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March 31st
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  • 1. Thursday, March 31, 2011 Marking for my WheelsWhat I Did?Today has been a very short period with less work done. Because it was single period andthe wheel cutter wasn’t available because Sana was using it. So I was not able to use it,but I didn’t need to wait a lot anyways, so it was pretty much timed well, marking wheelsfor one period, doesn’t sound bad. At least I got something for myself done, and I’m ready for the rolling wheels, but I might also probably need to mark where I am going to drill my wheels on my dog’s body, which I hate marking, I’m afraid if it is not accurate, so I I simply forgot to take a picture of just want Mr. myself marking the wheel using a Anderson to do metal ruler, but this picture is similar that for me, but to what I did, using a pencil marking he can’t I have on the hardwood. to do that by myself.AOI/Learner ProfileThis period’s AOI I was focusing on is Environment, again, when marking on a piece ofwood, try think of saving the spare parts, use less wood. The Learner Profile would beThinker, because I had to think what I should do next, because I didn’t really use any
  • 2. learner profile for this session, it was all using a ruler and using a pencil to marksomething, just like a kindergarten student, it’s not rocket science.EmotionToday I didn’t really have that much fun because I didn’t get lots of stuff done.Whatʼs NextWhat I am going to do next class is drilling the wheels out, since i finished marking.