The reniassance & the occupy wall street protests essay
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  • 1. Julia Li Essay Dozens of people are being arrested everyday from protesting in America.No matter where and when, it’s all for the same reason, complaining to thegovernment and claiming for tax cuts. This protest is an immature behavior.People say 99% people are poor and can’t live a stable happy family, well that’snonsense, because what I see there are only 20% of the people who are actuallyunemployed and won’t live a stable life. Others are just complaining because thegovernment is giving money to the rich people but not making the public morefair. I will tell more about it further in the essay. People believe this is going to bea change like the Renaissance, but the truth is no, it won’t change. TheRenaissance is a new beginning for arts, science and beliefs. While the protest isabout changing rules and laws for the citizens to have a better life. Although thepeople who are against the wall street protest have something Machiavellian inthem. Machiavellian means dishonesty, leadership and self-centered. In this essayI will be discussing the relationship between the wall street protest, Machiavellianand the Renaissance. The Renaissance was a new beginning to Europe. It brought hope and futureto everybody and shaped the modern world. It was a change in art, science andbeliefs. Although the wall street protest is only trying to change political views. Inthe Middle Ages, there was no life in Europe. Everyone fell for a fraud, which is thebelief system. There’s nothing wrong with believing in Jesus, praying for him andworshiping. However, there’s always a limit, you can’t lie to your people to live
  • 2. more fortune, it’s obviously a very immature selfish behavior. But the occupyingwall street protest is different situation. The government aren’t just giving moneyfor the rich people to live happier, they give money to support the country. U.S isnow facing a economic crisis, in order to face it the government have to give theirmoney to the people who have the ability to recover the problem. Therefore thereis a clear difference between the two events. The wall street protest is notimportant, there has been no change so far and won’t change in the world better. According to the recent news, 99% of the people are poor and 1% of the U.Sis controlling all the money when they are already rich. There are eventshappening on the streets, unhealthy issues which leads to dozens of people beingarrested everyday. Do you really think this can change the government? Thecountry’s economy is more important than the “fake” 99% U.S citizens. In fact, lotsof protests have already ended without success, people gave up becausetechnically there are only 15% who are living in a poor situation. No matter howhard the people try, the government won’t fulfill everyones expectations and giveeveryone a new fair life, because they have priorities. As we all know, the U.S isfacing a large economic difficulty. In order to keep the country rich and workingthey have to support the people who have the ability to work for the country, andthat is exactly what the government is doing right now. It’s logical, the peoplecannot live without an economic. If the government gives all the money to thecitizens and giving everyone a new fair life, the same problem will happen again.People cannot expect to earn free money from protesting, they have to accept thefact that the country has financial problems and that’s the way the deal with it.
  • 3. Example China, at the beginning almost every person lived without a professionaljob, everyone did farming and lived a simple poor life. Now, that period of Chinahas disappeared, this is when the people are supposed to be protesting forfairness. The protestors are relying on the country, slowing the progress down,destroying their own country, leaving no path for their future generations ofAmerica. “Hatred is gained as much by good works as by evil.” -NiccoloMachiavelli. Machiavelli is a great Italian statesman and political philosopher. Hewas so great that his name turned into an adjective, Machiavellian; which meansdishonesty, self-centered, and leadership. The 1% of the people in U.S havesomething Machiavellian in them. First of all, the government in Machiavellian.Machiavelli gave support to politicians and leaders, even though Machiavelli ismore intelligent. While the government is giving support to the rich people, eventhough the government is more powerful. From the whole point of view, it isunfair for only 1% of the U.S to have all the money. But in order to success(recovering financial crisis), they have to be self-centered with that money so theyare motivated to work hard. According to Machiavelli, you have to be self-centered to be a successful leader. The 1% are being self-centered with the moneyright now to deal with a bigger problem that is more significant than the 15% ofthe people who are living in a poor situation. Summing up, the Renaissance was a change in beliefs, art and science,whereas the wall street protest is trying to change for laws and politics. The whole
  • 4. subject is different, and no progress with the change. In addition, the governmenthave priorities for solving problems. The country before the 15% of the poor,because if the country is destroyed, 100% will be gone. Therefore the occupy wallstreet protest is not a new renaissance nor important to the world, but there issomething Machiavellian in that 1% of rich people in the U.S.BIBLIOGRAPHY “Mass arrests at Occupy Wall Street protests”, BBC, 18 November 2011,BBC©, Novemeber 28 2011, <> “Machiavellian”, The Free Dictionary, 2009, The American Heritage®Dictionary of the English Language, November 28 2011, <> “Niccolo Machiavelli”, The History Guide, March 11, 2007,copyright©996-2010 Steven Kreis, November 28 2011, <> “Niccolo Machiavelli Quotes”, Brainy Quote, © 2001 - 2011 BrainyQuote     BookRags Media Network, November 28 2011, <>