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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. HOW AND WHEN SHOULD TEENAGERS USE ONLINE SOCIAL NETWORKING?<br />“Welcome to Facebook, Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.” Facebook, one of the popular worldwide social networking, but why do people block facebook? We will find the reasons and go against it, because online social networking is beneficial for us and useful, there’s no reason why we can’t use it by the time we solve all the problems. Online social networking is using Internet to connect with other people. What most teenagers’ use 24/7, it is a way for teenagers to enjoy life, through communicating with other people. Being social through long distance is a benefit for teenagers, when it is also free. Unfortunately there are disadvantages that teenagers need to be aware of. They should be aware of how and when they are using it. There are solutions to make the online social networking more helpful and magnificent for teenagers to use. Such as having some self control to yourself and be aware of your privacy, what I will explain more about it further. <br />Teenagers should always be aware of their own privacy to keep them safe, to fix this problem, you have to organize your profile. To teenagers, have you always felt unsafe in using online social networking? Are you afraid that someone is stalking on you? Thinking some pervert won’t let you go out of his hand? These dangerous things to teenagers, especially girls, is a huge problem but there are in fact ways to prevent these problems. Which is setting privacy settings and your profile, you cannot be lazy to go through all of the privacy settings and read them and choose, and it is for your own safety. Lots of teenagers likes other people finding them, so they don’t go through making all the information about them not to be shown, but not only your friends will see this, but also everyone worldwide will, which is dangerous. To prevent this, you should either go to the settings or preferences and check or uncheck the safety issues for you. Make sure you check things like showing your profile and picture to only your friends. Also don’t write all the contact information in your profile, especially address; this will cause strangers finding you. This will help you into a more safe condition and online social networking will be more efficient to use. <br />The second solution to avoid the problems of online social networking is self-control. This is a big issue for every child on everything, because some don’t have self-control and becomes an addict, and has to use the compulsion way to get rid of the addiction, which is bad on the economic side (example Internet and power fee) and time. Teenagers must know how to manage their own time; it is one of the basic requirements to use the online social networking. It is indeed hard to children to learn self-control, but once you get to have self-control avoiding your favorite hobby, you are going to be successful in the future and online social networking to you would be like a god. To help yourself to self-control, you have to set an alarm and watch the time, but to some teenagers it is hard, because they know that there won’t be any serious consequences. So the other way is to promise to do another event on that time, promising to someone strict, and you will have serious consequences. But it is not really self-controlling; it is a way to push you to not getting addicted. Also you have to control yourself that you are not doing at every single time, you must spend some time with more important things, like studying, control your time, time is the key, organize yourself buy setting alarm or remember at what time you do what. <br />How should teenagers use online social networking? They should use it for the right thing, use it for assistant, and use it for the right people. Online social networkings is not for stalking people or connecting with strangers because you are bored, use it in the efficient way, in this case online social networking is the most beneficial thing for you, because it helps you. Teenagers should use it to connect with known people only, because other ways there is a chance of serious consequences to you. and use it when you need the help and only for interesting events and appropriate things. This can lead the online social networking more safe to you and useful, making the online social networking the one of the most important things in your life.<br />Therefore I believe that online social networking is amazingly good if you use it in the right way. Use it wisely and control the time you use it. It can help yourself and make the online social networking more important in our lives, when setting the privacy settings helps you get out of the danger in our lives. But when you learn preventing these issues, you will think online social networking to you is like how much you need a washing machine. Online social networking makes you life easier, connecting people paying nothing and getting advices or assistant. It is something worth to be a part in your life, especially teenagers when they learn the right way to use it. <br />