Leadership through self-reliance


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Leadership through self-reliance.

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Leadership through self-reliance

  1. 1. Leadership through Self-Reliance By: M Jagadesh Kumar
  2. 2. • What are the initiatives for Organizational excellency by majority of companies? Jagadesh Kumar M
  3. 3. • Why are these excellence programs are needed? Jagadesh Kumar M
  4. 4. • What has been the result of all these excellence programs? Jagadesh Kumar M
  5. 5. • What has been the limitation of these excellency initiatives by majority of big organization? Sustenance and further improvement Standardization Business reality Daily management A requirement for excellence Leadership is found to be the weak element Jagadesh Kumar M
  6. 6. • Agenda – Excellency sustenance problems • What is leadership? • How we lead usually? • How leadership differentiates from management? – What is needed to solve present problems? – Toyota Production System and Respect for People – What is self-reliance? – Introduction to Harada Method Jagadesh Kumar M
  7. 7. • What has been the Leadership style generally practiced? • What is leadership? • Do we really lead our people? • How leadership is differentiated from management? Jagadesh Kumar M
  8. 8. • How do we lead usually? • Trust our subordinates, leave everything to subordinate • Tell our subordinates what and how to do • Problem solving skills are needed (because firefighting rewards us) • We listen less and say more • We confuse sub-ordinates (helping or troubling cannot be made-out) • …… We lose the trust of subordinate and demotivate Jagadesh Kumar M
  9. 9. • Leadership and Management • There are 54 differences according to Mr. Norman Bodek Jagadesh Kumar M
  10. 10. • What are the present problems? • Big companies are getting dragged into legal tussles • Employees are demotivated • Customers are getting confused / clueless (indifference from employees) • ………. 8th Waste is the biggest problem Jagadesh Kumar M
  11. 11. • What is missing in most organization? • No approach for people development • No clear picture of individual goals and career • Mentoring and coaching rarely done • Development of people as business priority • Systematic approach for self-sufficiency Jagadesh Kumar M
  12. 12. • Is there any example where these problems Leadership demonstrates are taken care and how? & develops Respect of People Jidoka JIT Quality, Cost & Delivery Leveled Production, 5S, …. Toyota Production System • Empowerment (Qualification, authority to stop line, …) • Fact based • Reacting quickly to a problem • Working for only value addition • Dignified job and working conditions • Having necessary problem solving skills • Alignment to company objectives • High enthusiasm • Challenge to improve up on • …….. Jagadesh Kumar M
  13. 13. • What is self-reliance? Highly skilled & knowledged Empowered Visionary Self-driven Responsible & accountable Energised Determined Problem solver Confident Caring for people Ethical Proactive Goal oriented Trustworthy Will Self-reliance help organizations? Is it easy to gain self-reliance? Jagadesh Kumar M
  14. 14. What is Harada Method? Overview Mr. Takashi Harada • Simple 33 principles are used • Goal fixing takes place considering personal & organizational requirements • Systematic method of goal setting (goal analysis, success & failure factors analysis, …) • Tasks for achieving the goals are derived • Tasks are converted to daily routine for implementation Specialities • World’s best method for developing people • Findings of famous Leadership Gurus from USA are considered • Psychological aspects like affirmations, strokes, daily routines are used Everyone needs coaching to be successful Jagadesh Kumar M
  15. 15. Application of Harada Method 1. Develop self first using this method 2. Use this method for coaching others With Harada Method everyone can be successful in life Be a Leader Be a Great coach Jagadesh Kumar M
  16. 16. What will be the impact of Harada Method? Self Organization Family Society Eventually changes culture of organization & society Jagadesh Kumar M
  17. 17. Jagadesh Kumar M +91 9740321728, mjshalini@satyam.net.in