The Semantic Web: It's for Real
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The Semantic Web: It's for Real



Presented to a webinar hosted by Nuance Inc, under the title "The Semantic Web: What it is and Why you should care" on 2/29/2012. ...

Presented to a webinar hosted by Nuance Inc, under the title "The Semantic Web: What it is and Why you should care" on 2/29/2012.

This talk presents a fast overview of the Semantic Web and recent application deployment in the space.



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The Semantic Web: It's for Real Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The Semantic Web: It’s for Real Jim Hendler Tetherless World Professor of Computer and Cognitive Science Assistant Dean of Information Technology and Web Science Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute @jahendler (twitter)
  • 2. My Web page
  • 3. My embedded metadata
  • 4. My talk today From Research to Web
  • 5. DAML Notional Schedule Now Later 2001: We will change the world!
  • 6. On the Web -- links are critical! <a href= URI> HTML Web page Any Web Resource <a href= “http://…”> RDF URI URI URI RDF is like the web!
  • 7. Links in the data <mind:Person rdf:id= “Hendler”> <mind:title jobs:Professor> <jobs:placeOfWork> </mind:Person> DOC1 Hendler DOC1 Mind:title Jobs:placeOfWork Web Page http://www… Professor Jobs: Mind: Jobs:
  • 8. Asserting Links in the data <mind:Person rdf:id= “Hendler”> owl:sameAs <> DOC2 Hendler Mind:title Jobs:placeOfWork Web Page http://www… Jobs:Professor Dbpedia:Hendler Owl:sameAs Dbpedia:ComputerScientist Dbpedia:occupation
  • 9. Linking Web Resources
  • 10. Linked Data is entering many sectors 37 billion links
  • 11. Linked Data + Semantics
    • &quot;Linked Data&quot; approach finds its use cases in Web Applications (at Web scales)
      • A lot of data, a little semantics
      • Finding anything in the mess can be a win!
  • 12. Semantic Web
    • What is different now?
      • Semantic Search
        • Advertising drives Web market
      • Some Visible successes
        • Watson, Siri, Evi…
      • “ Buzz” around data on the Web
        • Esp open govt data
      • Enterprise Technology Maturity
        • Market demand pushing tech maturation
        • (BUT - business models still not mature)
  • 13. Semantic Web
    • What is driving the change?
      • Maturation of RDF technologies
        • SPARQL endpoints
        • Embedded markup
          • & RDFa
        • Lightweight Knowledge
          • A little semantics goes a long way
  • 14. Maturation of the “bottom” of the Semantic Web
    • What is seeing the most use??
  • 15. Facebook’s Open Graph Protocol April 2010 Today
  • 16. Because they need the links! 2012: Extending the Social Graph
  • 17. Creates a platform for SW-powered apps
  • 18. (6/2011)
  • 19. Video results show above regular results because of the embedded schemas - Google isn’t “guessing” on these
  • 20. Rumors of bigger Google play coming soon July 2010 Feb 2012
  • 21. Semantic Web in the Enterprise Aug 2010 cf. Oracle 2012
  • 22. Enterprise Semantic Web DoD RFI – 12/2011
  • 23. Watson and Semantic Web IBM
  • 24. Watson and Semantic Web IBM
  • 25. Agents coming Agent Technology is here
  • 26. With more to come Agent Technology is here (and more to come…)
  • 27. Semantic Search IEEE Computer, Jan 2010; IEEE Computing Now, Feb 2010 (free)
  • 28. Semantic Search 2009-2010 Emerging search engines, new functionality
  • 29. Semantic Search 2011-12 Integrated into search engines, continuing improvement
  • 30. “ Web 3.0” Linked Data (RDF, SPARQL) Semantic Web (RDFS, owl) Web 3.0 Web 2.0 Web 3.0 extends current Web applications using Semantic Web, esp semantic and real-time search, technologies and graph-based, open data. Web (REST API)
  • 31.
  • 32. Unclear business model
  • 33. Which may be a feature
    • Significant and growing commercial interest…
      • Web: Google, Amazon, Travelocity…
      • Web 2.0: Facebook, Wikipedia, YouTube, Twitter…
      • Web 3.0: ??
  • 34. Summary
    • The Semantic Web is real
      • People asking “how,” not why
    • So far the commercial driver has been “weak semantics”
      • Very Simple “ontologies”
      • Lots of linking
      • Metadata agreements, not ontology alignments
    • Web 3.0 adds semantics as a value add to regular Web functionality
      • Data mashup
      • Semantic search
      • Semantic match
    • Investor excitement: The big one is still out there
  • 35. Your Questions Were
    • Requested Session Focus
    • My internal contacts here at Nuance have requested a basic introduction on semantic web, with the discussion biased toward two use cases:
      • Question answering by machine
        • “ When does home depot close?”
        • “ Who has tylenol on sale?”
        • “ Where is the nearest shoe store that carries Rockport?”
        • (See Semantic Search)
      • Automated agents
        • “ Buy two tickets to the Patriots Jets game.”
        • “ Reorder Bond Street English Breakfast from Upton Tea.”
        • “ Find the lowest price on a Canon 70 to 200 f4 IS lens and email me the link.”
        • (Discuss Siri)