PPP unit career


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PPP unit career

  1. 1. Topic: Future Career Matthayomsuksa 3
  2. 2. Vocabulary
  3. 3. plan (n.)
  4. 4. interest (n.)
  5. 5. graduate (v.)
  6. 6. musician (n.)
  7. 7. manage (v.)
  8. 8. tour guide (n.)
  9. 9. Structure How to use infinitive and gerund?
  10. 10. How to use infinitive and gerund? Infinitive is form of verbs that acts like noun and forms with to.  to walk, to talk, to think, to listen, to speak To speak English is necessary for students.
  11. 11. How to use Infinitive? – often uses when actions are unreal, abstract, or future – follows these verbs need, plan, expect, want, hope  Ex: He needs to attend meetings. I plan to get a new job. She wants to supervise people.
  12. 12. How to use Gerund? Gerund is form of verbs that acts like noun and forms with ing.  walking, talking, thinking, listening, swimming Ex: Swimming is a good exercise.
  13. 13. – often uses when actions are real, concrete, or completed – follows verbs  enjoy, dislike, avoid, feel like Ex: He enjoys using the Internet. – follow phrases be afraid of, be good at, be interested in, be tired of, be nervous about Ex: They’re good at writing reports. Ex: He’s tired of taking business trips. – follow prepositions Ex: She got the money by selling the car.
  14. 14. Conversation
  15. 15. Conversation A: B: A: B: A: What are you planning to do after you graduate? What kind of work do you want to do? Well, I’m interested in business. What kind of business? The music business. That’s interesting. Are you good at working with people?
  16. 16. B: A: I think I am. I’d like to work with musicians. I’m interested in managing them and helping them become famous. What about you? What are you interested in? I’m really interested in travel. I also like to read and learn about new places. B : Have you thought about going into the travel business? You could be a tour guide or something like that.
  17. 17. Activity
  18. 18. ?
  19. 19. • Make a group of three and come to get the vocabulary cards from teacher. • Listen to the vocabulary meaning’s sound. • Think about what word is it? • Answer the questions by show the vocabulary card. • Check the answer together, if you can answer correct you will get 1 point.
  20. 20. Example My job is to teach, especially in a school or college.
  21. 21. Interview
  22. 22. • Make a group of five. • Interview your classmate about their jobs in the future. • Back to your group and discuss about information that you get from interview. • Summarize your information by created pie chart. • Present your work in front of the class.
  23. 23. Example: