Life style management lesson 5


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Life style management lesson 5

  1. 1. Life Style Management Lesson 5 Shwanasana (THE DOG POSE)This asana is to be mastered before going for Vajrasana.In this asana the muscles and ligaments in the ankle andknees get toned and after some days practice sitting inVajrasana becomes very comfortable.Contra-Indications: Stiff knees and ankle joints.Benefits: Improves digestion. Makes the knee joints and ankle joints flexible. Removes minor spinal defects and habituates the spine to be in natural position. Makes the mind steady and one-pointed.Janu-Chalan [Movements Of Knees]The major portion of the weight of human body falls on the knees. Heavily builtpersons normally suffer from pain in the-knee-joints particularly while climbingstaircases.In this dynamic yogic practice, the knees are kept together and rotated in circularmotion.Contra-Indications:1) Any form of defect/disorder in the legs.2) Severe Arthritis.Benefits: 37
  2. 2. Life Style Management The muscles and ligaments in and around the knees remain in good health. It prevents arthritis particularly in over weighted people.Natarajasana The body and mind synchronization leads to concentration, which is required in all human activities. This asana demands good balancing on one leg along with extension of the thigh muscles.Contra-Indications:1) Persons with disorders of the lower limbs e.g. sciatica, Lumbago, slip disc.2) Acute painful knee joints.Technique:1. Stand erect with feet together and hands by the side of the body, slowly fold the right leg at the knee raising the foot behind.2. Catch hold of the right foot with the right hand.3. Now raise the left hand in front right from the shoulder.4. Start unfolding the right knee. Raise the right foot up, stretching the hip joint backwards and simultaneously raise the left hand to slanting position. Keep your gaze on the fingers of your left hand.5. Maintain as per capacity and release in reverse order.6. Repeat on the other side. 38
  3. 3. Life Style ManagementBenefits: Improves level of concentration. Improves health of knee joints. Removes gastro-intestinal disorders. Brings about positive changes in mental depression.Sulabha Ushtrasana (The Simplified Camel Pose)The name for camel in Sanskrit is Ushtra,hence the name Ushtrasana. Essentially this is abackward bending asana providing expansion ofthe stomach, chest and throat musclessimultaneously. This posture is preparatory posturefor complete Ushtrasana hence it is calledSulabha Ushtrasana.Contra-Indications:1) Severe backache or neck ache.2) Ulcers, appendicitis or herniaTechnique:1. Keep the knees and toes on the floor, maintain some distance between them.2. Keep the hands at back, palms facing ground.3. Start bending backward slowly.4. Relax the neck and back muscles. 39
  4. 4. Life Style ManagementBenefits: Gives a fine and bearable backward bend to the vertebral column. Makes the thigh muscles and abdominal muscles more elastic. Removes congestion in the pelvic region. Improves respiration.Bhramari-Rechaka Pranayama (Humming Pranayama)Use of sound vibrations is made in UjjayiPranayama, Bhramari Pranayama, etc. forquietening the mind. In Hatha Yoga, it isknown as Nadanusandhan. InBhramari Pranayama the sound of thehumming bee is produced. BhramariPranayama very effectively quietensthe mind and nervous system. Essentially itis the exhalation process that produceshoneybee like humming sound. Hence it isalso known as Bhramari Rechaka Pranayama.Contra-Indications: If there is a swelling or pain in the throat/nose or if the noseis choked, or if there is an extra growth of a bone or muscle in the nose, thisPranayama should be avoided.Benefits: Because of its sweet sound vibrations, tends to help in all psychosomatic diseases, particularly in hypertension. This is why it is called mind- gladdening i.e. Chidanandkari The tensions of the mind decrease; as a result the whole body gets relaxed. It is a master key to deep sleep. All systems of the body become more active. The mind becomes one pointed; its functional defects are removed. It is an excellent means to relaxation, peace and stability of mind.  40