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Behavior campaign
Behavior campaign
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Behavior campaign


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Published in: Technology, Sports
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  • 1. Behavior Campaign - Road Rage1. Choose a behavior you want people to change! I want road rage issues to decrease. I want to make people understand more aboutdriving rules and control their temper as much as possible. I also want people tounderstand each others mistake, forgive people, honk less at other people. Driversshouldn’t cut between each others lines aggressively, neither should they drive in highspeed to compete with each others.2. Explain why it is not a courteous behavior! People speak inappropriate language when driving, it’s a disrespectful action. It’snot a nice thing to do, it’s a bad way to communicate with people. In addition, thepassengers in the car won’t be very happy, they might feel frightened or impatient. It’sclearly shown that the driver has a bad temper.3. Describe why it is important to change that behavior! This behavior can cause fights in the big roads, which can create traffics, especiallyin China. It’s actually a matter of life and death. People get hurt if they start fighting and theopposite might put you & you’re family in danger. It’s a serious thing, things can become aproblem, creating hatred is not peaceful. Which is also known why there are terrorist in thisworld.4. Show how you will motivate people to change their behavior (your campaign)! My Campaign will start with gathering people and give out “Sorry Signs”. !Firstpeople can join the campaign online. So everyone around the world can give out sorrysigns. I believe there are people frightened and worried about road rages happening andin fact, I am one of them. My dad drives aggressively and sometimes cause hatredbetween others. I feel frightened that something is going to happen to him, and he’s oldnow, I’m worried about him. Your driver might cause road rages, and he/she might be yourparent, friend, sibling or your husband/wife. I believe everyone is going to understand thisand then we will work create a bigger group. We would pass out “sorry” signs to everyoneand encourage them to put it in their cars, this can make people feel better (or probablyworse) about the trouble. This would probably make less road rages, hopefully. I supposeless road rages would happen.
  • 2. !! We will also convince people that don’t understand the situation. We would beadvertising about the danger of road rage and also the anger it causes. This is a way toconvince more people to join the campaign and convince together, also spread more“sorry” signs.! The best way to reduce road rages is persuading the drivers. But I think it’s almostimpossible, obviously hopeless. So we are going to try to convince them by a largernumber of people. As if one bad tempered is convinced by another 10 people, it wouldprobably work. So if we work together, we can make through it.! Another thing I want to do is Freedom of Speech, it’s a faster way to make peoplejoin the campaign and convince together. In addition creating banners on highways is agreat idea too.This is my simple design: Logo: