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  • 1. Public Speaking / Presentation Skills Training 04.09.2013 MSJ Consultants, Bangalore (
  • 2. Public Speaking / Presentation Skills Training Why public speaking? • Ability to influence others’ behaviour greatly depends on one’s presentation skills • Today’s leaders require more of these skills to succeed (career success, business success, social success, etc.) • Winning others’ cooperation / support is crucial for success in life and profession • One can quickly learn vital skills of public speaking under the guidance of a good coach • 04.09.2013 Like any other skills, public speaking skills are possible to be continuously improved MSJ Consultants, Bangalore (
  • 3. Public Speaking / Presentation Skills Training Ingredients of a great presentation Body langauge Presentation media Understanding participants Adults’ learning principles Solid preparation Trust Psychology Structure Simplicity Variety Purpose Voice modulation 04.09.2013 Anecdotes and story telling Humour Listening skills Dealing with questions MSJ Consultants, Bangalore (
  • 4. Public Speaking / Presentation Skills Training Steps to become a great speaker • Gaining necessary skills in handling critical ingredients of public speaking • Practicing and practicing great public speaking • Identifying life’s purpose and acting on it • Taking help of a coach to get critical skills • 04.09.2013 Continuous learning MSJ Consultants, Bangalore (
  • 5. Public Speaking / Presentation Skills Training What are the benefits from public speaking mastery? Success in the present job (promotions, higher increments, new opportunities, etc.) Impressing new employer to get dream job Becoming a great leader of high influence on others Living life’s purpose than merely doing something Gaining importance in society by impressing and creating great citizens First step to financial freedom 04.09.2013 MSJ Consultants, Bangalore (
  • 6. Public Speaking / Presentation Skills Training How MSJ Consultants can help? You may participate in our workshops on public speaking / presentation skills Guidance from our experts will simplify your efforts to get mastery in this subject One – on – One coaching from our experts Telephonic training from our experts 04.09.2013 MSJ Consultants, Bangalore (
  • 7. Public Speaking / Presentation Skills Training For Your interest in this life changing subject. Please bank on us To Help you in this regard M Shalini / Jagadesh Kumar +91 9449497238 / +91 9740321728 04.09.2013 MSJ Consultants, Bangalore (