JuliaBook Review- Harry Potter and The Half-Blood PrinceHow many of you have watched Harry Potter? Or at least heard of it...
necklace. Horcrux are all replaced in an object, Voldemort would not use any crappy thingto be his Horcrux, as Dumbledore ...
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Book review draft

  1. 1. JuliaBook Review- Harry Potter and The Half-Blood PrinceHow many of you have watched Harry Potter? Or at least heard of it. I think it is a greatnovel, a mystery on a task in another world that you can’t imagine combined with somelove situation to keep your interest. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince gives you moremystery and dark magic than the previous Harry Potter novels, you find all the novels ofHarry Potter starts to make sense, more about the evil character Voldemort, how todestroy him, the big dark secrets of him. J.K. Rowling really impressed me, how she wrotea book about another world, with other lives. When I have seen the splendid movie, afterthen I started reading the book, and I realized in the book the story went better and smallthings changed. And I can picture all the magics and feel how the character feels. Eventhough Harry Potter hasn’t battled with Voldemort in the novel, but the scene where HarryPotter and Dumbledore starts to enter and destroy one of Voldemort’s death, the actionstart with full intense and hope, you just have to know what’s the situation and what will goon!Dumbledore, the great wizard who was known to be choosing the right thing every singletime and never did one wrong choice in his life except once. He trusted Voldemort. Hemade Voldemort in the magical world where dark events and deaths happen within control,where the evil one lives safely without any trouble that challenges him. He only awaits oneguy, the one who he failed in murdering, the one who he gave powers to, the one who isdestroying him with Dumbledore. What I really love about this book is how Harry Pottergoes on successfully and getting answers from Dumbledore to let them solve theVoldemort Problem, so it is more successful, you feel safe and Harry Potter willsuccessfully destroy Voldemort. This novel is not some random storyy between a hero anda bad guy like superman, not that classic, because the theme in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince becomes more mysterious and learning more into Voldemort and the darkarts. The theme is more dark and serious when it comes to the sixth book of HarryPotterwhich makes you more to choose sixth, even thou seven might be better. But sixprobably would bring you into more interest because there are more love situations, whichdoesn’t only leave one theme to concentrate.What is so amazing about this novel is that J.K. Rowling was able to create another worldof system. The system of Voldemort’s death is complicated and something new for you tohear which is more interesting in Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. Horcrux.“...What would happen to the wizard who created more than one Horcrux, whatwould happen to the wizard so determined to evade death that he would beprepared to murder many times, rip his soul repeatedly, so as to store it in many,separately concealed Horcruxes...” says Dumbledore. Horcrux is a dark magic rippingyour soul into pieces by killing other people to live more lives than normal people. There isthis clear and interesting system of how Voldemort got 7 more lives than one, unlike in
  2. 2. necklace. Horcrux are all replaced in an object, Voldemort would not use any crappy thingto be his Horcrux, as Dumbledore says “Lord Voldemort liked to collect trophies, andhe preferred objects with a powerful magical history.” The scene is full of fear wherenothing happens, it makes you scare to death only by knowing the scene and knowssomething bad is going to happen. But it still remains soundless, without a single sound ofanother movement. When I got to that part I started holding the book tight as possible andwas about to stop reading the book, I was scared.The novel is awesome comparing to other novels. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Princefor now is one of my top 3 favorite novels. Honestly I am a person who hates reading, butHarry Potter makes me want to read, it catches my interest, the whole theme is different,there is always action, no long paragraphs talking about information about a particularthing. If you want to know what else happens in the cave, you have to read the book andfinish off the last few pages. But if you read before the scene you will find more otherscenes how people live in the world magic. It is a great book, to learn another world.