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ms.moore project ms.moore project Presentation Transcript

  • “ Ethical Internet Behavior In A Work Place By: Jahmaki Jarvis
  • Objectives
    • My objective of this assignment is to create a power point that explains the 5 do’s and 5 don'ts of a workplace
  • Do: Organization
    • Stay Organized while in your work area.
  • Do: Listen and Learn
    • If your in a meeting listen to what is being said and learn from others.
    • If you listen more often then you will learn more
  • Do: Positive Attitude
    • Stay positive towards other co-workers and your boss.
    • This is ethical because you don’t want to lose your job for having a bad attitude.
  • Do: Open Minded
    • Keep an open mind to different changes in the workplace.
    • This is ethical because when your open minded you are aware of things that are going on
    Open Minded
  • Do: Improvement:
    • Improve your learning skills and your ability to do things.
    • This is ethical because you need to improve your skills to get different assignments done.
  • Don’t: Gossip
    • Don’t get into arguments and don’t spread rumors about any other co-workers.
    • This is unethical because you're there to work not to gossip and you wouldn’t want nobody talk bout you
  • Don’t: Cell phones
    • Don’t have your cell phone on loud while in a meeting.
    • This is unethical because your not supposed to have your cell phones on loud when in a meeting.
  • Don’t: Texting
    • Don’t text when you should be talking or listening.
    NO Texting
  • Don’t: Impatience
    • Don’t go to sleep while waiting on others to finish their work.
    • This is unethical because your supposed to be working not just sitting doing nothing.
  • Don’t: Assumptions
    • Don’t make assumptions about others not being able to do things or get things done.
    • This Is unethical because you never know what people are going through.
  • Definition: AUP
    • Aup is used to protect students from dangers when using a computer at school.
  • Summary
    • In this PowerPoint I learned the different types of do’s and don'ts for being in a workplace. I also learned that AUP is a policy made to protect students in school from going on unauthorized sites.