Library orientation medicine-2011


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Library Orientation - Medicine

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Library orientation medicine-2011

  1. 1. WELCOME TO THE MEDICAL LIBRARY UNIVERSITY OF JAFFNA• Medical Library is one of the branch libraries of the University library• Established in 1978• It mainly supports the undergraduate medical education in its learning, teaching and research activities
  2. 2. Library opening hours Monday – Friday 08.30 am - 6.00 pm Saturdays 08.30 am - 3.00 pm• Library is closed on Sundays and Public holidays, at present• Library serves for the benefit of the medical students by extending the opening hours
  3. 3. Library Membership• All staff members of the University and students (undergraduate and postgraduate students) registered at the University of Jaffna• Any others should obtain the written permission to use the library• Students are requested to fill the registration form to get the membership
  4. 4. General rules and regulations for the Library users• No bags, files, umbrellas can be brought in to the library• Strict silence should be maintained inside the library• Group discussions are not permitted inside the library• Smoking, drinking and consumption of food are prohibited• Books should not be replaced on the shelves & need to be left on the table for re-shelving• Seats can not be reserved in the library• Readers must present their university student identity cards for inspection, on the request of the library staff• Tearing of pages from a publication or any type of vandalism is a punishable offence• Disorderly conduct will render the reader liable to suspension from the library membership
  5. 5. Library Resources• Books – collection exceeds 12,000 (currently)• Periodicals (printed) - currently subscribed for 20 titles• Reference sources - Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Bibliographies, etc.• Electronic resources - CD-ROMs, HINARI database• News papers• Past examination papers• Postgraduate Theses
  6. 6. Organization of Library ResourcesReference area Most of the important textbooks and permanent reference books (Green label) Borrowed only for overnight useStack area Books for additional reading Borrowed for a period of two weeksPeriodical section Current issues are displayed Back issues are available at the storage Arrangement - alphabetical order of the periodical title Issued only for the purpose of photocopyingWHO section Publications of the World Health Organization Issued only for the purpose of photocopying
  7. 7. Scheme of Classification• Dewey Decimal Classification- 22nd edition Books are arranged on the shelves according to the classification number given on the spine label of each bookMEDICINE 610 - Medical sciences 611 - Anatomy 612 - Physiology 612.015 - Medical Biochemistry 613 - Personal Hygiene 614 - Public Health, Forensic medicine 615 - Pharmacology 616 - Diseases, Medicine, Parasitology 617 - Surgery 618 - Gynecology & Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Geriatrics 619 - Experimental MedicineIt will help you to find the location of a subject of your interest
  8. 8. Catalogue• Catalogue is a key to access the collection in a library• In addition to card catalogue, currently OPAC facilities are available• Search can be conducted through: Card catalogue - Author Title Class number (based on subject) Subject OPAC - Author, Title, Class number, Subject, Place, Publisher, Combination search
  9. 9. Loan of Books• Reference books - Loan for overnight use only Can be borrowed - after 12.30 pm Should be returned - before 10.00 am of the next working day of the library• Lending books - Loan for two weeks• A student can borrow one reference book (except green label books) and two lending books at a time• Other materials are not issued on loan• Librarian reserves the right to recall the books at any time
  10. 10. Books on overdue, damaged or lostBooks on overdue:• Fine will be imposed Lending books - Rs 1.00/ book/ working day Reference books - Rs 1.00/ book/ hour Rs 5.00/ book/ day (during 1st week) Rs 10.00/ book/ day (from 2nd week onwards)Damaged or lost materials: Should be replaced with same edition or latest edition books Replacement cost or fine will be charged
  11. 11. Library tickets• Library tickets should be returned to the library after the final examination• Loss of library tickets should be reported immediately• Rs 10.00 will be charged as fine for the replacement of a ticket
  12. 12. Concluding note• Please adhere to the rules and regulations of the library• Library resources are for all library users• Please refrain from misplacing, deliberately hiding, Tearing, etc.• Degree certificates will not be issued until all dues are settled to the library
  13. 13. We are always happy to help you Please do not hesitate to ask THANK YOU