128,558 hectares of forest have been planted across the country;But this Executive Order is only the first step. this is only a fraction of the 1.5 million-hectareThink about it: In 2010, 145 billion pesos was farmlands to be laid out before we step down.the total value derived from mining, but only This covers the communities under the National13.4 billion or 9 percent went to the national Convergence Initiative. The process: When atreasury. These natural resources are yours; it tree is planted, the DWSD will coordinate withshouldn’t happen that all that’s left to you is a communities. In exchange for a conditional cashtip after they’re extracted. We are hoping that transfer, communities would take care of theCongress will work with us and pass a law that trees; some would help nurture seeds in awill ensure that the environment is cared for, nursery. 335,078 individuals now earn theirand that the public and private sectors will livelihood from these activities.receive just benefits from this industry. The private sector has likewise taken part in aLet us talk about the situation in Disaster Risk program that hands out special coffee and cacaoReduction and Management. Once, the beans to communities, and trains the townsfolk,government, which is supposed to give aid, was too, to nurture those seeds into a bountifulthe one asking for aid. Today, even when the harvest. The coffee is planted in the shade ofstorm is still brewing, we already know how to the trees that in turn help prevent flooding andcraft clear plans to avoid catastrophe. protect the people. The company that hands out the seeds are sure buyers of the yield. It’s aTalking about disasters reminds me of the time win-win situation—for the private sector, thewhen a typhoon struck Tarlac. The dike communities with their extra income, and thecollapsed due to the rains; when one of the succeeding generations that will benefit frombarangay captains awoke, the floods had the trees.already taken his family, as well as his farmingequipment. Fortunately, the entire family Illegal logging has long been a problem. Fromsurvived. But the carabao they had left tied to a the time we signed Executive Order No. 23,tree wasn’t as lucky; it was strangled to death Mayor Jun Amante has confiscated lumberfrom the force of the flood. amounting to more than six million pesos. He has our gratitude. This is just in Butuan; whatMany of those affected by typhoons Ondoy, more if all our LGUs demonstrated the same
  9. 9. kind of political will? Here is one of our steps to respond to this.The timber confiscated by DENR are handed Starting this year, we will implement a system inover to TESDA, which then gives the timber to which bonuses are based on their agency’scommunities they train in carpentry. From this, abilities to meet their annual targets. EmployeesDepEd gets chairs for our public schools. now hold the keys to their own advancement.Consider this: What was once the product of Incentives may reach up to 35,000 pesos,destruction has been crafted into an instrument depending on how well you do your jobs. This isfor the realization of a better future. This was in addition to your across-the-board Christmasimpossible then—impossible so long as the bonus.government turned a blind eye to illegalactivities. We are doing this not only to boost morale and to show due appreciation of our public servants.To those of you without a conscience; those of This is, above all, for the Filipino people, whoyou who repeatedly gamble the lives of your expect sincere and efficient service—who expectfellow Filipinos—your days are numbered. We’ve that they will continue to be the sole Bosses ofalready sanctioned thirty-four DENR officials, our workers in PNP provincial director, and seven chiefs ofpolice. We are asking a regional director of the There have always been people who havePNP to explain why he seemed deaf to our questioned our guiding principle, ―If there is nodirectives and blind to the colossal logs that corruption, there is no poverty.‖ They ask ifwere being transported before his very eyes. If good governance can put food on the do not shape up, you will be next. Even if Quite simply: tremble beneath the skirts of your patrons,we will find you. I suggest that you start doing Think about it: Doing business in the Philippinesyour jobs, before it’s too late. was once considered too risky—the rules were too opaque and they were constantly changing.From the womb, to school, to work, change has A person shaking your hand one day may picktouched the Filipino. And should a life of your pocket the next.government service be chosen, our people canexpect the same level of care from the state, Now, with a level playing field, and clear anduntil retirement. Our administration will consistent rules, confidence in our economy isrecognize their contributions to our society as growing. Investments are pouring in, jobs arepublic servants, and will not withhold from them being created, and a virtuous cycle has begun—the pensions they themselves contributed to. where empowered consumers buy more products, and businesses hire more people soConsider: some retirees receive less than 500 they can expand to keep up with the growingpesos a month. How does one pay for water, demand.power, and food, daily? Our response: With theNew Year comes our resolution that all old-age Prudent spending has allowed us to plug theand disability pensioners will receive no less leaks in the system, and improved tax collectionthan five thousand pesos monthly. We are has increased revenues. Every peso collected isheartened that we can meet their needs now, properly spent on roads, on vaccines, onwithout jeopardizing their future benefits. classrooms and chairs—spent on our future.The face of government has truly changed. Our We have fixed the system by which we buildcompensation levels are at par with the private roads, bridges, and buildings—they now gosector’s at the entry level. But as you rise where they are truly needed. Our roads arethrough the ranks, private-sector pay overtakes properly paved; products, services, and peoplethe government. reach their destination quickly and with greater ease.We will close that gap in time; for now, we havegood news for government employees: Because of good governance in agriculture, foodPerformance-Based Incentives. In the past, even production has increased, prices don’t fluctuate,poorly performing agencies would not have any wages are stable, and our economy is stronger.employees with ratings lower than ―verysatisfactory.‖ To maintain smooth interpersonal It is true: A resilient and dynamic economyrelations, supervisors would have a hard time resting on the foundations of good governancegiving appropriate ratings. Exceptional is the best defense against global uncertainty.employees are not recognized: their excellence We have been dismantling the obstacles tois de-incentivized, and receive the same rewards progress for two years, and now, our successas laziness and indolence. can only be limited by how hard we are willing
  10. 10. to work for it. I find this unacceptable. Shall we simply forgive and forget the ten years that were taken fromWe achieved all these things even as countries us? Do we simply forgive and forget the farmersaround the world were surmounting their own who piled up massive debts because of achallenges. government that insisted on importing rice, while we could have reinvested in them andWe exist in this world with others. And so it is their farmlands instead? Shall we forgive andonly appropriate that even as we attend to our forget the family of the police officer who diedown problems, we remain vigilant about some while trying to defend himself against guns withevents that affect us. nothing but a nightstick?The situation in Bajo de Masinloc has been the Shall we forgive and forget the orphans of thesource of much discussion. Chinese fishermen 57 victims of the massacre in Maguindanao? Willentered out territory. Our patrol boats their loved ones be brought back to life byintercepted some of their ships, which contain forgiving and forgetting? Do we forgive andendangered species. As your leader, it is my forget everything that was ever done to us, toduty to uphold the laws of our country. And as I sink us into a rotten state? Do we forgive anddid, tension ensued: on one hand, the Chinese forget to return to the former status quo? Myhad their Nine-Dash Line Theory laying claim to response: Forgiveness is possible; forgetting isalmost the entire West Philippine Sea; on the not. If offenders go unpunished, society’s futureother, there was the United Nations Convention suffering is guaranteed.on the Laws of the Sea, which recognized therights of many countries, including that of China True unity and reconciliation can only emanateitself. from genuine justice. Justice is the plunder case leveled against our former president; justice thatWe demonstrated utmost forbearance in dealing she receives her day in court and can defendwith this issue. As a sign of our goodwill, we herself against the accusations leveled againstreplaced our navy cutter with a civilian boat as her. Justice is what we witnessed on the 29th ofsoon as we could. We chose not to respond to May. On that day, we proved that justice cantheir media’s harangues. I do not think it prevail, even when confronted with an opponentexcessive to ask that our rights be respected, in a position of power. On that day, a womanjust as we respect their rights as a fellow nation named Delsa Flores, in Panabo, Davao delin a world we need to share. Norte, said ―It is actually possible: a single law governing both a simple court reporter like me,There are those who say that we should let Bajo and the Chief Justice.‖ It is possible for thede Masinloc go; we should avoid the trouble. But scales to be set right, and for even the rich andif someone entered your yard and told you he powerful to be held accountable.owned it, would you agree? Would it be right togive away that which is rightfully ours? This is why, to the next Chief Justice, much will be demanded of you by our people. We haveAnd so I ask for solidarity from our people proven the impossible possible; now, our task isregarding this issue. Let us speak with one reform towards true justice that continues evenvoice. Help me relay to the other side the logic after our administration. There are still manyof our stand. flaws in the system, and repairing these will not be easy. I am aware of the weight of yourThis is not a simple situation, and there can be mandate. But this is what our people tasked usno simple solutions. Rest assured: we are to do; this is the duty we have sworn to do; andconsulting experts, every leader of our nation, this what we must do.our allies—even those on the other side—to finda resolution that is acceptable to all. Our objectives are simple: If you are innocent, you will appear in court with confidence,With every step on the straight and righteous because you will be found not guilty. But if youpath, we plant the seeds of change. But there are guilty, you will be made to pay for your sins,are still some who are commited to uprooting no matter who you are.our work. Even as I speak, there are those whohave gathered in a room, whispering to each I would also like to thank Ombudsman Conchitaother, dissecting each word I utter, looking for Carpio-Morales, for accepting the challengesany pretext to attack me with tomorrow. These that came with the position. She could haveare also the ones who say, ―Let go of the past. turned down the responsibility, citing herUnite. Forgive and forget so we can move retirement and volunteering others for the job—forward as a people.‖ but her desire to serve the nation won out. This generosity was met with a grenade in her home.
  11. 11. Ma’am, more challenges will come; in time, I remember well those early days when we firstperhaps, they’ll give you the same monikers started working. I was keenly aware of thethey’ve given me—a greedy capitalist who is heavy burdens we would face. And I was amongalso a communist headed towards dictatorship those who wondered: Is it possible to fix abecause of the reforms we have been working system this broken?so hard to achieve. This is what I have learned in the 25 months II thank you for your work, and I thank you for have served as your president: nothing isbeing an instrument of true justice—especially at impossible. Nothing is impossible because if thethe height of the impeachment trial. I thank, Filipino people see that they are the only Bossestoo, the two institutions that form our of their government, they will carry you, theyCongress—the Senate and the House of will guide you, they themselves will lead youRepresentatives—which were weighed and towards meaningful change. It isn’t impossiblemeasured by the Filipino people, and were not for the Philippines to become the first country infound wanting. Southeast Asia to provide free vaccines for the rotavirus. It isn’t impossible for the Philippines toTo everyone that ensured that our justice stand strong and say, ―The Philippines is forsystem worked well: You weathered many Filipinos—and we are ready to defend it.‖ It ischallenges and criticism, and even misgivings; not impossible for the Filipino who for so longcouple that with the anxiety over possible had kept his head bowed upon meeting afailure, of having to face the ire of those you foreigner—it is not impossible for the Filipino,went up against, after a mission lost. But you today, to stand with his head held high and baskdid not falter. The Filipino people were relying in the admiration of the world. In these times—on you, and you proved that their faith was is it not great to be a Filipino?rightly placed. You did not fail the nation; youfurther brightened our futures. Last year, I asked the Filipino people: Thank those who have done their share in bringingLet me remind you that our fight does not end about positive change in society. The obstacleswith the ousting of one corrupt official, with the we encountered were no laughing matter, and Isuspension of an anomalous contract, or the believe it is only right that we thank those whosystemic overhauling of a government office. I shouldered the burdens with us, in righting thecall upon Congress to pass our amendments to wrongs brought about by bad governance.the Anti-Money Laundering Act, that we maystrengthen our measures to hold the corrupt To all the members of my Cabinet: my sincerestaccountable. thanks. The Filipino people are lucky that there are those of you ready to sacrifice your privateEvery town that has and will be lighted; the and much quieter lives in order to serve thehighways, bridges, airports, trains, and ports we public, even if you know that you will receivehave built; fair contracts; the peace in our cities smaller salaries, dangers, and constant criticismand our rural areas; every classroom, desk, and in assigned to a child; every Filipino granteda future—all of these, we have achieved in just And I hope that they will not mind if I take thistwo years. We have advanced an agenda of opportunity to thank them today: to Fatherreform in these last two years, a marked Catalino Arevalo and Sister Agnes Guillen, whocontrast to our suffering in the decade that have nurtured and allowed my spiritual life tocame before. flourish, especially in times of greatest difficulty: my deepest gratitude.If we share the same ideals and work for thesame goals, then we are bound by a shared This is my third SONA; only three remain. Weagenda. But if you are against us, it only follows are entering the midpoint of our administration.that you are against what we are doing. Last year, I challenged you to fully turn yourWhoever stands against the agenda for genuine back on the culture of negativism; to take everychange—can the people really count them as chance to uplift your fellow Filipinos.being on their side? From what we are experiencing today, it isElections are fast approaching. You, our Bosses, clear: you succeeded. You are the wellspring ofwill be our compass. I ask you, ―Boss, what change. You said: it is possible.direction will we take? Do we continue treadingthe straight and righteous path, or do we I stand before you today as the face of adouble-back—towards the crooked road that government that knows you as its Boss andleads to a dead end?‖ draws its strength from you. I am only here to narrate the changes that you yourselves have
  12. 12. made possible.This is why, to all the nurses, midwives, ordoctors who chose to serve in the barrios; toeach new graduate who has chosen to work forthe government; to each Filipino athlete whoproudly carries the flag in any corner of theglobe, to each government official who renderstrue and honest service: You made this changepossible.So whenever I come face to face with a motherwho tells me, ―Thank you, my child has beenvaccinated,‖ I respond: You made this happen.Whenever I come face to face with a child whotells me, ―Thank you for the paper, for thepencils, for the chance to study,‖ I respond: Youmade this happen.Whenever I come face to face with an OFW whotells me, ―Thank you, because I can once againdream of growing old in the Philippines,‖ Irespond: You made this happen.Whenever I come face to face with a Filipinowho says, ―Thank you, I thought that we wouldnever have electricity in our sitio. I neverimagined living to see the light,‖ I respond: Youmade this happen.Whenever I come face to face with any farmer,teacher, pilot, engineer, driver, call centeragent, or any normal Filipino; to every Juan andJuana dela Cruz who says, ‖Thank you for thischange,‖ I respond: You made this happen.I repeat: what was once impossible is nowpossible. I stand before you today and tell you:this is not my SONA. You made this happen.This is the SONA of the Filipino nation. Thankyou. Cell wall - Shoe box obviously. Chloroplast - Paint pennies green. Cell membrane - Color the inside sides of your shoe box and kinda poke holes through it if you want; or glue styrofoam to it and pokes hole in that to demonstrate the carrier proteins. Ribosomes - Beads Cytoplasm - Color the inside bottom of your shoebox to represent cytoplasm I suppose.
  13. 13. on top of the yarn. These will represent Vacuoles - Beads chloroplast. Lysosomes - Beads o 5 Make an oval-shaped disc out of lightly Golgi Bodies - Try to find a tiny cleaning cloth colored modeling clay, then roll a thin line (cut it if you must) and kinda stack it on top of of a darker color and swirl it on top of the one another like folding a blanket. disc. Glue this into the cell to represent mitochondria. ER - Use the cloth idea again but glue beads to one of them representing the rough ER. o 6 Mitochondria - Id use a dry kidney bean. Roll out a flat strip of lightly colored modeling clay. Take half of it and fold it Nucleus - Tennis ball (poke holes in the tennis back and forth accordion style, then cover ball, shows the nuclear envelope) one thin edge with coffee grounds and glue it around the nucleus to represent the Nucleolus - Find a tinier ball and put in in the rough endoplasmic reticulum. Repeat this, tennis ball but omit the coffee grounds and glue this on the edges of the rough endoplasmic Chromatin - Put pipet straws in the tennis ball reticulum to represent the smooth (their technically in the nucleolus) and some out endoplasmic reticulum. in your shoe box that represent RNA. o 7 Dont forget to glue these or pin them into the Snap a spaghetti noodle into one-inch boxes so everything isnt rolling around on ya. segments and glue these into the cell model to represent microtubules. Cluster1. a few of them together to represent theo 1 centrosome. Paint the inside of a rectangular aluminum foil baking dish a light green color. When the paint dries, use light blue paint to represent the vacuole; paint this over the inside portion of the entire left half of the baking dish.o 2 Glue strands of yarn to the inside top rim of the baking dish to represent the filaments.o Sponsored Links Breakeven Calculator Use the free machining breakeven calculator at American Machinist AmericanMachinist.como 3 Mold a large blue ball out of modeling clay to represent the nucleus. Make one small red ball for the lysosome, three small white balls for the peroxisomes and three small purple balls for the secretory vesicles. If you do not have these colors, use whatever colors you have on hand. Glue these items inside the baking dish on the green portion, grouping them together by color.o 4 Roll out four large green ovals using modeling clay. Glue them around the edges of the vacuole side of baking dish,