Ayurvrda fundamentals-and-basic-principals- by dr jahir

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  • 1. Ayurvrda Fundamentals and Basic Principals Dr. jahir uddin akand Dr akand homoeo & Alternative Medical center, House -12 .Road 33 sector-7 uttara dhaka Bangadesh Mobile: 0088-01711337019 Email-jahirakand290@gmail.com
  • 2. PRAKRUTI  Vata Prakruti  Pitta Prakruti  Kapha Prakruti  Vata+ Pitta mixed Prakruti  Pitta+ Kapha mixed Prakruti  Vata+ Kapha mixed Prakruti  Vata+Pitta+Kapha, all three mixed Prakruti These are equivalent to TEMPERAMENT, as established by Modern Western Medicine-Allopathy
  • 3. TRIDOSHA  Vata Dosha  Pitta Dosha  Kapha Dosha  Vata+ Pitta mixed doshas  Vata+Kapha mixed doshas  Pitta+Kapha mixed doshas  Vata+Pitta+Kapha, all three mixed doshas These are known as causative factors of ailments in human body and are estimated to be equivalent to ETIOLOGICAL FACTORS of diseases,according to Modern Western Medicine -Allopathy.
  • 4. TRIDOSHA BHED [KINDS] * Vata Dosha have five kinds * Pitta Dosha have five kinds * Kaphha Dosha have five kinds These are all considered as and equivalent to PATHO-PHYSIOLOGY of Ayurveda
  • 5. VATA BHEDA-FIVE KINDS  Saman Vata  Udan Vata  Vyan Vata  Apan Vata  Pran Vata These Vata kinds performs their specific functions in human body & is equivalent to PHYSIOLOGY of Modern Western Medicine
  • 6. PITTA BHEDA-FIVE KINDS  Sadhak Pitta  Bhrajak Pitta  Lochak Pitta  Pachak Pitta  Ranjak Pitta These kinds performs their specific functions in human body & is considered equivalent to PHYSIOLOGY of Modern Western Medicine
  • 7. KAPHA DOSHA -FIVE KINDS  Kledan Kapha  Snehan Kapha  Shleshman Kapha  Rasan Kapha  Avalamban Kapha These all five have specific functions in human body & is considered similar to PATHOLOGY of Modern Western Medicine-Allopathy.
  • 8. SAPTA DHATU  Ras Dhatu  Rakta Dhatu  Maans Dhatu  Med Dhatu  Asthi Dhatu  Majja Dhatu  Shukra Dhatu These Seven Dhatus are considered equivalent to PATHOLOGY, in view of Modern Western Medicine-Allopathy.
  • 9. MALA [Catabolic products]  Pureesh [Stool]  Mootra [Urine]  Swed [Sweat] These are equivalent to Catabolic products in view of Physiology / Pathology of Modern Western Medicine-Allopathy
  • 10. AGNI- DIGESTIVE FIRE  Samanagni [Normal digestive fire]  Vishamagni [Abnormal digestive fire]  Mandagni [Poor Digestive fire]  Teekshagni [Excessive digestive fire]
  • 11. Oaj – Vital Power  Oaj Samanya  Oaj Sampoorna This is considered equivalent to Vitality / Vital Power / Vital Force / Vigour of Life etc.
  • 12. OTHER FUNDAMENTALS  Satva Guna  Rajo Guna  Tamo Guna These basic fundamentals are related to Mental and Psychological aspects of the human beings, which alternates the normal health conditions.
  • 13. STATUS QUANTIFICATION  By Study of PRAKRUTI  By Study of Body Built , Body getups, habits etc.  By Study of Radial Pulse Examination  By Study of time, day, weather conditions , examination of Urine and other excretions from human body Above are the Classical methods for the status quantification of the basic fundamentals of the Ayurveda, the Indian System of Medicine
  • 14. Ayurvedic physician Concept  Mental Evaluation / estimation of Tridosha presence by Radial Pulse Examination  Conclusion of Tridosha presence differs from Physician to Physician  Can not see the intensity of Doshas, only feel by mental faculty  Different methods of Diagnosis, Questioning, Physical Examinations, Observations
  • 15. Modern Invented Technology  Electrotridoshagraphy [E.T.G.] technology , the only Hi-tech in the world, quantify the status of Ayurvedic Principles  Newly Invented Electrotridoshagraphy ,ETG machine, provides Paper Tracings, Printed Computer Data , Printed report etc.  Diagnosis Ayurvedic Basic Principles and sick parts of body  Comprehensive treatment for total cure
  • 16. Scientistic Approach  Today Ayurveda, the Indian System of medicine have scinentific tool and scientistic approach to acknowledge the basic principles in evidence form  Ayurvedic treatment, management ,more logial , more accurate, medicine selection more correct,  Faclitates treatment accurate , correct, effective and easy
  • 17. MORE INFORMATION ABOUT AYURVEDA Details about Electrotridoshagraphy and AYURVEDA are available in the following Websites, please browse; http://etgind.wordpress.com [] http://ayurvedaintro.wordpress.com [] http://ayurscan.wordpress.com [in English Language] http://www.slideshare.net [Powerpoint slide show] http://www.youtube.com [Video, Hindi &
  • 18. UPDATES  Time to time updates are done according to the latest informations recieved  Kindly observe this slideshow time to time for seeing updates  Please write your comments , it will help us to improve the slideshow
  • 19. Thanks  Kindly send this slideshow to your friends and Doctor, Physician, relatives and friends  Kindly tell about this technology to others and discuss about it  Dr. jahir is having over 30 years medical practice experience simultaneously of Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homoeopathy along with Acupuncture, Naturecure, Yoga, Magnetotherapy, Physiotherapy etc  Deals in most chronical disease conditions, difficult case and incurable disease management