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Microsoft IT Academy

  1. 1. Preparing students and educators to succeed by providing access to the latestMicrosoft software, training, and certification Name Title Date
  2. 2. Changing IT Workforce• Recent 2010 IDC study looked at 52 countries representing 98% of total worldwide IT spending and found: • IT employment will rise by 5.8 million jobs in 4 years from 2010 – 2013 • 51% of total IT employment will be software related • This market will drive the creation of more than 75K new businesses. • Vendors in this ecosystem have revenues of $535B in revenue and invest nearly $180B in the local economies
  3. 3. IT Academy Solution: The Microsoft IT Academy program…. is a complete technology education solution connecting students, educators, employers and local communities through a life-long learning model of leading-edge technology skills development. It was developed to… bridge the gap between education and the real-world by equipping students with the IT skill sets they need for successful careers in today’s technology centered job market, and providing professional development resources for educators. Institutions who can benefit… public or private K-12 schools, vocational schools, correspondence schools, junior colleges, colleges, universities, or scientific/technical schools that are institutionally accredited by an accrediting agency nationally recognized.
  4. 4. Microsoft IT Academy Program Objective Employers want: Institutions want: Educators want: Students want:• Skilled employees • Reduce costs • Relevant curriculum • Real-world training• Productive workers • Relevant learning • Time-saving options • Employability• Job-ready recruits • Maximization of assets • Engaged students • Valuable credentials • Attract students and • Skilled students talent
  5. 5. The Value of the Microsoft IT Academy Program INSTITUTIONS ADMINISTRATORS EDUCATORS STUDENTS Drives future-ready • High-Value, Low-Cost • Access to leading- • Hands-on Experience skills development Program (low risk) edge technology training driving • Increase the chances Promotes school as a • Enhances towards industry of getting a good job member of the ITA employability for recognized with internationally global community students certifications recognized Microsoft professional Enriches community • Simple program • Comprehensive credentials by bridging the administration and technology curriculum technology skills gap management • Receive college credit • Professional for earning • Professional development certification development opportunity for all resources educators and staff“What we are trying to do here in “The fact that we can put on these “The power behind the Microsoft IT “Microsoft certification opens theConalep Nuevo León is help close trainings with official curriculum Academy Program name has door to employment. It givesMexico’s technology gap at and certified trainers, at a price helped us recruit more quality students a way to prove they knowdifferent socioeconomic levels and that’s extremely affordable, just students, which allows us to do the skills that the job requires. Itgives our students a better job and blows everyone away.” what we do best: train them.” takes the risk factor away from thea better life.” employer.” -Bill Doherty, Director, -Terry Hand, CIS Instructor, -George Anderson, -Jorge Gabriel Covarrubias, @ONE Project of the California Ogeechee Technical College Managing Director, Zenos Dean of Conalep Nuevo León Community College System
  6. 6. The Value of the Microsoft IT Academy Program Save Teachers Lower Institution Provide Educator Validating Skills Partnership with Time through Costs through Professional through Microsoft: Curriculum: Lab Resources: Development : Certification: Member MSNDAA, MCT, and access Academic Pricing, Website, E-Learning, MOC, TechNet, Lab to E-Learning and 2nd Shot, Testing Marketing MOAC, E- Licenses E-Reference Center Resources, Reference, Lesson Locator Tool, Plans Case Studies Providing industry-leading IT training and Microsoft certification to enhance employability, college success and encourage life-long learning
  7. 7. Microsoft IT Academy Program Fast Facts• Available in Volume Licensing• 10,000 IT Academy members worldwide• Present in 160 countries• 180,000+ students certified last year through IT Academy members• Over 500,000 students consumed eLearning courses last year• Over 1,200 IT Academy educators became Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs)
  8. 8. Saving Teachers TimeCurriculum E-Learning E-Reference Library MOAC MOC Digital Literacy Educator Tools
  9. 9. IT Academy Curriculum Solutions “In the box”… with membership “Preferred Benefit”… discounted rate E-Learning Academic Curriculum Lesson Plans Professional Curriculum Digital Literacy
  10. 10. Curriculum: E-Learning “In the box”E-Learning Benefit Overview Fast Facts: Educators and other staff employed at the What is it: institution can use E-Learning for Professional • Unlimited internet access to up to 250 award- Development – which helps to lower PD budgets winning internet accessible Microsoft E-Learning courses Can be used as a standalone self-study course or asLesson Plans • Available in 17 languages supplementary to classroom instruction Takes only a few minutes to provision a course to Value to Educator: multiple students • Educators can use E-Learning as the core curriculum or supplementary to an existing For an additional fee, IT Academy members canE-Reference curriculum both in and out of the classroom purchase non-Microsoft E-Learning • Educators can manage multiple E-Learning courses for a single class and easily assign activities using the group-level messaging feature Digital • Educators can access usage reports for each of Literacy their students to ensure progress Value to Student: • E-Learning provides students with more hands-on Academic practice through a multimedia learning experienceCurriculum • Can be used as self-study in and out of the (MOAC) classroom allowing the student to capture concepts at their own paceProfessional Technologies Covered:Curriculum • Office, Windows client, Windows Server, SQL (MOC) Server, Visual Studio and Dynamics
  11. 11. Curriculum: Lesson Plans “In the box”E-Learning Benefit Overview Fast Facts: Lesson plans Include: What is it: • Links to E-Learning • Supplemental lessons based upon certification • Quiz material exam objectives and include links to relevant E-Learning, free demos and videos • Student projectsLesson Plans • References to videos to be used in class or out of class for reinforcement Value to Educator: • Saves time with ready to use lesson plans to use as is, or to customize for specific teaching and learning goalsE-Reference • Supplements E-Learning and maps to Certification • Includes ready to use project-based learning activities for higher education, high school and middle school students Digital Literacy Value to Student: • Allows students to use project-based learning activities to demonstrate and practice skills on Microsoft Technologies and prepare for Academic certificationCurriculum (MOAC) Technologies Covered: • Specialized Lesson Plans on Office 2010, SharePoint, Windows 7, Windows ServerProfessional 2008 and Expression WebCurriculum • Exam Readiness Kits (ERK) mapping to Microsoft (MOC) Technology Associate (MTA) are also available
  12. 12. Curriculum: E-Reference “In the box”E-Learning Benefit Overview Fast Facts: 5 Educators and other staff employed at the What is it: institution can use E-Reference for Professional • Internet access on any device with an internet Development – which helps to lower PD budgets connection and browser to over 120 technology books Over 120 titles available for online accessLesson Plans • Available for up to five educators or staff within the institution Access supported via internet connection and browser Value to Educator: • Used in the classroom educators can print pages ofE-Reference content or activities to use with students • Used for Professional Development educators can search, add books to a personal bookshelf, bookmark, and make notes Digital Literacy Value to Student: • Educators can print for student reference and classroom use Academic Technologies Covered:Curriculum • The library includes topics on: Office & Productivity (MOAC) Applications, Operating Systems, Databases & Reporting Tools, Web Applications & Services, Hardware and Gadgets, Home Networking &Professional Security, and Entertainment & GamingCurriculum (MOC)
  13. 13. Curriculum: Digital Literacy “In the box”E-Learning Benefit Overview Fast Facts: Digital Literacy includes E-Learning and What is it: assessments so students can skip concepts they • The Microsoft Digital Literacy E-Learning have mastered and focus on the topics they need to curriculum provides essential computing skills for round out their skills set. learners new to computingLesson Plans Languages: English, Thai, Latin American Spanish, Value to Educator: Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Polish, Japanese, • Digital Literacy can be used as a remedial tool for European Portuguese, French, German, Italian and Hungarian. Turkish, Russian, and Arabic versions will some students and as a means of exploring new be available soon. topics for othersE-Reference • A Digital Literacy Certificate Test for students who want to demonstrate their mastery of all five courses is available for printing Value to Student: Digital Literacy • Can be used as self-study to get ramped up on basic computer skills and online safety Technologies Covered: Academic • Computer BasicsCurriculum • The Internet and World Wide Web (MOAC) • Productivity Programs • Computer Security and Privacy • Digital Lifestyles (which covers digital media)ProfessionalCurriculum (MOC)
  14. 14. Curriculum: Academic Curriculum (MOAC) “Premium”E-Learning Benefit Overview Fast Facts: Maps to the following Certifications: What is it: • Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) • Microsoft Official Academic Curriculum (MOAC) • Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) provides everything academic instructors need to plan, prepare, and conduct hands-on classes • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)Lesson Plans covering Microsoft Technologies • Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) • The MOAC series can be taught over a period of 8, • Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) 10, 16, or 18 weeks Value to Educator:E-Reference • MOAC is used as the core curriculum and includes textbooks, lab manuals, instructor resources, course setup ideas, lecture outlines, teaching tips, online labs, assessments, Microsoft Office PowerPoint slide presentations, and instructor Digital guides Literacy • Wiley Faculty Network seminars helping prepare to teach current and new technology Value to Student: AcademicCurriculum • MOAC includes textbooks, lab manuals, online labs (MOAC) and practice certification exams for specific titlesProfessional Technologies Covered:Curriculum • Office, Windows Client, Windows Server, SQL (MOC) Server, Visual Studio, and MTA
  15. 15. Curriculum: Professional Curriculum (MOC) “Premium”E-Learning Benefit Overview Fast Facts: Academic pricing for MOC materials is limited to What is it: Microsoft IT Academy members at the VL and • Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) is instructor Advanced level. led training intended for IT professionals and developers who build, support, and implement MOC labs require use of Microsoft Virtual PC, whichLesson Plans Microsoft solutions enables two or more operating systems to run • MOC products are designed for short-term courses concurrently on one computer. One virtual such as seminars, workshops, and clinics and are computer can host the virtual PC labs that provide can be adapted for classroom use students with a fully configured and consistent learning environment.E-Reference Value to Educator: • MOC is available in several formats including: Course, Workshop, Clinic, and Seminar that can be adapted for classroom use as the core curriculum • MOC includes student workbook, lab setup guide, Digital instructor guide, and hands-on labs to help Literacy prepare students for the given technology Value to Student: Academic • Opportunity to learn and experience hands-onCurriculum Microsoft technologies (MOAC) Technologies Covered: • Maps to Microsoft Technology Specialist, ITProfessional Professional, and Professional DeveloperCurriculum certification exams (MOC)
  16. 16. Learning Content Development System (LCDS) Benefit OverviewWhat is it: • The Microsoft Learning Content Development System (LCDS) is a free tool that enables educators to create high-quality, interactive, online courses • The LCDS allows anyone to publish E-Learning courses and Learning Snacks by completing the easy- to-use LCDS forms that seamlessly generate highly customized content, interactive activities, quizzes, games, assessments, animations, demos, and other multimediaWhat does the LCDS offer? • Develop and deliver content quickly, while it is timely and relevant • Web content can be hosted in a learning management system • Choose from a wide variety of forms for authoring rich e-learning content and Silverlight-based interactive components • Develop course structure and easily rearrange it at any time • Download sample courses (LCDS must be installed)
  17. 17. Validating SkillsCertification Academic Pricing Become a Testing Center
  18. 18. Certification = Employability for Students • 55% of Hiring Managers consider employee certification as a criterion for hiring 1 • 46% of Hiring Managers consider employee certification as a criterion for promotion 1 • 63% of Hiring Managers feel that certified individuals are more productive than their counterparts 1 • 40% of individuals reported that Microsoft Certification was a factor in improving their ability to find or keep a job or lead to a promotion 2 • 43% of individuals reported salary increases as a result of Microsoft certification 3 • 53% of individuals believe obtaining a certification makes them more marketable 4 • 93% report becoming more skilled in Office Applications as a result of getting certified 5 • 50% time reduction on common tasks by companies using Office certified personnel 6 “It’s truly a global marketplace, especially in the IT world. If you don’t have a certification that validates you have the needed skills, you’re at a significant disadvantage.” Bill Doherty, @ONE Project, College System of CaliforniaSources 1. IDC Study 2. MCP Customer Satisfaction Study 3. Redmond Magazine survey of compensation for IT Professionals 4. Intrepid Survey 5. Certiport Global Survey 6. MSBC Study
  19. 19. Academic CertificationIT Academy members receive academic pricing on MCP CertificationVouchers Fast Facts:IT Academy members receive free Microsoft Office and Technology Helps differentiate students as they pursue a careerAssociate vouchers for educator development in technology Helps institutions get the most out of theirALL IT Academy Program Curriculum formats prepare individuals for technology investment by validating real worldCertification knowledge and skillsTypes of Certifications • Step 1: Digital Literacy Certificate - Beginner Exams can be taken onsite and included as an integral part of the course • Step 2: Microsoft Office Specialist – Application Specialist • Step 3: New Technologists – Technology Associate • Step 4: Technology Specialist – Product Specialist • Step 5: IT Pro or Professional Developer – Job role specific Information Worker IT Pro and Developer Certifications DIGITAL LITERACY
  20. 20. Microsoft Certification Family Microsoft Certified ARCHITECT Microsoft Certified MASTER Microsoft Office Specialist Microsoft Certified MASTER IT PROFESSIONAL / PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPER Microsoft Office Specialist Microsoft Certified EXPERT TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST Microsoft Office Microsoft Technology SPECIALIST ASSOCIATE IT Certifications MOS Certifications
  21. 21. IT Certification Progression Board Review Microsoft Certified MCA Validates expert level skills within a specific technology ARCHITECT Trusted Advisor/Leader/Consultant Computer Based and Hands –on Exams Microsoft Certified MCM Select Prometric Testing Centers Worldwide MASTER Validates expert level skills MCTIP/ Computer Based exams Microsoft Certified MCPD Prometric Testing Centers Worldwide IT PROFESSIONAL / PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPER Validates job role skills (why & when) Computer Based exams Microsoft Certified MCTS Prometric Testing Centers Worldwide TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST Validates job ready skills (how) Web based Microsoft Technology MTA Academic classroom ASSOCIATE Validates foundational knowledge (what) Student Certification
  22. 22. MOS Certification Progression Validated through multiple specialist and expert exams Microsoft Office Specialist MASTER Validates breadth and depth of Office suite skills Word Expert, Excel Expert, PPT, & Outlook or Access MASTER Computer Based Hands-on Exams Microsoft Office Specialist EXPERT Word and Excel Only EXPERT Validates advanced Office skills (depth) Microsoft Office Computer Based Hands-on Exams CORE Focuses on single Office suite product SPECIALIST Validates Office skills (what & how)
  23. 23. Certification - Roadmap for Employability K-12 Higher Education Employment Associate Complementary IT Skills Training
  24. 24. Become a Testing CenterALL IT Academy Program members are eligible to become a TestingCenter to offer students and educators convenient, onsite testing. Fast Facts: There is no cost to become a test centerTwo exam delivery partners to work with: IT Academy members will be able to offer students• Certiport - for Office and Technology Associate Certifications onsite testing Certiport and/or Prometric offer great support• Prometric - for IT Pro & Developer Certifications Gain access to marketing campaigns to help communicate the value of certification to studentsInstitutions will need to appoint a Testing Center Administrator andAccept the Terms & Conditions
  25. 25. Help Lower CostsLab Resources Lab Licenses MSDN Academic Alliance TechNet
  26. 26. Lab Resources: Lab Licenses Benefit Overview Fast Facts: Institutions that subscribe to the Microsoft IT What is it: Academy Program through a Volume LicensingLab Licenses • Provides software licenses for use on school lab Agreement obtain product licenses through those computers agreements. Products and services licensed through these agreements may be used in labs. Value to Educator: • Allows educators to teach students the latest Microsoft technology on the school lab computers at a low cost Value to Student: • Allows students to learn and experience the latest MSDNAA Microsoft technologies in the classroom Technologies Covered: • Technologies covered and number of licenses depend on licensing agreement • Volume Licensing – Microsoft Office 2010, Windows 7, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 • Advanced – Microsoft Office 2010, Windows 7, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 TechNet • Essentials – Microsoft Office 2010
  27. 27. Lab Resources: MSDNAA Benefit Overview Fast Facts: Institutions with a Volume Licensing Agreement What is it: (CASA, EES, OV-ES) receive one free membership toLab Licenses • MSDN AA subscriptions give members easy access the MSDN Developer Academic Alliance (Developer to the latest development tools, operating AA) or Designer Academic Alliance (Designer AA) systems, server software, documentation, and programs. technical resources for instructional or research purposes Value to Educator: • Access to the most relevant Microsoft Technologies for classroom and professional development MSDNAA Value to Student: • Students gain hands-on experience with the latest Microsoft tools and technologies Technologies Covered: • Visual Studio, Windows 7, Windows Server, .Net Enterprise Servers, Visio, Expression and Project • Visit MSDNAA for more information TechNet
  28. 28. Lab Resources: TechNet Benefit Overview Fast Facts: Microsoft IT Academy members at the Advanced What is it: program level and attach to their Volume LicensingLab Licenses • Includes downloads and premium technical Agreement receive one Not For Resale (NFR) resources to help efficiently evaluate, test, and version of Microsoft TechNet Subscription troubleshoot Professional. • It also includes opportunities to evaluate beta versions of the software, which may include Keep skills up to date and industry relevant by previews of upcoming Microsoft software incorporating the rich selection of classroom resources and services available from TechNet Subscriptions. Value to Educator: • Provides monthly updates with the latest authoritative technical information on Microsoft solutions, straight from the source MSDNAA Value to Student: • Allows students to learn the latest Microsoft Technologies in the classroom • Offers software, knowledge base articles, service packs, how-to articles, security updates, resource kits, tools, and utilities Technologies Covered: • Exchange Server, Forefront, Internet Explorer, TechNet Office, SharePoint Products, SQL Server, System Center, Windows, Windows Server • Visit TechNet for more information
  29. 29. Keeping Educators CurrentProfessional Development Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) E-learning and E-Reference Access Educator Tools
  30. 30. Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)The MCT program provides tools, resources, and other benefits to help Fast Facts:you thrive as both a technologist and an educator. The benefits can helpyou build, maintain, and prove your expertise on Microsoft products and Over 15,000 Instructors/Educators intechnologies, as well as help you prepare for, teach, and support blended the community todaylearning solutions. The MCT program offers a large and dynamic range ofbenefits, including these highlights: Can download all the Microsoft Official Curriculum Trainer guides from the MCT Portal • IT Academies receive 1 FREE subscription to the MCT Program Through this community we can help prepare • MCT Download Center: Lesson Plans, Trainer Guide, classroom members on the latest technologies and tips on setup, ppts for all Microsoft Official Curriculum TECHNICAL courses deliver a particular course • MCT Welcome Kit • Use of MCT Logo • MCT Town Hall: Access an archive of recorded train the-trainer events, community presentations, an other content of interest • Upload your own presentations and host your own "shows.” • FREE TechNet Plus Direct Subscription • MCT Newsgroups • MCT Private members site • Special Offers
  31. 31. Educator Readiness and Professional DevelopmentEducators at participating IT Academy institutions have a unique opportunity to leverage ALL the resources in the ITAcademy Program to update their skills on the latest technologies and continue their own professional development. Thisbenefit will help to lower costs for the institution and provides educators with the flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Prepare Validate Join Learn new skills by leveraging the Validate skills by taking a Certification Join a community of over 15,000 IT Academy curriculum resources instructors and educators • Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) • E-Learning PD libraries • Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) • Use the FREE subscription to join • E-Reference • Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) the Microsoft Certified Trainer • MOC program
  32. 32. PartnershipMarketing Resources Private Members Site IT Academy Program Locator Tool IT Academy Program Logo use Welcome Kit
  33. 33. Marketing ResourcesIt Academy Program member institutions are encouraged to useall of the available Microsoft IT Academy marketing materials to Fast Facts:highlight their affiliation with Microsoft and promote a position Members are the first to hear about new products,of IT education leadership. curriculum and certifications coming to market IT Academy members are invited to local, regional,• Resources to get started with IT Academy membership global events are mailed to the customers in the welcome kit: IT Academy members get the opportunity to marketingresources.mspx participate in marketing campaigns that will promote their institution, teachers and students• Use the Microsoft, IT Academy Program Member logo to market their institution• Be discovered by millions of potential students by having the institution listing in the IT Academy locator• Get free posters, videos, and other marketing collateral on the exclusive IT Academy member site
  34. 34. Customer SupportFor any questions related to the Microsoft IT Academy Program andits benefits, contact your local Regional Service Center.Contact information is available
  35. 35. Customer Support Customer Service Microsoft Academy Service Partners (MASP)• Our global Regional Service Centers Microsoft Academy Service Partners can provide IT Academy educators and help you "unpack" and utilize your IT Academy benefits by answering questions administrators assistance with E- such as the following Learning, Member Website, Lesson • Which curriculum best fits my classroom Plans, Digital Literacy, and non-limited or syllabus? program benefits • What is the best way to use the E- Learning that came with my IT Academy• Regional Service Center Support hours membership? are Monday - Friday 6:30am PST - • How can I train my IT staff on a particular 5:30pm PST technology? • Can I become a testing center on• For worldwide contacts for phone and Microsoft Certification exams? email support, please visit our Service • How can I let current and potential Center Contact page students know I am a Microsoft IT Academy Program member? • For worldwide contacts please visit our MASP page
  36. 36. For more information about theMicrosoft IT Academy Program please visit:
  37. 37. Appendix
  38. 38. Recommend the Learning Snack to help customersnavigate the IT Academy Member SiteThe Microsoft IT Academy members web site is available to administrators and teachers frominstitutions that subscribe to the Microsoft IT Academy Program.• It keeps members informed about program benefits and updated on Microsoft IT Academy news• It lets administrators and teachers view and modify their membership details, and manage theLearning Management System access codes available to them• It also provides marketing resources to increase the member institutions’ visibility as centers fortop-quality education on Microsoft technologies
  39. 39. Recommend the Learning Snack to help customersdiscover the E-Learning PortalThe Microsoft IT Academy E-Learning Portal is the gateway to the Instructor Learning ManagementSystem for teachers and the Microsoft IT Academy Online Learning Program for students.• The Instructor Learning Management System helps educators manage student users, provideaccess to courses, and track students progress.• The Microsoft IT Academy Online Learning Program is where students access the E-Learningcourses that are assigned to them. These online courses incorporate a blend of different media tokeep students involved and interested. Depending on student requirements, E-Learning courses canbe used to supplement classroom instruction or as stand-alone course offerings.
  40. 40. IT Academy Member Success StoriesSee how members are embracing technology by offering the Microsoft IT Academy Program andMicrosoft certifications to their students. Students are earning certifications, gaining real-worldexperience, and embarking on careers with major corporations.Videos, Case Studies and Testimonial Quotes are available