Wine market - constant change for consumer

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A short note on the diversity of wine & some of the challenges and joys confronting the consumer in a retail outlet.

A short note on the diversity of wine & some of the challenges and joys confronting the consumer in a retail outlet.

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  • 1.
  • 2. …and just how well do you know your customers?
  • 3. Wine Consumer
  • 4. So much choice, so little time
  • 5. Is your indecision final? After The Economist
  • 6. Range of varieties, blends and  styles
  • 7. Lots of consumers, lots of preferences
  • 8. Do you rely on this man for your wine choice? …marketing director of large supermarket trying to imagine  life with 2.3 children, a mortgage and how such people might  choose their wine for dinner tonight
  • 9. Or are you a hunter‐gatherer? Repeat purchase Shared with friends / gift Tried a tasting Searched for fine wine Checked local store It was on special Visited cellar door ME Enjoyed it in a restaurant Found it overseas Loved all those medals Read a wine review Had it on an airplane
  • 10. …and you thought you just grabbed that bottle from the shelf! Occasion; the  Need wine cupboard is bare Special trip or  Choose shop general Do I know what I  Brand loyal want? How much time? Browse Brand, special,  Choose different Buy – any loyalty  Buy “hooks” Occasion Drink
  • 11. The consumer squeeze – why identity needs to  be immediate and certain Wine brands and lines Number Hours in a day to choose Then                                                        Now
  • 12. The consumer squeeze ‐ managing the three  moments of truth for wine • The First Moment of Truth is a the point at which the shopper  makes a decision on what wine to buy 3 to 7 seconds to notice it on the shelf (well maybe a  little longer for wine?) • The Second Moment of Truth is when the shopper drinks the  wine Delight • The Third Moment of Truth is if the shopper easily remembers  what wine it was Cues & associations (concept derived from  P&G)
  • 13. Not your average  wine  advertisement but then its not an average  wine story
  • 14. Red? White? Red? White? Tough decisions about Australian wine
  • 15. …and what  made you  think they  would all  like Shiraz?
  • 16. Blends will  surprise Shiraz and  Cabernet 
  • 17. You will love  blends Cabernet,  Shiraz and  Merlot
  • 18. Reminding us of diversity Add some colour and direction 
  • 19. The world would seem to have waited a long time to broadly  experience wine when Australian wine hit the global market part of sharing the delights of wine with  all consumers part of making the initial wine experience  enjoyable arrived in world trade when supermarkets were becoming part of the supply chain had the advantage of affordable quality “spoke” to the consumer in plain English a diverse range of varieties and styles
  • 20. Australia is quite a big place with lots of areas producing  unique wines
  • 21. For Australia’s loyal wine consumers and new adventurers – change is happening
  • 22. Brand personalities…a bit more about Australia accessibility Brand Champions Wines that appeal to a broad market base through accessibility, ease of enjoyment and a strong premium brand message about product and country. innovation Generation Next Wines driven by innovation (marketing; product; packaging) that appeal to consumers who drink wine for social occasion and/or peer group affinity, not just wine attribute. interest Regional Heroes Wines from somewhere rather than wines from anywhere - adding and sustaining interest for consumers by fostering a clear association between region and variety and/or style. aspiration Landmark Australia High-profile, aspirational wines built on inherent quality and world-class reputation. AWBC 2007
  • 23. A conversation with Australian wine Who are What are  Why are we  Why would  we? we? different you enjoy us? Brand  Fantastic  Full range of  Accessible Champions value enjoyment Generation  Extending  New styles &  Innovative Next tastes varieties Association  Regional  Geographic  Interesting between  Heroes signatures wine & place Landmark  Quiet  We build  Aspirational Australia achievers memories
  • 24. Jim Fortune ACKNOWLEDGMENTS • Ideas and thoughts tested on a range of  patient wine  industry people and interested consumers • Material and data acknowledged and sourced mainly  from web searches • Images courtesy of web sites and more formal open  access material such as FLICKR and SlideShare