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Fraction assessment
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Fraction assessment

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  • 1. Name _______________________Date __________________Fractions Pre/Post Assessment1. Which of the following fractions are equivalent to13 ?A. 38B. 26C. 515D. 31E. 412Draw a model to justify your answer:2. Compare using <, =, or >. Draw a model to justify your answer.38343. Solve. Draw a picture to prove your answer..152512+
  • 2. 4. 3 children buy 2 GIANT Sub Sandwiches. The Children share the subs fairly. How much of a subdoes each child get?5. Claire wrote an expression that has a value of . Which of these are equivalent? You may circlemore than one answer.125A. 1512 xB. 5512 x C. 453 x6. A teacher hands out 7 pieces of paper to be shared by 4 students. To be equal, how much papershould each student get? Show a model to justify your answer.
  • 3. 7. Label ¼, ¾, and ½ on the number line.In a different color show the approximate location of and .0 1387128. Steve claims:Use a visual model to prove if Steve is correct or incorrect in his work.1 1 1 33 3 3 9+ + =9. Solve. Draw a picture to prove your answer..14341-
  • 4. 10. Solve.1324+ = 5624- =11. Mary and Lacey decide to share a pizza. Mary ate 3/6 and Lacey ate 2/6 of the pizza. How muchof the pizza did the girls eat together? Draw a model to justify your answer.12. Trevor has pizzas left over from his soccer party. After giving some pizza to his friend, hehas of a pizza left. How much pizza did Trevor give his friend? Draw a model to justify your answer.184248
  • 5. 13. If each person at a party eats 3/8 of a pound of roast beef, and there are 5 people at the party, howmany pounds of roast been are needed? Between what two whole numbers does your answer lie?Draw a model to justify your answer