Pre engineered buildings


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Pre engineered buildings

  1. 1. ... Cost Effective & Innovative Solutions for all Steel Building Applications ... Together we Build Together we Grow UNIQUE PRE - ENGINEERED STEEL BUILDINGS
  2. 2. Introduction - “Unique Pre Engineered Steel buildings” (UPEB) is one of India's fastest growing company in the field of Pre Engineered Buildings. - UPEB offers various Design to meet the needs of our client, - UPEB has capability to design supply and erection of Primary & Secondary Members, Roofing and Cladding. - PEB is a cost effective alternate solution for conventional buildings. It is ideal for low raised industrial or commercial applications
  3. 3. PEB is a cost effective alternate solution
  4. 4. Applications * Factories / Industrial Buildings / Workshops * Ware Houses * Public utility Buildings * Schools / Colleges / Parking Shelters * Office building /Commercial Buildings * Power Plants / Gas stations * Toll Plaza * Shopping Malls * Sports Complexes and Stadiums * Agricultural Storage Buildings * Automobile Garages * Multipurpose function halls * Food Processing Industries / Rice Mills * Poultry Farms
  5. 5. Our Design Standards DESIGN CRITERIA: Dead Load : 0.10 kN/m Live Load : 0.57 kN/m² f Wind Speed : 130 km/hr Service Load on roof : 0.05 kN/m² Seismic Zone : As per IS 1893. APPLICABLE CODES: The Building shall be designed in accordance with the specification of American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC, IX Edition) and the American Iron & Steel Institute (AISI 1980 Edition) Will utilize the materials, which confirm to the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) or equivalent British, European or Japanese Specifications and will be fabricated in accordance with the “AISC, IX Edition” with fabrication tolerance in accordance with the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) and welding Process, Procedure and Qualification in accordance with applicable requirements of Structural Welding Code AWS D1-1- 2000 of American Welding Society.
  6. 6. Our Inspection VISUAL INSPECTION CHECK POINTS GENERAL : 1. No physical deformation 2. No warpage 3. No burr on shear edge PLATING : No Blisters / Water marks SPOT WELDING : 1. No Pits / Cracks 2. No uneven match ARC WELDING : 1. No cracks 2. No lack of penetration 3. No spatters 4. No blow holes / pin holes PAINTING : 1. No blisters 2. No cracking 3. Color shade 4. Paint finish 5. No dots & scratches
  7. 7. Our Fabrication tolerances Length as per AWS D1.1 width (Flange) as per AWS D1.1 Depth (web) H.R.±3.2mm,B.U ±4.8mm Thickness 0.3mm &+ 0.8mm Hole size / c.c 1 / ±1.6mm Clip +Bkt loc asper torerances SWEEP 2mm / M CAMER 2mm / M Twist A bove 500 deep±7.5mm WEB-WAVES asper torerances Orientations Drawings Surface finish free from any surface lnjurous defects plate deflection Up to 610 mm±3.2mm UP 611-1220 ±4.8mm Marking Zero Surface preparation & painting as per Specification
  8. 8. Accessories Fasteners: High strength bolts are hot-dip galvanized and conform to ASTM A 325M (full thread), Type 1 (or equivalent). They are used to connect primary members. Walls flashing and trims (gable, corner, framed opening, accessories, etc.) are cold-formed from the same material (color & finish) as wall panels. Roof flashing and trims (parapet flashing, transition trims, expansion joint trims and ridge caps) are cold-formed from the same material (color & finish) as roof panels.
  9. 9. Shop Paint Primary and secondary steel is cleaned and prime painted according to the Steel Structures Painting Council SSPC-PS Guide 7.00 specification to a dry film thickness of not less than 40 microns. Shop primer is intended to provide temporary protection against weathering during transport and erection. It is not intended to provide permanent corrosion protection, especially in the case of exposed steel.
  10. 10. Advantages of PEB and Why Unique??? Larger spans Up to 60 meters without any columns in between. Faster construction Time saved is money earned. PEB save 50% construction time compared to conventional methods. A 50,000 sft. building can be made ready for occupation within 10-12 weeks. Cost effective Maximize profitability by Reducing cost from design level, Optimum utilization of materials, Built-to-design steel sections, and faster construction, all lead to direct & indirect cost savings. Lower foundation cost with wider bay spacing. Single source responsibility Time Schedule Project co-ordination, Construction management & Cash flow management etc... become easy, effective & predictable since you are not dealing with several agencies. Re-locatable PEB permits future expansion & relocation. Custom designed To suit specific need of the customer & the location. Durability, Energy ficient, Aesthetics Peace of mind guaranteed Reputed, reliable, well equipped manufacturer undertaking the turn- key responsibility is a big relief. You can be rest assured of a quality job, delivered on time.
  11. 11. 1. Fab Tech Engineering, Pondicherry 2. Air square engineering, Pondicherry 3. Jeeva Matriculation School, Subramania puram, Cuddalore district 4. Al akash Water Plant, Nellikuppam , Cuddalore District. 5. Rukmani Infra Projects (Pvt) Ltd, Pune. Project site at Parangipet 6. Shandong Tiejun Electric Power Engineering Co, Ltd, Parangipet 7. Chennai roofing (Pvt) Ltd , Chennai. 8. Dhanalakshmi Traders, Pondicherry . 9. Lord’s Assembly Church, Meenambakkam, chennai. 10. Sun Industrial Auto mation, Padappai, Chennai 11. Shapoorji Pallonji, Chennai 12. Sun polymers, Ambattore, chennai 13. Nallapalli Hightech modern rice mill, Kallakurichi 14. Ram Agencies, (Swaraj tractor show room)Kallakurichi. Our Clients
  12. 12. Customer : Al – Akash Aqua Products, Nellikuppamm During Structural Erection
  13. 13. Customer : Chennai Roofings, Tambaram, Chennai. During Structural Erection Customer : Dhanalakshmi Traders, Pondicherry. After Sheet fixing work Completion Customer : Jeeva Matriculation school , cuddalore. After Sheet fixing work Completion
  14. 14. Customer : Rukmani Infra, Parangipet. During Structural Erection
  15. 15. Customer : Al-Akash aqua products, Nellikuppam, After Sheet fixing work Completion
  16. 16. Customer : Rukmani Infra, Parangipet. After Sheet fixing work Completion
  17. 17. Customer : Lords Assembly Church, Chennai. After Sheet fixing work Completion
  18. 18. Customer : Shag-Dong Power Projects, Parangipet.
  19. 19. Customer : Shag-Dong Power Projects, Parangipet.
  20. 20. Customer : Sun Polymers, Ambattore , chennai
  21. 21. Customer : Ram Agency, Swaraj tractor showroom, kallakurichi
  22. 22. Customer : Nallapulli modern Hightech rice,mill, Kallakurichi.
  23. 23. Sheeting & Exterior works
  24. 24. Customer : Nallapulli modern Hightech rice,mill, Kallakurichi.
  25. 25. Mezzanine Floors & Decking
  26. 26. CONTACT US : Office. Unique Pre – Engineered Steel Buildings 18/1, First Street, Bangaru colony (old), KK Nagar West, Chennai-600078. 7373023374 / 9489467554 / 9842583301 / 044 – 23641014 Workshop: Workshop : 240/1, Kunnam Village, Sunguvarchathiram, Sriperumpudur, Kanchipuram Dt. E-mail: