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Is christopher's father a good father finallllll
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Is christopher's father a good father finallllll



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  • 1. Is Christopherʼs father a good father?Julia Li! Does your father shout at you when you get too annoyed? Therefore he is a devil,but he could have been worse if you had aspergers. If he doesnʼt get mad, we can tell youdonʼt have aspergers or youʼre a great child. Christopherʼs father is a good father becausehe understands his mistakes that he creates toward his child who has aspergers. A goodparent tries to be better every time. Nobody is born perfect, everyone has a temper. But aslong as you care about it, youʼre a great parent. Thatʼs also what the teachers try to teachchildren at school, how to reflect your behavior. We can see that Christopherʼs father haswell patience on taking care of a child with disorder and social difficulties.! Christopherʼs mother gave up on Christopher and his father, when Christopherʼsfather is still trying his best for Christopher. The reason why she left is becauseChristopher canʼt control himself in public and has a problem with understanding ʻcommonsenseʼ. In fact Christopherʼs father kicked Christopherʼs mother out because she yelled atChristopher. We can tell that Christopherʼs father cares about Christopherʼs feelings andemotions, even though his own wife would leave him.! Whoever understands his/her mistakes truthfully and intends to change issuccessful. Christopherʼs father has lied to Christopher because he loved Christopher.Christopherʼs father didnʼt want to destroy the relationship between them, so he lied andhe felt guilty. When he confessed to Christopher about killing Wellington, Christopherdescribed typical frustrating actions that Christopherʼs father had done. Christopherʼsfather is a good father because he doesnʼt care if Christopherʼs has any problems, he onlycares how to make Christopher happy.! Every person has a limit, when the limit has reached the top, they would start yellingto stop the annoyance. Further reactions may lead to violence. One who takes care of achild who has aspergers can easily reach to the limit and further. Itʼs all about the parentʼspatience. Comparing to other parents, Christopherʼs father has a great patience on hischild because he loves Christopher. Christopherʼs mother is a very ordinary person, butshe canʼt take care of Christopher because he doesnʼt have common sense. ThoughChristopherʼs father can because he has more patience and the ability to take theresponsibility. In the novel, Christopherʼs mother has told and showed us that she canʼthandle Christopher. Christopher would either start groaning in public or creating morefrustration for his mother. But when heʼs with his father, everything is quite normal,because his father has the patience to face his child. Which makes him a great father. Hehas the ability to take care of him, he has the status and he is willing to do it. Which is alsodifferent from Christopherʼs mother.! When a parent doesnʼt mind your fault and stills want to take care of you, itʼs calledreal love. Which is what Christopherʼs father do. He doesnʼt mind his child havingaspergers, he precious it because itʼs his. He shows great responsibility and braveness. Inthe novel, he was really worried and tried to bail Christopher out as soon as possible.Normal people would not be in such a hurry, because childʼs with aspergers are hard totake care of. Though Christopherʼs father shows great love and has an attitude of wantingto serve Christopher.! Therefore, Christopherʼs father is a good father because he has the ability and iswilling to take care the responsibility. He also has many advantages taking care of
  • 2. Christopher than Christopherʼs mother. Christopherʼs father is brave and confident intaking care of Christopher which makes him a good father.