Musical instruments


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Musical instruments

  1. 1. Musical instruMents prepared by: Jaesser rivera
  2. 2. At the end of the lesson, you are expected to; • identify the musical instruments • categorize each instruments in the following categories: – String Instruments – Wind Instruments – Brass Instruments – Percussion Instruments • state the importance of musical instruments and;
  3. 3. Introduction Music is all around us. Music fuels the mind and thus fuels our creativity. A Creative mind has the ability to make discoveries and create innovations. The greatest minds and thinkers like Albert Einstein, Mozart, and Frank Lloyd Wright all had something in common in that they were constantly exploring their imagination and creativity.
  4. 4. Introduction Listening to instrumental music challenges one to listen and tell a story about what one hears. In the same sense, playing a musical instrument gives you the ability to tell the story without words. Both require maximum right brain usage which not only exercises ones creativity but also ones intellect.
  5. 5. Motivation One of the most important aspect of music is its musical instruments. People enjoy sounds through these musical instruments. Are you fond of music? What instrument are you familiar with?
  6. 6. Question: Before we go into foreign instruments, let me hear from you some national instruments from your high school studies. Note: Please share because I will go into a more advance level. The foreign instrument. 
  7. 7. Sharing
  8. 8. Additional Inputs: Here are some of the Philippine Instruments. Let me see if you remember some of these.
  9. 9. Kulintang of Mindanao • Set of eight gongs made of bronze
  10. 10. Agong
  11. 11. Gandingan
  12. 12. Talibung of Zambales Aetas • A drum • Played with two sticks or with bare hands
  13. 13. Bansik of the Negritos • A flute • Made from Baito( a variety of Bamboo) • About 40cm long • With three holes
  14. 14. Kabungbung of Bataan • Made of a single section of Bamboo with a node at each end • Two or three skins of the parallel skins are raised as strings
  15. 15. Butting of Zambales • One meter long and looks like bow • Strings are made up of various fibers hem or bananas • Played through running along some fixed objects such as poles
  16. 16. Litguit of Capiz, Island of Panay • About 45 cm long • Has two strings supported by a crude • has a bow which is a little longer than a violin
  17. 17. Introduction There are a very large number of musical instruments, each with its own unique sound and quality. These musical instruments can be divided into 4 basic categories: String Instruments Wind Instruments Brass Instruments Percussion Instruments
  18. 18. Stringed Instruments • plucking, strumming, picking, or bowing the strings • Made by vibration • thicker and heavier the string, the slower it vibrates, and the deeper or lower its pitch
  19. 19. For some Stringed Instruments Click Here!
  20. 20. Woodwind Instruments • Blowing and fingering various holes • usually silver-plated
  21. 21. For Some Woodwind Instruments Click Here!
  22. 22. The Brass Family
  23. 23. The Brass Instruments;
  24. 24. Brass Instruments • Metal – can be a silvery alloy instead of brass • "buzzing“ • rest of the instrument just amplifies and refines the sound from the lips so that it is a pretty, musical sound by the time it comes out of the bell
  25. 25. Percussion • banging or shaking • is struck by the player, either by hand or by some form of stick • If not woodwind, not brass and not string
  26. 26. For the links of Percussion Instruments Click Here!
  27. 27. Questions: Based on the discussion, what is music for? What is the importance of musical instrument in your life? How will you use what you have learned in the discussion into your life?
  28. 28. Assessment: • What are the four categories of musical instrument? Give atleast three instrument under each category. • Give a one sentence distinction of each category of musical instrument. • What do you think is the importance of musical instruments?
  29. 29. Sources: truments/ uments.asp ents/MusicalInst.htm