Julia<br />I am a potato coach, my best friend is in danger, I have to go save her, but I have to fight a sea monster firs...
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Final essay

  1. 1. Julia<br />I am a potato coach, my best friend is in danger, I have to go save her, but I have to fight a sea monster first – most peoples’ first sense of challenge would be in action, obvious ones, because of the results’ contrast. As in the example, the potato coach in the end would usually be a hero or failure. But challenges have much more kinds and types, such as mental, emotional, social or intellectual challenges. In the book “The Boy In The Striped Pajamas”, the main character Bruno, who is a 9-year-old boy, faces different types of challenges. Is life fair when you only have the choice to face death or live lifeless? This is what Bruno has faced, he faces challenges of decision that are all going to the paths that will bring up to painful lives. He is a boy, who wants to be an explorer, who is smart enough to protect himself from relieving secrets, and with his young mind that is underdeveloped with history knowledge naturally led him choosing the deadly choices of solutions that are unthinkable, <br />When you were a child, and you kept something big from your parents, like having a secret lover, you might start picking your mother’s roses from her garden, to you it would be a challenge, a mission to not let your parents know, and that is what Bruno Is going through, keeping his secret, a challenge to not reveal it. What he did is found a friend when exploring, named Shmuel. After he was so excited to tell his parents about it, but when he came closer to the house, the more he felt he should not tell them, He didn’t want to take the risk of loosing Shmuel. He was afraid that his parents won’t like Shmuel, or don’t want Bruno to have a friend that was found from the area that Bruno wasn’t allowed to go. So his decision was done, he decided to not to tell anyone about his secret friend. Though it’s not easy to keep this secret, which is one of Bruno’s challenges, he had to be careful when visiting Shmuel, making sure no one seeing him, and being careful that he doesn’t slip it when he is talking to someone. Once when he was talking to his sister, Gretel, he accidently slipped saying “meeting Shmuel”, what he had to do is acting innocent and saying Shmuel was his imaginary friend. In the end there was a tragedy of his choice of solution in his other challenge, as this challenge was the path between them. <br />There is one thing that affected Bruno’s life, the biggest darkness and enemy, not to only him but to all of us, loneliness. It’s a big challenge for all of us to defeat our own enemy, so was it for Bruno. This challenge was not hard for a young boy to solve, but is the solution safe enough? At the start when Bruno just moved into Auschwitz, with no one, we knew it would be hard for him to live with no social life, it would be hard for everyone. It was his biggest challenge to face in those days, to not get mad or having the feeling of suicide, which most adults would have, but to Bruno, a 9-year-old boy, an open-minded kid would take action. He had a solution to face this challenge, which is exploring. Doing his favorite thing, without any knowledge where he is and what can happen in the place where he is going to explore. Again, it's a path that is going to the death direction, so is it getting closer when he met Shmuel. One of the bright appearances turning out to be the most deathly result, though Bruno doesn’t only face these challenges with poor results, he also faces fearful challenges. <br />There was one who Bruno hated more than anything, and feared off, he would consider his reply and a reaction, that gentleman is Lieutenant Kotler. Lieutenant Kotler is a soldier who has a high position, comes frequently to Bruno’s house and staying with Bruno’s mom, which Bruno hated. Bruno had a whole list of why he hated Lieutenant Kotler, but of Lieutenant’s serious face, there are reasons in intense moments, Bruno is afraid of him. Once in the kitchen, Bruno met Shmuel, Lieutenant came in and scolded Shmuel (a Jew) for eating the food. But Shmuel, also a young boy, claimed that he is a friend of Bruno (Commander’s son). Lieutenant Kotler asked whether it was true or not. Bruno so then was in an in tensed moment. He was afraid of Lieutenant Kotler, he was afraid what would happen His decision came out automatically from his response of feeling. He lied; he said he didn’t know Shmuel. Not to protect the fact that they know each other, but the fear of Lieutenant Kotler, who always takes everything safe, from this we can learn that Bruno is someone who always take things safe, not so much a risk-taker. In that moment of intense, it was his challenge to choose betrayal or loyal to Shmuel, to himself it would be the choice of risk, non-risk. He also had a challenge, to endure that Lieutenant exist, because Bruno hates him so much that he doesn’t want Lieutenant in his life. <br />Overall, in my opinion, in the novel The Boy In The Striped Pajamas the main character Bruno has gone through numerous and varieties of challenges. As we can see and learn from these challenges, we learned more about this character, that he is fast thinker and non-risk taker. Lots of his challenges were easy to overcome of his personality, but the effect was unfortunate, it was unpredictable for a child who is only 9-year-old. <br />